Social Media Managing Service for your Business

Social Media Managing Service for your Business

Does your company plan to use ads for social media? If so, Valiant Systems‘ here to support the business profits via social media. Social media may be a hard problem to solve. It is difficult to know where to connect with your customers with literally hundreds of channels, bouncing around in your prominent arcs around the powerhouse such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google My Business. 

   With years of experience to build a viable approach for your business, we at Valiant Systems provide social media management services that produce superior outcomes. Our designer or production team will conjure up more than enough motivational content that will get your loyal followers to spread the experience, besides planning ahead on your regular social media management projects.

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Digital marketing or social media marketing is an effective weapon in today’s economy. It will serve to strengthen the marketing of your company and boost your organic Seo strategy. It is among the effective approaches for influencing consumers as well as future business associates. Then you might probably know, traditional marketing methods, — particularly if you’re a start-up venture, is incredibly costly. Social networking is an alternative choice that, because of its low initial cost and advantageous features, would not cause you excessively consuming financial resources. Today we at Valiant Systems will explain the definition and advantages of SMM service. 

    In the upcoming days, we will continue discussing more regarding social marketing and social commerce. Anyway, let’s continue our talk. 


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It is true that social media opens the path to earn money compared to other business opportunities. But it is about the route we select. Well, Social media management involves the practice of understanding and establishing an approach targeted to internet users, producing and sharing social media profile content, tracking online interactions, partnering with marketers, ensuring volunteer work, and managing, assessing, and reporting on the success and Return on investment of social media.

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  • Reaching fresh customers 
  • Spread the message about your services and goods 
  • Awareness of Brands & Trust 
  • Advertise your organization, goods or services 
  • Develop a community and a huge following 
  • A perfect SEO basement


  1. Setup a distinctive plan for your company 
  • Objectives and the measures to accomplish it 
  • Online Services Support 
  • Ideas for competitiveness and interaction 
  • Thorough reporting system
  1. Launch Social media stage
  • Setup of appropriate channels for Social Media 
  • Develop and release campaigns for paid ads 
  • Launch of awareness-raising initiatives 
  • Multiple interactions with followers and fans
  1. Customize campaign performance
  • A technical and constant comparative review 
  • Interactions with the latest analytics-based risks identified 
  • Understanding business and schedule improvements for the future
  • The more followers and business enhanced.

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  • Growth in the number of followers across all social networks 
  • According to internet standards and practices, effective maintenance of social media accounts and promotions 
  • Assistance about how to create the most use of social media by a media professional

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So, are you ready to connect your business with Valiant Systems to increase ROI through social media management service? Get in touch with us today. 

Meta Tag Needs for SEO in 2021

Meta Tag Needs for SEO in 2021

Hi there, many of you might get bored hearing the topic, ‘Meta Tag Need for SEO in 2021’. This may get weirder, but there is one set of business members who struggle to handle their online platforms while taking digitally into the market or global network. So, here is a short perk regarding the same.

    Have you ever heard of search engine optimization or SEO? Well, browsers like Google, Bing, Yahoo are known as SEO. They are used to identify a specific searched site by crawling among billions of websites and pages. Marketers use SEO for site or web page ranking. Well, not all can rank on top…you need determination and focus on marketing with metadata, meta tags, meta description, keywords, etc.

    Likewise, search engines have advanced systems that are frequently referred to as “spiders” that track, recognize, and rate your website on the search results list. “Meta tags” provide this detail. These tags are hidden snatchers of the content of your website that will let the spiders and users know what’s in. Your website will leap into ranks with concise and proper use of Meta tags, and be identified by the perfect business leads, a genuine sign of good SEO. 

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Generally, meta tags are what defines the content of a web page. You’re not going to have them on the website but they’re part of the code. Meta tags should be there to remind search engines what your website’s pages seem to be about, thus the name: they have metadata, but is, indeed, info.

What are the metadata or meta tag types needed in SEO for ranking?


    The keyword is an important tag for SEO ranking. Whether it’s website content, text, blog, or article, keywords are mentioned in headline and internal content. they are usually important for SEO to crawl and rank section. 

TIP: Kindly avoid keyword stuffing, which results in the Google algorithm penalty.


Following metadata aspect is the meta title and the purpose it applies is very basic: the webpage needs a strong title relevant to how the page is all about. The title is the name of your link displayed on a google search. When the title is not linked to the content of the post, the search engine would assume your page is incorrect and not mark it highly on the search list. 

