Many of us browse for various ways to improve our site SEO. Startup or medium business people look for free SEO tools to manage, monitor, maintain their site seamlessly. Do you know why Search engine optimization is important? SEO is dominant for an organization to decide its ranking while being searched on Google and Bing by the audience. Based on the keyword typed in the search box, search engines crawl, and index relevant content on the search page. The top your website is indexed the higher you are ranked. To improve your company SEO, Valiant Systems provide you diverse SEO tools that help with monitoring and managing the entire site smoothly that also freely. 

Who doesn’t love FREE tools that also such crucial ones? Let’s check this out!

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Here are some of the best Free SEO tools that enhance site ranking and digital marketing. 

  1. Google Analytics

Who doesn’t love Google Analytics? One of the best Google SEO tools with help business branding and enhance digital presence. In this platform, the dashboard comes in connection with Google search settings and your website, tracking and analyzing each page’s views and revenue gained. There are various modules in this free tool like running Google ad campaign, monetizing audience activity, page views, active user views, etc. This platform can also track your Google AdWords account providing more marketing insights.  

  1. Google Search Console

I used to wonder why Google is called the King of online browsing. But now I understood, it is because of the set of free tools Google offers for marketing professionals. So, to know about the advantage of each Google free tools and webmaster strategy, let’s continue reading. Google Search Console consists of tracking configurations that index website status and visibility-enhancing SEO success. 

  1. Bing Webmaster Tools

Like Google, Bing also has a free tool that improves SEO ranking. The Bing Webmaster tool analysis and track website SEO strategy weakness with real-time notification options. 

  1. Google Keyword Planner

Many digital and SEO marketers who use Google ads and use this keyword planner tool. It has a paid and free planning module. Using this platform, one can create strong keywords for their website ranking. 

  1. Google Disavow Tool

I might have talked about this tool in one of my previous blog, ‘how to avoid Google penalty‘. This tool is useful to remove broken or spam or harmful URL links from your website, thus avoid the Google webmasters penalty shot. This free tool is useful for many low ranked websites.  

  1. Google My Business

One of the basic and most needed tools for a business to get visible online. before taking your business online, claim your store with Google My Business (GMB) providing details about your store, business, address, sitemap, etc. This free tool helps you be online when customers search in relevant to your products or site. This tool tracks the views based on weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly charts. You can also run Google ad campaigns to reach a wide audience. 

  1. Google Structured Data Testing Tool

This Structured data testing tool (SDTT) presented by Google helps with troubleshooting on-page data, track and compare the performance of competitors easily. 

  1. PageSpeed Insights

This is one of my favorite responsive Google technology tools which helps you review your website performance from mobile and desktop screens. It also suggests the pages needed to be revamped by scoring and marking sections. 

  1. Lighthouse

Do you want to enhance your website loading speed? This open-source application helps you analyze site performance and the level of loading speed. Do you know, even Google uses this Lighthouse application for its internal testing purpose? So, it’s entirely safe. 

  1. Google Tag manager

The Google tag manager is a free tool highly accessed by SEO experts to manage their website tags without any code editings. This tool analysis website tags and maps the issues that have to be renovated. This tool is recommended for people who own Google Analytics suite. 

NOTE: As Google search algorithm is making constant changes, updates among apps are more often found. 

  1. Screaming Frog 

A wonderful tool to crawl URLs. You will find both free and premium options. When it comes to crawling 500 URLs, Screaming frog’s free tool is available. When crawling numbers increase, the site developer moves to a paid version. 

  1. Screaming Frog Log File Analyzer

This SEO log file analyzer helps with user experience and content readability by crawling and analyzing up to 1000 lines.   

  1. SEMRush

One of the famous and all-in-one SEO platform. Many of us this SEMRush is a paid tool, but the freemium option is also available. This tool helps with site auditing, domain reporting, and keyword reporting. You can also analyze competitors’ site performance. 

You can also try BuzzSumo freemium application.

  1. Ubersuggest 

A perfect SEO tool created by the king of marketing ‘Neil Patel’. Ubersuggest provides thorough research on keyword, domain analysis, competition research, reporting, and also shows popular organic keywords niche used by competitors. 

  1. Similarweb

One of the tricky applications to understand your competitors marketing strategies and benchmark your progress. This Similarweb tool provides the latest insights about competitors, target market-customer, evaluate investments, etc. 

  1. Broken Link Checker

No one can guess that their website or blog has a 404 error link. This Broken link checker application tracks both internal and external URLs present on your website and helps you fix before Google webmaster suspends the page. 

TOP TIP: You may also try SEO Review Tool which consists of multiple applications like keyword tool, rank checker, backlink checker, domain authority checker, website SEO checker, SEO writing assistant, duplicate content checker, content idea generator, etc. 

  1. Web Page Test

Are you getting a high bounce rate for your site or low traffic? It’s time to place your website under test. Web page test tool tests your site loading speed from multiple global access points and suggests site strength and weakness. 

  1. Domain Name Lookup

Just like GoDaddy, Domain Name Lookup is a free tool used to identify new unique domain name, whether it is taken or free, and their competitive domain hosting services. 

  1. HTTP Status Code

If you have any issues in the structure of your website and it’s hard to identify, try the HTTP Status Code tool. You can check the page code status up to 100 URLs in a single batch, URLs, export files, etc.  

  1. Wappalyzer

Do you want to get in-depth information about your competitor’s website technology? Why not try Wappalyzer

  1. Grammarly

Feel confident to write when you have Grammarly extension linked to your browser. Grammarly is a free tool that helps in identifying grammatical errors and tone breakage on writings. This tool is mostly used by content writers. 

  1. Canva

You might have known about Canva, but do you know it’s an SEO tool? Well, I don’t. If you are not a professional designer but want to design images for blog posts, social media posts, logo, banners, presentations, or brochures, then Canva comes handy. You can instantly create images and not worry about the image pixel or size resolution. 

  1. The Wayback machine

Wayback Machine is a free tool that helps to uncover the history of a website. If you want to get old website content, then you can use this application. 

  1. Enhanced Google Analytics Notations

If a marketer is advertising his website, then he is connected with Google AdWords. Likewise, This enhanced Google Analytics Notations tool helps with improving search result ranking and track real-time site traffic with the analytic screenshotting tools. 

  1. Keyword Hero

Do you want to improve SEO with keyword configurations? Keyword Hero is a free SEO tool that tests your web keywords via machine learning. The advantage is that you can perform 2000 searches per month for free.

  1. Redirect Path

Are you sure your website has strong URL links? Redirect Path is a free tool that helps identify each URL header insights and their chained website redirects. If there is any spam link, you can easily modify them. 


SEO plays an important role in a website and these SEO free tools, help with tracking site performance, link history, and competitors analysis. You may also use similar toolkits like Varvy, Hunter, Mobile SERP test, Mobile-first index checker, detailed, Lightshot, etc. If you find this blog useful, do comment, and share. For any Website design and development service, do connect with Valiant Systems. Cheers!

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