Protect Website from Spam Backlinks by Removing

Protect Website from Spam Backlinks by Removing

Nowadays, spammy or bad backlinks have become the trouble-makers for many business websites. If unnoticed, Google will warn or penalize your site filtered and updated through webmasters. When I started talking, you might have understood on what topic I’m gonna discuss today. Yes, Spam backlinks and the way to remove them from the website before getting site ruined or penalized by Google. If you don’t currently have the issue of poor backlinks or “spammy links” on your checklist then it’s best to take care, as they’ll have a negative impact on the rankings of your web. That’s why we thought we should speak to you about what they are, how to recognize them, and how to delete spam links as well.

         What’s Link quality? Link quality is among the key ranking criteria for Google and has worked very hard to perfectly tune the function of its algorithm. The very first massive clamp-down emerged in 2012 with Google’s upgrade to Penguin, and later with improvements to the current changes to Panda. Conspiracy theories regarding the new big algorithm change, indicating that it also had to do with the consistency of the connections.

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          Do you know? Google’s insistence on penalizing spammy-linked websites is its “black-hat” way of countering old SEO techniques. Few years prior, if you want your ideal search term to rank at just the top of google engines, all you do is was pick up a phone and order a couple of hundred links and tada! You were there. Honestly saying, that’s so simple. But certain links were of poor quality, nothing-websites were just set up for this reason. They weren’t ties from actual, reputable firms.

       Anyway, it was bad news for Google because they couldn’t attest to the credibility of their search results because practically everyone with a website and money to buy some links would rank high. Google built a way to recognize websites that had high-quality links from valid sources to boost the consistency of their search results and weed out low-quality websites by penalizing those with spammy links. Even so, learning how to easily delete spam links became an important part of SEO.

    What is spam or negative or bad backlink?

 Spammy backlink approaches are also called “black hat”, the strategies for building links. Those are forms of links that deliberately violate Google’s guidelines and have promising possibilities to be caught in a penalty for algorithms or manual links. Due to content duplication, loads of external/internal links, unnatural, and low domain authority, a site is considered as a poor quality website.  

What is Good Backlink?

 I just want to share the meaning of good backlinks also, as it may help you understand the differences. Good backlinks are usually known as the “White Hat” link building strategy as they are useful among high-quality content and video interactions on site. This local directory linking enhances business engagement during SEO, content marketing, or other promotional campaigns. 

How can I identify bad backlinks?

 As said in my previous blog, many websites are getting penalized due to having spammy links that occurred from black hat SEO. It is also common that without any SEO strategy, spam links get linked to your site unknowingly. You may ask How but there are several ways which can be competitors trap in playing with negative SEO for your site. (#kindly don’t follow such false tactics). There are also some other reasons where Google observes websites as bad quality or unnatural.

      You may ask, How will I know, whether Google penalized my site or not? When Google penalizes, you will find a sudden downfall of ranking from various search keywords, as if you have fallen to ground from a mountain cliff. OOOPH!!! to bad, isn’t that?

      There are many SEO sites, where one can identify and filter the spam backlinks. Such as Google Search Console, SEMrush backlink Checker, Ahrefs Backlink Checker, SiteChecker, Neil Patel’s Backlink Tool, etc. Have you heard about “Backlink Audit”, it’s another method to identify the issues of the area are coming from and helps in sorting out. 

 What are the types of Spam Backlinks? 

  • Blog Comments
  • Private blog networks
  • Cheap link services
  • Press Releases
  • Foreign Language sites
  • Link from spam guest posts
  • Link from a website that contains duplicate contents.
  • Low-quality directory sites

 How to Remove Backlinks from Website?

 To say frankly, removing a backlink from a website is not a piece of cake, it needs patience. 

 Removal Request from your Website

 With Google penguin arrived, you can remove spam links easily by Google Link Disavow but in some cases, while reporting backlinks, it affects your company SEO growth and ranking. 

       In another way, you can do some research and identify the details about the webmaster and send a polite mail requesting link removal, which may take a few weeks. (#make sure your mail is an approach from the same domain of your website) Fingers crossed! Wait patiently for good results. 

mail request- Backlink removal

mail request- Backlink removal


 Hi there, I hope you find my blog useful. Do comment and share. For any Website services do connect with Valiant Systems, we are Chennai’s most leading web design company, good-known in serving clients with the best service and satisfying needs.


