Benefits of Social Media Management for Local Business

Benefits of Social Media Management for Local Business

Let’s make it clear, in the current environment, not all businesses are succeeding in the market. When it comes to local businesses, startups, and self-employees, running a business with good profit matching up their investment value isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. Taking it under consideration, Valiant Systems like to bring it to your view about social media. Social media is one of the powerful marketing techniques one can use to grow in business or turn into a celebrity. We all know, what social media like Tik-Tok, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook can transform a person’s like into…

  To earn more, that reach millions of customers in a short period worldwide, is only possible by getting attached to social media networks. The rise of social media is undeniable, as you would reach substantial groups of customers within minutes of placing ads, lowering your risk and ensuring that your advertisements relevant audience through these online advertisements. To be frank, SMM (social media marketing or management) and SEO (search engine optimization) is your best option to drive huge leads and build brand loyalty.  

  To say, Google has been the strongest platform for businesses to sell their services/products online for over a year. Any local business that wants to expand should improve its search engine visibility. With Valiant Systems supporting your local businesses, you can…

  • Boost website/app/local traffic
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Establish your online presence.
  • Save time, personalizing your business
  • Target social networks to enhance brand awareness.
  • Promote your service or products creatively.
  • Increase sales volume and customer engagement.
  • Be the turning point of viral concepts.
  • Budget-based advertising is possible.
  • Build better customer relationships & trust.
  • Be silent yet powerful successor digitally.

Why SMM is important for your business?

Boost Site Traffic/ranking

If you want to improve traffic to your website, social media can be very useful. Spiders in search engines are still on the lookout for posts or sites that generate steady traffic. And they are uninterested in any platform that would not generate traffic.

Boost your business sale/customer base

Interacting with social media and audiences regularly creates trust and confidence for guests to convert into customers and proceed to try your service or product. The more flexible and secure you own your business, the more customers are loyal to you. Here organic sale is involved, building actually customer relationship, transforming your local business, and drawing more attention towards your physical and online store. 

You will be damn surprised really social media the first reason to succeed in the market. 

Cost-effective SMM service

This term is pretty uneasy for you to digest, I understand but I bet you. Owning just an online store or mobile application isn’t going to help you out in the market. You need a source of marketing. Why can’t you choose an organic or unpaid marketing technique? Hiring Valiant Systems for your business SMM service will give you profit double-folded. 

What we do for your business to succeed Globally using SMM service?

We (Valiant Systems)-

  • Create a monthly content plan for every platform [Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn -Business accounts, Google My Business page] 
  • Post regularly
  • Include hashtags to increase brand awareness
  • Represent visuals and various creative ideas to boost engagement
  • Explore your competitors, form various content concepts
  • Interact with your audience in chat & comments
  • Keep your followers/subscribers loyal


If you are interested to improve brand awareness and engage with customers purely, hire us because you won’t regret it. You can just focus on your main business as we manage the rest and bring profit to your pockets. Valiant Systems is a web design and development company in Chennai, supporting clients worldwide with online services, content writing services, SMM, and software developments. Interested to become partners? Call us today to succeed tomorrow!

Social Media Managing Service for your Business

Social Media Managing Service for your Business

Does your company plan to use ads for social media? If so, Valiant Systems‘ here to support the business profits via social media. Social media may be a hard problem to solve. It is difficult to know where to connect with your customers with literally hundreds of channels, bouncing around in your prominent arcs around the powerhouse such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google My Business. 

   With years of experience to build a viable approach for your business, we at Valiant Systems provide social media management services that produce superior outcomes. Our designer or production team will conjure up more than enough motivational content that will get your loyal followers to spread the experience, besides planning ahead on your regular social media management projects.

