Trend of Today’s SEO Practises

Trend of Today’s SEO Practises

Being a leading web and SEO solution provider, Valiant Systems has come across an array of competitors and has observed their technique used to ensure a level of success. These search engine optimization strategies help in ranking your website, web page, blog page, or any particular profile in Google or Yahoo or Bing.

In the last few years, the Google algorithm has undergone diverse ranking changes, turning marketers to clash with one another a hard way. These minor but effective techniques are to be discussed in today’s SEO strategy blog. Come let’s get on the road together…

Featured Snippets

A snippet listed is a synopsis of a response to a search query. Typically you will notice it was shown at the peak of the SERP score, overall paid, and organic advertising. 

    Very few contributed to major improvements in the results pages of Google’s search engine ranking since their introduction in past years. Due to the obviously targeted keywords, nearly half of all searches lead to zero clicks since SERPs explicitly provide the answers users seek. Currently, featured snippets are having more attention than the results of the first organic search. Profit from this by addressing both question-based google searches and keywords.

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Voice Search

Actually, people perform searches relying on how they sound. There had been over 45 million voice-search queries in 2021 only. The latest research also reveals that about 36 percent of smartphone requests are voice searches. Since this continues to grow, most people might start typing searches the same way they’d chat. 

Such web searches are often long-tail and very detailed and the users prefer a very clear answer to their inquiry. Thus, using long-tail keywords and also lists of bullets would maximize conversions far beyond possibly.

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Google is well recognized to love the video as a constant phenomenon via a rise in video content prioritization. As it is a vital part of both SEO strategy and digital marketing, it’s far more likely to appear on SERP’s first page than one with clear text only. To guarantee high traffic, it is preferable to build valuable video content that will promote your text posts. Maintain they are designed to suit the width of your site and include on-page text to help Users recognize how the quality of the video is all about.

Marketing with Influencer

A lot of advertisers are going to start using influencers for SEO. A lot of enterprises have started investing more than half of their marketing budget on influencers as the value of their presence cannot be ignored for businesses such as beauty, fashion, eCommerce, tourism, and wellness.

These days, online users are overwhelmed with advertising, so they appreciate credible information that they can accept, sometimes this information comes in the form of an influencer analysis. Using such influencers, you can drive traffic to your website, increase your exposure online, and enhance your scope for content. After all, to see good returns on investment in influencer marketing, it is crucial that your supported content is properly designed and performed, and that they resonate with your audience’s attention.


Never fall behind trends of marketing, get to know about the latest SEO technique to succeed with online and offline SEO. To capture more audience glimpse, it’s prior to having an engaging colorful website and mobile application. If you are still lacking in web design, get connected with Valiant Systems. We are India’s leading web design and development company supporting more than 300+ clients worldwide. Call us now!

How mobile apps can boost Ecommerce business

How mobile apps can boost Ecommerce business

Well done that you are updated to today’s trend-fitting world! Consider developing a mobile app for your company if you are an ecommerce or have a digital presence. Customers are increasingly buying online using their mobile. As a result, developing a mobile app could be the best option for you! If you already have an ecommerce mobile app, check this blog to learn how to improve revenue. Being an Ecommerce developer, Valiant Systems is well-aware of online business vendors’ sales statics and the best methodology to perform in the current digital environment. 

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In a world since there is fierce rivalry at every point, making a website won’t generate the revenue you need. You may have designed your website to be mobile-friendly, but have you considered developing an eCommerce mobile app? Have you been wondering whether or not to try your luck at mCommerce (Mobile Commerce)? No turnbacks…Valiant Systems‘ there.

   Perhaps if we told you there was an easy way to improve your revenue, strengthen your customer base, and strengthen your brand? Building a mobile app for your online store allows you to do all of this. Mobile ecommerce applications are currently dominating the industry, attracting a large number of users and generating significant revenue. It’s understandable.

