Why Python is suitable for Ecommerce web development?

Why Python is suitable for Ecommerce web development?

Are you intended to create an eCommerce platform from scratch or use a current system? There’s still an interesting debate about the best corporate strategy, or what choice allows the most economical sense. Both sides have points that are true. Moving off-the-shelf is more realistic for some companies, while custom development seems to be the only rational choice for others. What, then, is best for you? Which programing language suits your new Ecommerce website? Java or Python or any other framework?

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You may ask about the Python language…

    Python is a flexible programming language that is highly competitive. Since Python provides advanced typing functionality for websites. The innovative programming language enables developers to build science applications, graphics-based system applications, command-line tools, web applications, and more. Any time Valiant Systems build a Python website, it is fully functioning and very productive

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Apart from these, Python is used in fields like web development, the Internet of things (IoT), Data Science or analysis, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine learning, etc ensure specific companies’ long-term success. 

On the other side, E-commerce Development is oriented to great horizons if considered the last era into context. It also managed to get better control over electronics. Currently, we could see a range of E-commerce Web App Development platforms active. These portals work in conjunction with backend programming language practice and personalized online business frameworks build efficiency.

The effectiveness of any technology depends on the conditions built around those. Since the website development ecosystem of Python has a huge customer base, developers can explore this for themselves and build fresh concepts. This makes the language even last easier, while problem-solving and data recovery triggers the language to increase. World wide, clients use Python to reach their objectives. By revealing their insights and ways to use the language with the rest of the nation, the whole group is getting stronger. Many developers are coordinated and constantly driven to evaluate their skill limits. This helps them to be versatile and adaptable, much like language does.

Industries that Python growth-oriented:-

  • Government
  • Manufacturing
  • Academy
  • Technology
  • Media & entertainment
  • Electronics
  • Healthcare
  • energy
  • Consultancy
  • Retail
  • Finance & Insurance

What are the benefits of using Python in Website development?

In my previous blogs, I might have explained in detail the advantages and drawbacks of Python language. To say in short, here are some sugar-points:

Let’s see what’s new with Python: Today’s hottest language

->Python is easy to ready or use.

->As Python is flexible, the language can be integrated with several other languages. 

->This amazing framework is used to develop websites and mobile applications effortlessly. 

->Valiant Systems is successful in using the Frappe framework of Python for its client projects. 

Is it best to choose Python for my Website Project?

Yes, compared to other frameworks or programming languages, Python is the most used trendy developer language that helps with multitasking and more. We at Valiant Systems are best in providing Python oriented websites and mobile applications for diverse business verticals. If you are the one looking for a perfect Ecommerce website, then it’s time to join us. 

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Rising Demand of E-commerce Web Design after Corona

Rising Demand of E-commerce Web Design after Corona

I know, what you’re about to say, already the impact of coronavirus is decaying the economy of industry, employee, and normal people. Millions of people’s livelihood are demolished, thousands of student’s education system is dismantled, what else… in such case, how come, there seems a rising demand for Ecommerce web design

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Well, your thoughts are reasonable but always looking at the present isn’t going to make us succeed or richer. We have to look for the future and prepare for the best, and that’s what hundreds of startups and business people have done and are doing. There is no trust to lead a perfect marketing life locally or traditionally.

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 So, taking the business online is the online successive gateway. To go online, the entrepreneur must own a customizable Ecommerce website or multi-vendor marketplace to bloom among competitors. 

If that’s a hurdle to take over, then Valiant Systems secures your position designing and developing an amazing website with rich features and integrations that help you manage and market your business to sell products or services online elegantly. 

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If you come across our Valiant Systems website, you will find our best-class service and some of them are,

  •  web-based services
  •  design, and creativity
  •  mobile applications
  •  Ecommerce web design
  •  Multi-vendor websites
  •  payment gateway services
  •  ERP & CRM solutions
  •  Brand naming & more

… that makes us the No.1 among competitors. We stay low and transparent in serving clients and help them be the best in the market. 

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Valiant Systems has supported its clients worldwide and some of our major business sectors are ERP, Ecommerce website (restaurant, grocery, matrimony, real estate, pet shop), payment gateway, online ordering system, Multi-vendor website, SEO, etc. 

      Are you interested to take your traditional stores online? Get in touch with us and start succeeding enhancing online visibility and expansion of customer base rapidly. Be the star in the digital market standing next to big players like Amazon, Bigbasket, Flipkart, Swiggy, Uber, and more. 