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Digital marketing or social media marketing is an effective weapon in today’s economy. It will serve to strengthen the marketing of your company and boost your organic Seo strategy. It is among the effective approaches for influencing consumers as well as future business associates. Then you might probably know, traditional marketing methods, — particularly if you’re a start-up venture, is incredibly costly. Social networking is an alternative choice that, because of its low initial cost and advantageous features, would not cause you excessively consuming financial resources. Today we at Valiant Systems will explain the definition and advantages of SMM service. 

    In the upcoming days, we will continue discussing more regarding social marketing and social commerce. Anyway, let’s continue our talk. 


Do you know? Shocking hidden cost an outdated website can cost you

It is true that social media opens the path to earn money compared to other business opportunities. But it is about the route we select. Well, Social media management involves the practice of understanding and establishing an approach targeted to internet users, producing and sharing social media profile content, tracking online interactions, partnering with marketers, ensuring volunteer work, and managing, assessing, and reporting on the success and Return on investment of social media.

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  • Reaching fresh customers 
  • Spread the message about your services and goods 
  • Awareness of Brands & Trust 
  • Advertise your organization, goods or services 
  • Develop a community and a huge following 
  • A perfect SEO basement


  1. Setup a distinctive plan for your company 
  • Objectives and the measures to accomplish it 
  • Online Services Support 
  • Ideas for competitiveness and interaction 
  • Thorough reporting system
  1. Launch Social media stage
  • Setup of appropriate channels for Social Media 
  • Develop and release campaigns for paid ads 
  • Launch of awareness-raising initiatives 
  • Multiple interactions with followers and fans
  1. Customize campaign performance
  • A technical and constant comparative review 
  • Interactions with the latest analytics-based risks identified 
  • Understanding business and schedule improvements for the future
  • The more followers and business enhanced.

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  • Growth in the number of followers across all social networks 
  • According to internet standards and practices, effective maintenance of social media accounts and promotions 
  • Assistance about how to create the most use of social media by a media professional

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So, are you ready to connect your business with Valiant Systems to increase ROI through social media management service? Get in touch with us today. 

How To launch B2B Marketing on LinkedIn?

How To launch B2B Marketing on LinkedIn?

Let’s start it fresh! LINKEDIN…a much familiar name, isn’t it? Well, 95% of you guys might have used this online platform to get a new job or share content via posts or articles. 

LinkedIn is a professional networking website not like Facebook or Twitter. This site has more than 700 million users worldwide. Apart from job-seekers or friendly updaters, B2B marketers use this website for branding and lead. You may observe this strange and shocking but it’s 100% true. 

B2B LinkedIn Marketing

According to LinkedIn researchers, 95% of B2B marketers post engaging content following successive strategy. Want to know how? continue reading…


  • For content distribution.
  • For a lead generation.
  • For followers.
  • For brand awareness.
  • Even LinkedIn helps for lead generation.

We can also call LinkedIn, the ‘God’ for job seekers and businessmen’. The network is filled with business members, decision-makers, great leaders, employees, and students. B2B marketers take this platform seriously in nurturing users with engaging contents relevant to their business or jobs. 

Through various contents and hashtags, they are likely to gain new connections or followers to their network. This outstanding platform gives us the opportunity to generate unique leads. 

For various content writers or social media marketers, this platform offers various ideas or share and gain from millions. These ideas are converted into unique content through brainstorming and used on their own websites and blogs. Interesting isn’t? 

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launch B2B marketing in LinkedIn1

So, let’s start! Following is a small guideline on how to start your own B2B marketing on LinkedIn.

  • Create a Business or Company LinkedIn Account/Page. 
  • Audience targeting.
  • Page Optimization.

 1. Create a Business/Company Page

When it comes to creating a company page or account, many asked me ‘can I use a personal page as a business page?’ No, it doesn’t work that way. You need to have a business page. In another way, you can also open a business page from your existing personal page shown in the top-right-corner WORK icon section. 

You don’t have to worry about the cost while opening a company account, because it’s totally FREE. 

