Why you need a Mobile app for delivery business?

Why you need a Mobile app for delivery business?

Looking for delivery apps in Chennai for your business? Well, you got to be at the right destination to unlock market benefits. Along with Valiant Systems, many companies have started building mobile applications and websites for serval business verticals solving their basic challenge which is selling, buying, and delivering. 

People expect direct delivery of goods and services in recent decades. This method has been made even simpler by the use of demand-based mobile applications to really get something they want as early as possible. 

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Delivery businesses like Ola, Uber, Zomato, Swiggy, FoodPanda, Tendercuts, etc, create major turn-overs annually moving in the industry successfully.

   Delivery is just a service but the main product might be groceries, meat, fashion, food, documents, electronics, flowers, people, etc. Serving people directly from shop to door mode is far interesting in today’s economy. Well, lot more companies use their spare time in creating such options to meet customer needs with the perfect solutions on doorsteps. Let’s say Amazon, they just rang the right bell and got the right gold out of mining. Finding people’s basic needs is also a brainstorming idea one should acquire. 

    Well, the profit margin over delivery business is far more expected. The on-demand delivery service is well analyzed and fulfilled with Valiant Systems, your all-in-one web design and development company in Chennai. We not just develop delivery mobile applications for your business but also support you with the best software solutions managing your entire organization such as CRM (customer relationship management), HRMS (human resource management system), ERP (enterprise resource planning), SMM (social media management), website hosting, domain registering and more.    

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Usually, what your consumers expect from DELIVERY ONLINE BUSINESS?

  • Simple & user-friendly interface
  • Speedy delivery
  • Best prices in the marketplace
  • Easily available drivers
  • Seamless payment options
  • Feedback, ratings, survey

     Well…you may think that’s too much for a customer to expect from your business but we do have solutions. Taking your delivery business online saves you more time and money. Our recommended application comes with some extraordinary features that you would love to explore. These features not just support your customers, but also enhance your business productivity and growth rank online. Check this out!

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  • Search and order favorites
  • Wishlist & checkout process
  • Pickup & delivery option
  • Order history 
  • Real-time order tracking (upcoming feature)
  • Add coupon/promo code
  • In-app chat support
  • Flexible payment option (online/offline)
  • Review & rating for order.
  • E-wallet system


  • Unlimited product listing
  • Order placement system
  • Driver scheduling and assignment
  • Live to track deliveries
  • Loyalty program management
  • Payment options integrate
  • Promotion & marketing 
  • Notification & email template customization
  • Manage customer & delivery person review
  • Live chat and message 


  • Accept or reject orders
  • See pending and current orders
  • Order details/History
  • Real-time chat support with admin or customer
  • Rider profile & ratings

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Interested to own an app but worried about project cost Estimation?

    We are happy that our premium UI/UX features turned your interest in. Apart from this, we maintain the security of your data with the best database system and webs hosting making your backend and front-end safe and flexible to use. 

     How about call our Valiant Systems team and discuss your delivery business idea. We offer affordable industrial prices for websites, mobile apps (Android/iOS), software solutions. We have a dedicated and experienced technical team to deliver successful SEO-ready projects helping you rank No.1 in the market with wide audience value. Say hello to the new digital world!

Supercharge business performance with ERP

Supercharge business performance with ERP

Today, ERP systems begin to take time, resources, and energy away from potential investments, digitalisation can seem like an overwhelming job. Reshaping industries of all dimensions at an unprecedented rate and providing businesses with countless chances to interact with their customers in creative ways. So this trend is mobile networking, with mobile phones browsing over percent of the internet. In this blog, Valiant Systems will explain how you can supercharge your business performance with ERP software. Big data or machine learning or artificial intelligence, which have generated great possibilities for all types of firms and investors, lies behind this incredible growth, making the economic pressure more adverse affect than infrastructure. 

Digital ERP system enables small businesses to enjoy all the advantages a large corporation procures at a fraction of the expense after building up a comprehensive IT framework. Inside the company, cloud ERP improves quality and profitability. Let’s check out how ERP is beneficial in charging your business growth. 

Mobility solution

Is your job limited to your room in the office? If you are not in the workplace, do you feel distressed and have to work remotely on any specified day? 

Even as working remotely community has become more prevalent, cloud platform utilization has also increased substantially. Cloud ERP is available online; it can be used without being a destination at any time and anywhere. It doesn’t matter any device you work on, our ERP solution collaborates with any system decreasing your paperwork.

More Flexible

In job management, ERP offers wide stability. As approved users, the increasing workforce can simply be achieved and enables you to change the system’s current human resource framework. 

