Cloud Service Difference: IaaS vs SaaS vs PaaS

Cloud Service Difference: IaaS vs SaaS vs PaaS

Hey there, today I am gonna talk about an interesting topic and that is cloud computing and its different modules IaaS, SaaS, PaaS. While hearing the word ‘CLOUD’, all might have different thoughts. Very well, when you ask this question to a school student, they will show us the skies, funny isn’t it? And when we ask graduated people, they say, its mobile storage area, well somewhat right. But what exactly is cloud computing? In the beginning, before I start my career, frankly speaking, I don’t know what it is and hesitated to ask anyone. So, as some of my friends mentioned previously, ‘Google is your best friend’, I started researching on the topic. At first, it was confusing, later it was crystal clear. So, let’s get to know more about it.

What is Cloud Computing?

     Cloud computing is a technology that besides all the computer software and hardware that you use lounging on your desktop, or even somewhere within your corporate network, some other company offers you both as service and tries to access it over the Internet, usually in an entirely structured manner. The precise location of the software and hardware, and how it functions, does not really matter to you, the user is you but somewhere up within vague “cloud” portrayed by the Internet. 

    This buzzword means a lot to different troops. some from Information technology say it’s outsourcing while others say it’s computer service that stays out of firewall network. When we start talking, it goes on. So, let’s check on our cloud service modules. 

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What are IaaS, PaaS, SaaS?

   Breaking down a bit on each acronym, IaaS stands for Infrastructure as a Service, PaaS stands for Platform as a Service, and SaaS stands for Software as a Service. What exactly do they mean by these cloud computing services?

IaaS:- A service offered by a business, organization, community, or government comprising basic computer processing, load balancing, content providers, routing, data storage of resources, and virtual servers operating system storage.

PaaS:-  A service run by a business, team, association, or government that offers a platform or portal for the development, generally web-based, software applications with instant abstract concepts of the network topology.

SaaS:- A services offered to the system clients by a corporate, group, community, or govt that delivers a software solution. The software could be administered internally to an enterprise, via other means, or most frequently delivered over Online.


IaaS: Renting an Empty House

PaaS: Renting a Semi-furnished House

SaaS: Renting a Fully-furnished House


What are Examples?

      IaaS: Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google compute engine, IBM SmartCloud Enterprise

          PaaS: Windows Azure, Google App Engine, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Heroku, Oracle Cloud Platform

             SaaS: Dropbox, JIRA, MailChimp, Gmail

What kind of people use these?

            IaaS: IT administrators

           PaaS: QA (quality analyst), developers, Operational Staff

           SaaS: Business People and regular people like us.

What are the Resources these Cloud services provide?

          IaaS: Data storage, servers, virtual machines, load balancers, and Network components.

          PaaS: Website servers, databases, execution runtime, and Development tools.

    SaaS: Cloud-based storage, Email, virtual desktop, productivity tools, and Customer relationship management (CRM). 

Which to cloud service to choose & it which condition?

         IaaS: Need to rent some computing resources, Need to control fully over IT systems.

         PaaS: Need to build a customized application.

     SaaS: Need software solution to enhance business and have a perfect idea to start a business. 

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Let’s Conclude the Game:

       So, If you like my blog do like, share, and comment. And also If you want to start a business and looking out for the best web solution, Valiant Systems here, we are Chennai’s best website design and developing company offering a top-rated solution for clients on any kind of business at affordable prices, that pleases them outwardly. Want to know more, let’s connect.

Educational Application for 20’s Kids

Educational Application for 20’s Kids

The word ‘Education’ is becoming too peculiar and disturbing for many children, as they are being downcasted due to this pandemic situation. Even though technology or economy has come up with many systematic alternatives, a student’s life of going to school, attending classes in a traditional standardized way is no match. Well, today I am going to convey some of today’s occurrence and the source of knowledge that we need to adapt i.e. Education Application

         We all know, how Coronavirus is destroying our livelihoods. Thousands of people lost their job, daily work, so on. The future depending generation is also getting ruined as schools, colleges and Institutes are shut down for more than 2 months.  Parents are worried about the studies and grades of children. On the other hand, the Government and many private sectors have started using virtual classroom sessions for students via school Applications. Though I won’t completely support technology flourishment, during this toughest period, children must gain knowledge in some way as they are the future. AI, chatbots, video learning educator innovations are increasingly empowered.

