How much does it cost to build a mobile app? Get surprised!

How much does it cost to build a mobile app? Get surprised!

Is the word ‘mobile application’ or ‘mobile technology’ or ‘mobile revolution’ flying in your ears regularly? But why are we focused on letting you know more about it? Any idea? There are some exciting hidden money-making ways that many businesses follow in the market, staying on top of economic growth or profit-makers. Building a mobile application isn’t simple as website development because the technology or wireframe involved is highly customized and coded. Like the old saying, the more the iron is heated and beaten, the stronger it becomes…likewise, the advanced formula of the website is mobile applications. 

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Today 89% of the world population depend on handy devices. Desktop browsing or online shopping on websites are really low and on the other side, ordering on mobile apps has become a crush for customers or audiences. Well…business owners who invested in website solutions for their business from 2003 and gained profit, now find drastic loss. But why and why now? When online stores were first introduced in the market, people found it strange just like Amazon or Swiggy in the market. But later, those online businesses gained a tremendous customer and sales volumes, and brand equity. 

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But now, after the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, there has been an unseen statistical change in business flowchart where the online shopping rate from website browsing has been decreased and the download rate of mobile application in various industrial verticals (example-gamification, food, grocery, fashion, electronics, furniture, movie ticket booking, etc) have been increased. This is all because of the user interface and user experience of the application, which is easier to order, track, and receive from anywhere and anytime.      

   But we never change the weight or demand of web solution, as Valiant Systems also offer responsive website solutions for business. So you can easily run your online business in multiple channels, platforms, and devices. 

Cost to build a mobile application

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Do you wanna build a snowman! Just kiddin’…

   Are you looking for an app developer or agency like us to build a mobile app! Valiant Systems is your one-stop destination for web and app design and development services in India. We serve clients globally in turning their business into a successful and more productive one.

    Do you want to turn your business into a game-changing one? Call us!

I do leave the topic right! Let’s continue…when you ask us the cost of developing a mobile application…our answer is ‘It differs based on your business objective and the quality you expect’

    In short, our mobile app service starts from 400$ USD (which varies based on budget projects).

Do you find it costly? I bet you can’t say so…because if you give this project to some app freelancers, you may lose your money or source code…can’t give any guarantee to the end product. 

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Valiant Systems, a well-positioned web design, and development company from Chennai, so you can trust us. With 17 years of experience, we have made 1000+ clients happier and long-lasting relationship with us.


   When it comes to the technologies or wireframes we use for your UI/UX app project, they are always secure, powerful, and flexible. Check this-

ionic, Cordova, Xamarin, Angular Js, Html 5

Interested to start your online business with a mobile app at a budget-friendly price? Contact us now! 

Supercharge business performance with ERP

Supercharge business performance with ERP

Today, ERP systems begin to take time, resources, and energy away from potential investments, digitalisation can seem like an overwhelming job. Reshaping industries of all dimensions at an unprecedented rate and providing businesses with countless chances to interact with their customers in creative ways. So this trend is mobile networking, with mobile phones browsing over percent of the internet. In this blog, Valiant Systems will explain how you can supercharge your business performance with ERP software. Big data or machine learning or artificial intelligence, which have generated great possibilities for all types of firms and investors, lies behind this incredible growth, making the economic pressure more adverse affect than infrastructure. 

Digital ERP system enables small businesses to enjoy all the advantages a large corporation procures at a fraction of the expense after building up a comprehensive IT framework. Inside the company, cloud ERP improves quality and profitability. Let’s check out how ERP is beneficial in charging your business growth. 

Mobility solution

Is your job limited to your room in the office? If you are not in the workplace, do you feel distressed and have to work remotely on any specified day? 

Even as working remotely community has become more prevalent, cloud platform utilization has also increased substantially. Cloud ERP is available online; it can be used without being a destination at any time and anywhere. It doesn’t matter any device you work on, our ERP solution collaborates with any system decreasing your paperwork.

More Flexible

In job management, ERP offers wide stability. As approved users, the increasing workforce can simply be achieved and enables you to change the system’s current human resource framework. 

This is feasible because the cloud ERP application is highly flexible as the resources can be scaled according to the business process requirements effectively. Therefore, if you’d like to update the server or expand your business, get on with our ERP system.