On-site SEO: How to Avoid Google Penalty?

On-site SEO: How to Avoid Google Penalty?

Hi folks, as corona situations are on its trail, taking a short break from such weirdo topic is wise enough. Am I right? Today am gonna share a few SEO practices for your website or so-called on-page (on-site). Very well, on-site is totally different from single page application that I had previously shared in my blog section. If interested, you can have a glance. Anyway, coming to our discussion, on-page SEO refers to the website content or layout or technical basis optimization. SEO for a website can be understandable and explained to you with a bowl of soup example. Let’s say the bowl is pointed as the technical backend process (HTTPS security, CTR), the yummy delicious soup is referred to as the great content and design work and finally, is something missing? Yeah, who will have a soup with no SALT? hahaha..kidding. Salt is the quality of outbound and inbound links you add to pages. These practices make a website crawlable, speedy, readable, SEO-friendly, and mobile-friendly.  

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What is Google Penalty in SEO?

             So, coming to the next section of our title. What is the Google penalty? A website going against webmaster guideline is noticed by Google and warns or penalizes the site causing serious disadvantages that disturbs the brand reputation and reduce site ranking, traffic, and conversion rates. You have to keep in mind that Google penalizes a website by the notification it gets from Penguin (previous Black hat SEO or negative SEO was used by people) or other manuals (humanoid) practices. 

Why Website Gets Penalized?

The following are some of the reasons why Google penalize or warn your website.

  • Strange Links
  • Google Algorithm
  • Comment Spamming
  • Duplicate Content
  • Paid Links
  • Content Creators
  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Doorway pages
  • Irregular outbound Links
  • Website hacks

Strange Links

Unwanted or artificial links is the correct name matching this title. If you or your companion create unwanted links to your website, Google analyzes and decreases your site grade level detecting spam links from your directories. 

Google Algorithms

Actually, this one is an un-avoidable counter-attack “AUTOMATIC”. Here, Google goes through the Penguin updates and also checks whether your site posses any kind of spam links, duplicate content, and so on. 

Comment Spamming

I have seen many companies doing this kind of weirdo stuff, Self commenting. It’s a kind of spamming. Not always, will Google go unnoticed and reward your site with extra traffic level. When Google finds out the spamming process, you are permanently out of the platform, well to say shortly, “GAME OVER”. 

Duplicate Content

Stealing or copying others’ content is illegal or offensive. You like the content and badly want to take such stuff, I refer  you use certain SEO phrasing tools like Spinbot, Quillbot, Article writer tool, small SEO tool, etc. (#usually, I don’t recommend such ideas but when it comes to penalizing, you can)

Paid Links

It’s true that Paid links enhance site ranking but be careful if Google finds out your trick…then you’re in serious DANGER. (#not always paid links to help you because irrelevant site links are messy)

Content Creators

Frankly speaking, I have talked about this topic before, remember? Yeah…content re-phrasing tool, SEO tool. Make sure you use these site accurately and cross-check before posting in your appropriate site because irrelevant keywords are gonna cause of GOOSEBUMPS.

Keyword Stuffing

I have seen many content writers, mainly freshers play with keywords randomly and totally destroy the content weightage. Stuffing your keywords is not a wise choice. You can add keywords but use them genuinely. (#keyword can be inserted once or twice in a 500-word content)

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Doorway Page

Doorway pages are also called FALSE PRIEST. Different pages aiming for single market profit. While searching a keyword in the search engine, you may find your descriptive keyword but the URL and re-directing page varies. Such sites are highly insecure and are penalized by Google. 

Irregular Outbound Links

There are some organizations, where people buy or sell links to enhance their website ranking in Search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing. When noticed, they are OUT.

Website Hacks

When you don’t secure your website properly and hackers re-direct your site to some spam directories. Google Penalizes. OUCH!

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How to AVOID Google Penalty?

  • Know the latest Google updates and act accordingly.
  • Never Copy-paste contents.
  • Kindly avoid keyword stuffing.
  • Check your backlinks on a regular basis.
  • Find a perfect hosting company.
  • Webmaster guidelines are followed.

Hi there, if you find this article useful, do share, like, and comment. If you feel your Website needs some SEO service, connect with Valiant Systems, and succeed in life. 

