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What’s New With GOOGLE Suite!

What’s New With GOOGLE Suite!

Recently we all might have received mail from Google but some might have no idea about Gsuite updates. So today I like to illustrate a few points and the upcoming changes brought by the end of March 2020.

What do you mean by G Suite or the so-called Google Suite?

  G Suite was once called Google Apps, created for businesses by Google. It’s a collection of web applications such as Gmail, docs, sheets, drive, slide, sites, Google ads, forums, meet, hangouts, my google business and more designed for the workplace, institution, and certain other non-profits. This cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) product was first launched on August 28th, 2006.

G Suite services

G Suite services

 There are only a few differences between the google powered business tool G Suite (business purpose or paid) and free Google app.

 Changes in Gmail:

  As Gmail turned 15 years old, Google has to look forward to making a few updates. It’s surprising to see how Gmail has powered-up this World back from 2004 to this day with its unique features. Launched on April 1, 2004 (fool’s day), the google search was built with conversational options and also had 1GB free data storage which was thought of as a prank for many.

    But in the middle of the 2000s, email spam was noted as a serious problem. Soon, Gmail started blocking spam mails before reaching our inbox. And nowadays with AI, Google is able to block up to 10 million spam emails per minute.

 Smart Composer:

     15years have passed by, making Gmail more friendly to users, Google has launched Smart Composer feature which is powered by Artificial Intelligence. Using this, a user can type over 1 billion characters weekly in more languages such as French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. The Work of Smart Composer is to get your work done in a simple manner by offering a subject-based suggestion line. 

Smart Composer GSuite

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 Publishing Time:

   The next update is email scheduling. Usually, these methods are found in WordPress and some other applications but now, Gmail has brought this feature where one can decide the time and date of delivering mails. This is helpful for business geeks who travel globally for business trips or vacation, as this feature doesn’t disturb their effort to compose and send. They can pre-do their work and schedule publishing dates as per their requirement. 

publish time-GSuite

 Unified Folders:

G Suite: A unified folder is the section of tabs found below the compose mail option. There are changes in both GSuite and normal Gmail. In G Suite, Options: Inbox, Starred, snoozed, sent, drafts, Important, chats, scheduled, All Mail, Spam, Trash, Categories, Manage labels and create new label tabs are newly inserted, giving easy navigation to business or employees.


     The manage label settings tab gives you many hides and shows verticals. You can access your account with whatever needed for your daily purpose and hide the rest. Removing a label won’t remove or delete your messages. You will also find several header options like general, label, inbox, accounts, filters and blocked addresses, forwarding, and POP/IMAP, add-ons, chat, advanced and offline.   

Google Account: In a regular email account, Google has updated many new features allowing users to handle easily. Compare to GSuite, personal or normal google free account has tabs like Inbox, Starred, Snoozed, Sent, Drafts, Unwanted, Important, Chats, Scheduled, All mail, Spam, trash and newly added categories like Social, Updates, Forum, Promotions and finally manage label and create a new label.

The categories help us to filter the ad mail from personal mails helping many to easily delete messages in bulk. In the Manage label settings section, certain header categories are added newly like advanced and themes. You can now have an attractive Gmail account by adding colossal themes.

Based on the user’s passion, he/she can add vibrant themes giving a posh look to their account.  

So, if you feel these Google updations are informative, do comment below and share your thoughts. For more queries about digital marketing or web branding, contact us at Valiant Systems. 

Will GOOGLE love my Website?

Will GOOGLE love my Website?

          Are you running a business? Then you must be having a website of your own, if not, then have one. In this digital world, online marketing plays a vital role in discovering the ideal customer needs relevant to their searches via search engines like google, yahoo and bing. Though some people find your site through social platforms, many others browse online. But to mingle with Google and your clients efficiently, one must marry Web design with SEO.

What do you mean by SEO web design?

 SEO web design refers to the strategies of developing and designing a website that increases site ranking through search engines. Well, making a website SEO-friendly is not a piece of cake. Your web pages and the content will be crawled by search engines uniquely and gets listed in its database. When users search for relevant information, the indexed pages will be listed in the ranking. For creating ideal indexing and ranking-worth pages, SEO and web design work together.

                                          MAKE GOOGLE LOVE YOUR SITE!

A million-dollar question arises, “How to make search engines like Google love my website?”

    I know it’s not simple but here are few brand touchpoints for your online business sites that help you seduce the cold-hearted one (Google).

Site Updating

We all know that google’ search ranking algorithms are changing persistently. The more your site is secured, the more google gets attracted. But if your site is filled with spam or black hat techniques like keyword spamming, article spinning, hiding web links, selling link, buying link, keyword stuffing, etc. Google will penalize preventing your site from popping-up on search engines. Get your site secured and jump on ranking by obtaining SSL certification.

(HINT: Update your site with editing or adding fresh page contents that make google revisit and index using bots like ‘crawl’ and ‘spider’ ) 


Are you tempted to know the second tip? That’s nothing but maintaining a mobile-friendly site. Nowadays, almost all people have started using smartphones or handy devices forecasting how future technology goes. So, it is ideal to host a website that is fully mobile-friendly and desktop-friendly. Remember, speed is the God of usability. Renovate your web design and comprise the image sizing that results in pumping the site speed.

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