 Corona pandemic is easing its wave in India, and now is the time to achieve more and look for better business growth. Are you ready??? 

ERP benefits for today’s industry players

ERP benefits for today’s industry players

ERP, consider to the cutting-edge technology leading future enterprises. I can see, many questions blooming in each of your minds, what is an ERP? Why ERP? What is it’s purpose? Where ERP technology is performed? Enterprise resource planning software is an automated interactive tool managing critical back-office business operations such as task management, accounting, invoicing, timesheet, online payment, POS, Live chat, inventory, order processing, etc boosting customer satisfaction and revenue enhancement.

Valiant Systems offer end-to-end ERP solutions for your business of various aspects at a reasonable cost. Researchers have pointed out that after the period of 2019, the reflection of ERP has been realized in small and medium businesses, regretting their previous choices in the web design and development process. Consequences do have paid its way to align the futuristic growth prevailing in India. Apart from traditional ERP, Valiant Systems is professionalized in integrating Cloud ERP software or so-called SAAS (Software as a service). In the market, various ERP software’s are available like ERPNext, Compiere, Apache OfBiz, Easy ERP, Dolibarr, IDempierre, etc, and each software serving diverse industries. 

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What are the benefits of ERP software?

There are many advantages of implementing an ERP system in your company being a common source of all data using multiple systems and applications to control and configure your business operations can all get quite complicated. This is the location where the ERP systems come in. The ERP service runs to optimize and standardize the business operations within each preferred department and since the modules of the ERPs are all consolidated into one source, activities in one department can trigger actions in another. These ideas are based on defined conditions which are based on the interface and business processes of a company. Here are some of ERP’s highlights that company knowledge seems to share.

Big Success in small Investment

Compared to other solutions, the initial cost of an ERP can sound overwhelming, but in fact, having only one application instead of many can have an overwhelmingly positive effect on the end result. Getting an ERP will reduce the total development costs as well as IT servicing costs because you can use one unified platform rather than investing money on various systems, all of which involve qualified professionals, facilities, and technical staff. It will also reduce the expense of training, as the staff will only need to acquire one method compared to many smaller units.

Maximize Company Aspects

Enterprise Resource Planning software allows you better vision and access to all of the organization’s most important aspects. With data easily accessible from each department, you can get a continuously updated status report on employee behavior. Marketing, retail, accounting, and all other divisions would then see the decisions taken by certain teams and manage their own operations better with the assurance that they already have a full vision of the business.

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What are the Industries seeking ERP software solutions from Valiant Systems?

  • E-commerce & Multi-vendor Marketplace
  • Project Management
  • Customer Service
  • Accounting Section
  • Human Resource Department
  • Inventory Management
  • Point of Sales & Invoicing
  • Marketing Network
  • Online Payment Process

How to choose the best ERP software?

Choosing the best solution for business is really a daunting task. But it is important to understand and compare among various service providers. Before selecting, check on with the ERP service features, performance, flexibility, demo show, and budget cost as this software is going to fulfill your company expectations and demands.  

    Valiant Systems offer best-in-class ERP solutions (advanced Frappe framework) for diverse Ecommerce and business sectors at affordable prices. Our clients are our success. We satisfy our customers with the best service and support them even after project completion, which is impossible in many big companies. To say, that makes us, a customer favorite vendor.

Valiant Systems’ Web Design and Development Workflow Process

Valiant Systems’ Web Design and Development Workflow Process

If you are browsing to understand the workflow for the design and development of your upcoming business website, then I bet you have come to the right destination. Today in this blog, you will discover the steps involved in website design and development. What can you expect while giving a web designer or agency your project? Let’s see. Today, from our Valiant Systems point of view, I’m going to share how we perform our client project from the initial stage till delivery or online launch stage.   

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When beginning a new project plan, our customers have usually never gone through a similar phase of web design prior, and are not sure what would happen. Hence, keeping the web design process as transparent as possible is essential to minimize any doubts or frustrations. A big part of it is to pursue a specified procedure in web design that directs clients through each big step of the process strategically. A successful workflow can also aid manage the objective of a project, and improve the actual budget. 

Let’s view the behind scene of each project we come across. 

We Plan

A great site begins with a goal which is quite well figured out. This process deals with critical concepts like “What’s your website for? “Who’s the target market? “, “How will the site be structured? “What functionality why should they be enacted?