Cloud Service Difference: IaaS vs SaaS vs PaaS

Cloud Service Difference: IaaS vs SaaS vs PaaS

Hey there, today I am gonna talk about an interesting topic and that is cloud computing and its different modules IaaS, SaaS, PaaS. While hearing the word ‘CLOUD’, all might have different thoughts. Very well, when you ask this question to a school student, they will show us the skies, funny isn’t it? And when we ask graduated people, they say, its mobile storage area, well somewhat right. But what exactly is cloud computing? In the beginning, before I start my career, frankly speaking, I don’t know what it is and hesitated to ask anyone. So, as some of my friends mentioned previously, ‘Google is your best friend’, I started researching on the topic. At first, it was confusing, later it was crystal clear. So, let’s get to know more about it.

What is Cloud Computing?

     Cloud computing is a technology that besides all the computer software and hardware that you use lounging on your desktop, or even somewhere within your corporate network, some other company offers you both as service and tries to access it over the Internet, usually in an entirely structured manner. The precise location of the software and hardware, and how it functions, does not really matter to you, the user is you but somewhere up within vague “cloud” portrayed by the Internet. 

    This buzzword means a lot to different troops. some from Information technology say it’s outsourcing while others say it’s computer service that stays out of firewall network. When we start talking, it goes on. So, let’s check on our cloud service modules. 

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What are IaaS, PaaS, SaaS?

   Breaking down a bit on each acronym, IaaS stands for Infrastructure as a Service, PaaS stands for Platform as a Service, and SaaS stands for Software as a Service. What exactly do they mean by these cloud computing services?

IaaS:- A service offered by a business, organization, community, or government comprising basic computer processing, load balancing, content providers, routing, data storage of resources, and virtual servers operating system storage.

PaaS:-  A service run by a business, team, association, or government that offers a platform or portal for the development, generally web-based, software applications with instant abstract concepts of the network topology.

SaaS:- A services offered to the system clients by a corporate, group, community, or govt that delivers a software solution. The software could be administered internally to an enterprise, via other means, or most frequently delivered over Online.


IaaS: Renting an Empty House

PaaS: Renting a Semi-furnished House

SaaS: Renting a Fully-furnished House


What are Examples?

      IaaS: Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google compute engine, IBM SmartCloud Enterprise

          PaaS: Windows Azure, Google App Engine, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Heroku, Oracle Cloud Platform

             SaaS: Dropbox, JIRA, MailChimp, Gmail

What kind of people use these?

            IaaS: IT administrators

           PaaS: QA (quality analyst), developers, Operational Staff

           SaaS: Business People and regular people like us.

What are the Resources these Cloud services provide?

          IaaS: Data storage, servers, virtual machines, load balancers, and Network components.

          PaaS: Website servers, databases, execution runtime, and Development tools.

    SaaS: Cloud-based storage, Email, virtual desktop, productivity tools, and Customer relationship management (CRM). 

Which to cloud service to choose & it which condition?

         IaaS: Need to rent some computing resources, Need to control fully over IT systems.

         PaaS: Need to build a customized application.

     SaaS: Need software solution to enhance business and have a perfect idea to start a business. 

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Let’s Conclude the Game:

       So, If you like my blog do like, share, and comment. And also If you want to start a business and looking out for the best web solution, Valiant Systems here, we are Chennai’s best website design and developing company offering a top-rated solution for clients on any kind of business at affordable prices, that pleases them outwardly. Want to know more, let’s connect.

M-Commerce in today’s Retail Business

M-Commerce in today’s Retail Business

In today’s society, wherever we turn our heads, we find the only growing station eCommerce. There is even a small friendly experience gaining platform where essential and non-essential good is purchased or sold and i.e. mCommerce. Well, let me ask you, what is mCommerce?… yes, you’re right, Mobile Commerce or mobile online shopping is a wireless electronic device such as smartphones, tablets, portable devices (smartwatch), empowered to project online businesses. From 2017, the growth of mCommerce overtook website business styling. Even every big brand like amazon, puma, big basket, etc., go for mobile applications to spread among a wide audience. 

          We know the corona pandemic situation has taken over the nation but on the other side, M-Commerce has significantly influenced almost all segments of the market, including the retail sector. The trends in mobile app growth for the year 2020 concentrate on rising mobile devices in every corner of segments of the business. It also reveals the increased level at which mCommerce relies on customers for the retailing, guest experience, etc.