This is feasible because the cloud ERP application is highly flexible as the resources can be scaled according to the business process requirements effectively. Therefore, if you’d like to update the server or expand your business, get on with our ERP system.

More Security

In software, no chance of disruption! It is as easy as that. The highest protection of your data is assured by a cloud-based ERP. Your data is safe as it is processed in remote data centers, even if your local infrastructure gets compromised robbery or catastrophic event.

In addition, in order to keep the data protected from hacks and cyber threats, esteemed ERP software companies such as Valiant Systems implement various security measures such as multi-factor authentication, data encryption, firewalls, also in the virtual environment.

Enhance productivity

A cloud ERP consists of a single system and a summary of all industry sectors from the dashboard. It becomes hassle-free to work on tasks that require jump assistance and acceptance, as ERP provides you with a realistic overview of each department’s formats and implementation slowdowns in the existing business.

Allocation to accurate and updated data is always available, reducing long mail strings, getting trapped in them, and ultimately restricting organizations’ silo structure, which is an organization’s prompt completion opponent. As a consequence, the ERP system helps to make better choices and streamline business development.

Integrated system

A cloud Erp system allows easily with all of your emerging enterprise applications and synchronizes data in real. Data complicity costs can be saved by integration as all of your staff have to convert energy just once. 

This minimizes multiple profiles, and the emergence of reports becomes more precise and reliable, giving crucial duties more room. The process and handling of customers become so simple that you append profit. 

Less Investment

To be configured throughout, ERP does not require a specific IT squad. Your overall business process is cloud-hosted, and data transfer, cloud configuration, and hardware maintenance are the responsibility of the ERP cloud providers. 

Therefore, as a company, since cloud ERP is charged monthly on a SaaS-based model representing all biz dimensions, you do not have to invest in any functionality.

Are you ready to own an ERP system for your business?

Owning a business with a complete interior process fully automated is much more satisfying. And that is possible with our ERP solution for your production or accounting business. Interested to install automated Enterprise resource planning software? Connect Valiant Systems, Chennai’s best web design and development company established to lift every player into the digital world. 

RPA- New Business Automation Service has evolved

RPA- New Business Automation Service has evolved

The techno world is moving so fast that new inventions are cherished and old discoveries are forgotten or depreciated. In today’s blog, we will discuss the latest business system that has taken its toll in various Industries, and that’s RPA or Robotic process automation. Many of you might know the definition of automation, anyway, the term was coined in the 1950s. Automation is the process where human activities are shut and are done by machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), or the internet of things (IoT). 

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Today big bulls and digital masters such as Accenture, Capgemini, Zoho, and more, use robotic process automation tools to configure their daily activities in high-tech Industries like customer service, accounting, financial service, human resource, supply chain management, healthcare, etc. RPA tools are mainly used to reduce man-hours, human errors in a reliable way. 

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Now you might have a small idea regarding RPA. Robotic process automation involves a modified algorithm and combines the behavior of a person engaging to conduct a business process inside digital systems. RPA bots use the GUI to capture data and subvert applications a certain way users do. They execute a wide variety of routine activities-everything from data retrieval to measurements and record keeping.

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The future of automation technology is RPA enabling businesses to minimize operational costs by performing systematic, large scale activities at zero error levels.

WHAT DO YOU NEED TO KNOW?  Researches have proven that the demand for RPA experts is going to rise in the upcoming years. 

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What are the benefits of robotic process automation?

  • Enhance the customer experience.
  • The technology is scalable, flexible, and efficient in business organizations.
  • RPA has a GUI or graphical user interface, so no need to set up API.
  • RPA reduces operational costs and improves production or revenue.
  • To use RPA tools, you require less amount of technical skill.

TIP: RPA systems don’t actually replace humans with robots, but reduces their intense work with easy outputs. 

How Industries Use robotic process automation?


The online store process such as order managing, shipping status, customer notification about order delivery is automated.


Patient registration, online appointment booking and confirmation, bill processing, and various other automation are performed by RPA reducing admin hurdles. 


RPA plays a vital role in banks and financial services to validate data, manage the account, form filling, customer appointment booking or confirmation, reporting, etc. 


The supply chain flow is controlled by RPA such as logistic data automation, supplier invoicing, account managing, and more.


Business procedures like Data entry, form filling, regulations, operational activities, etc are streamlined. 


The telecommunication sector widely uses RPA to manage client details or data, capture device manufacturer information, etc. 

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Hope you liked my article. If you want to enhance your business, customer relationship with online RPA services, Valiant Systems fulfill your dreams. We offer end-to-end web designing, developing, and automating services that help clients to easily streamline their performance, track leads, and smooth customer interactions. Interested, get in touch now!