We Design

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When the purpose of the website has been firmly demonstrated, it is time to present a design that could hold that purpose. They may split the design process into two sections. Step one is wireframing which involves mapping the site’s layout. We move on to the second section after the template is complete, which works out visual appearance (such as illustrations and typography) to generate a final replica of the website.

We Develop & Test

I forgot to mention, during this process, our clients are updated regarding the project frequently. 

When this designing layout of the website has been accepted our creation begins. Scraping, coding, and integration with the content management systems are part of the development. The completed website is then thoroughly reviewed to ensure it is operating properly and is responsive to the major desktop and smartphone screens.

Demo Session

Once the developing and testing stage is over, clients are invited to showcase their website and explain the CMS flow as a demo. Client’s do share their views and clear their doubts. If further correction or features are requested, Valiant System’s professional team happily take the task and accomplish it on-time. Our developers explain to clients how to manage their online store and update content without any coding knowledge. 

Your Website is launched!

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Well, though there is no ribbon-cutting ceremony, we happily join with clients and release the website on live mode. We openly share management information, clients do undergo subscription-based or fixed payments on each phase to speed up their project. We don’t force any hidden costs as we play for budget projects. We have succeeded in launching more than 300+ satisfying projects. Interested to join Valiant Systems? Call us now!

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Top UI/UX design trends for Mobile Apps 2020

Top UI/UX design trends for Mobile Apps 2020

Previously, we had a discussion regarding ‘must-know UI and UX design variance or differences’. Well, in today’s blog, we at Valiant Systems will come across the top 2020 UI/UX design trends for mobile apps. So there is no questioning that smartphone technologies are unfathomably advancing. A disruptive transformation is also occurring in the UI / UX design along with the improved performance in mobile apps from a technical standpoint. It’s sure that the year 2020 and 2021, brings users new design approaches that are gonna satisfy and attract users to the fulness. Want to know about the UI/UX design trends? Continue reading…

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Here are the top 2020 UI/UX mobile design trends:

  1. Voice Interactions
  2. Dark mode Templates
  3. Password-less login
  4. Advanced animation
  5. Data abstract visualization
  6. Digital Illustration
  7. Buttonless Design
  8. Augmented Reality/Virtual reality
  9. UX Writing 

Voice Interactions

There will be more utilization of voice-controlled innovations (such as Alexa, Siri, and others) powered by artificial intelligence to enhance the customer experience. These advancements are the foundation of UI / UX design, which is why they are anticipated to benefit massive popularity in this and the next year.

Dark mode Templates

One of the hottest talk-trend-of-the-year. This dark mode strategy now emerges in various applications. The main benefits are these designs are stunning giving spot-on effects. Apart from various bright shaded screens, this dark mode saves user mobile battery and also reduce eye strains. the designs and contents are beautifully highlighted. 

Password-less login

This is one of my favorite design trends. Usually, you may find this password authentication only in the latest mobile software or phones. But now even in mobile apps, this UX design is followed for a password-less future. Do you know various styles? 

UI/UX design for mobile

  • Fingerprint scanning
  • Login links
  • Pattern detection
  • Biometric recognition
  • Facial recognition 

Advanced animation

Motion effects make a mobile app concept come alive. It adds movements and gestures to the interface to provide a lot of details and add flow to the interactions. App designers will create extremely impressive templates filled with sophisticated animation effects with mobile devices becoming stronger.

Data abstract visualization

Modern methods of visualizing data, including graphs, tables, lists, and much more, are becoming outdated. The year 2020 will see conceptual visualization of data for tech-oriented websites and applications. Designers should be able to show a product that travels in all dimensions, further helping to draw the users and increasing conversions.

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Digital Illustration

You’ll see more imaginative graphical models of typographic patterns, 3D effects on soft curves, and more. Using sophisticated digital graphics would enhance the designs of the mobile app and allow designers the ability to try new designs for the UI. You may also come across new types and techniques in art.

Buttonless Design

The traditional buttons from cell phones are being slowly withdrawn by several mobile companies. It will allow users to show more details or data to the product designers. Instead of using digital buttons, the emphasis would be to use motions to display the content. Additionally, another modern tech, known as liquid swipe, will most often be used to enhance the effects of the interactions.

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Augmented Reality/Virtual reality

Through integrating AR and VR in the mobile application designs, developers may introduce the interactive futuristic components to the images. The technology can help a range of businesses, including media, transportation, science, real estate, eCommerce, education, and more.


UI/UX design for mobile

So, what you think of the above latest mobile app trends? Interested to launch your own mobile application with the latest technology? We at Valiant Systems offer world-class web and mobile app solutions for various business sectors at an affordable range. Get your business solution now and succeed in the market. 

