Trend of Today’s SEO Practises

Trend of Today’s SEO Practises

Being a leading web and SEO solution provider, Valiant Systems has come across an array of competitors and has observed their technique used to ensure a level of success. These search engine optimization strategies help in ranking your website, web page, blog page, or any particular profile in Google or Yahoo or Bing.

In the last few years, the Google algorithm has undergone diverse ranking changes, turning marketers to clash with one another a hard way. These minor but effective techniques are to be discussed in today’s SEO strategy blog. Come let’s get on the road together…

Featured Snippets

A snippet listed is a synopsis of a response to a search query. Typically you will notice it was shown at the peak of the SERP score, overall paid, and organic advertising. 

    Very few contributed to major improvements in the results pages of Google’s search engine ranking since their introduction in past years. Due to the obviously targeted keywords, nearly half of all searches lead to zero clicks since SERPs explicitly provide the answers users seek. Currently, featured snippets are having more attention than the results of the first organic search. Profit from this by addressing both question-based google searches and keywords.

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Voice Search

Actually, people perform searches relying on how they sound. There had been over 45 million voice-search queries in 2021 only. The latest research also reveals that about 36 percent of smartphone requests are voice searches. Since this continues to grow, most people might start typing searches the same way they’d chat. 

Such web searches are often long-tail and very detailed and the users prefer a very clear answer to their inquiry. Thus, using long-tail keywords and also lists of bullets would maximize conversions far beyond possibly.

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Google is well recognized to love the video as a constant phenomenon via a rise in video content prioritization. As it is a vital part of both SEO strategy and digital marketing, it’s far more likely to appear on SERP’s first page than one with clear text only. To guarantee high traffic, it is preferable to build valuable video content that will promote your text posts. Maintain they are designed to suit the width of your site and include on-page text to help Users recognize how the quality of the video is all about.

Marketing with Influencer

A lot of advertisers are going to start using influencers for SEO. A lot of enterprises have started investing more than half of their marketing budget on influencers as the value of their presence cannot be ignored for businesses such as beauty, fashion, eCommerce, tourism, and wellness.

These days, online users are overwhelmed with advertising, so they appreciate credible information that they can accept, sometimes this information comes in the form of an influencer analysis. Using such influencers, you can drive traffic to your website, increase your exposure online, and enhance your scope for content. After all, to see good returns on investment in influencer marketing, it is crucial that your supported content is properly designed and performed, and that they resonate with your audience’s attention.


Never fall behind trends of marketing, get to know about the latest SEO technique to succeed with online and offline SEO. To capture more audience glimpse, it’s prior to having an engaging colorful website and mobile application. If you are still lacking in web design, get connected with Valiant Systems. We are India’s leading web design and development company supporting more than 300+ clients worldwide. Call us now!

Search Engine Optimize for mobile-friendly website

Search Engine Optimize for mobile-friendly website

Do you know, web traffic comes from mobile devices, exceeding phone and laptop traffic. In the years ahead, the number is projected to rise as more individuals access the website. That Google moved to mobile-first archiving will make no difference then. They began looking at mobile versions of websites instead of desktop versions to assess their ranking in search engines.

   Unfortunately, your search engine rankings could collapse if your website looks bad on mobile, leading to fewer sales and a drop in income. Well, today Valiant Systems help you understand few ways to optime your mobile app for search engine. 

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What is mobile optimization?

   Mobile optimization is the process of using tactics such that no matter what device they use, visitors can easily update a website. You make sure users can find what they’re searching for on your website, boosting either your profit margin and rankings for search engines. Your website, for instance, might have 2 types, one for desktop browsers and one for smartphone subscribers.

   For the app edition, you can submit a smaller picture because users will be gazing like on a tiny device. You have to look for no furthermost popular social media network in the world, Facebook if you want an illustration of a website with desktop and mobile models. If you do not use the app and open a window on Facebook, it instantly changes depending on the computer used to display the app.

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Is your website really mobile-friendly?

   You ought to decide where you stand today until you customize your site for mobile search. Start by checking if your website is mobile-friendly. There have been plenty of online tools that you can use. One instance is Google’s Mobile-Friendly Review. Open the app, insert the URL, and press Enter. 

  Then the Mobile-Friendly Test checks your website and shows you what is or isn’t mobile-friendly. This will display a snapshot of the way your mobile website operates. For further information, you can click on View Info. For instance, it might tell you which items declined to load appropriately, such as video and images.