  Check reasons why your Ecommerce business needs a mobile app to survive in today’s market war. 

Here are some: Challenges faced by startups while developing mobile app

Target next-gen audience

  Online businesses should approach the tech-savvy youth of today. They are a small percentage of the target audience. The next generations of shoppers are unconcerned with problems such as the big-boned epidemic and others. This is where a smartphone app for eCommerce store owners will benefit. 

  There are several other standards that can be met with the aid of a mobile app, in addition to factors like load time and simple navigation. Voice search technology, destination searches, and GPS integration are only a few of the capabilities that a mobile store can offer. Modify your website with a strong eCommerce mobile app developer to expand into this market.

Enhance Customer Engagement

  Getting a mobile app means that you stay in touch with your clients. As per a report, most users spend more time on mobile devices and apps around the globe. Getting a mobile app for your ecommerce store helps you to connect with your customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Simple & Quick Payment Mode

  In contrast to desktop, accessing various products from an ecommerce store through mobile is pretty straightforward. Mobile apps have incredible shopping experiences, and safe payment methods make them a perfect alternative for mobile-friendly websites. We offer multiple payment gates both offline and online for your customers to easily continue purchasing products from your online store.

Social media interactions

  Hardly anything sounds fine than a user’s suggestion for a product or service. Having social media features in your app would allow potential customers who have used your products to share their feedback or reviews with other customers in the digital space, resulting in further sales.

Amazing push notifications

  Use push notifications from your business app to entice your customers with instant sales and discounts, as well as product updates/new arrivals/stock accessibility. It’s a great way to keep the customers entertained, interested, and persuaded.

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Hope you like reading my blog, interested in owning Ecommerce mobile app? Get in touch with Valiant Systems for a highly interactive system.

Secret Content behind business moving ONLINE

Secret Content behind business moving ONLINE

Content is the king, and it’s the world-known secret when it comes to the digital ecosystem. We also consider that writing content for the websites is the hardest phase of the design for our clients when trying to design an online store or enhancing a current one. Actually, specialized services in content marketing can often aid. As a company owner, however, you will have anything you need sitting right within your mind in certain circumstances. The trick to successful content creation is to get the data on a website in a way that will impress your targetted viewers. 

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Well today in this blog, I let’s present you with a strategy that will allow you to smash via the barrier of your writer and start a very engaging conversation with website visitors. Before I start, I would like to introduce our online content creation service, apart from other web design, web development, solution development services, Valiant Systems is also professionalized in providing best-class engaging content writing services for your online store or website at a cost-effective price. Big players who wish to improvise your online platform with SEO-friendly content and grow customer and sales volume, can get in touch with our Valiant Systems support team. So, let’s continue our main discussion…

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Well, before writing content for your business or project, we will share some points that are must be followed to bring in exceptional results. 

 Secret Content behind business moving ONLINE (1)

Understand your targetted audience

Let’s keep it simple, from my side of writing, I always used to keep these questions in mind while starting to write content for business projects, and they are:

  • What am I supposed to sell in the market or what is the business I deal with?
  • Who are my customers or audience?
  • What will my customers be interested in?
  • Will my customers be satisfied with my service or how can I entertain them?

Start with engaging contents or easy reading contents

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Your content can be improved or destroyed by proper syntax highlighting, font size, and typography. Although you don’t still have to be careful of the online interface. Pay heed to what the website applies to mobile. There is another aspect at function, except if you have embraced the content-specific tips listed till now: the web page layout itself. You will also recognize that, on each aspect of the content, the forum has white space to serve as a buffer to keep the content streamlined. Run with your CMS and the different themes again before you find one that is appealing to the viewer and does not make the page appear crowded and obtrusive.

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Short and sweet content wins the RACE

It is generally understood that the common individual does have a cognitive ability of maybe seven seconds. In this article, a very few text lines and I’ve apparently lost your interest, as well. 

