Our commitment to future Web designing

Our commitment to future Web designing

As fascinating as it is as we know, the future of design is not likely to be the way we see it. Technology has made a lot of progress, designs turned from just a pen and paper being a small activity inside large businesses to design-driven businesses with a design-first approach and design thinking with each phase, the way it is processed and seen. The design has altered the way every concern is handled and will change even more dramatically in the prospect. I have several perspectives about how the world of web design will transform, and the challenge is whether we are flexible to respond to this future of design? Valiant Systems help you define your business with advanced features and dynamic designs, performed to design and development your website or mobile application demand. 

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Breakthrough technologies around artificial intelligence are progressing at a crazy rate to broaden the art world and visual designs, but the resources available to designers and the culture of design have not been able to keep pace. And if we’re not willing to accept the transformation and experiment across each task, as designers, it will put a stop to the whole factor. We require web developers and designers who can push the design boundaries and hold a constant emphasis on creativity in design and build solutions that take us to our tomorrow. But our commitment to web designing has satisfied 300+ clients with the utmost success range. 

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Usually, when we are reasonably motivated by the concept’s premises, we stick to an idea and we feel utterly secure with it. We rely overwhelmingly on intuition in the modern world, believing that actions will down the plan. The main mode in this regard has been researching. The crucial thing about innovative things was there was no information to be analyzed yet, then the idea will not be original. 

Understand truth: Build an online store to build an empire

Our current commitment formula is undermined by the absence of data. The concept is probably to be for a new idea: theory lacking facts creates skepticism, resulting in psychological trauma. Deep user comprehension and fast, clear beginning design strategies have often been shown to build better objects for clients. However if those items never make it to market, the design won’t make a positive difference. That is especially a struggle for truly fresh concepts, for which there is simply no evidence of their future prospects.

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Valiant Systems stay on its vision and mission to provide the clients high-quality solution that drives sales and productivity to their business instantly. If you are the one looking to take your business online or will you to improvise your business operation with advanced solutions like ERP, get connected with Valiant Systems, we are India’s best web design and development company. 

So, the future web development is awaiting with technologies like AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality), artificial intelligence, Internet of things (IoT), motion user interface, 3D or 360-degree product viewer, and more. Be in touch with our website blog to know the latest website or Ecommerce trends and insights. 

How Can Web Design Hurt My Business?

How Can Web Design Hurt My Business?

Do you know, your website is the first impression of your business in front of customers. If you lack displaying the best, you may bring in the worse. From a discussion with the Valiant Systems team, I came up that most of the Web designers also speak more about the value of a healthy, user-friendly social media presence, but organizations are still striving to recover the investment of revamping and enhancing the web. 

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A dynamic web design is much more than a popularity mark in the world of today, which is associated with technology. Accessibility, perceptions, and content, or the absence of it, can adversely cut into the profits of a firm. The degradation of your website has real-world implications, but businesses can not fully understand the magnitude of the harm. Today we will have an in-depth explanation of how web design may hurt your business growth and revenue. 

  Will your credibility be hurt by your web design? Yeah. Badly designed can affect your marketing strategies and brand tactics devastatingly. Well, as said prior, a  direct representation of your business is your website. Your name, product or services, and also the attitude of your business can be supported or harmed by the design. Here, I will share a few points that expose that your website will definitely harm your business, check this out.

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Content Strategy

One of the most significant primary drivers for both SEO and improving sales volume is content that is far more high quality and effective. A business blog that generates innovative business should be enough, also to enhance your legitimacy and to maintain your spot on the prestigious first search engine results page (SERPs).

Customer viewpoint:

Users of your website have very high priorities when it comes to functionality. They demand it to adjust to any screen effortlessly, provide enough information should be easy to view and easy to search. 

As such, websites that are accessible have a comparative benefit and expect to make extra income. Websites that are less accessible will lose customers and cost you a fortune. To see whether your site meets the expectations of the consumer, obtain input from your existing and prospective clients.

Slow-loading web pages

A fact about today’s modern Web users is that we’ve had progressively slower reaction times for most, though not all of us. We still seem to be in a rush, and web pages that take longer to load can’t be justified. Optionally, in less than 2-3 seconds, your page must load. You can presume that most of your users will push the search button once they’ve seen the site if it takes longer than 5 seconds for the entire page to appear adequately. 