SEO for mobile app

   As if you’re on a smartphone, you can also access your website. This method, whether it’s easy to follow or not, you see for yourself. You will find that the text on your homepage is too small or that the entire screen is taken up by a pop-up notification. Using the above resources will help you recognize problems that need to be solved immediately. If you ever have the energy to wait, you may want to note these problems and start fixing them.

Having any keyword research?

   There’s no doubt that voice search is the promise of SEO. 20 percent of all searches are performed through voice, as per a recent study. As more individuals gain services via mobile phones and devices like Alexa and Google Home, the number is only forecast to expand. Currently, there are many free SEO tools used to search keywords. Check Valiant Systems’ other blogs regarding mobile search engine optimization to understand more on the topic. 

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   So, if you like this blog, and want to design your website for a mobile-friendly version, get in touch with Valiant Systems, Chennai’s best web design and development company, offering clients the best web solution they always deserve. Do you want to increase brand’s reputation and revenue? Call us now.

How to run a successful Loyalty Program

How to run a successful Loyalty Program

Buy 1 Get 1 FREE! How does that sound? Very much promising and eye-catchy isn’t it? Yes, in today’s business, the main marketing strategy followed by small or great industry players is a loyalty program or loyalty management system. What is exactly a loyalty program when it comes to online or offline business? Well, today Valiant Systems helps you understand the importance of implementing loyalty programs for your platform. 

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What is a loyalty program?

A Customer Loyalty Program is a planned, long-term marketing campaign that rewards customers who continue visiting. Customers in a business process perspective are enticed to visit often, make repeated purchases, and avoid competitors through effective approaches. In short, Customers can earn points by spending a certain amount and then redeem the points for future purchases via a loyalty program. 

    A loyalty program is a simple reward system for your business performed during the customer purchase process that will enchant customers to repeat ordering on your Ecommerce website or mobile application. This kind of system is usually utilized in business spaces like ice cream shops or cafes, supermarkets, fast food or restaurants, gas stations, etc. Well, its a kind of retention program implied over huge audiences. 

    Here vendors or owners invest in certain considerations or concepts like customer cashback, reward points, promo codes, coupons, free gifts, etc, that bring them instant profit or long-lasting success rating. 

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Benefits of the online loyalty program

Loyalty and reward schemes in sales are not modern or groundbreaking concepts; in fact, most consumers are members of some type of loyalty program, whether it be with their favorite store or nearby hair salon. Although customer loyalty programs have been around for decades, it’s possible to conclude that their value is still not higher, certainly in the fast-paced and challenging online market. After all, how do companies stand out from competitors when customers have almost unlimited options and a wallet full of gift cards? Well…it’s not fair but how do we implement or take over the concept on our business flow? Check out some of the benefits of the online loyalty program. 

Earn lifetime values

The overall income endorsed of the commitment you would preserve with your client or consumer is used to measure Customer Lifetime Value. It measures your customer’s current market value and forecasts the value of your experiences with them in the upcoming days. 

    One of the most important advantages of offering a loyalty program for your company is that it will help you keep your customers for longer durations. Which is, of course, a profit gainer to you in sales. 

Boost brand reputation

It’s important to attract new customers, but it’s much more important to make your current customers feel unique all the time. A loyalty program will increase consumer satisfaction and increase the probability that current customers will express their feelings of being valuable. The more valued your loyal customers feel, the more likely they are to return and recommend others to you. That is clearly a mouth marketing to increase brand or company or business reputation level. 

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More consumers will follow your business Technic if you provide product discounts, cashback, buy one get one offer, and other money-saving opportunities. To really stand out, make sure the monetary incentives complement your brand experience. You can inspire your consumers to connect and communicate with your brand by providing exclusive perks such as customized items, exclusives, and products (gifts).

Interested to own one?

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With Valiant Systems loyalty management system, you can personalize your online business loyalty program and make yourself unique from others in the market. We at Valiant Systems build an amazing online store, mobile apps (iOS, Android), and software solutions suiting your business value at an affordable price. How about getting one for yourself? Wanna grow your business, enhance sales, double your profit, retain customers to stores physically and online? Call us today for the best solutions!