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20 Best FREE Stock Images Websites in 2020

20 Best FREE Stock Images Websites in 2020

Looking out for a masterpiece photograph to sparkle your website and blog page? Today Valiant Systems guides you with some amazing destinations where you can find high-quality free stock images for your site easily. I might have explained this in one of my previous blogs. But in this blog, I love to update giving a nice sophisticated glimpse in this 2020 year. 

Well, are you running your online business on a budget basis? Can’t process extra money over hiring talented photographers? Worried looking for alternatives? Then, this is the right spot for your search. Today we will find some of the websites where you can find totally FREE stock photos to download in high resolution. Hey, don’t get confused this is a fully-legal process. 

You may have doubts like, I can do the same process from Google image search. But my dear friend, you will face copyright issues because in Google you can find images that belong to someone else, if you download or save them and start using, someone might point you and file case. Well, we don’t need to go so seriously. Anyway, first I will show you some of my favorite destinations which I usually use for my blog or social media posts. 

Be with me till the end to get my surprise…

So, what are stock images?

Stock photos are the medium to find perfect pictures for those without the artistic talent to adorn their blogs. Although several platforms are paying for the right using the photograph of a simple plum on a table overlooking the beach at sunrise, there is indeed an overwhelming bulk out there that offer free access to pictures of free stock that are not grainy or free of attention and royalty.

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This is my very first page let’s say one of my favorites, well, I spotted this accidentally! Dude! accidents do happen but not without any reason. Here you will find perfect pictures for your featured blog photos or social media ideas that you can add in a nice quote on certain text overlay!


free stock image websites

My other favorite website is Pixabay, an ocean of high-quality pictures. The image is impressive and thought-provoking. If you are searching for a unique picture for a blog post section, it’s likely that the Pixabay will have what you need. There are more than 1.7 million free stock images and videos uploaded by the skilled and charitable photographers community of Pixabay.


This is my third favorable site. Pexels also has a diverse array of pictures from sports to colorful scenery and artistic pictures to fashion. The characteristics of the photographers on Pexels are a strong blend of pro and amateur shooters. Almost all of the Pexels images are free to use for both personal and business purposes.

Well, the following are listed based on my browsing collections, which in the future may be used or tried by me. Well, you may have a look and try and share your experience. 

Life of Pix

So yet another part of royalty-free Zero, Life of Pix is a website full of high-resolution, royalty-free pictures. Every week new images are published. They come from the Montreal-based Leeroy Advertising Agency and all the photographers linked to its network. They sell videos, photos, and loops that are free too.

IM Free

IM Free is much more than photography on the free stock. This is an unlimited access-resource album. This site is a treasure chest of free stuff from a button creator to web site layouts. The main difference with their images is that they’ve been secured by the intellectual rights of third parties.


Powered by Getty Pictures, Picspree offers a wide range of completely stock-free high-quality stock photographs. Picspree is an outstanding platform for small businesses and online professionals looking for high-resolution images without the worry of licensing with quick searching and costless downloading.


The word ‘Gratisography’ means ‘Free’. So, is the website. This site consists of high-quality images shot by the founder of bells design, Ryan Mcguire. Every stuff on this site is free from copyright issue and are free to use. A polite way of funding is to ask if possible can donate or just enjoying downloading. 


Are you running an eCommerce website? Then this site will be truly useful for you. How? Burst is powered by Shopify. Is something blinking? Yeah, you heard it right, Shopify. Here you can find millions of images that suits perfectly for online stores, personal or business site, and even blog pages. Search and get what you need for a plethora of images. 

Well, below I will share some more, which I haven’t yet explored, and you can try. 

  • Free Range Stock
  • Reshot
  • Crestock
  • Focastock
  • Skitter Photo
  • Kaboom Pics
  • Styles Stocks
  • Alamy
  • Fotolia
  • Dreams time
  • Libreshot
  • Negative Space Split Share
  • Stock Snap

 Not exactly, I have defined all 20 best FREE stock image websites. But hope I have done my best dude. So, if you need any help related to Web design or development for your online business, reach Valiant Systems. Always ready to serve you the best. 

What I like to ask you?

Which website do you select for stock photos or images? Drop us a comment in the comment section shown below.

On the other hand, for any web design or mobile application services, get in touch with Valiant Systems. We offer a top-notch solution for any business sector. Interested to grow your business and succeed digitally….jump on. 


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