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Rules for successful Social Media Marketing

Rules for successful Social Media Marketing

Hi there, I’m pleased that your online business is going great. But are you happy with your digital marketing skills or do you wish to succeed in this 2020 year?

Let’s think out of the box and focus on the brand vision to get a goal. In short, let’s summarize your marketing flow and determine the various resources needed to succeed. Before starting our data in detail I would like you to take a short note on the success rates your social media marketing had in the past 2019 and set a marketing strategy for this year.

Come let’s open the gem gates of marketing guidelines that help you succeed an effective social media marketing for your enterprise. It’s a big risk for a company in this age of social media to not exploit social platforms. Social media acts as a bridge between your target audience and your brand. It helps you to connect with your potential customers and enables you to achieve the aims and goals of your brand.

Hope you don’t get bored…let’s continue reading the secret to achieving an effective marketing strategy.

Set Smart goals

Until you dive into creating a social media strategy for your brand, you must list your goals and objectives. It’s important that you evaluate the intent of your brand’s social media presence and decide what you want to accomplish in your social media strategy.

Increasing brand awareness, traffic, building brand credibility or loyalty, and sale generation are the essential goals every business dons carry to achieve victory.

Have you heard about the SMART goal? Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound. Following these goals will help move on track.  

Identify your targetted audiences

 Are you eager to know about the second rule, here it is: identify or define your main audience. Do you know, why I am pin-pointing the word ‘target’, because if you’re not targeting the right audience, your strategy may not produce the accurate or needed results?

Why identify the targetted audience? Based on their navigation or location, psychographics, you can address them with softening content that may solve their queries. Analysis in which point of view, your product or service is proven in solving their issues.  

Analysis of your competitors

Next is that it is important that you have thorough research on your competitors before you develop your content strategy. This will help you understand which strategies or types of content do the best and which tactics are not as successful.

The goal here isn’t to copy or steal your competitors ‘ strategies directly. In reality, it is a matter of gathering insights and adapting and refining their techniques to build your own.

Hints: You can follow them on social platforms and study about their ranking and performance through competitor spying tools.

Manage content strategy

It’s not gonna last for long, just bare me. Interactive content has the ability to help draw people’s attention than text. That’s not to say textual content isn’t relevant, but social media will concentrate more on visual content. Put real effort into creating videos, infographics, photos, and more of high quality. To ensure maximum interaction these components should be incorporated seamlessly into your social media strategy.  

Hint: photoshop tools like Pixteller, Canva, Pixabay, and Stencil help you produce visual content in an innovative way. This technique automatically increases traffic to page or blog.

Plan how to execute

Finally, before executing your strategy, track and measure all your performance metrics like conversion rates, reach, lead generation and engagement and decide the KPIs (key performance indicators) for your marketing goals. Perform an agile methodology to experience the social media strategy.

 Never forget the SMS framework: Set goals –> target audience —> Select platform —> Content/design —> Plan execution

If you want to learn more about brand success through marketing or want to create the perfect digital marketing platform for your brand, then kindly follow or call Valiant Systems. We’re here to help you out.


Do Paid search marketing really work for Business?

Do Paid search marketing really work for Business?

Why are many top leading brands spending their enormous time in marketing? What’s the use of SEM and how it works for your current business? confused, aren’t you?

Today on my blog, I would like to share with you a few essential details about SEM or so called search engine marketing and its purpose in doing magic among business communities.


Search engine marketing or SEM refers to the process of ad marketing through which website traffic is increased. In my previous blog, I might have talked about various tips that help you gain organic web traffic. Well, here I will explain about the use of paid marketing. Previously search engine marketing was the leading both paid search marketing and SEO. But as days went by, the use of paid search or SEM combined all paid activities like PPC, CPC (cost per click), CPM (cost per thousand impressions), and paid search advertising. Valiant Systems company help you work on your sites traffic through pay-per-click (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO) setup through google ad or other various ad campaigns resulting your website (personal or E-commerce brands) rank on first page in search engines like yahoo, google, and bing.


This might sound surprising when I say. These many days you might have seen such search engine posts but never might have thought the difference. PPC advertising is a great ad form where the business or company or advertiser uses internet ad tools to drive traffic to his/her website. Though this type of advertising is more popular, you can’t expect any revenues because for a pay-per-click ad, the advertisers typically bid on certain keywords and will be paying for each user clicks. This will increase website traffic but not service buyers rate. It doesn’t mean I don’t support PPC.

HINT: If you’re a startup e-commerce business, then paid advertisements will cost you immediate downfall. It’s better you move in with your budget strategy through organic marketing. Once your brand seems familiar among the public, go for paid ads to spread your business worldwide.


        Here is what paid traffic or PPC ads look like from a search engine user’s view.

Now the positive side of PPC is that when you set your campaign ad with relevant keywords, Google hosts your site to first ranking resulting in more traffic and less PPC fee. This trick seems profitable right? So, it’s advisable for small businesses’ to learn the ad strategy begore managing campaigns efficiently.

FACT: Paid search advertising drives more traffic than organic marketing.


Still confused about its beneficiary, go reading.

  1. Set Google Ads account: Before creating a PPC ad campaign, Google Ads- get more customers easily online to make your work picture perfect.
  2. Learn more about PPC basics: With no knowledge, never decide to start a campaign orelse go for an Ads managing support services.
  3. Budget-friendly: PPC ads are budget friendly when used wisely. Target specific kinds of consumers or visitors to turn them into clients or customers.
  4. PPC is good for local search
  5. Improves brand recognition
  6. Faster marketing results

If you think paid ads will cost you more time and effort, do have our support, as we’re ready to help you 24/7. Contact Us.