Benefits of Social Media Management for Local Business

Benefits of Social Media Management for Local Business

Let’s make it clear, in the current environment, not all businesses are succeeding in the market. When it comes to local businesses, startups, and self-employees, running a business with good profit matching up their investment value isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. Taking it under consideration, Valiant Systems like to bring it to your view about social media. Social media is one of the powerful marketing techniques one can use to grow in business or turn into a celebrity. We all know, what social media like Tik-Tok, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook can transform a person’s like into…

  To earn more, that reach millions of customers in a short period worldwide, is only possible by getting attached to social media networks. The rise of social media is undeniable, as you would reach substantial groups of customers within minutes of placing ads, lowering your risk and ensuring that your advertisements relevant audience through these online advertisements. To be frank, SMM (social media marketing or management) and SEO (search engine optimization) is your best option to drive huge leads and build brand loyalty.  

  To say, Google has been the strongest platform for businesses to sell their services/products online for over a year. Any local business that wants to expand should improve its search engine visibility. With Valiant Systems supporting your local businesses, you can…

  • Boost website/app/local traffic
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Establish your online presence.
  • Save time, personalizing your business
  • Target social networks to enhance brand awareness.
  • Promote your service or products creatively.
  • Increase sales volume and customer engagement.
  • Be the turning point of viral concepts.
  • Budget-based advertising is possible.
  • Build better customer relationships & trust.
  • Be silent yet powerful successor digitally.

Why SMM is important for your business?

Boost Site Traffic/ranking

If you want to improve traffic to your website, social media can be very useful. Spiders in search engines are still on the lookout for posts or sites that generate steady traffic. And they are uninterested in any platform that would not generate traffic.

Boost your business sale/customer base

Interacting with social media and audiences regularly creates trust and confidence for guests to convert into customers and proceed to try your service or product. The more flexible and secure you own your business, the more customers are loyal to you. Here organic sale is involved, building actually customer relationship, transforming your local business, and drawing more attention towards your physical and online store. 

You will be damn surprised really social media the first reason to succeed in the market. 

Cost-effective SMM service

This term is pretty uneasy for you to digest, I understand but I bet you. Owning just an online store or mobile application isn’t going to help you out in the market. You need a source of marketing. Why can’t you choose an organic or unpaid marketing technique? Hiring Valiant Systems for your business SMM service will give you profit double-folded. 

What we do for your business to succeed Globally using SMM service?

We (Valiant Systems)-

  • Create a monthly content plan for every platform [Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn -Business accounts, Google My Business page] 
  • Post regularly
  • Include hashtags to increase brand awareness
  • Represent visuals and various creative ideas to boost engagement
  • Explore your competitors, form various content concepts
  • Interact with your audience in chat & comments
  • Keep your followers/subscribers loyal


If you are interested to improve brand awareness and engage with customers purely, hire us because you won’t regret it. You can just focus on your main business as we manage the rest and bring profit to your pockets. Valiant Systems is a web design and development company in Chennai, supporting clients worldwide with online services, content writing services, SMM, and software developments. Interested to become partners? Call us today to succeed tomorrow!

Content Creation- Blend Your Voice With Brand Voice

Content Creation- Blend Your Voice With Brand Voice

The mastermind behind every corporate business marketing embarks on the journey of content creation or content writing services. Sounds weird right? Do you know what makes companies like Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Unilever unique? Is it their brand reputation or voice that attracts customers? The growth potential hidden in every marketing ground is unlocked by compelling content. 

You may be a wonderful, perky, friendly, interactive content writer but the brand or company that hires you expects some serious writing undergoing various strategies that help them improve sales or audience range. Well, what makes us (writer) an undeniably successful player in today’s industry i.e. we adapt to any environmental demands (technical or non-technical) and produce quality brand voice in blend with user-friendly tone/voice.    

Tip- Beware…not every field accepts a chatty tone of digital communication (content).

Tricky content marketing tools you must use in 2021

In this post, Valiant Systems appears to emphasize the value of content creation in the modern technology market and explains the secret to define a unique brand voice that’s blended with a natural voice. We at Valiant Systems, not just offer web design and development or software solutions, but also are experts in providing top-rated content writing and social media management services for current growing industries. This is why, as content professionals, we like to expose our knowledge and idea of writing actionable content that tunes your non-profit brand with a new level of values. As a content writer, what I say is that aligning content to brand voice in a precise manner creates the turning point of success. ‘It is not what you say…it is how you say.’