   There are many design variables that could lead to the slow loading of your website. There might be too many extensions, inappropriate code, or extended photos on your site. It’s easier to take the chance to discuss any bugs that cause a slow load time than to lose visitors to your website due to it.

Website design factors

All recognize that a storefront’s font, design, color, and images (stock images) are an important component of web design, but on sites, we see icons or CTAs used wrongly all the moment. These actually don’t conform to the brand or theme, to basically comprises that look like spam from a search engine perspective. It is advisable to use modern trend-based design flows, to attract current customer glance. 

Wrap Up

Still, your website is lacking that amazing look? Get in touch with Valiant Systems for a mind-blowing website for your business. We design and develop mobile-responsive websites at budget-friendly prices. Interested to succeed in the market, and improve online business outcomes with rich legacy features? Call us today. 

A New Approach to Ecommerce Industry

A New Approach to Ecommerce Industry

Where there is a will, there’s always a way. Why should I use this term today? Today, managing a retail business is a hardcore job. Well, even after owning an Ecommerce website, some people find it hard to manage business growth. Are you the one having difficulty garnering your eCommerce store customers? You have a greater opportunity to get more sales if you can accelerate traffic to the site. But it can be tricky to identify ways to appeal to customers from your shop. And if you’re facing competition against more retailers, things do not get any easier. So, today Valiant Systems comes with a new approach to the Ecommerce industry ringing your doorbells, why not examine it further?

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Not everyone has the same dream to achieve, and what’s must be known is that for every business dream, there is a solution or way to achieve it. How? In the current world, thinking about opening a brick and mortar store is an utter failure. Yeah, look around you, in this techno-indulged world, nor you or I can survive without an online source or smart device. If that’s the case, an online store has millions of plus points to succeed in today’s market. As per market research, apart from various business sectors, the Ecommerce Industry is the most succeeding and profitable business known in the universe. 

     Ecommerce players like Amazon, BigBasket, Meesho, etc have commenced new techniques that attract customers and increase sales rapidly. We all know how the 2020 year has brought chaos and severe business catastrophes. There is a lot of thinking necessary when you’re unfamiliar of online shopping or selling and are trying to venture into ecommerce for the first time. What is needed to bring a new online company off the station platform and into production is not immediately apparent.

BRAND NAMING- You’ll need to settle on a brand name before you begin your e-commerce adventure. The domain name you pick and buy for your website will represent this brand. Literally, millions of blog articles about the brand building are probably posted. If you’ve got the space (and assets) to develop your idea, it is very likely that you may want (or will have) to connect with Valiant Systems to build your platform. 

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DOMAIN NAME REGISTRATION- Do you know, via hosting companies, or domain providers, domain names may even be owned. Several hosting businesses even sell site builder kits of their own, so be equipped to do a ton of work. If you simply want to secure the domain name of your brand at this point, then that’s good. At a later date, you still have the option to switch your domain name to another provider. The stable domain name you want is the key thing at this point.

PERFECT ECOMMERCE STORE- In the form of Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms, off-the-shelf applications, or customized services, a wide variety of e-commerce platforms are open. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Think about the demand you are expecting and how many product SKUs you would have on the platform or online store for your sales orders when choosing a solution.

SSL CERTIFICATION- To secure the network between guests’ web browser and the web server hosting your platform, an SSL certification is issued. There are several SSL certificate vendors. Instead, several hosting corporations take control of the SSL for you, so that you can order it from your web host. Costs differ between providers, and before you can buy an SSL license, you’ll need your domain name licensed.

     Apart from these, social media managing, payment gateways, and other online store features are most expected in a business. Valiant Systems helps you succeed in the market. We offer apt web solutions along with these rich features. Do you want to succeed online? Get connected with Valiant Systems now. 

Track Website Visitors to Reduce Bounce Rate

Track Website Visitors to Reduce Bounce Rate

This is some serious issue, many companies facing while ignoring to manage or redesign Website, ‘increased Bounce rate of visitors on the website’. Never take this matter easily. It may lose all your clients or customers. 