With knowledge as available anyway these days, it is vital that content writers like us always keep their copies short and interactive. Do you know? Whether the visitor is glancing at your web content from desktop or mobile devices, short content always plays their game fairly to succeed or capture viewer interest. 

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Anyway, our conversation has come to an end, what I like to remind you while writing the content yourself for your business is that NEVER copy and paste content from competitors’ websites. That will do no good but will harm you today or any other or some other day. 

  If you are likely in search of a content writer or content creation service for your business website, get in touch with our Valiant Systems company. We also help you redesign your website with a high-quality solution. 

Step-By-Step Guide for Ecommerce Startups

Step-By-Step Guide for Ecommerce Startups

Are you new to start an Ecommerce business? But don’t know where to start? Then, I bet, you have come to the right spot. To succeed in the Ecommerce space, Valiant Systems have come up with few techniques for you to choose wisely. Continue reading this blog ‘India’s new E-commerce guideline’ and find your dream business as a startup Ecommerce that flourishes digitally. 

Camouflage Your Business

Running a physical business is more trustworthy but taking the same online doesn’t always work the way you wished for. Well, e-commerce companies like Flipkart, Etsy, eBay, and Amazon used a complex network of entities. As a result, the fact is that e-commerce firms were merely cloaking multi-brand retail’s introduction into the Market in India.

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To start an online store, your business needs-

  • Domain name
  • Hosting
  • Inventory
  • Payment processing

To fulfill these requirements, Valiant Systems, Chennai’s best web design and development company, provides the best Ecommerce website and mobile application (iOS & Android) for vendors and business people to flourish in the marketplace. 

Sky’s The Limit For Succeeding 

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When it comes to looking forward to expanding business in multiple ways, there is no limit to try exhibiting your skills proving your worth in the industry. Run a grocery, meat, fashion, electronic ordering & delivery portal with a top-selling SEO-ready website and application. 


  • Understand business & your competitors
  • Choose a channel on-demand 
  • Post or add products to sell
  • Add valuable content 
  • Build engaging community
  • Run ad or marketize your business [product/service]
  • Connect with social network
  • Launch engaging online store or online presence for long-term strategy

Some of the TIPS you wanna know-

You’ll need eCommerce industry ideas to make you do more if you want to have a fine experience online. Here are some tips to know-

Powerful Email Marketing-

For your online store shop, email marketing is necessary. With this approach, you’ll be able to reduce cart abandonment and keep your customers. 

  Until you want to keep your customers up to date on new items or future sales, email marketing is a great way to do it. 

  Email marketing serves as a gentle reminder to your clients that you operate. You create knowledge and confidence, which will lead to positive outcomes online. Email marketing will keep your loyal customers happy and informed about your company’s online activities. 

  Create a strong email marketing plan to help you stand out from the crowd. If this occurs, the business’s ability to provide guidance, assistance, and awareness to your target customers will be revoked.

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Effective Customer rating & review-

You should be prepared to receive customer feedback if you use any of the eCommerce business tips. 

If your goods and services aren’t satisfactory, you’ll likely get a lot of negative feedback. 

When you get a negative review, you should use it as an opportunity to figure out what went wrong and improve. 

Following payment, you can elicit feedback from your customers.

Payment Choice-

Valiant Systems offer multiple payment options for your website and app which is like offline or COD, online which is Stripe, RazorPay, Online transactions, UPI mode, net banking, etc, helping your customers start ordering in your products continuously creating a trusting space.  

Advanced Analysis & Reporting

Data-driven decisions are at the heart of marketing analytics techniques. Advanced analytics is the study of consumer behavior and the experience of each customer. 

Successful analytics can assist you in determining which marketing channels are most effective in driving sales for your business, as well as when and how your target audience interacts with your brand. 

Valiant Systems offers you a single supporting dashboard for all your business activity operations that give a full report on your marketing, sales, customers, vendors, future strategy, etc. 