    Try to ensure to provide the page’s keyword in it and make it short to make a nice meta title, so users on portable devices can access it too. The optimal length is less than 55 characters with spaces and punctuation. The title should be careful because you want to make sure people are clicking on your connection instead of any other. Ignore boring titles, nobody wants to open a page and find anything they were not interested in reading.

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Meta Title looks like this:

<title>Meta Tag Needs for SEO</title>


Although this title tag is the page’s name, its overview is the meta description. It intends to sum up how the webpage is just as soon as possible and as precisely as possible. Therefore, if possible, it must include the requisite keywords and keyword phrases.

    Other than that metadata like Alternative text Tag (Alt), Header tags, Canonical Tag, Meta Google, Social Media Meta Tags, Meta viewport, Meta robots, etc are managed for better ranking.  

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Well, it’s time to conclude my blog, if you find my article useful and having any doubts regarding SEO services or web services or need a website and mobile application get in touch with Valiant Systems. 

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What Time To Post on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram?

What Time To Post on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram?

Everyone is in the peak of discussion when it comes to posting beautiful pictures and business ads on social media. The only question that all asks at the same time, “What is the best time to post on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram? 

So today, in this blog we will find the answers. let’s move on…

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Previously, I might have explained the dos and don’ts in social media. Likewise, this is quite similar, basically why a user posts pictures on social networks? To get like, comment, share, followers, leads, etc. Well, before publishing on social media, we also need to know the effective timing the network is on high audience interaction or global engagement, which helps succeed our aim (whatever it is…like or followers or lead). 

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You may have amazing content or stunning posts but your post reach is less…what to do? The solution here is to start executing the right initiative at the right time. Your marketing campaign is all about timing. No wonder how good the campaign is, if it is done at a time when the chosen marketing site has low traffic levels, your campaign won’t get the requisite eyeballs on the designed post or content.

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To gain maximum exposure on social media, do follow a proper strategy which is well-established and proven. Here, I will share the best day and time on which publishing posts on  Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram matters. 


  • To get more LIKES and SHARES on Instagram, try posting on MONDAY.
  • Do you know, LinkedIn gets more engagement on TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY.
  • It’s good fortune to select THURSDAY to post on Facebook and Twitter.

You have to evaluate your info and streamline your posts based on the time. As well, different markets have different characters for clients, bear that in mind while creating timings for your social media posts. Building social media company pages may not be enough your target group is online when you’re not sharing. Your timing is all about your social media marketing, be its informative content, motivating images, or artistic designs. Check the following time. After many kinds of research, the post timing is announced to boost the engagement rate. The time may vary for different countries. 


WEDNESDAY: 11,00 a.m. and 1.00 p.m.

WEEKDAYS: 9.00 a.m. – 3.00. p.m.


WEDNESDAY (best time): 9.00-10.00 a.m. & 12.00 p.m. 

TUESDAY – FRIDAY (safe time): 8.00 a.m. – 2.00 p.m.


WEDNESDAY & TUESDAY (best time): 9.00 a.m.

MONDAY – FRIDAY (safe time): 8.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.


WEDNESDAY : 11.00 a.m.

FRIDAY: 10.00-11.00 a.m.

TUESDAY – FRIDAY (safe time): 10.00 a.m. – 3.00p.m.

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I hope the above guideline is useful for you. Do share your thoughts on the above. To handle accurate post timing for your social channels, analyze your Google my business page and Google analytics to figure the right perspective.

For Google Analytics> login>Acquisition> social>network referrals

For Facebook business page>login>insights (page views, page preview, page likes, reach, post engagements, video, page followers)

For LinkedIn business page<login>analytics>vistors, updates, followers (engagement hights, metrics, impressions, shares, follows, likes, comments, and more are displayed)

Is this informative? Share your comments.

P.S. Valiant Systems is one of the leading web design company in India providing world-class customized website and mobile applications at affordable prices. Interested to take your business to the next level? Call us. 

26+ FREE SEO Tools You Search in 2020

26+ FREE SEO Tools You Search in 2020

Many of us browse for various ways to improve our site SEO. Startup or medium business people look for free SEO tools to manage, monitor, maintain their site seamlessly. Do you know why Search engine optimization is important? SEO is dominant for an organization to decide its ranking while being searched on Google and Bing by the audience. Based on the keyword typed in the search box, search engines crawl, and index relevant content on the search page. The top your website is indexed the higher you are ranked. To improve your company SEO, Valiant Systems provide you diverse SEO tools that help with monitoring and managing the entire site smoothly that also freely. 

