M-Commerce in today’s Retail Business

M-Commerce in today’s Retail Business

In today’s society, wherever we turn our heads, we find the only growing station eCommerce. There is even a small friendly experience gaining platform where essential and non-essential good is purchased or sold and i.e. mCommerce. Well, let me ask you, what is mCommerce?… yes, you’re right, Mobile Commerce or mobile online shopping is a wireless electronic device such as smartphones, tablets, portable devices (smartwatch), empowered to project online businesses. From 2017, the growth of mCommerce overtook website business styling. Even every big brand like amazon, puma, big basket, etc., go for mobile applications to spread among a wide audience. 

          We know the corona pandemic situation has taken over the nation but on the other side, M-Commerce has significantly influenced almost all segments of the market, including the retail sector. The trends in mobile app growth for the year 2020 concentrate on rising mobile devices in every corner of segments of the business. It also reveals the increased level at which mCommerce relies on customers for the retailing, guest experience, etc.

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         Companies and retailers respectively welcome the exposure they get on mobile devices, but this rapid transition means mobile app marketers and website designers need to coordinate together to recognize this new activity. The ideal way around this is to use analysis to quantify and understand customer behavior and use these observations to build realistic solutions, which the marketing department will then use to construct engaging mobile initiatives.  

 How m-Commerce impact stabilizes the Retail industry?

Omnichannel Shopping Experience

     Chances seem to be that consumers will choose to take advantage of the in-store experience to some level and then switch onto smartphone experience. You may need to go through their shopping experience using various platforms. For these instances, both the smartphone app and the in-store app would be a combination of use. M-Commerce is all set to deliver experiences of this nature. M-Commerce has the ability to improve the upselling and cross-selling ratio.

The demand for Virtual Assistance-Chatbots

        One technological advance that gets accepted is reliable chatbot technology with the use of deep learning. Working as a medium of contact between consumers and retailers, chatbots facilitate the entire purchase process, marketing strategies, shopping carts, customer service, etc. Chatbots develop their existence in many industries around the world.

Exceptional Payment Modes

      The days have gone when customers demand to pay in cash. With the introduction of mobile apps on large and mCommerce, consumers tend to use electronic payment options such as credit cards, debit cards, net banking, PayPal, and more. Most smartphone apps do have payment functionality as a necessity in their applications, to the point that they all have a wallet built within apps.

Geolocation Approach

        While smartphones are in fierce competition, other mobile devices such as tabs also have a big market for laptops. There are consumers who prefer smartphones to these apps. Among all those mobile apps, mCommerce carved a niche for itself. Customers visiting retail sites may be searching for a shopping experience that fits well with all of these tools regardless of where they are positioned. So there is a strong conversion of interactions into actual purchase once they get it.

Simplified Loyalty Program

       Before mCommerce entered, loyalty programs were performed through various media like emails, SMS, loyalty tokens, etc. Of different modes, promotions were done through all of them, and perks were offered through those. Issues get consolidated between client and seller with mCommerce. This provides effective and instant access to promotions, loyalty bonuses, and discounts at a single venue.  


Do you want to launch a perfect mCommerce retail business? Get in touch with Valiant Systems. We are Chennai’s top web design and development company offering top-rated service at reasonable prices. Our web solutions are mind-blowing and client-satisfactory. Wanna try? Call us now...

Single Page Application: Say ‘Yes’ & ‘No’

Single Page Application: Say ‘Yes’ & ‘No’

Hi friends, Do you know? many websites in the early days of the Internet comprised of mostly static pages full of content but anticipating limited connections from the end-user. Moreover, as the Internet has evolved in recent decades, several websites have begun to look for ways to communicate with their visitors; providing a more organized and seamless user interface for such interactions. Towards this consequence, IFrames were developed to facilitate the adaptive loading of small content templates without causing a reload of the interactive web page. Promptly thereafter, the Ajax framework was introduced as an improved method of integrating web applications capable of sustaining their present state whilst still interacting with a background server. This ability to dynamically load content and adjust the page state without necessarily wanting of a new page to be loaded led to Single-Page Applications, or SPAs design.

What is a SPA?

A single-page application operates inside the browser and while running it does not need to reload any tab. In reality, daily we use single-page web apps. Don’t you sound familiar with Google Maps, Gmail, Twitter, and Instagram? The outstanding user experience is one of the facts that makes SPAs so famous. 

