Hey there! after a long gap, we seem to come again with the topic showcasing the difference between web design and web developer. So, what do you think about the above-pin-pointed terms ‘web design’ and ‘web developer’? More often, many used to hear this word as daily-basis but never came up with differentiating this stuff. Today in this blog, we will understand the roles of these in creating or developing a website or mobile application. 

Well…How to choose the best web design and developing company?


    A website that is visibly unpleasant or difficult to navigate will be enough to prevent a target consumer from interacting with your brand. But web design is not only about a website’s appearance, it needs to understand the target market, the online travel of the customer, and the site’s end goal. Hiring a professional web designer not only will highlight your item, brand, or service but will also create a sales funnel for sales. 

Do you know? UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) come under designer space.  

   A UI designer helps to improve how visitors access the website, either by offering a clear understanding of your brand and priorities. 

   Although this may sound confusing to a UX designer, a UI designer keeps track not of the whole user experience of the interface but of the feel and look of a product. Visualize a UX design becoming a UI-designed platform that acts as the cruising device.

   A UX designer builds an online consumer experience and uses extensive analysis into the interests and desires of the customers to customize a website to fit the target audience. When it comes to improving the conversion performance, concentrating on the UX is essential. 

Hiring a freelance web design? Ready to face the risk?


  We’ve all encountered a beautiful website annoyance that needs too long to load – it’s awful for your brand, terrible for the company. Not only should a great website look amazing but it should be robust and interactive. There’s a web developer who comes in here. 

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   Just like web designers, web developers also have their own space to configure, which are front-end and back-end of a website.

Front-end: From the name itself, we can guess the role. The user-facing or opening screen of a website tends to be seen by users who are built by a front-end developer. You might well have told of HTML, Python, or CSS-these are front-end developer programming languages used to convert website design perception. The front-end developers closely work with user interface designers to bring design concepts to digital life using these language tools.

   Highly qualified front-end developers can also identify user experience concerns and recommend influencing a particular design. It’s also critical to be able to bring forth these ideas to other actual web organizations in order to reach different objectives and targets while implementing. Talent speaks its duty.

Back-end: It is the responsibility of a website back-end developer to build and manage the central programming of a website. Their work is sometimes left unobserved but essential to building a functioning website. A back-end developer’s vital purpose is to ensure all data and systems demanded by the front-end interface or framework are produced using programmatic methods. Quite difficult, isn’t it?

    Back-end developers will indeed be responsible for setting up the whole website database, concept system, data, and integration of applications like content management systems. In addition, a backend developer handles any back-end problems test automation. It is reasonable to assume this task tends to play an essential part in the development of websites and their operating units.

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What do you think?

    It is obvious web designers and web developers are as unique as paper and pen from each other. They both have the same purpose though – building a clean website that looks fantastic and works perfectly. Cooperation between the design and development team is increasing, the line dividing these following components is becoming pixilated and fascinating. 

   So, if you think, you need a website that is perfectly defined, developed, and delivered, just get in touch with Valiant Systems, we are a Chennai-based web design and development company providing a stunning website and mobile app solution to its client at an affordable range. Any business can be counted…as talent only talks further.

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