SEO and Content Strategy

The best Seo techniques will bring in organic traffic that will generate higher returns run. 

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The majority of SEO and content techniques are complicated. When you decide to bring effort into multiple dimensions of SEO optimization, such as keyword tags, meta descriptions, internal linking, and content diversity, you’ll typically get a great outcome.


Right now, chatbots are one of the most common eCommerce technologies. They’re most often used as communicative advisors, interacting with customers and converting them to leads. The chatbot’s functionality is based here on forming a positive first impression with a customer and developing interest in your product or service.

   The benefit of using a chatbot for eCommerce startups is that they can save money on manpower when undertaking various tasks, such as data collection, customer interaction, and procurement. They’re top reasons at assisting customers with making purchases and paying for them. In a nutshell, they’re suitable for almost any customer service operation.


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Hey there, hope you enjoy reading the Ecommerce blog. May this be informative for your business before moving online. Interested to Launch an Ecommerce store at an unbeatable price? Get in touch with Valiant Systems and be successful in the market. 

Comparison – Hybrid vs Native App Development

Comparison – Hybrid vs Native App Development

The world is way more advanced than we imagine with technology flying above our heads. With new challenges being a part of your daily quest and demand, say for example coronavirus pandemic, people move for solutions or alternative choices thinking about their safety. This is where technology or IoT (Internet of things) plays a vital role. When consumers avoid traditional shopping or purchase, directly it affects the revenue and growth of business owners. No more worries, Valiant Systems design and develop mobile applications that serve a range of business principles. Today we will discuss two various mobile app development services and their comparison which are hybrid app and native app development. 

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What is Hybrid Application Development?

Anything derived from multiple sources, or comprised of patterns of various or unrelated varieties, is described as hybrid. A hybrid app is one that is written using the same technologies or single code as websites and mobile web frameworks and is hosted or runs on a mobile device within a native application. It’s the product of combining web technologies with native action. We at Valiant Systems develop highly interactive hybrid mobile applications for your business to sell products or services in multiple channels but connected via the same technology. need to be over complicated, Hybrid app is the integration of web app and native application features. When it comes to app launch, a Hybrid app can be released on both Android and iOS devices.

Many companies today prefer Hybrid applications because of low cost, less time. 

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Why you want a Hybrid application for your business?

  • You can easily target multiple mobile platforms. 
  • Usable application with offline support.
  • App with geolocation or camera capability.
  • Advanced UI performance that seems better like a native app solution.

We never want to hidden anything from you, here are some of the pros and cons of a hybrid application, if interested to have one for your enterprise, do let us know.


  • Enhanced user interface.
  • Minimal development cost & time.
  • Effortless integration.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Efficient scaling. 
  • Resources availability. 
  • Platform availability. 
  • Offline utilization. 
  • Access to Native APIs. 
  • 80% of shareable code. 
  • Cross-platform affinity.
  • App Store distribution (Android & iOS).
  • Offline support- runs locally on the device.
  • Written technologies – HTML5, JavaScript 


  • User experience is affected.
  • Low-performance speed compared to the native app. 
  • Limited functionality. 

What is Native Application Development?

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The concept “native app” is often used to appeal to applications that come pre-installed and optimized on any Apple device, such as Photos, Mail, and Contacts. In the usage of technology web apps, indeed, the term “native app” refers to any app designed to run on a particular computer platform.

   Native apps make the device’s operating system run faster and more accurately than other application styles. Developers can build a separate app version for each device model if the app is sold to various device types of consumers. Valiant Systems also provide a native application for medium and huge enterprises giving them a secure satisfying experience. Well, it’s really a bit costly compared to Hybrid due to the hard work or effort used to develop separate apps for platforms from scratch. 


  • Impressive & Higher performance.
  • Boosted security. 
  • On-device storage. 
  • More testing options. 
  • Broad access to device hardware & platform feature. 
  • App Store visibility & distribution. 