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Discover Your Customer Behavior Online

Discover Your Customer Behavior Online

The internet world is changing rapidly as technology continues to expand. With advancements in machine learning, search engine algorithms have become immensely challenging to provide more useful and customized search results to users who search faster and deeper using different forms and types of searches. We have evolved as marketers and SEO experts to avoid being oriented on the search engine and start discovering new ways to interact with customers, holding them at the core of almost everything, adopting a user-centered approach to SEO. Today we will understand the emotion and customer behavior when it comes to online shopping.

     Okay, first, it’s clearly recognizing that our consumers are actual humans. They use search as an expansion of their everyday social activity, seeking information, product, and services related to their needs and desires. Research shows that when it comes to a decision-making point, most of our choices, small or large, negative or positive, are made instinctively by our mind and trigger emotions. This means that any choice we make is to enhance the pleasant impact or to eliminate the pain effect.

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Moreover, designing for the neural network by recognizing the emotional needs and desires of our consumers during every point of their experience would help us deliver the appropriate goods or services that meet those psychological demands and wishes. This can help persuade their behavior and lead them to identify proper items.

How can I meet online Customer requirements?

While all situations require thoughts and feelings, you have a greater chance of convincing your visitors to accept specific actions if you comprehend how they feel about their choice and nourish those thoughts strongly. Here are some of the thoughts our customers can have when they seek information, services, or products while using the Internet. We also focus on how we can fix these thoughts to help our customers come to their own conclusions and instinctively reassure them that our website is the best place for them.

Is this website safe?

Customers ought to believe the website of a business enough to connect and become regular customers, and loyalty comes when they find what they are looking for when they access a site. Since trust plays an important role in online behavior, companies need to establish their reputation and efficiency and assume truthfulness on the website elsewhere. It describes the design and goes straight to the various signals of loyalty that relate to the business community, be it e-commerce, wellbeing, financial services, etc. We need to really establish our site offers users with the confidentiality and security confirmation to conclude their order. 

   Such as customer feedback and reviews will actually build trust when visiting the website and, of all, introducing format will help to represent ratings on search results pages, through-turn, tempt them to tap on it.

Is this the correct spot to purchase?

The direction of the individual is no longer stable. They go back and forth between one platform to the next, search on Google and evaluate websites, and adjust at every stage as they go through their experience what’s important for them. 

    So we need to make sure we can reach them whenever they need us by providing the most valuable details at the instant that reflects their psychological needs and priorities. If they search google, it can start right from the very start. We need to find out what binds them emotionally to their target. This can be achieved simply by putting ourselves in their shoes and saying, “What should be their emotional target when finding a recipe for food or an outfit? 

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When our meta description on the search results page responds to their emotional needs, they are more likely to click on the referral and visit the homepage or landing web page, which will in effect be applicable to their search word. The heading of the site homepage should also correlate to their psychological target, and the page design should create an emotional aura. As all visitors are thinking of visiting and evaluate several websites, they have to find what they are searching for by connecting them with the specific content that meets their needs and attracts their interest as fast as possible.


Hope my articles might have given you some idea about customer behavior when it comes to shopping online. Based on their psychology, move the coin in the market and succeed. If you want to redesign your website and mobile application to spark among competitors, get in touch with Valiant Systems, we are a Chennai-based web designing company provide stunning online platforms for eCommerce and other industries. If you are the one to succeed, join us now. 


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Will India’s ‘Digital Strike’ Offer App Development Opportunities?

Will India’s ‘Digital Strike’ Offer App Development Opportunities?

Hey there, wake up! it’s time to create some amazing mobile app development for growth-oriented businesses.

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Recently the Indian government along with its citizen started opposing China due to its silent-killing bio war threat that includes ‘Coronovirus’, ‘Spanish flu’, and ‘G4 virus’. Apart from that the border clash between China and India priorly has taken many Indian soldier’s lives. We all know the destruction the world is facing currently losing billions of innocent lives. Considering such issues, the Indian Government under PMs (Narendra Modi) opposition, has banned about 59 Chinese mobile applications that include even top leading social media platforms like UC Browser, Tik Tok, ShareIT, etc. Well, it’s sure that this digital strike has shaken the root of China’s economy.

What do you think about TodaysVirtual Communication Technology?

