Looking out for a masterpiece photograph to sparkle your website and blog page? Today Valiant Systems guides you with some amazing destinations where you can find high-quality free stock images for your site easily. I might have explained this in one of my previous blogs. But in this blog, I love to update giving a nice sophisticated glimpse in this 2020 year. 

Well, are you running your online business on a budget basis? Can’t process extra money over hiring talented photographers? Worried looking for alternatives? Then, this is the right spot for your search. Today we will find some of the websites where you can find totally FREE stock photos to download in high resolution. Hey, don’t get confused this is a fully-legal process. 

You may have doubts like, I can do the same process from Google image search. But my dear friend, you will face copyright issues because in Google you can find images that belong to someone else, if you download or save them and start using, someone might point you and file case. Well, we don’t need to go so seriously. Anyway, first I will show you some of my favorite destinations which I usually use for my blog or social media posts. 

Be with me till the end to get my surprise…

So, what are stock images?

Stock photos are the medium to find perfect pictures for those without the artistic talent to adorn their blogs. Although several platforms are paying for the right using the photograph of a simple plum on a table overlooking the beach at sunrise, there is indeed an overwhelming bulk out there that offer free access to pictures of free stock that are not grainy or free of attention and royalty.

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This is my very first page let’s say one of my favorites, well, I spotted this accidentally! Dude! accidents do happen but not without any reason. Here you will find perfect pictures for your featured blog photos or social media ideas that you can add in a nice quote on certain text overlay!


free stock image websites

My other favorite website is Pixabay, an ocean of high-quality pictures. The image is impressive and thought-provoking. If you are searching for a unique picture for a blog post section, it’s likely that the Pixabay will have what you need. There are more than 1.7 million free stock images and videos uploaded by the skilled and charitable photographers community of Pixabay.


This is my third favorable site. Pexels also has a diverse array of pictures from sports to colorful scenery and artistic pictures to fashion. The characteristics of the photographers on Pexels are a strong blend of pro and amateur shooters. Almost all of the Pexels images are free to use for both personal and business purposes.

Well, the following are listed based on my browsing collections, which in the future may be used or tried by me. Well, you may have a look and try and share your experience. 

Life of Pix

So yet another part of royalty-free Zero, Life of Pix is a website full of high-resolution, royalty-free pictures. Every week new images are published. They come from the Montreal-based Leeroy Advertising Agency and all the photographers linked to its network. They sell videos, photos, and loops that are free too.

IM Free

IM Free is much more than photography on the free stock. This is an unlimited access-resource album. This site is a treasure chest of free stuff from a button creator to web site layouts. The main difference with their images is that they’ve been secured by the intellectual rights of third parties.


Powered by Getty Pictures, Picspree offers a wide range of completely stock-free high-quality stock photographs. Picspree is an outstanding platform for small businesses and online professionals looking for high-resolution images without the worry of licensing with quick searching and costless downloading.


The word ‘Gratisography’ means ‘Free’. So, is the website. This site consists of high-quality images shot by the founder of bells design, Ryan Mcguire. Every stuff on this site is free from copyright issue and are free to use. A polite way of funding is to ask if possible can donate or just enjoying downloading. 


Are you running an eCommerce website? Then this site will be truly useful for you. How? Burst is powered by Shopify. Is something blinking? Yeah, you heard it right, Shopify. Here you can find millions of images that suits perfectly for online stores, personal or business site, and even blog pages. Search and get what you need for a plethora of images. 

Story Set [Freepik]

Freepik works well for searching and downloading free images, likewise, Freepik now brings amazing software that helps the audience create colorful animated illustrations freely, named as StorySet to power new concepts with cool ideas.

Illustration by Freepik Storyset

Preepik Storyset

Well, below I will share some more, which I haven’t yet explored, and you can try. 

  • Free Range Stock
  • Reshot
  • Crestock
  • Focastock
  • Skitter Photo
  • Kaboom Pics
  • Styles Stocks
  • Alamy
  • Fotolia
  • Dreams time
  • Libreshot
  • Negative Space Split Share
  • Stock Snap

Not exactly, I have defined all 20 best FREE stock image websites. But hope I have done my best dude. So, if you need any help related to Web design or development for your online business, reach Valiant Systems. Always ready to serve you the best. 

What I like to ask you?

Which website do you select for stock photos or images? Drop us a comment in the comment section shown below.

On the other hand, for any web design or mobile application services, get in touch with Valiant Systems. We offer a top-notch solution for any business sector. Interested to grow your business and succeed digitally….jump on. 


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