          Both AJAX and HTML5 can be used to create adaptive or responsive applications. Even, with the help of well-known JavaScript modules such as Angular, Vue, React, and Ember.js, it is simpler to manage the single-page app on the customer side. The user does not have to switch to another page with a SPA as he/she has links to all of the content in one location.

Challenges of SPA

Single-Page Applications often pose numerous problems that Multi-Page Websites developers might not be searching for. One primary interest is the additional added cost; SPAs appear to be slower on initial page load due to their very design, as they require the loading of the system and application code before allowing the appropriate display in the window. In comparison, a network-loaded program will have to send to the browser only the appropriate HTML. The initial page load can be accelerated by caching, synchronization, and as-needed dumb-loading modules, but the speed gap is a slight market-off to be addressed between the two design models.


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What are the beneficial YES’ for SPA?

Indexing & Offline Support

This contributes to the advantage of single-page applications because of their potential to cache any data locally, it can operate offline. SPAs will archive the obtained data to the server upon demand. Later on, the device will be using this data if networking issues occur. Multi-page applications don’t do the same, thus SPAs keep the economy around.

Design Responsiveness & Speed  

Taking a mark off when creating a web site or application for the company is the most essential component. And it’s already in its pending stage somewhere. But, you can significantly boost the loading speed of the website with the aid of the single page application. When they reload only the user’s specific aspect of a request for the content which leads to a smaller payload on the server. It reduces more than double the server load that in multi-page applications emerges as a challenge.

Versatility & Adaptability

One of the greatest things over a single page application is you can always reuse the Mobile App web app code. As I said earlier, SPAs provide users with a dynamic user interface, so they feel like using an app, not a static website. SPA’s designs are also flexible to mobile devices.

Better output & constant UX

When you’re creating a single page web app, you should deal with the user experience that’s going on. As it comes with a straight start, middle, and end resulting in smooth UX with animation effects and multiple transitions. It also improves performance, because it only loads the relevant data.

What are the Drawbacks of Single-Page Application?

SEO Failure 

One big downside of the Single-Page Application was that it provides inadequate SEO. To offer the best SEO services, you’d need to split the web app pages with defined content and for that, we at Valiant Systems, India’s best web design, and development company offers the best-in-class reliable Single-page application at an affordable range. Our web services are exceptional and loved by most of our clients. 

Hope you read my blog (do comment), What you say, SPA, Yes or No???

Educational Application for 20’s Kids

Educational Application for 20’s Kids

The word ‘Education’ is becoming too peculiar and disturbing for many children, as they are being downcasted due to this pandemic situation. Even though technology or economy has come up with many systematic alternatives, a student’s life of going to school, attending classes in a traditional standardized way is no match. Well, today I am going to convey some of today’s occurrence and the source of knowledge that we need to adapt i.e. Education Application

         We all know, how Coronavirus is destroying our livelihoods. Thousands of people lost their job, daily work, so on. The future depending generation is also getting ruined as schools, colleges and Institutes are shut down for more than 2 months.  Parents are worried about the studies and grades of children. On the other hand, the Government and many private sectors have started using virtual classroom sessions for students via school Applications. Though I won’t completely support technology flourishment, during this toughest period, children must gain knowledge in some way as they are the future. AI, chatbots, video learning educator innovations are increasingly empowered.

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It’s true that the battle between tech and traditional schooling system is going to continue. No one can refuse to say the core of education lies in schooling ecosystem where students are sent to school, attending daily school assembly, taking part in sports and extracurricular activities, achieving badges and trophies, interacting with teachers, understanding once emotions, a celebration with classmates, parents-teachers meeting, half-yearly and annual examinations, so on. Those are unbreakable or uncomparable moments of a student’s life. Well, adjusting with the benefits of technology is a must. 

          Using a perfect Educational application from Valiant Systems, one can develop their skills, interact with teachers on video or audio conferences, and open the gate of new possibilities. From Kindergarten to 12th grade, students of today are depending on online schooling platforms where children learn remotely, and the instructions are via live or video recordings. The doubt resolution can be clarified during or after class hours. The school work collaboration system is made smooth, flexible, and effective as the connection between, students, teachers, parents, and school admin are monetized and managed accurately. 

The future educational technology has gained access to learn from anywhere, anytime, globally, or locally. In our schooling days, going out of the classroom during session hours is prohibited but today, all is changing. Interesting but weird isn’t it? The barrier of learning and teaching is performed in one single screen or portal. This ERP cloud-based paperless education system has a unique role or portal for all user kinds (admin, parent, teacher, students). You might think, we are doomed but I feel there is a lamp in today’s darkness. We are prohibited going out, so it’s better to take education one step-closer i.e online. In current days, many schools and colleges have begun to embrace online initiatives.