While opening the account or page, there will be few terms to agree and field to fill. Then you have to personalize your page by adding a company logo, description, header image, etc. The About Us information about your company is to be described perfectly such as company history, how you serve customers, the solutions or business you do, so and so. Don’t forget to update your website link or URL, contact details, location, etc. 

2. Targeting Your Audience

This section is one of the favorite sections to deal with B2B marketers. LinkedIn has a great audience targeting tool that helps track users through diverse sectors like job, skills, industry, seniority, title, location, etc. Using this method, you can reach the right customer with the right Ads or information. 

But while setting Ad target, kindly remove competitors, just to save your money.

Just like Facebook advertising, this application helps reach the targeted audience using a limited budget. 

  1. Page Optimization

To optimize the LinkedIn business page, make sure your entire profile is filled with work details, business details, and high-quality images because Google indexes profile based on keywords that are inserted mainly in the first 100 words of page description, later the rest section.  


  • Create and join LinkedIn groups.
  • Interact with like-minded people via QA style.
  • Engage with the audience using story-telling or professional format contents.
  • Generate Leads using the brand page.
  • Meet the needs of the targeted audience. 
  • Direct them to your website while sharing content. 
  • Adding Call-to-action to post or articles help to generate leads. 
  • You can track your marketing success through analytics. 

Know-How to Protect Your Website From Spam Backlinks

As LinkedIn acts as a powerful social network media, it’s a great opportunity to generate traffic, leads, and most sales. TIME AND HARDWORK IS NEEDED THE MOST.

Hope you liked my article, do share your thought. For any website design and development services, contact Valiant Systems.

Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

The basic difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing is that, the medium through which users get notified about our products/business.

  • Traditional Marketing uses very basic media such as magazines or  newspapers
  • Digital Marketing uses digital media such as social media or websites.

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traditional marketing

Having a marketing budget is important for any small business, it’s equally important to spend it in the right direction and make the most of it. 

Traditional marketing is not only one of the oldest forms of marketing, but also one of the most researched. Marketers lean towards this method because it’s tried and true. Everyone encounters some sort of traditional marketing in their everyday lives, whether it’s getting the mail or your daily newspaper.

Traditional marketing plays an important part in reaching local audiences. Ads or advertisements can be kept for a long period of time if they’re physical. Plus, there’s an audience who’s easier to reach through traditional marketing than online marketing.

As the world becomes more digital, the way we market has evolved. Not only is digital marketing sometimes more cost-effective than traditional, but also it is a more direct way to connect with target audiences globally.

Digital marketing is essential for businesses today. It’s become routine for consumers to conduct research and make purchases online. Just typing what you need is much easier.

There are a few disadvantages to traditional marketing. First, businesses have little to no interaction with the consumers they are selling their products in real-time. You can’t ask any queries.

Some marketers also see traditional marketing as unreliable. You can’t edit a print ad once it’s out. 

Traditional marketing can also be pricier. For eg, printing an add may cost much.

Traditional marketing is still a realistic and important way to market certain businesses. But digital marketing is an increasingly important revenue driver. In fact, businesses reported that half of the revenue is influenced by social selling.

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Digital marketing is cost-efficient. Though some invest in paid ads online or paid search marketing; however, the cost is still cheaper compared to traditional marketing.

digital marketing

Data and results are easily recorded. With Google Analytics and the insights tools offered by most social media channels, you can check on your campaigns at any time. Unlike traditional marketing methods, you can see in real-time what is or is not working for your business online and you can adapt very quickly to improve your results.

Recently, 50% of marketers said they believe digital marketing has an edge over traditional because of the interactive digital marketing opens with customers. Businesses can have full control of their audience growth and see real-time results of each facet of that campaign. And with inbound marketing, consumers find the business, not the other way around.

Disadvantages to digital marketing do exist, however. Digital marketing depends on technology and, sometimes, technology breaks. When social media sites go down and a social media marketer has posts scheduled to go live, the only solution is to wait it out.

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Ultimately both types of marketing have their benefits and downfalls, but the key is understanding your specific marketing needs, considering your budget, and understanding your target audience.