Who doesn’t love FREE tools that also such crucial ones? Let’s check this out!

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Here are some of the best Free SEO tools that enhance site ranking and digital marketing. 

  1. Google Analytics

Who doesn’t love Google Analytics? One of the best Google SEO tools with help business branding and enhance digital presence. In this platform, the dashboard comes in connection with Google search settings and your website, tracking and analyzing each page’s views and revenue gained. There are various modules in this free tool like running Google ad campaign, monetizing audience activity, page views, active user views, etc. This platform can also track your Google AdWords account providing more marketing insights.  

  1. Google Search Console

I used to wonder why Google is called the King of online browsing. But now I understood, it is because of the set of free tools Google offers for marketing professionals. So, to know about the advantage of each Google free tools and webmaster strategy, let’s continue reading. Google Search Console consists of tracking configurations that index website status and visibility-enhancing SEO success. 

  1. Bing Webmaster Tools

Like Google, Bing also has a free tool that improves SEO ranking. The Bing Webmaster tool analysis and track website SEO strategy weakness with real-time notification options. 

  1. Google Keyword Planner

Many digital and SEO marketers who use Google ads and use this keyword planner tool. It has a paid and free planning module. Using this platform, one can create strong keywords for their website ranking. 

  1. Google Disavow Tool

I might have talked about this tool in one of my previous blog, ‘how to avoid Google penalty‘. This tool is useful to remove broken or spam or harmful URL links from your website, thus avoid the Google webmasters penalty shot. This free tool is useful for many low ranked websites.  

  1. Google My Business

One of the basic and most needed tools for a business to get visible online. before taking your business online, claim your store with Google My Business (GMB) providing details about your store, business, address, sitemap, etc. This free tool helps you be online when customers search in relevant to your products or site. This tool tracks the views based on weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly charts. You can also run Google ad campaigns to reach a wide audience. 

  1. Google Structured Data Testing Tool

This Structured data testing tool (SDTT) presented by Google helps with troubleshooting on-page data, track and compare the performance of competitors easily. 

  1. PageSpeed Insights

This is one of my favorite responsive Google technology tools which helps you review your website performance from mobile and desktop screens. It also suggests the pages needed to be revamped by scoring and marking sections. 

  1. Lighthouse

Do you want to enhance your website loading speed? This open-source application helps you analyze site performance and the level of loading speed. Do you know, even Google uses this Lighthouse application for its internal testing purpose? So, it’s entirely safe. 

  1. Google Tag manager

The Google tag manager is a free tool highly accessed by SEO experts to manage their website tags without any code editings. This tool analysis website tags and maps the issues that have to be renovated. This tool is recommended for people who own Google Analytics suite. 

NOTE: As Google search algorithm is making constant changes, updates among apps are more often found. 

  1. Screaming Frog 

A wonderful tool to crawl URLs. You will find both free and premium options. When it comes to crawling 500 URLs, Screaming frog’s free tool is available. When crawling numbers increase, the site developer moves to a paid version. 

  1. Screaming Frog Log File Analyzer

This SEO log file analyzer helps with user experience and content readability by crawling and analyzing up to 1000 lines.   

  1. SEMRush

One of the famous and all-in-one SEO platform. Many of us this SEMRush is a paid tool, but the freemium option is also available. This tool helps with site auditing, domain reporting, and keyword reporting. You can also analyze competitors’ site performance. 

You can also try BuzzSumo freemium application.

  1. Ubersuggest 

A perfect SEO tool created by the king of marketing ‘Neil Patel’. Ubersuggest provides thorough research on keyword, domain analysis, competition research, reporting, and also shows popular organic keywords niche used by competitors. 

  1. Similarweb

One of the tricky applications to understand your competitors marketing strategies and benchmark your progress. This Similarweb tool provides the latest insights about competitors, target market-customer, evaluate investments, etc. 

  1. Broken Link Checker

No one can guess that their website or blog has a 404 error link. This Broken link checker application tracks both internal and external URLs present on your website and helps you fix before Google webmaster suspends the page. 

TOP TIP: You may also try SEO Review Tool which consists of multiple applications like keyword tool, rank checker, backlink checker, domain authority checker, website SEO checker, SEO writing assistant, duplicate content checker, content idea generator, etc. 