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It’s true that the battle between tech and traditional schooling system is going to continue. No one can refuse to say the core of education lies in schooling ecosystem where students are sent to school, attending daily school assembly, taking part in sports and extracurricular activities, achieving badges and trophies, interacting with teachers, understanding once emotions, a celebration with classmates, parents-teachers meeting, half-yearly and annual examinations, so on. Those are unbreakable or uncomparable moments of a student’s life. Well, adjusting with the benefits of technology is a must. 

          Using a perfect Educational application from Valiant Systems, one can develop their skills, interact with teachers on video or audio conferences, and open the gate of new possibilities. From Kindergarten to 12th grade, students of today are depending on online schooling platforms where children learn remotely, and the instructions are via live or video recordings. The doubt resolution can be clarified during or after class hours. The school work collaboration system is made smooth, flexible, and effective as the connection between, students, teachers, parents, and school admin are monetized and managed accurately. 

The future educational technology has gained access to learn from anywhere, anytime, globally, or locally. In our schooling days, going out of the classroom during session hours is prohibited but today, all is changing. Interesting but weird isn’t it? The barrier of learning and teaching is performed in one single screen or portal. This ERP cloud-based paperless education system has a unique role or portal for all user kinds (admin, parent, teacher, students). You might think, we are doomed but I feel there is a lamp in today’s darkness. We are prohibited going out, so it’s better to take education one step-closer i.e online. In current days, many schools and colleges have begun to embrace online initiatives.

If you’re one among the thousands, who wish to own an education application for your sector and looking for cost-effective ways, then you are at the right spot. We at Valiant Systems, Chennai’s best web design and development company offers multi-web service to its customers at an affordable and satisfying range. Be the one!

Artificial Intelligence kicks humanity off the game

Artificial Intelligence kicks humanity off the game

Shocked to hear the news of AI invasion?? but it is true to come soon. Well just like movies, you can imagine a terminator as Artificial intelligence (AI), a self-aware Robo declaring war on humanity, wiping out life and enslaving us. You may think, I might have gone a bit far from the topic, but in reality, many employees fear about this technology. Do you know why? The arrival of AI in this World will destroy half the employer’s life. OMG!!! Are you serious? Yes, I’m. 

According to a survey spotted by AI’s oxford university, the future Machine learning intelligence apocalypse will be too high leveled causing some serious catastrophes to humanity.

              I have heard many saying that our lives are going to be inevitable or unpreventable. Well, being at the top of the food chain for so long, building biological defense systems, and surviving the extreme, the only competitive edge is our intelligence. Our dominant species are too keen enough to invent new clones, species, technologies, and non-biological beings. One such invention is Intellectual Machinery Robo’s. Smarter than humans, performing the impossible that we refuse. Though they are created by scientists from car scrap stuff, today they rule the universe. They are too smart that they can even analyze each second of human expressions and behavioral language. It is like…even the scientist who tries to shut down his findings will be manipulated or given a high feel of insecurity.

Do you think, this is just like the portrayal of Robotic movies like ‘The Terminator’,  and ‘2.0’, ‘I-Robot’, ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ and so. I pray we aren’t in such an environment yet but now we can see only a few AI-powered stuff like the Alexa, drone, AI chip, AI processors which are still struggling to get on their track. Many business tech giants look forward to taking such innovations in advancement to profit gain and power.

            All the above news will not happen soon until a villain is introduced, connecting AI to peripheral machines. For now, AI is safe to handle as it is programmed inside a box. It is no doubt that AI is becoming a part of our daily practices in means of computers, smartphones, self-driving AI cars, digital assistance, live streaming, skype, bing, Cortana, apple watch, AirPods (Siri), AmazonGo (Alexa), etc those track and predicts our daily beneficial. Shocking isn’t it?

              It is true that Machine learning will soon outperform digital marketers or employers integrating the face of poverty. So, if you feel Moore’s law and my fact continues to hold some truth, do comment. You can also check out my other blog on our business page Valiant Systems (India’s best web design and development company)

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