Mobile technology, one of the craving inventions in history, with millions and billions of users interacting. In the good old days, people walk miles to share information or talk with loved ones. But today, with a portable device, all cellular or two-way communications are well connected with networks coming in the flow. It is perhaps undeniable that the internet has enabled or opened a new portal of opportunities to businesses or enterprises like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon, Swiggy, Samsung, etc. Building such mobile apps for businesses comes Valiant Systems, India’s growing website, and mobile app development company. Though there are diverse frameworks to build a mobile app, currently we have started with the Ionic 5 framework. In this blog, we will have a closer view of the topic.

Introducing Ionic 5 (Magnesium)

Ionic 5, one command for all platform (website and mobile app) development. The release of Ionic version 5.0.0 on 11 Feb 2020, has brought huge changes in React and Angular Integrations. Even the app UI components have changed in light and dark modes. Valiant Systems’ focused on improving the UI of Android design and iOS 13 with a supportive Angular framework. We are into a new invention of developing bot app and websites under one rule or command. We are even proud to announce our success after multiple trials. We assure the version implementation phase in the upcoming projects.  

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Do you know, there are few features that highlight the 5.0.0 version such as color icons, API creation with custom animation skills, new starter designs, revamped ionic-ons, custom segments or components, etc, and the same is updated in the framework documentation for a better idea. Some of the five star experienced features of Ionic 5 are mentioned below, have a look. 

iOS Design

A major change across UI components. 

Segment- Compared to previous version, the design of indicators are revamped with drag option. 

With the removal of the checked property in ionic 5, devs must now adjust the value property on the ion-segment to mirror the value of the intended checked segment button.

An ionSelect event is no longer triggered by ion-segment. To activate an ion-segment, the developer needs to use the ionChange event.

The checked segment button now has –indicator-color (for both ios and md & –indicator-color-checked has been taken off)

To decorate the ion-segment component, the –background variable has been enabled.

Header- The toolbar component is held in the header, which is a root component of the page. The concept of a foldable header and variable-sized headers was introduced in ionic v4 iOS. Some attributes have been introduced to the header and title components in Ionic version 5 to allow for reducing huge titles, compact titles, and flexible buttons.

List Header- ListHeader is a header component for a list, and iOS lists are getting bigger and bolder. When compared to ionic v4, the List Header was uppercase, tiny, and had a bottom border. A-List Header’s new lines feature allows you to add a border that matches the current style.

Large title- Ionic 5 enables us to make expandable titles similar to those found in stock iOS apps. When the content scrolls past a particular point in iOS, the huge title collapses into a default-sized title, and this arrangement necessitates specifying the IonTitle, IonHeader, and IonButtons components.

Small titles- The little title is a header note that is frequently used with Swipe to Close Modals. It’s usually placed over another toolbar with a basic title inside a toolbar.



 <ion-title size=”small”>Small Title</ion-title>



Refresher feature- The ion-refresher adds pull-to-refresh capabilities to a content component, and its iOS pulling icon has been changed to appear over a huge title header. The pull-to-refresh pattern allows a user to utilize touch to pull down on a list of data and receive further info. In ionic v5, the iOS refresher has been totally revamped as a Material Design refresher.

Ionic Animation- Ionic Animations, which uses the Web Animations API to construct and perform all of your animations, is now officially part of the ionic 5.0 release. Ionic 5 comes with Ionicons 5, the most recent version of the open-source icon collection, which features icons for usage in web, iOS, Android, and desktop apps.

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Ionic colors- Ionic 5 supports a dark scheme/mode along with default colors. 








primary:         #3880ff

secondary:       #3dc2ff

tertiary:        #5260ff

success:         #2dd36f

warning:         #ffc409

danger:          #eb445a

light:          #f4f5f8

medium:          #92949c

dark:            #222428

Update to Ionic 5-

If developers are still moving on with the release of Ionic 4, they can install Ionic 5 CLI in the system (worldwide access). 

#Install ionic 5 to project 

 npm i -g ionic

# for an angular app

npm i @ionic/angular@latest –save

# for a react app

npm i @ionic/react@latest –save

npm i @ionic/react-router@latest –save

npm i ionicons@latest –save

# for a stencil / vanilla JS app

npm i @ionic/core@latest –save

#Running the Upgraded Ionic 5 App

ionic serve 

#Run in the Android or iOS device/simulator

ionic run android

ionic run ios

There are also breaking changes in Anglular Ivy such as CSS variables (Action, Back button, sheet, FAB button, button, menu button, item, segment button, tab button), components (Anchor, card, back button, header, footer, menu).  

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As we strive to create marvelous mobile apps for our clients, the word ‘high quality’ is not everyone’s cup of tea. Though Ionic is open-source, we are well-expertise in creating versatile, elegant cross-platform applications or APKs using pre-defined themes, components, typography, elements. We even took the framework to next level boosting the performance and compatibility turning it much cooler for users. 

It’s time to go advanced in technology with Valiant Systems. Call our experts today and get you own mobile application with rich functionalities suiting your business. Good luck!

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