  1. Web Page Test

Are you getting a high bounce rate for your site or low traffic? It’s time to place your website under test. Web page test tool tests your site loading speed from multiple global access points and suggests site strength and weakness. 

  1. Domain Name Lookup

Just like GoDaddy, Domain Name Lookup is a free tool used to identify new unique domain name, whether it is taken or free, and their competitive domain hosting services. 

  1. HTTP Status Code

If you have any issues in the structure of your website and it’s hard to identify, try the HTTP Status Code tool. You can check the page code status up to 100 URLs in a single batch, URLs, export files, etc.  

  1. Wappalyzer

Do you want to get in-depth information about your competitor’s website technology? Why not try Wappalyzer

  1. Grammarly

Feel confident to write when you have Grammarly extension linked to your browser. Grammarly is a free tool that helps in identifying grammatical errors and tone breakage on writings. This tool is mostly used by content writers. 

  1. Canva

You might have known about Canva, but do you know it’s an SEO tool? Well, I don’t. If you are not a professional designer but want to design images for blog posts, social media posts, logo, banners, presentations, or brochures, then Canva comes handy. You can instantly create images and not worry about the image pixel or size resolution. 

  1. The Wayback machine

Wayback Machine is a free tool that helps to uncover the history of a website. If you want to get old website content, then you can use this application. 

  1. Enhanced Google Analytics Notations

If a marketer is advertising his website, then he is connected with Google AdWords. Likewise, This enhanced Google Analytics Notations tool helps with improving search result ranking and track real-time site traffic with the analytic screenshotting tools. 

  1. Keyword Hero

Do you want to improve SEO with keyword configurations? Keyword Hero is a free SEO tool that tests your web keywords via machine learning. The advantage is that you can perform 2000 searches per month for free.

  1. Redirect Path

Are you sure your website has strong URL links? Redirect Path is a free tool that helps identify each URL header insights and their chained website redirects. If there is any spam link, you can easily modify them. 


SEO plays an important role in a website and these SEO free tools, help with tracking site performance, link history, and competitors analysis. You may also use similar toolkits like Varvy, Hunter, Mobile SERP test, Mobile-first index checker, detailed, Lightshot, etc. If you find this blog useful, do comment, and share. For any Website design and development service, do connect with Valiant Systems. Cheers!

Discover Your Customer Behavior Online

Discover Your Customer Behavior Online

The internet world is changing rapidly as technology continues to expand. With advancements in machine learning, search engine algorithms have become immensely challenging to provide more useful and customized search results to users who search faster and deeper using different forms and types of searches. We have evolved as marketers and SEO experts to avoid being oriented on the search engine and start discovering new ways to interact with customers, holding them at the core of almost everything, adopting a user-centered approach to SEO. Today we will understand the emotion and customer behavior when it comes to online shopping.

     Okay, first, it’s clearly recognizing that our consumers are actual humans. They use search as an expansion of their everyday social activity, seeking information, product, and services related to their needs and desires. Research shows that when it comes to a decision-making point, most of our choices, small or large, negative or positive, are made instinctively by our mind and trigger emotions. This means that any choice we make is to enhance the pleasant impact or to eliminate the pain effect.

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Moreover, designing for the neural network by recognizing the emotional needs and desires of our consumers during every point of their experience would help us deliver the appropriate goods or services that meet those psychological demands and wishes. This can help persuade their behavior and lead them to identify proper items.

How can I meet online Customer requirements?

While all situations require thoughts and feelings, you have a greater chance of convincing your visitors to accept specific actions if you comprehend how they feel about their choice and nourish those thoughts strongly. Here are some of the thoughts our customers can have when they seek information, services, or products while using the Internet. We also focus on how we can fix these thoughts to help our customers come to their own conclusions and instinctively reassure them that our website is the best place for them.

Is this website safe?

Customers ought to believe the website of a business enough to connect and become regular customers, and loyalty comes when they find what they are looking for when they access a site. Since trust plays an important role in online behavior, companies need to establish their reputation and efficiency and assume truthfulness on the website elsewhere. It describes the design and goes straight to the various signals of loyalty that relate to the business community, be it e-commerce, wellbeing, financial services, etc. We need to really establish our site offers users with the confidentiality and security confirmation to conclude their order. 