List of 59 Mobile Apps that are blocked or banned in India:

  1. TikTok
  2. ShareIt
  3. Likee 
  4. UC Browser
  5. Helo 
  6. Shein
  7. Clash of Kings
  8. DU battery saver
  9. Baidu map
  10. Kwai
  11. Newsdog 
  12. Mi Community
  13. CM Browsers
  14. Virus Cleaner
  15. APUS Browser
  16. ROMWE   
  17. Club Factory
  18. YouCam makeup
  19. Beauty Plus
  20. WeChat
  21. UC News
  22. QQ Mail
  23. Weibo
  24. Xender
  25. Parallel Space
  26. QQ Newsfeed
  27. Bigo Live
  28. SelfieCity
  29. Mail Master
  30. QQ Music 
  31. Mi Video Call – Xiaomi
  32. We Sync
  33. ES File Explorer
  34. Viva Video – QU Video Inc
  35. Meitu
  36. Vigo Video
  37. New Video Status
  38. DU Recorder
  39. Vault-Hide
  40. Cache Cleaner DU App studio
  41. DU Cleaner
  42. DU Browser
  43. Hago Play With New Friends
  44. Cam Scanner
  45. Clean Master – Cheetah Mobile
  46. Wonder Camera
  47. Photo Wonder
  48. QQ Player
  49. We Meet
  50. Sweet Selfie
  51. Baidu Translate
  52. V Mate
  53. QQ International
  54. QQ Security Center
  55. QQ Launcher
  56. U Video
  57. V fly Status Video
  58. Mobile Legends
  59. DU Privacy


Why am I telling this?

Well, trust me, I really mean this. China apps are banned but this is temporary. Now is the time for many Indian business masters to showcase their talent in the social platform, let it be entertaining field, browsing site, selfie app, game app, business-based app, ecommerce website, m-Commerce, or mobile app, video player, news app, etc. Before China is back, wake up and succeed in business creating an unremovable spot in customer’s hearts. 

Need help? Here is where Valiant Systems comes in handy. We offer a top-notch custom website and mobile application development services at affordable prices. Interested, call us today. We are happy serving you…


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Time to Redesign your Business Website

Time to Redesign your Business Website

This is the time to transform a business and find some amazing profit. Confusing about what I’m talking about? Well, it’s website redesign. I can see your first reaction is going weird. What should we need a website to redesign that also during this navel corona period? but do you know, only at times of such crisis and after lockdown, people need us more than we expect? From grocery to even day-to-day basic needs people are looking for service, and that’s where your business is gonna take place. Even you can launch a website helping help join online and do events. Let’s say for example, during this quarantine period millions of people are suffering and couldn’t go to temples, churches, mosques to complete their spiritual responsibilities. Why don’t you have a website to manage spiritual ceremony and donation processes? You are about to gain profit, don’t you think? if you have some excellent ideas and looking for professional designers, connect with Valiant Systems for best-in-class web design services at reasonable prices.

So, you may think about what will happen when I re-design my business website? Well, the following are 3 main reasons that clear your queries.

The redesign process of the Website puts the whole marketing campaign under the inspection. 

Redesigning a website is at the very heart of every business’ marketing activities. The website change planning process poses concerns regarding current marketing strategies such as the breakdown among digital and conventional marketing budgets, assessment of existing platforms, and creation of new digital marketing platforms. We at Valiant Systems have been sitting with clients to modernize the website and finished up revamping their whole marketing strategy multiple times with the new website at the heart of it.

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The more changes you prefer, the more profit your company gain

Upon first sight, a redesign of a website may seem to only affect the aspects of sales and marketing. But in some situations, a well-designed modern website has the ability to revitalize a multitude of functions like HR, quality, customer service, and event production. How’s that? Websites presently seldom remain merely sources of knowledge. They have forms and features which send data to and from multiple industries. A really well-developed job sector can enhance the HR sector through high-quality recruits which can in effect improve manufacturing. 

        A strong category of inquiries will reshape marketing and sales. A positive response page will trigger the company’s Quality Assurance department. Nowadays it is integrated. Valiant Systems provide powerful marketing, CRM, and social media integration enhancing success. 

Watch out the impact of a successful website

A professional-looking website could become a leading system for the future. This has the power to improve and increase every company’s sales and top-line combined with an outstanding digital marketing strategy. We have seen it again and again, that a revitalized website drives the company into the marketplace that market share begins to pick up. This results in a feedback loop that builds on itself and changes the whole company’s perspective.

       The biggest gains Valiant Systems achieve will be when the customers’ top-level management is concerned and they view a website revamp as something more than a marketing project. They appreciate the value which could be generated from the web design phase and allow bridge-functional teams to collaborate.

These proven yet successful points transform your business to advanced level indulged with best-quality service and customer-centric site. Want to succeed in business, get connected with Valiant Systems. 

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