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There are diverse ways to identify that your site has heavy bounce rates. You may ask me, What is the Bounce Rate? The bounce rate is connected with Google analytics for ranking a site, referring to the percentage of the audience leaving your site without making any purchase or taking any action or click or further info browse. It’s a negative impact one must know. Apart from analyzing Google Analytics, you can identify whether you have a high bounce rate or not, check this out. 

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  • You have a low conversion rate and get no clients or customers.
  • You can’t increase website traffic.
  • You are struggling with newsletter subscription and email signups.    

Bounce rate in website

Once you learn to track your site visitors, you start to optimize your web conversion and bounce rates. 


Before I start with how to track visitors, you must understand why people go away from your website. This will really help you with site optimization. 

Do you know? What is responsive web designing?

  • Your website design is old-fashioned or bad looking. 
  • Poor UX or UI.
  • People couldn’t find or meet their expectations. 
  • Your page isn’t informative or interesting to attract. 


Here are a few ways how you can avoid bounce rates. check below!!!

  • Improve your Landing Page, as ‘first impression is the best impression’. 
  • Try Bucket Brigades to your content keeping readers entertained. (For example That made me think…, check this out, survey, quick story, etc)
  • The speed of your landing page matters a lot to improve the bounce rate. 
  • It’s time to remove unused scripts, HTML, or plugins that slow the page loading.
  • Use compressed images.
  • Use eye-grabbing intro contents that make readers stay on-site.
  • Use user-friendly or easy-readable content. 
  • Use a lot of white space, don’t over-insert content. 
  • Use of call-to-action icons.
  • Don’t forget to add Internal Links to pages. 
  • Use of table contents to attract readers. 

Website Heatmaps

Though you work hard to avoid it, there might be some bounce rates. To check that, navigate and login to Google Analytics > landing pages > comparison button. Here you can monitor the red and green tiny bars and try to improve the specific page.    

To improve landing page bounce rate, use heatmap tools. It doesn’t matter what tool you are using. Heatmaps track how people interact, scroll, click, and read content on your site. 

I hope you find this article interesting. For any web design and development services, do contact Valiant Systems. Thank you for your time. 

Tips to improve E-commerce store in 2021

Tips to improve E-commerce store in 2021

We exist in times that are unpredictable. As a global pandemic threatens to alter the way customers live, interact, work, and shop, digital technology is evolving at a furious pace. Without a neat twist, challenge, or obstacle for businesses, not a day goes by, questioning their capacity to modify rapidly to an ever-changing “new reality.” However, where there is an Ecommerce disturbance, there is a chance. Google Analytics forecasts that 2020 will be an e-commerce sales have moved with dollar loss, spent online during the holiday shopping season. And for digitally indigenous retailers, 2021 also promises to be a prosperous year. Many other key developments in innovation and marketing are evolving or have already changed massively, and it is prudent to take them into account as 2020 ends. For the coming year, here are five big retail predictions and why you should pay attention to us. Today, Valiant Systems discusses its Ecommerce solution benefits that are going to cause advantage to the upcoming new 2021 year. 

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For someone who sells online, staying on top of e-commerce statistics and trends is a must. The e-commerce sector is rapidly evolving, particularly when events and phenomena, such as Brexit or the coronavirus pandemic, occur worldwide. The invasion of the coronavirus has driven e-commerce development and order price inflation. In 2021, the move to online shopping in several categories is expected to continue. In addition, more consumers are buying goods from brands practically unseen and have become more interested in digital technologies.

Well, build an online store to build an empire

Now seems to be a perfect opportunity to expand your audience and your product offerings, perhaps. Look for possibilities, particularly around big occasions and holidays, to gain sufficient sales. Consider upselling, cross-selling, and merging of goods.

Know about Ecommerce marketing

 Ranking first on SEO or organic search markets, such as Amazon or eBay or Aliexpress, in organic outcomes, does not bring the best results today. The first organic result may not appear until the middle of the list, or often even closer to the bottom, because of the prevalence of paid advertising. Ecommerce marketing is more than just expenses, but also profits. Marketplace ads have a beneficial effect on product page visits, profitability. They are in particular, very efficient for a simple sales boost. A successful long-term marketing campaign, however, is an entirely different matter. Often sellers have to put in the more promotional effort, with no ad spend, other time goods can sell reasonably quickly.