More Security

In software, no chance of disruption! It is as easy as that. The highest protection of your data is assured by a cloud-based ERP. Your data is safe as it is processed in remote data centers, even if your local infrastructure gets compromised robbery or catastrophic event.

In addition, in order to keep the data protected from hacks and cyber threats, esteemed ERP software companies such as Valiant Systems implement various security measures such as multi-factor authentication, data encryption, firewalls, also in the virtual environment.

Enhance productivity

A cloud ERP consists of a single system and a summary of all industry sectors from the dashboard. It becomes hassle-free to work on tasks that require jump assistance and acceptance, as ERP provides you with a realistic overview of each department’s formats and implementation slowdowns in the existing business.

Allocation to accurate and updated data is always available, reducing long mail strings, getting trapped in them, and ultimately restricting organizations’ silo structure, which is an organization’s prompt completion opponent. As a consequence, the ERP system helps to make better choices and streamline business development.

Integrated system

A cloud Erp system allows easily with all of your emerging enterprise applications and synchronizes data in real. Data complicity costs can be saved by integration as all of your staff have to convert energy just once. 

This minimizes multiple profiles, and the emergence of reports becomes more precise and reliable, giving crucial duties more room. The process and handling of customers become so simple that you append profit. 

Less Investment

To be configured throughout, ERP does not require a specific IT squad. Your overall business process is cloud-hosted, and data transfer, cloud configuration, and hardware maintenance are the responsibility of the ERP cloud providers. 

Therefore, as a company, since cloud ERP is charged monthly on a SaaS-based model representing all biz dimensions, you do not have to invest in any functionality.

Are you ready to own an ERP system for your business?

Owning a business with a complete interior process fully automated is much more satisfying. And that is possible with our ERP solution for your production or accounting business. Interested to install automated Enterprise resource planning software? Connect Valiant Systems, Chennai’s best web design and development company established to lift every player into the digital world. 

Opt ERP Software for Manufacturing Business

Opt ERP Software for Manufacturing Business

Over the past few years, manufacturing companies are facing complex challenges that defect their day-to-day operations in products, accounting, and customer service. Studies have proved that organizations are on demand for effective enterprise resource planning (ERP) and manufacturing resource planning (MRP) solutions. Such automated software is designed and developed perfectly by Valiant Systems based on business capability, flexibility, maturity, and strength.  

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ERP caters to various manufacturing departments like, 

  • Production and scheduling
  • Operations and sales
  • Supply chain management
  • Materials and inventory
  • Fixed asset monitoring
  • IT
  • Accounting and finance
  • Human resources
  • Marketing
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Data analysis

Benefits of implementing ERP software for your business

  1. Oversight is brought to production processes by ERP applications and a prevalent database. They form a reasonable, integrated realistic idea of its manufacturing, order processing, and inventory to the vendor. ERP systems monitor the cash, capital goods, production facilities, and maturity status of a company irrespective of which department has reached the statistics.
  2. The ‘solitary point of reference’ makes it possible to closely monitor operations, inhibits delays and cancellations, and helps users of the system make decisions quickly. This helps to lower the costs of executives and operations.
  3. ERP aims to alleviate “aggregation.” The issue occurs when the target markets and amount of production begin to surpass the capacities of the current structures of an organization. The incorporation of materials and business controls into a coherent system is an ERP solution. This means that production and back-office activities are constantly improved and supervised.
  4. Organizations can increase order cycles, better update customers, etc., using quality information. This improves customer engagement.
  5. Paper-procedures and the manual entry of data lead substantially to the frequency of expensive accounting, inventory control, and service desk errors. ERP manufacturing can optimize not only atrocity processes but also business activities that are highly complicated. The app helps users manage complex procedures and optimizes the functions of development, order fulfillment, and distribution. 
  6. ERP facilitates collaborative production in all separate sectors and helps to integrate planning into the shop floor. Warehouses of all dimensions will regain maximum exposure for all activities of the production work order. Inside the ERP, they can see it from the initial order to shipment, record bunch prehistory back to raw resources, and accurately calculate yield levels with the routing protocol.
  7. To manage changes and support development, ERP systems provide comprehensive reporting features, such as big data and technical analysis.
  8. Accelerated ERP systems allow companies to benefit from technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, robotic cognition, and wearable technology.