If you’re one among the thousands, who wish to own an education application for your sector and looking for cost-effective ways, then you are at the right spot. We at Valiant Systems, Chennai’s best web design and development company offers multi-web service to its customers at an affordable and satisfying range. Be the one!

How to build your Ecommerce Website during Lockdown?

How to build your Ecommerce Website during Lockdown?

COVID-19, an unimaginable outbreak virus that flushed half the humanity in a snap. In India, the announcement from the do-not-panic state has completely transformed into a lockdown period of 40 days which started from March 25th, 2020. During this quarantine period acclimated with social distancing and WFH (work from home), businesses apart from pharmacy and grocery are facing tremendous downfalls as local fancy shops, malls, supermarkets, theatres, and many other industries all locked-down. But when local or traditional follow-ups have failed to earn the revenue, many online platforms like BigBasket, Swiggy, zomato, tendercuts, ubereats, etc are earning double the normal range. So, now is the time for many entrepreneurs to build or launch their E-commerce business website or mobile application to serve people and brand your store.  

                Well, according to recent Government updates from the extended lockdown which is till May 3, for certain industries like farming, fishing, giant IT parks, mall, and shopping eCommerce websites (under guidelines with no non-essential), the days will be reduced or come back live from April 20th, 2020. While speaking of, many retailers and local business owners might be thinking, how to move your business forward during this lockdown period and also in short intervals? Today I love to share you some spicy news that is gonna blow your mind in fantasy. We all know our country is under a virus attack with quarantines, social distancing, and travel restriction rules that automatically makes your business fall to ground financially or legally. Understanding how to use this lockdown period cautiously and lighten-up your industry growth is what the magic hides. Continue reading to find how…

            Time to take initial steps to move your brick-and-mortar retail stores into digital online platforms and earn for a lifetime. In recent news updates, it’s spoken that big online shopping sites like Walmart, Flipkart and Amazon are ready to fire thousands for a delivery business, so just imagine how online business is going to heat up our nation in the upcoming years. So, it’s wise to launch or build your own E-commerce website and for assistance, Valiant Systems come in handy offering the best designed and feature-rich websites for any trading service at unbeatable prices. But how to get started? move further …

Build an E-commerce Website

If you want to take your local store online, the first step is online presence i.e. E-commerce website. Start with a domain name registration which is the spotlight where people are gonna find you out. With our assistance, you can easily host a website based on the package of wonderful SEO-friendly features that’ll market your business smoothly n’ accurately. Or if you’re really good with web developing or coding, WordPress allows you the perfect platform to update your skills and bring your business back to life from offline to online. And not just during this lock-down period, even after that, your business is going to shine among competitors. 

Set Social Pages for Business

You are new to online but not offline, so to create organic traffic and turn search engine or google support your side, set up business accounts with Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and start your advertisements. This will surge customers to turn their heads to your website and grow sales. 

*HINT: To know more on how to create a Business-based account on Facebook, read my blog below:

How to create a business Facebook account?

 Shortcut for local retailers

As a local businessman, you might have many customers or clients who shop regularly in your street store. This is your time to take your business to their doorsteps. I bet you have you an android mobile with Whats app in it. Share your newly launched website with your friends, family, and clients informing your online presence. This trick not just attracts them but also their chain connectivities. In this way, your business is to grow widely for sure. For more information and assistance contact us. We’re here to help you 24/7. 

Applications that stay on-demand during COVID-19

Applications that stay on-demand during COVID-19

News Update: The Indian Government has extended the lockdown period till May 03, 2020, (which started on March 25, 2020). From 20th April 2020, certain companies and non-essential online markets and applications are being activated.

The good news is Corona lockdown has opened the golden gates for many online grocery stores, while the bad news is yet to come. Before we start digging into the topic, we all have to know how the nation’s restriction and quarantine are affecting normal or low-class people who run their families on daily wages. But following the government guidance and family pressure, people try to save their hunger-war by certain plans like starting small businesses that stabilize their income staying home itself. Choosing the right business finds the success rate. Now, coming to the bad news, the COVID-19 tsunami not just shook local stores but also many E-commerce industries are being effected hitting massive losses. 