  • Complicated UI elements & animation. 
  • Some mobile app components cant be written. 
  • Lack of third-party libraries & APIs. 
  • Lengthy downloading process. 
  • Bit high development cost. 
  • Less flexible. 
  • Time-consuming development. 
  • Frequent updates needed. 
  • Develop a separate app for each platform from scratch. 

Here, is some of our key features of react native, web app, and hybrid app. In comparison to Native application, a Hybrid mobile app development solution is much preferable or recommended. 

Comparison of Features





Device Access



Full (with plugins)



Medium to high

Medium to high

Development Language


HTML5, JavaScript, CSS

HTML5, JavaScript, CSS

Code Reuse




User Experience


Medium to high

Medium to high

Cross-Platform Support




Launch mobile application like a PRO!

If you want to own a mobile application, call Valiant System, India’s best web design and development company, offers small, medium, huge enterprises the best solution at an affordable price. 

If not now, then when? Success will only come once…when you get the chance in life, never avoid it!

Challenges faced by Startups while developing mobile apps

Challenges faced by Startups while developing mobile apps

Creating an app can appear to be a tricky problem. It’s really not as simple as it seems. Transferring a person’s idea into an invention or mobile app is a whole new game with the aid of a squad. While ideas vary, the creation process is the same. Aside from technological difficulties, a startup can face other difficulties when creating an app. It’s a good idea to talk about and consider those challenges with Valiant Systems in this article. 

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When it comes to building a mobile application or website, the best method begins with determining its functionality. Your app concept could provide a one-of-a-kind unique selling proposition to your consumers. However, in order to ensure that the time and effort put in is well worth it, possible obstacles or obstacles must be identified and documented.


Every app concept comes with its own set of technological challenges. Being aware of technological constraints will assist you in determining the functionality of the app philosophy. If you’re a non-technical pioneer who relies on an outside development team like giving to outsource or webs design or mobile development company like Valiant Systems or freelancers, the following considerations are important.

  • Examine the team’s professional knowledge or skillset. 
  • Request a list of their past works that used the same technology wireframes. 
  • Have included the developer in weekly calls and deal with his issues. 
  • Recognize the developers’ efforts. 
  • Don’t be afraid to point out any technological flaws.

There might be times when you need to rethink your app design. It can be a pain if your app’s functionality relies on taking pictures and video to monitor the user’s screen experience. Since Apple does not allow screen captures to document the user interface, this is the scenario.

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As a business owner, you’re ecstatic about the app concept, growth, and marketing. But have you given any thought to the legal issues that your app could face? There are some very simple legal issues to remember, such as signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with the development agency (Valiant Systems) before even discussing the app concept. But we do have some differences compared to other app agencies, at first we discuss your objective, then get you our proposal with a demo session, next if you are having with our idea and app cost prize and old projects, we will sign contracts.  

Some are-

  • App Development Contract
  • Entity formation
  • User-Generated Content  (UGC)

Restricted content policy

*Not all the above legal formalities are to be followed with us, as we trust customers whole-heartedly. 

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Your work as an app owner does not end with the release of the app. Any startup’s ultimate success hinges on selling the app and getting it in front of the right people. User acquisition and acceptance assist you in gathering input from users so that you can better the app. Setting up a landing page, app store optimization, and social media optimization are some of the effective promotional rituals you can adopt to promote your app. In Valiant Systems, we also handle social media marketing service that helps your business selling products or services more to customers and reach a wide audience and downloading volume. 


Have a clear goal, clear communication, great forsee idea!

It doesn’t matter you aren’t technical to build a mobile application for your business. Seeking the right development company is always a plus for you. Well, it’s advisable not to depend on freelancers thinking of budget, because some personal data or source codes are stolen and not returned to their owners once the development process is completed. 

It is advisable to move to certified and well-positioned or experienced companies like Valiant Systems to build an amazing mobile app, websites, or agile software development for your industry at the best price. Why waiting, call us today!

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