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In the globalized trade, producers in different time zones are importing products from around the world and operating facilities. ERP platform includes enterprises with holistic respect to the overall state of automated production and enables the production methods to be efficiently and effectively operated, the quality of materials and finished goods supplied to be tracked, and sales monitored. Do you want to enhance business and increase the digital user experience? Own ERP software from Valiant Systems, we help you succeed in the market. 

Chatbot Trends In Upcoming Ages

Chatbot Trends In Upcoming Ages

Chatbots, voice search (Alexa), and google map navigator are the widely used frameworks. Well, these are not just important for native people but also foreigners or tourists who enter the unknown country trusting these technologies. Chatbots are mostly used in mobile applications in sectors like BPO, customer support, human resource, food ordering, retail industry, service providers, lead generation, and more where people go for instant answers.    

   Well, researchers have proven the year 2020 and 2021 will find a great industrial good fortune for these technologies. But according to current stats, let’s forget 2020 (corona period). The year already has been destroyed with various digital and bio-war waves. 

    It is believed that the commercial sectors will go for chatbot automation in the upcoming ages. Why? Because it has gained the momentum value of getting with users closely. Chatbot frameworks are powered with AI for advanced assistance. 

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Today Valiant Systems will find few chatbot trends that are going to change the future generations.


Business Chatbots

Chatbots are incredibly important to a systematic and reliable current customer base. Through advanced machine learning and deep learning, chatbots can harvest the answers from customers that can help them solve their problems or gather the information they need. By 2022, Chatbots can optimize simple payments and enable users to pay remotely via live chat or messaging apps on Facebook. The rapid cycle will satisfy the customer and will boost customer loyalty.

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Voice-Talk Assistance

Voice interactions are now widely known as well as the latest chatbot technology such as Alexa is making personal tasks simpler. The great thing about it is contact in various aspects. A voice-enabled chatbot provides an opportunity to provide clients with reliable insights into the data. It helps to provide accurate details in real-time. And it offers a great service to the client.

AI-powered Chatbot

The artificial intelligence has attained unique scores. They’re quite precise about the kind of response they give. We evaluate data from various sources to predict or foresee what the consumer may need to give consumers and customers a customized experience.

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Telecom Chatbot

Automated telecommunication centers will become a wonderful experience as the dynamics in AI development in 2020 push the transformation from chatbots. The reasoning seems to be that AI will make it possible for the chatbots to be clever enough than in human form to support clients. Chatbots also has the ability to learn itself about the brand and product, providing relevant answers. 

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Footer Note

In the upcoming ages, RPA services, automated frameworks, artificial intelligence or machine learning, IoT, AR/VR, and chatbots are going to open the gates of a new world. So, get ready to make your business platform adaptive with an online presence. We at Valiant Systems offer best-selling Ecommerce Websites and mobile applications with techno-powered ERP, CRM, and other more solutions, changing the lifestyle of business. Are you interested to be a part of the future? Get in touch!

It’s time to redesign your business website with some advanced features…


ERP benefits for today’s industry players

ERP benefits for today’s industry players

ERP, consider to the cutting-edge technology leading future enterprises. I can see, many questions blooming in each of your minds, what is an ERP? Why ERP? What is it’s purpose? Where ERP technology is performed? Enterprise resource planning software is an automated interactive tool managing critical back-office business operations such as task management, accounting, invoicing, timesheet, online payment, POS, Live chat, inventory, order processing, etc boosting customer satisfaction and revenue enhancement.

Valiant Systems offer end-to-end ERP solutions for your business of various aspects at a reasonable cost. Researchers have pointed out that after the period of 2019, the reflection of ERP has been realized in small and medium businesses, regretting their previous choices in the web design and development process. Consequences do have paid its way to align the futuristic growth prevailing in India. Apart from traditional ERP, Valiant Systems is professionalized in integrating Cloud ERP software or so-called SAAS (Software as a service). In the market, various ERP software’s are available like ERPNext, Compiere, Apache OfBiz, Easy ERP, Dolibarr, IDempierre, etc, and each software serving diverse industries. 

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What are the benefits of ERP software?