Free Web traffic building tricks You Must know!

Free Web traffic building tricks You Must know!

Are you new to E-commerce business or so-called online marketplace and looking for some holy grail that might uplift your website ranking? Then, I bet you got over the right site. Valiant Systems’ blog page is filled with enormous business hacks that help you grow your business and website style in an upgraded format.

    While thinking about marketing your online page or site or content, one must know the effective ways on how to get traffic to your website. I won’t blame people running behind testing tools or feature tools like CrazyEgg (Neil Patel) or SEO tools. You can try them but without a proper basement built-in, even a house won’t stand for a long time. Today, I like to share a few tricks to follow while handling websites to bring in more organic traffic than paid ones.


   Have you heard about the Four P’s law or myth? The four P’s are Price, Product, Place, and Promotion. When a seller thinks about his product while doing business, he loses his customers. So, I recommend you start your marketing based on users or customer desires and later concentrate on the product. This will surely raise your brand name.


   After hearing this, you may think bad of me. But sharing the truth and revealing the secret behind great influencers and successors is not a shame. Trust me guys, for stealing content or social ideas from competitors, ‘you won’t go to jail!’. This doesn’t show that you’re stealing, it’s just an act of borrowing knowledge for better growth. But there is also a limit for everything, never steal it directly from your nearby competitors. Watch for top successors and check their success points and list the ideas to follow.


   Stay up-to-date on social platforms. Use the latest tools and mainly, be active on social media daily. Post your blogs, ads, email marketing once in a week or two. By doing so, Google will start loving your website and crawl your site regularly. This automatically lists your brand in search engines.


   This may sound hard. But, it’s true, guest blogging is a kind of SEO tool through which your Inbound linking (backlink) is performed. Guest blogging doesn’t just attract visitors to your site but also rank your page high on SERP.

 (Example: Sites like Medium, Outbrain, The Huffington Post, HubSpot, Sitepoint, Entrepreneur, Investopedia, and more other sites help your company in posting blogs, which automatically ranks your website)


   Last but not least. I have seen many businessmen losing their hope in digital marketing or SEO and falling off the cliffs (failure in business). Always keep in mind, miracles never happen immediately. Wait for the egg to hatch. You will see amazing results.

   Hope you got my idea. If you have any queries, do contact us or share your thoughts or suggestions in the comment section shown below.


Why do you need quality web design and SEO service?

Why do you need quality web design and SEO service?

       Why do companies hire a professional or agency to design and develop websites? Is that to achieve more positive feedback from clients or increase website branding to rank high in google?  Well…from my point of view, I vote for both. Every online business needs a unique, high class, customer-friendly website and on the other side, well-managed marketing dias is a must.

Importance of web design

    If you have a company but you don’t have a website, then you’re probably losing a number of great business opportunities. Web creation or development refers to the research involved in developing an online website (World Wide Web). Web creation can range from creating the simplest single-page static plain text to sophisticated web-based internet software for electronic companies and social networking services.   

  [FACT: Website design can either build or destroy the company SEO you are trying to commit.]

          Are you scared of the term? Well, it’s true! This actually makes a difference when it comes to how your target audience sees your company or service. That automatically transforms them into your clients. As such, crafting a website design with an excellent UI (user interface) would lead to a much higher conversion rate, leading to better sales and revenue.

Below are a few key points dealing on how a website becomes an asset to a company.

  • Visual elements & Content

Your website should be like a diamond to the audience, unique and eye-catchy from all sides and pages. For that choosing an ideal font and typography is a crucial aspect of web designing. Likewise overdoing elementary designing and content add-ups won’t bring a positive look rather than a messy glance.

  • Navigation

If your website has various sliders or pages, a navigator bar is essential, letting the user/visitor explore all pages and come back to the homepage or the place from where he started. Create an attractive yet simple navigation setting.

  • Brand Uniformity

 This seems quite weird. It is usually heard that every business or company has it’s own logo. But it is also must-known to have the logo element integrated in all web designing images or banners or posts. This doesn’t add any source of revenue to your pockets, but will increase brand recognition level within the community.

Importance of SEO Service

Importance of SEO Service

Importance of SEO Service

Hope you have used Google or another name called as search engine. It is true that search engines like google, yahoo and bing have been voyaging with us daily. 

         Well coming to the point, to form an online presence, many business masters have launched websites. What’s the next plan after building a site? Yes, marketing is your next strategy. Gone are the days, when we use digital marketing as a source to purchase and sell products. Currently, it is used as a source of interaction, business branding, website branding, entertainment, etc. For social marketing services, Search engine optimization (SEO) is implemented to thrive traffic to websites in organic or paid search manner. There are two types of SEO strategies that grab targeted audiences.

On-page optimization – Keyword analysing, maintaining meta tags and description, web content, internal linking, URL optimization, fix broken links.

Off-page optimization – build quality backlinks, website promotion.


      Web developing and SEO servicing may sound like a “scary” process. But what if I’ve given you access to the world’s most advanced but simplistic website platform? Here at Valiant System, we take pride in being a technology company and we are the market leaders in the web designing and marketing field. By choosing us, your website will run officially in no time. To know more about our service, request us for a demo

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