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Will GOOGLE love my Website?

Will GOOGLE love my Website?

          Are you running a business? Then you must be having a website of your own, if not, then have one. In this digital world, online marketing plays a vital role in discovering the ideal customer needs relevant to their searches via search engines like google, yahoo and bing. Though some people find your site through social platforms, many others browse online. But to mingle with Google and your clients efficiently, one must marry Web design with SEO.

What do you mean by SEO web design?

 SEO web design refers to the strategies of developing and designing a website that increases site ranking through search engines. Well, making a website SEO-friendly is not a piece of cake. Your web pages and the content will be crawled by search engines uniquely and gets listed in its database. When users search for relevant information, the indexed pages will be listed in the ranking. For creating ideal indexing and ranking-worth pages, SEO and web design work together.

                                          MAKE GOOGLE LOVE YOUR SITE!

A million-dollar question arises, “How to make search engines like Google love my website?”

    I know it’s not simple but here are few brand touchpoints for your online business sites that help you seduce the cold-hearted one (Google).

Site Updating

We all know that google’ search ranking algorithms are changing persistently. The more your site is secured, the more google gets attracted. But if your site is filled with spam or black hat techniques like keyword spamming, article spinning, hiding web links, selling link, buying link, keyword stuffing, etc. Google will penalize preventing your site from popping-up on search engines. Get your site secured and jump on ranking by obtaining SSL certification.

(HINT: Update your site with editing or adding fresh page contents that make google revisit and index using bots like ‘crawl’ and ‘spider’ ) 


Are you tempted to know the second tip? That’s nothing but maintaining a mobile-friendly site. Nowadays, almost all people have started using smartphones or handy devices forecasting how future technology goes. So, it is ideal to host a website that is fully mobile-friendly and desktop-friendly. Remember, speed is the God of usability. Renovate your web design and comprise the image sizing that results in pumping the site speed.

You may also learn more about, How to create a website?   

Free Web traffic building tricks You Must know!

Free Web traffic building tricks You Must know!

Are you new to E-commerce business or so-called online marketplace and looking for some holy grail that might uplift your website ranking? Then, I bet you got over the right site. Valiant Systems’ blog page is filled with enormous business hacks that help you grow your business and website style in an upgraded format.

    While thinking about marketing your online page or site or content, one must know the effective ways on how to get traffic to your website. I won’t blame people running behind testing tools or feature tools like CrazyEgg (Neil Patel) or SEO tools. You can try them but without a proper basement built-in, even a house won’t stand for a long time. Today, I like to share a few tricks to follow while handling websites to bring in more organic traffic than paid ones.


   Have you heard about the Four P’s law or myth? The four P’s are Price, Product, Place, and Promotion. When a seller thinks about his product while doing business, he loses his customers. So, I recommend you start your marketing based on users or customer desires and later concentrate on the product. This will surely raise your brand name.


   After hearing this, you may think bad of me. But sharing the truth and revealing the secret behind great influencers and successors is not a shame. Trust me guys, for stealing content or social ideas from competitors, ‘you won’t go to jail!’. This doesn’t show that you’re stealing, it’s just an act of borrowing knowledge for better growth. But there is also a limit for everything, never steal it directly from your nearby competitors. Watch for top successors and check their success points and list the ideas to follow.


   Stay up-to-date on social platforms. Use the latest tools and mainly, be active on social media daily. Post your blogs, ads, email marketing once in a week or two. By doing so, Google will start loving your website and crawl your site regularly. This automatically lists your brand in search engines.


   This may sound hard. But, it’s true, guest blogging is a kind of SEO tool through which your Inbound linking (backlink) is performed. Guest blogging doesn’t just attract visitors to your site but also rank your page high on SERP.

 (Example: Sites like Medium, Outbrain, The Huffington Post, HubSpot, Sitepoint, Entrepreneur, Investopedia, and more other sites help your company in posting blogs, which automatically ranks your website)


   Last but not least. I have seen many businessmen losing their hope in digital marketing or SEO and falling off the cliffs (failure in business). Always keep in mind, miracles never happen immediately. Wait for the egg to hatch. You will see amazing results.

   Hope you got my idea. If you have any queries, do contact us or share your thoughts or suggestions in the comment section shown below.


Tricky ways to boost website branding

Tricky ways to boost website branding

Do you want to promote your website but looking for the right brand awareness strategy to follow, then you’re at the right site. Valiant systems, the web designing and marketing agency, provide some of the highly-followed teeny tricks to increase your new website or existing website with branding guidelines. Though you have the best e-commerce or commercial products or services, without an effective advertisement, you’re unknown to this World.


    It’s just because your website is on the Internet. Unless you promote or boost your web branding, nobody is going to recognize your presence. There are many possible services that can help pose your fame but they are not available at free-of-cost. But on the other side, our guideline might shock you, we share some of our website promotional tricky tips that you can follow and be on top of Search engine optimization (SEO).


Use of Google local Business
Before targeting audience worldwide, one must have local audiences. To gain so, you have to submit your website to GOOGLE LOCAL BUSINESS. This google site allows every business masters to register their brand or company information for free and also provide different promotional tactics like image add, promotional offers and mobile ad submitting options. When you follow this technique, google provides nativagation directly and allows clients contact you from smart devices. If you still have doubt on registering and promoting, you may contact our support team.

Google local Business Example: Google local Business[/caption]

Use of Quality Content

You might have been writing 1000 or 2000 words content for your website, but I like to remind you, ‘that’s not gonna workout this time’. Google has come up with new strategies. So be aware! Content is the king and you are its master. So use it wisely. The information you provide should focus on keywords and subject matter. While creating your business blogs, it’s advisable to use GOOGLE AUTHORSHIP (adding google+ profile with your content), as it helps you increase visibility. Added on, whenever you post a blog, notify your audience or clients, through social platforms like facebook, instagram, linkedin, pinterest, google+, etc.

 Use of Inbound Linking

This method seems tricky or illegal to some of you, but trust me, it’s worth a try. Having your blog or article linked with other websites will make search engines diagnose your brand or site rank. Promotional ways like forum posting, guest blogging or 3rd party blogging, link exchange or in-bounding links in high authority sites relevant to the reader’s mind and your blog subject.

(HINT: In a SEO world, inbound link is essential. Never do too many inbound, Search engine will ban your website. Slow and steady wins the Race!)

Use of Signature in Brand

Having a unique brand image allows people to recognize your business or organization. Make your brand user-friendly by creating forums, email accounts and text messages adding with your website URL. This top rated marketing strategy is essential to increase wide exposure.

Use of SEO tool

The reason I’m including this section in the last position doesn’t mean that it’s not important.

                  (Unique ideas are shared to unique persons in a unique way!)

Handling a website is not an easy job for that I appreciate you. Likewise, you must know about the SEO tools that do magic for your site. I recommend you try GOOGLE KEYWORD TOOL PLANNER, as it helps in finding the apt keyword for your online marketplace for promotional or blogging.

 Do you know how to choose keywords using Google keyword planner tools? 

  • Focus on long-tailed keywords.
  • Focus on low competitive, high search frequency keywords.

If you find these brand promotional tips useful, do comment. We are happy to offer you with marketing services, as Valiant Systems, India’s best web designing and developing company is committed to clients queries and needs, transforming their business into world class hit. Are you interested? Join us today!


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