The moral: Both digital and traditional marketing can work for you, as long as you know what your audience wants. If you have any further questions regarding web service or digital marketing for your business, do contact Valiant Systems, Chennai’s best web design and development company. Our service and solutions are exceptional and trustworthy for clients. 

What’s the Future of Advertising?

What’s the Future of Advertising?

Advertising can be taken as the frontline of tomorrow’s greatest transformation. Do you know the reason why business giants allocate millions of funds ready-to invest for advertising and what exactly is the purpose? Well, that’s what you will find in today’s blog. Just grab of cup of coffee and join me. Cheers!

What is Advertising?

Ad or Advertisement is an evolving marketing practice that efficiently helps attain the 3 R’s – Right Message to the Right Person at the right time. In order to keep up with the “latest big thing,” advertisers have also tracked the latest developments in technology across history. The new and emerging phenomenon is programmatic ads, as many specialists see it. 

     However, also most ad companies focus on digital and custom advertising. — consumer habits, growing digital and social media, and an intensely challenging economy are forcing companies to go forward beyond consultancy services and advertising promotion to deliver extensive integrated marketing campaigns and solutions. You may find Valiant Systems best with not just web designing but also digital marketing or so-called advertising. 

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Do you know? Facebook Ads & Google Adwords share a special location in the advertising industry. As per statistics, users can target consumers, existing Artemis, income level, and many others. Famous eCommerce sites have begun selling their goods using Google Shopping.

advertising method

Advertising Trends Changing Future

The landscape of the current advertising and marketing profession is exclusively centric with bold changes where media power is re-defined with flattening the hierarchy. There goes various undeniable debate regarding the content and context for advertising. Just like techno-trends Virtual Reality, Mobile beacons, Neo-storytelling, Biometric tattoos, Internet of Things (IoT tesla cars, houses, cities, health connected), the workflow of digital content and customer analysis for advertising technology ecosystem deepens the curvy challenges that are approaching dynamically. 


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  1. Content Marketing: Content marketing is a concept that began to gain attention with the emergence of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter during 2002. Marketing content includes marketing campaigns (newspaper or magazine articles written corporately to advertise the product), blogs, or any other content that is released for promotional reasons on the internet. Content marketing as a kind of marketing is powerful at generating recognition once it comes to brand narrative. Since the advent of social media, content marketing, while offering a modern advertising platform, has reinforced the ties between customers and brands. By running ads or hosting a blog on their website, small companies may leverage the impact of content marketing.
  2. Online Advertising: Potential customers use the internet to find a variety of items, like brands and businesses. If it refers to leveraging on reaching customers, advertisers use resources like Google AdWords to build ad campaigns online. AdWords is a Google tool that enables local entrepreneurs to build online ads to reach their target consumers with keyword and led to increased levels. Many online marketing developments include marketing strategies such as search engine optimization ( SEO); social media; smart applications such as iPads and other consoles; display ads; and banner ads for the website.
  3. QR Codes: A QR code is a two-dimensional pattern identical to the UPC (Universal Product Code, or so-called bar code). Once scanned with a QR code reader a QR code provokes a digital response. It has gained popularity in ads as an innovation perspective in which customers can scan the code to get the additional product or promotional information. A QR code may activate several activities once scanned by a smartphone, like launching a website, making a call, or creating an SMS message. Using the QR Code Generator to generate a free QR code online and embed the code on the business cards, pamphlets, vouchers, print advertisements but also Tv ads for your product/service. 

todays advertising


          It’s time to wind up my article, if you feel my content is useful, do share and comment. For further web service or digital marketing service, do connect with Valiant Systems as we’re Chennai’s leading web design and development company, offering clients top-rated solutions at a very reasonable price. Catch you soon, bye.