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According to my perspective, using the right content in the right mode builds your brand. When brand blend with creativity speaks, magic happens. Yes…the audience is attracted and converted. To influence an audience, ideas like self-evident, universal-facts are tended to be spoken in short, simple, or complex sentences. When it comes to the marketing arena, short, power-packing phrases are used to run the show successfully. Always keep in mind, the audience shouldn’t just reward your writing skills but should connect your business. So, shaping your brand voice is important. 

  Making sure that everything you put out there—in social media, on your blog, on your website, in your emails—represents your cause in a clear and cohesive way is one of the most critical aspects of creating a credible web presence. Across all of your channels, your message should be familiar to your loyal followers.


  • Word & sentence length
  • Reading rhythm (Tempo)
  • Pronoun positioning
  • Ratio of script ideas
  • Jargon usage (professional)
  • Colloquial terms (casual speech)
  • Buzzwords (Trend talks)
  • Keywords or cliches
  • Contraction usage- formal & informal (you’re, it’s…)
  • Grammatical & technical errors


Before starting to write a blog, article, website, newsfeed, press release, case study, etc, you must understand and plan the structure of content and in what way you are going to voice out for your brand and business. Here, I have share some ideas I usually use before writing content, check it out!

  • Who (brand) are you?
  • What is your message (reason to write)? 
  • Who is your targeted audience?
  • What is your audience need?
  • What is your solution (how you or your product can serve them)?


Still, confused on how to proceed to write content for your business and target audience? No issues, get in touch with Valiant Systems, we have the best content writing solutions serving all your requirements. You love to save your time and effort…why not share your hardship and deal with direct customers?

Social Media Managing Service for your Business

Social Media Managing Service for your Business

Does your company plan to use ads for social media? If so, Valiant Systems‘ here to support the business profits via social media. Social media may be a hard problem to solve. It is difficult to know where to connect with your customers with literally hundreds of channels, bouncing around in your prominent arcs around the powerhouse such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google My Business. 

   With years of experience to build a viable approach for your business, we at Valiant Systems provide social media management services that produce superior outcomes. Our designer or production team will conjure up more than enough motivational content that will get your loyal followers to spread the experience, besides planning ahead on your regular social media management projects.

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Digital marketing or social media marketing is an effective weapon in today’s economy. It will serve to strengthen the marketing of your company and boost your organic Seo strategy. It is among the effective approaches for influencing consumers as well as future business associates. Then you might probably know, traditional marketing methods, — particularly if you’re a start-up venture, is incredibly costly. Social networking is an alternative choice that, because of its low initial cost and advantageous features, would not cause you excessively consuming financial resources. Today we at Valiant Systems will explain the definition and advantages of SMM service. 

    In the upcoming days, we will continue discussing more regarding social marketing and social commerce. Anyway, let’s continue our talk. 


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It is true that social media opens the path to earn money compared to other business opportunities. But it is about the route we select. Well, Social media management involves the practice of understanding and establishing an approach targeted to internet users, producing and sharing social media profile content, tracking online interactions, partnering with marketers, ensuring volunteer work, and managing, assessing, and reporting on the success and Return on investment of social media.

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  • Reaching fresh customers 
  • Spread the message about your services and goods 
  • Awareness of Brands & Trust 
  • Advertise your organization, goods or services 
  • Develop a community and a huge following 
  • A perfect SEO basement


  1. Setup a distinctive plan for your company 
  • Objectives and the measures to accomplish it 
  • Online Services Support 
  • Ideas for competitiveness and interaction 
  • Thorough reporting system
  1. Launch Social media stage
  • Setup of appropriate channels for Social Media 
  • Develop and release campaigns for paid ads 
  • Launch of awareness-raising initiatives 
  • Multiple interactions with followers and fans
  1. Customize campaign performance
  • A technical and constant comparative review 
  • Interactions with the latest analytics-based risks identified 
  • Understanding business and schedule improvements for the future
  • The more followers and business enhanced.

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  • Growth in the number of followers across all social networks 
  • According to internet standards and practices, effective maintenance of social media accounts and promotions 
  • Assistance about how to create the most use of social media by a media professional

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So, are you ready to connect your business with Valiant Systems to increase ROI through social media management service? Get in touch with us today. 

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