          You may ask E-commerce business are said to be the future and the demand rate goes high. According to research, witnessing many big giants like Flipkart, Amazon, the online retailers have paused their delivery process from march 25th. and now, the government has again announced that non-essential e-commerce companies can also start their business. During this pandemic situation, the industries started hiring 1000s for the delivery process. Also in 40% of online stores, goods are out of stock, while 20% of websites delivery timing is lengthened like 5-6 days or above and delivery partners are unavailable. Taking this as the biggest opportunity ever, online delivery apps like Swiggy, Zomato, Ubereats have started their food and grocery delivery business energetically.  

Likewise, during this lockdown period, people are looking for entertainment sectors to spend their time at home, where in-app purchase channels like Netflix, Tik Tok, Whats app, Hotstar, MX Player, etc are growing higher and higher with millions of download counts. It’s worth an idea, right? Wait-wait-wait…you may ask me, why I’m saying about different fields and importance. Yes! today, having an online presence is essential but without fulfilling the basic needs, you cant stay on the field among competitors for a longer period. 


 You might have got some idea from my above-said perks. Let’s recollect everything…I was talking about grocery, delivery partners, mobile apps, so on, and well, let’s include the pharmacy industry or business too. During and after this corona crisis, these are going to be leading economically proven Businesses. Just like people, even as a human we all are scared to roam outside when corona is still dancing on streets. Looking for shortcuts and doorstep delivery is the only choice, everyone move for. Why not take just online destinations and satisfy customer thirst?

Online Grocery Mobile application: This idea, not just matches startup’s but also local retailers who wish to have an online presence and grow their business out of the box. It may be fruits or vegetable or nut or household items, groceries are a must-needed category for human living. A mobile application won’t cost much as you can double the revenue once you are set on the road to success. 

Delivery mobile application: Like Swiggy, you can run a delivery business which is being the latest trend in India. People are a bit lazy to move out of houses to purchase food, meat, milk, newspaper, or groceries. Having a delivery business connected to retail shops is a wise choice to succeed in life. In a delivery app, you will find many features that let you reach the product right at customer doorsteps. 

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Likewise, you can also go for Entertainment apps like a library or Book application, chat app, recipe or cooking app, music app, and more. This is the time to launch your true potential. Wake up and shine to this World. Valiant Systems is here to help you the best of everything you wish for. We are India’s best web design and development company providing customers or clients the best E-commerce websites and mobile applications tailored with attractive template designs and stunning features that are SEO friendly. Interested? Call us today!

How to choose the best Web Design & Developing Company?

How to choose the best Web Design & Developing Company?

Web design and web development seem to be the world’s most needed dais that turns every business’ success ratings up and down. The creation of web pages, layout, font, and content is known as Website designing. Whereas website development refers to the non-design components of a site such as developing static pages, e-commerce pages, or corporate webpages. According to digital analysis, though design acts as a piece of the website, with the combination of design and development, once B2C or B2B foundation is laid.  

          So, you may wonder why I’m saying this. Well, today we’ll discuss how to choose the right web design and developing company for your enterprise. You may have great ideas to market online but without a proper basement, your sales won’t stay firmly. For that, an aesthetic website is needed. So, before Planning to give your web project to any designer or agency, think twice! Is it worth it? Will the company keep its word?

Ways to choose the best web development company in India for your website project:

When you search online for services, everyone claims to offer the best service providers but are they really worth it? To distinguish the real among fake crowded IT services providers, you must understand the company and analyze whether they will manage your business marketing scale and brand you among competitors. So, today I like to share with you a few tips that will help you choose the best agency for your goal.


Many companies have their own portfolio posted on sites and have a look. If online portfolios are unavailable, ask them to mail you. Observing so will give you a brief knowledge about the firm and its capabilities.

*Be cautious, there are some online service providers who post dummy portfolio’s just to fill their web page.  

Support & Customer satisfaction:

While analyzing the company which you’re about to connect with, make sure they offer adequate guidance and user experience practices for your website. Get in touch with them and talk about their service and identify their work attitude, are they user-friendly, are they using the right technology for the right solution, do their digital marketing and SEO skills go favorable in building your business goals to the next level?

Project Cost:

To prevent frauds, make a clear conversation on the project pricing and extra fees needed from the agency or service providers before signing up a policy agreement. So you won’t be pushed to pay additional fees for add-on or features.

Reviews & Testimonials:

While observing a companies rating, you can get a clear idea about its service quality, responsibility, work time, and customer support. To judge the companies talents, company testimonials and Google reviews are accurate.

          If you feel these points are efficient to you, do share your views with us. With more than a decade of experience and bond of a strong portfolio, Valiant Systems has grown to be the greatest web design and development company in Chennai providing cutting-edge services in and out of the country. 

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