Corona Crisis-The Need for Content Marketing

Corona Crisis-The Need for Content Marketing

These are hard times, right from children to giant business master face depressions, and business loss. But don’t forget, every pandemic situation teaches people a lesson and likewise, this COVID 19 has bought many sorrows and also opens new gates to success seeking where only smart, tactics players can survive. Today, the economy is falling and people look for opportunities to budding up in life in a pile of grains. Giving you some interesting bits, today I like to share the importance of Content Marketing for brands and business growth. Let’s move in with Valiant Systems and stick to the discussion.

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 Challenges faced by Marketers due to Coronavirus 

 Do you know? As per the marketing research average, 25-45 % of the marketing investment is devoted to advertising, travel, costs, registration, and merchandise for trade shows. With coronavirus messing up the budget for trade fairs, advertisers are forced to rapidly reallocate the budget. So, In the midst of fear of joining and hosting major events, marketers shift to content marketing provided directly to online subscribers to remain connected with their clients. It has grown with only blog posts and editorial approaches to content marketing. It’s a balanced approach that focuses on a wide range of tactics for digital marketing strategies like email,  SEO,  social media, and paid media to resume engaging with customers.

        With the termination of forthcoming activities, you need to expand your marketing strategies on digital content to maintain clear and timely contact with your customers. 

need for content marketing

need for content marketing

What do you mean by Content Marketing?

     Content marketing is a form of digital marketing wherein brands build an existing customer relationship by content that has been non-promotional and holds priority to each and every interaction. And it is truly sad to hear that, Over decades content marketing has adapted from just being blog postings and publishing tactics but a practical approach that depends on a wide range of digital marketing methods such as email, social media, SEO, and paid distribution to meet an audience.

        To say, like other marketing sources, Content marketing is not fully based on promotions. Rather, it conveys service or product stories and offers viewers various important tech or non-tech information that also mainly during such pandemic situations. 

 Do you know the Importance of Content Marketing?

         During the coronavirus outbreak, content marketing can be an efficient way so you can keep in contact with your clients and increase the supply production. Communicating and engaging with your customers will stay undisturbed with the ever-evolving digital world, no matter how the scenario is, as soon as you have the best content marketing techniques in place. 

         As trading exhibits are mainly used for order creation initiatives and optimization of pipelines, it becomes crucial to concentrate on the networks of digital lead generation. Some marketers will argue that rising digital investment would increase the lead rate, but quality can differ. Some could suggest that the standard of leads developed at industry events can also differ – as long as the leads are carefully tested, the production of supplies can improve without relying on involvement in the tradeshow.

         In difficult moments and a rapidly evolving global environment, it remains important to convey brand identity and values. Coronavirus presents marketers with a new challenge, shedding light on the value of relying on tactics beyond conventional channels (while required to remain flexible). During the coronavirus epidemic, the target of experiential marketing is to spend in similar conceptual and content marketing strategies provided through social platforms. Make sure that your customers are aware that you remain available throughout 2020 and are interested in their business.

 Tips for Content Marketing

 -> Stick to plan: As we know content marketing is a long term plan but a successful one. It’s not a story that you post a blog today, get customers tomorrow. We have to wait for months or even years to generate income. 

-> Let’s focus on brand awareness, not selling: This may sound hard but its fact. When you focus on the sale, your marketing line is destroyed. You can’t build the bridge within seconds as it took years to come up to this height. Build your brand with content promotions.

-> Focus on COVID topic or Don’t focus: You may think why this girl is talking about Corona here. Guys, this is a trend. There are two options, one-you can market contents based on COVID19 along with your business or secondly-you can focus on business topics alone. The choice is yours.

-> Keep your old contents reviewed or edited.

-> Business needs to focus on traffic enhancement, not profit gaining.

-> Tune your content style. 

-> Do lots of promotional work.

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 So, if you feel my blog about content marketing during coronavirus pandemic is useful, do share. For any Website service for your business or eCommerce platform, do contact Valiant Systems (web design and development company, Chennai) for the best quality service at affordable prices.  

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