There are many advantages of implementing an ERP system in your company being a common source of all data using multiple systems and applications to control and configure your business operations can all get quite complicated. This is the location where the ERP systems come in. The ERP service runs to optimize and standardize the business operations within each preferred department and since the modules of the ERPs are all consolidated into one source, activities in one department can trigger actions in another. These ideas are based on defined conditions which are based on the interface and business processes of a company. Here are some of ERP’s highlights that company knowledge seems to share.

Big Success in small Investment

Compared to other solutions, the initial cost of an ERP can sound overwhelming, but in fact, having only one application instead of many can have an overwhelmingly positive effect on the end result. Getting an ERP will reduce the total development costs as well as IT servicing costs because you can use one unified platform rather than investing money on various systems, all of which involve qualified professionals, facilities, and technical staff. It will also reduce the expense of training, as the staff will only need to acquire one method compared to many smaller units.

Maximize Company Aspects

Enterprise Resource Planning software allows you better vision and access to all of the organization’s most important aspects. With data easily accessible from each department, you can get a continuously updated status report on employee behavior. Marketing, retail, accounting, and all other divisions would then see the decisions taken by certain teams and manage their own operations better with the assurance that they already have a full vision of the business.

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What are the Industries seeking ERP software solutions from Valiant Systems?

  • E-commerce & Multi-vendor Marketplace
  • Project Management
  • Customer Service
  • Accounting Section
  • Human Resource Department
  • Inventory Management
  • Point of Sales & Invoicing
  • Marketing Network
  • Online Payment Process

How to choose the best ERP software?

Choosing the best solution for business is really a daunting task. But it is important to understand and compare among various service providers. Before selecting, check on with the ERP service features, performance, flexibility, demo show, and budget cost as this software is going to fulfill your company expectations and demands.  

    Valiant Systems offer best-in-class ERP solutions (advanced Frappe framework) for diverse Ecommerce and business sectors at affordable prices. Our clients are our success. We satisfy our customers with the best service and support them even after project completion, which is impossible in many big companies. To say, that makes us, a customer favorite vendor.

Why Choose Python for eCommerce Development?

Why Choose Python for eCommerce Development?

Hi there, in this ongoing technology-driven environment, most business masters choose their online platform and the developmental formats wisely. Let in be Java, Python, PHP, etc. In this blog, we will understand the main reason why many select Python programming languages for their business. Just grab a cup of coffee and continue reading. 

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As traditional product shopping is a relic of the past. Online stores currently lead a highlighting proportion of sales revenue annually, but mind the words, this is just the beginning stage. An increasing population of people enjoy shopping online; this actually motivates merchants or sellers to configure an e-commerce store to sell their goods where most customers go.

Even hundreds of developers and huge companies like Google, Microsoft, Yandex, Facebook, NASA, Quora, Dropbox, Instagram, Spotify, etc rely on Python. But why, let’s see…

There are several aspects you must choose after you have planned to build an e-commerce website, like the Valiant Systems e-commerce website design service and the programming language that runs on a computer to operate the website. It is true that  Python and PHP are two widely used languages for the development of e-commerce websites. Here, when we think of e-commerce websites, we’ll give you a better idea of why Python continues to stand ahead of others.

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Reasons Python is Best for Ecommerce Web Development:

Unlike other website categories that can execute with limited features, an e-commerce website needs to be highly operational. Python is a simple language that can be learned quickly as a beginner developer, the language is easy to read. The readability of code in Python is one of the added advantages when compared to all other programming languages. The potential for development with python is enormous with limited code usage. Besides the following benefits python has over all other languages, the program is functional without any constraints with most frameworks. Let’s check out the python features or specialties,

  1. Python is an amazing SEO-friendly framework that supports multitasking.
  2. More functional and less coding website developments.
  3. Save money, expand business operations. 
  4. Speed enhancement, and site productivity.   
  5. Python is basically an open-source language. So, it’s easy upgradable. 
  6. Python is used in various fields like web development, machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence, the internet of things, etc. 
  7. Python not just works on the e-Commerce industry but runs on all platforms.  
  8. A universal language that opens infinite opportunities for developers.
  9. Python is actually powerful and cost-effective. 

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Hope you understand now, why the biggest players choose Python language rather than going behind some over-complicated stuff. Very well, interested to own a website using python. Valiant Systems offer top-notch python frame-based website designing and development service for clients. Why still waiting, get your business on spice, and step to the victory line.

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