Shocked to hear the news of AI invasion?? but it is true to come soon. Well just like movies, you can imagine a terminator as Artificial intelligence (AI), a self-aware Robo declaring war on humanity, wiping out life and enslaving us. You may think, I might have gone a bit far from the topic, but in reality, many employees fear about this technology. Do you know why? The arrival of AI in this World will destroy half the employer’s life. OMG!!! Are you serious? Yes, I’m. 

According to a survey spotted by AI’s oxford university, the future Machine learning intelligence apocalypse will be too high leveled causing some serious catastrophes to humanity.

              I have heard many saying that our lives are going to be inevitable or unpreventable. Well, being at the top of the food chain for so long, building biological defense systems, and surviving the extreme, the only competitive edge is our intelligence. Our dominant species are too keen enough to invent new clones, species, technologies, and non-biological beings. One such invention is Intellectual Machinery Robo’s. Smarter than humans, performing the impossible that we refuse. Though they are created by scientists from car scrap stuff, today they rule the universe. They are too smart that they can even analyze each second of human expressions and behavioral language. It is like…even the scientist who tries to shut down his findings will be manipulated or given a high feel of insecurity.

Do you think, this is just like the portrayal of Robotic movies like ‘The Terminator’,  and ‘2.0’, ‘I-Robot’, ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ and so. I pray we aren’t in such an environment yet but now we can see only a few AI-powered stuff like the Alexa, drone, AI chip, AI processors which are still struggling to get on their track. Many business tech giants look forward to taking such innovations in advancement to profit gain and power.

            All the above news will not happen soon until a villain is introduced, connecting AI to peripheral machines. For now, AI is safe to handle as it is programmed inside a box. It is no doubt that AI is becoming a part of our daily practices in means of computers, smartphones, self-driving AI cars, digital assistance, live streaming, skype, bing, Cortana, apple watch, AirPods (Siri), AmazonGo (Alexa), etc those track and predicts our daily beneficial. Shocking isn’t it?

              It is true that Machine learning will soon outperform digital marketers or employers integrating the face of poverty. So, if you feel Moore’s law and my fact continues to hold some truth, do comment. You can also check out my other blog on our business page Valiant Systems (India’s best web design and development company)

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