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         Companies and retailers respectively welcome the exposure they get on mobile devices, but this rapid transition means mobile app marketers and website designers need to coordinate together to recognize this new activity. The ideal way around this is to use analysis to quantify and understand customer behavior and use these observations to build realistic solutions, which the marketing department will then use to construct engaging mobile initiatives.  

 How m-Commerce impact stabilizes the Retail industry?

Omnichannel Shopping Experience

     Chances seem to be that consumers will choose to take advantage of the in-store experience to some level and then switch onto smartphone experience. You may need to go through their shopping experience using various platforms. For these instances, both the smartphone app and the in-store app would be a combination of use. M-Commerce is all set to deliver experiences of this nature. M-Commerce has the ability to improve the upselling and cross-selling ratio.

The demand for Virtual Assistance-Chatbots

        One technological advance that gets accepted is reliable chatbot technology with the use of deep learning. Working as a medium of contact between consumers and retailers, chatbots facilitate the entire purchase process, marketing strategies, shopping carts, customer service, etc. Chatbots develop their existence in many industries around the world.

Exceptional Payment Modes

      The days have gone when customers demand to pay in cash. With the introduction of mobile apps on large and mCommerce, consumers tend to use electronic payment options such as credit cards, debit cards, net banking, PayPal, and more. Most smartphone apps do have payment functionality as a necessity in their applications, to the point that they all have a wallet built within apps.

Geolocation Approach

        While smartphones are in fierce competition, other mobile devices such as tabs also have a big market for laptops. There are consumers who prefer smartphones to these apps. Among all those mobile apps, mCommerce carved a niche for itself. Customers visiting retail sites may be searching for a shopping experience that fits well with all of these tools regardless of where they are positioned. So there is a strong conversion of interactions into actual purchase once they get it.

Simplified Loyalty Program

       Before mCommerce entered, loyalty programs were performed through various media like emails, SMS, loyalty tokens, etc. Of different modes, promotions were done through all of them, and perks were offered through those. Issues get consolidated between client and seller with mCommerce. This provides effective and instant access to promotions, loyalty bonuses, and discounts at a single venue.  


Do you want to launch a perfect mCommerce retail business? Get in touch with Valiant Systems. We are Chennai’s top web design and development company offering top-rated service at reasonable prices. Our web solutions are mind-blowing and client-satisfactory. Wanna try? Call us now...

What’s Customer Retention & its Strategy?

What’s Customer Retention & its Strategy?

HIGHLIGHT: #CustomerRetention and #CustomerLoyalty are the most conveyed watchwords in this blog. 


       What do you mean by Customer Retention? Customer retention is a concept that encompasses techniques, strategies, and integrations set up by corporations to reduce customer losing levels. For either a B2B / SaaS business, the cycle focuses on maintaining current users active and up-to-date with pioneering functionality and emerging products. It also involves enhancing the entire brand through excellent service and products and developing extra software/subscriptions for up-selling or cross-selling. 

       When it comes to eCommerce business, Customer retention is all about generating repeat purchases with customized deals and other strategies for similar or even different goods over the duration. The takeover of a new customer can be a lengthy and costly business operation, and the cost of marketing or advertisement is huge. That’s why focusing entirely on current customers is becoming increasingly relevant. Researchers have shown that higher customer retention rates by only 5% will raise the firm’s income by around 35% to 95%.

Customer Retention Management

       A customer retention initiative strives to preserve more customers as well as to encourage them to stay for a long time with your business. The management of customer retention is the method of managing customer engagement and loyalty activities within an organization to successfully accomplish customer retention priorities. 

       In B2B, a customer service team typically handles it, establishing intimate relationships with individual clients and consumers and working closely with them to maintain and expand the business. 

    It’s somewhat different in B2C-though you may have a customer retention team, establishing 1-to-1 relationships with each customer is almost impossible. But then, the customer retention team regularly establishes a plan and works together to execute on it with other customer-facing units around the company.

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The formula for Customer Retention

       The following detail that I’m about to share is common for any B2C or SaaS or retail business who wants to know about their retained customers and improve better with their tactics in future businesses. 