   Such as customer feedback and reviews will actually build trust when visiting the website and, of all, introducing format will help to represent ratings on search results pages, through-turn, tempt them to tap on it.

Is this the correct spot to purchase?

The direction of the individual is no longer stable. They go back and forth between one platform to the next, search on Google and evaluate websites, and adjust at every stage as they go through their experience what’s important for them. 

    So we need to make sure we can reach them whenever they need us by providing the most valuable details at the instant that reflects their psychological needs and priorities. If they search google, it can start right from the very start. We need to find out what binds them emotionally to their target. This can be achieved simply by putting ourselves in their shoes and saying, “What should be their emotional target when finding a recipe for food or an outfit? 

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When our meta description on the search results page responds to their emotional needs, they are more likely to click on the referral and visit the homepage or landing web page, which will in effect be applicable to their search word. The heading of the site homepage should also correlate to their psychological target, and the page design should create an emotional aura. As all visitors are thinking of visiting and evaluate several websites, they have to find what they are searching for by connecting them with the specific content that meets their needs and attracts their interest as fast as possible.


Hope my articles might have given you some idea about customer behavior when it comes to shopping online. Based on their psychology, move the coin in the market and succeed. If you want to redesign your website and mobile application to spark among competitors, get in touch with Valiant Systems, we are a Chennai-based web designing company provide stunning online platforms for eCommerce and other industries. If you are the one to succeed, join us now. 


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How to make Websites trustworthy to Customers?

How to make Websites trustworthy to Customers?

Trustworthiness has indeed been described amongst the most major parameters in the execution of business activities and this also applies to online trading or eCommerce platforms. In the digital business world, people do business by communicating with a user experience that is an online vendor or seller website. Websites must, therefore, be specially designed to evoke the customer’s feelings of confidence which will influence the intention to purchase from a particular vendor. Today in this blog, I would like to share a few thoughts about customer trust gaining in online shopping platforms. You have a website but still lack customers. By following these techniques, you can gain more profit and retain customers quickly. But how? Let’s continue reading…

You may have come across many articles while surfing regarding website maintenance but do you know certain points that may be less noticed, let it be from email address to simple site product price tag, are the main customer interest while browsing online for shopping. If you want to website to pop in the search engine, then make sure you have the below mentioning points integrated on-site. 

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SSL Certificate

Installing an SSL certificate for a website is crucial just like a lock for the door. We at Valiant Systems build websites and install free SSL certificates while hosting sites in the server. The main purpose of site hosting or SSL certificate is to provide customers the trust that your online platform is completely safe and secured from data hackings. Do you doubt whether your website is installed with an SSL certificate? On the left side of the browsing section where your web address is displayed, you will find a green or black padlock symbol, which symbolizes that your online platform is completely secure to use. Well, don’t have one, get in touch with Valiant Systems for best web service. 

Domain Name

Many business owners choose weird names for their eCommerce platform. But do you know, using a meaningful name which directly or indirectly represents your business sector or products, attracts more visitors while browsing online. So, it’s advisable to select a high-quality domain name with accurate extension such as .in, .com, .org, .store, .io, etc. 

Placing Ads

You will certainly gain some advertising revenue but when too many advertisements are put on your website, it can scare away customers. This means that you could be risking more capital. This is usually the issue for website owners that use pop-up ads. These ads will hold back visitors and make your visitors very irritated, so much so that they quit your site. To prevent this scenario, conservatively use advertisements on your website giving guests love. 

#Tips: Make sure your label your ads and don’t mix set of ads. Another one is that, avoid using multiple ads. Utilize less to gain more revenue.

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Design Matters

I don’t have to say this point, anyway, the design is undeniably an essential tip to increase conversion and sales. It doesn’t matter whether you have less content or product description. But a dull image or design layout will definitely spoil your website look. It’s preferable to customize your website with unique high-quality images, videos, layouts, and colors. Never forget to add CTAs (call-to-action button) such as a free trial, sign in, buy now, get started, in each page of your site that adds user experience and interaction. 

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It’s time to end my blog, but while sharing details from the customer viewpoint, make sure your open the gates of trust, confidence, and security of shopping with professional-looking web pages, contact us page [phone number, business address, location, sitemap, social media networks, email address], testimonial section, blog sharing business or retail insights, privacy policy or terms of service, and speedy checkout payments shipment process. Hope you revamp your site accordingly and start succeeding online. For any web service or mobile application, get in touch with Valiant Systems


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