Do you know? What’s the difference between Single vendor and multi-vendor Ecommerce?

It’s a thing of the past when most e-commerce shoppers were extremely new. Today, online shoppers represent many age groups that should be kept in mind by online retailers as they prepare campaigns, interactions, and advertisements.

Social Media Commercing

It’s a thing of the past when most e-commerce shoppers were extremely new. Today, online shoppers represent many age groups that should be kept in mind by online retailers as they prepare campaigns, interactions, and advertisements.

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The new season wins the deal. Consumers store soon on or are more prone to shop from other social networks through Facebook. When considering when and where to display your product, remember. During peak periods, schedule your major promotions and marketing techniques, but remember they can need to be specific for each platform. And of course, consider other variables, such as demographics or places, in your plan. 

Offer Free Shipping

In the late stages of the online shopping decision, free shipping may be the market requirement source. “Free” is a strong concept: individuals prefer to overestimate products that come for free and compliment themselves on providing a fantastic deal.


So, have you planned to improve your business strategy this year? Still haven’t moved online, Valiant Systems provide you the perfect online store or an Ecommerce platform to sell your physical store products easily and efficiently. Call today and make your deals.

Shocking hidden costs an Outdated Website can bill you!

Shocking hidden costs an Outdated Website can bill you!

Do you know an outdated or old fashioned website can cost you more when it comes to web redesigning task? Here, is the reason why many don’t prefer hanging out with their past memories. 

   Let’s get on with a scenario, once there was a young experience sales executive man named Rajiv, joining a product selling company. Well, I forgot to mention his talent, he was experienced in turning leads into loyal customers. Awesome isn’t it?

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Like other companies, he too was assigned weekly or monthly targets. Somehow he managed by interacting with many prospects and encouraging them to buy their products. During the conversation, every prospect shook their heads, saying ‘yes’ for order purchase. But when days started going, Rajiv noticed that none of the prospects who accepted his proposal showed their head for product purchasing. He was damn confused…so are we. 

    Can you guess what prevented them purchase the goods or products? Was it the method Rajiv approached the customer? Well, I don’t think so, then what? He is well-experienced and polite to handle situations. It’s definitely not a mistake from the sales point. 

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Yes, it’s because of their companies’ dead old-styled website. Let’s say the last copyright or site updated date was in 2000, no design or content changes have been occurred for decades, slow loading pages, no proper shades, or page director to induce sales or customers. Poor Rajiv. Maybe he might have ended his career, due to a company mistake. 

UPDATED COMMENT: If his company had a good web design service team, he would not have the open-gates to spend all money in re-designing yet leading a bad conversion rate. 

What’s true: Without any maintenance, a business website is never meant to be productive for years. There is a time for every website to renovate in style, elements, designs, content, web features, technology, or framework. Here is where Valiant Systems come in handy providing best-in-class website and mobile application for diverse business sectors. Let it be essential or non-essential goods, single vendor, or multi-vendor plan. We have covered you in 360 degrees. 

How to identify whether my website needs a makeover?

  1. Is your website taking more than 3 seconds on loading times? Then it’s time to revamp your tortoise speeded site. 
  2. Your Web-based online store is not screen-friendly when it comes to mobile devices. Valiant Systems offer responsive websites that fit in all screen resolutions.
  3. Is your website framework is comprised of complicated old-aged Codings? We at Valiant Systems work on a technology-driven Python programming language that is successive and SEO-friendly to all business verticals. 
  4. Having a bad user experience website. We offer a well-functional easy-navigational call-to-action button on the landing page and in other respective spots. 
  5. Having too much bounce rates. You need to optimize your website to enhance web traffic and reduce the bounce rate. 
  6. Your website is being hacked. Yes, you heard it right. If you find your customer or business data are missing with spam links loaded, then it’s time to renovate and strengthen the security protocol. We offer a secure web hosting service. 
  7. Your website can’t stand against competitors with dull designs and fonts. 

 Do you know? Why my website should be mobile-friendly?

It’s time to redesign your website from scratch and succeed in business. We’re here to help you. Interested? Contact us today for the best web solutions. 

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