Customer Retention Rate (CRR) = [(CE-CN)/CS)] X 100

CE = no. of customers at the end of a period

CN = no. of new customers acquired during the period

CS = no. of customers at the start of a period

Some Strategies to follow with Business & Retain Customer 

  • Provide Customer service beyond expectation
  • Build trust with new or existing customer relationships
  • Build customer engagement vis survey feedback mails
  • Deliver products/solutions ahead of promised date 
  • Understand and improve from customer complaints, don’t justify yourself
  • Notify your presence sending useful or educational or blog contents via mail
  • Several B2B or B2C business’ use live Webinars to inspire & educate customers
  • Create polls, community, quiz or customer advocacy programs on social platforms making customer active
  • Always use personalized content in your blog or other business communication
  • Reply customer feedbacks or complaints or reviews on time
  • Retain customers with abandoned cart campaign
  • Secured Profile details about customers  
  • Showcase your customer testimonials and reviews to create customer trust for goods purchase
  • Provide your customers with surprises, loyalty programs, discounts, and gift cards

Using these strategies, you can easily trigger customers and get them back to your business line effectively. For a perfect SEO-friendly web service or website, contact Valiant Systems.

The Journey of Payment Gateway: Stripe Launched in India

The Journey of Payment Gateway: Stripe Launched in India

NEWS UPDATE: Stripe, US-based payment gateway firm is officially launched in India. 


Hi folks, Do you know, during this COVID time, staying indoor and maintaining a quiet stillness doesn’t sound peaceful for me, I hope that’s what rolling in your inner-self. It doesn’t mean, we have to run to the streets and get buzzed by policemen. Staying indoor with a busy mindset and control over advanced technology or hobbies is what I came to say and are some tricky thoughts one can follow. Well, compared to my previous blogs, I cant fully-track today’s evolving marketing landscape that is feeding many business productivities. And you may likely get in touch with current on-demand apps that stay safe and highly profited to not all business giants but a few during this pandemic crisis. So, instead, I like to go for a different secured topic, which one must know while entering a business world or launching an eCommerce website or store. Let’s continue reading…


          Stripe, a US-based technology company from San Francisco, California since 2009 by two young brothers (age 20) Patrick Collison (CEO) and John Collison (president). This software serves as a payment gateway for businesses and individuals for making and receiving money over online portals. By 2019, with many funds raised, the company is heightened Worldwide valued around $35 billion, with more than 2000 employees across 14 global nations that include London, Paris, Dublin, Tokyo, Singapore, and San Francisco. Big Giants like Google, Microsoft, Uber, Amazon, Shopify, and Spotify are being their trusted customers as the tech solution is fully secured, preventing fraudulent with a protected payment system. 


        After 7 years of 25 countries successful operation, recently, Stripe is officially launched in India as one of the best payment gateway firms for dropshipping stores, that automatically comes in the clash with Indian firms like Razorpay, PayPal, PayTM, CCAvenue, FonePaisa, GooglePay and more. Will this gateway stay for the long term? There are many researchers explaining that Stripe supports any Indian business that is operating on sole proprietorship or Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) or domestic. In short, Stripe is an online credit card processing system that offers store owners accept customer’s credit card payments from the website. And also while analyzing the user review pack for Stripe, I was quite surprised to find many strong recommendations who love using this, as it has many third-party integrations. 


This inexpensive payment gateway has some major benefits that allow users to stay connected to a particular shopping site, retail, e-commerce, B2B site, B2C site while undergoing payment process and the following are the reasons. 

  • Recurring payments quick to set up
  • Trial duration of payment deferred
  • May offer a discount and coupon codes for customers
  • Allows to set payments by subscription
  • When a customer switches its early-billing subscription, Stripe offers you the right to charge pro-rata fees
  • Capacity to rebook a customer quickly without keeping credit card information
  • An efficient system for reminders
  • No compensation charges
  • Insightful graph and diagram interface allows data accessible and transparent
  • Smooth checkout opinion means more conversions


As Chennai’s leading web design and development company, we found Stripe easy setup and maintainable with its awesome API. During this COVID-19 impact, many businesses have fallen off the scale and to take back the platform with a robust online store or website, we come in offering the best web design with built-in integrations that are tech-driven. Stripe is one of our secured payment gateways along with Razorpay and some other. The pros of Stripe is that it doesn’t serve just specific bank as the system supports multi-currency, giving the retail owners sell their products globally with 100% satisfaction. Interested to know more, get connected with us, and be one of our happy growing customers.   

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