Static Web Designing Advantages

Static Web Designing Advantages

Hey there, let’s start today’s discussion on Static web designing. well…well…well…at first you must know,

What is a Static Website?

To say, there are web pages of set data on a static website. Each webpage is encoded in HTML and portrays every individual with almost the same details. The most basic website template is static pages, and they are the simplest to build. They do not need any Technology innovations or design patterns, like dynamic websites. By actually creating just a few Html files and uploading them on a remote server, is a way a static website can be developed. Owning fixed codes, pages cant be modified until manual programmed by a designer or webmaster. 

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 In order to attract clients, the website is an increasingly essential commercial existence, be it a small or medium-sized business (SMB) or a large entity. Regardless of the size and existence of the company, creating a website has become compulsory for all industries. Our Valiant Systems web design services are suitable for your company to expand locally and internationally in place to ensure your physical infrastructure that is the website. For small businesses, we create an inexpensive and personalized website design that builds brand awareness about your goods and services or customer personal details. 

    Static websites use programming languages like HTML, CSS and it avoid dynamic choices like PHP, Ajax, JavaScript, so on.

     When thinking about the advantages of Static website design, it’s too simple to memorize. 

It’s quick to develop…

It’s cheap to develop…

It’s cheap to host…

    As always, every best product as its defect, likewise, to say about its disadvantage,

A static website might not be too user-friendly.

It needs a designer or webmaster to develop or manage the site anytime. 

    The static price of the website is what attracts most companies because they are able to make big profits and advancements solely because of this form of an inexpensive price. Its price is lower than other website designs, but do mind me saying, it comes with fewer features.

Let’s wrap the talk…

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Since all companies are special and their criteria can be unique, it is up to individuals to decide whether to choose a static or a dynamic website for their company. If you are interested to move to an affordable platform, Valiant Systems, a web design, and development company in Chennai offer you the perfect web solution you always expected for. Anymore question? Why not call us now?

How Grocery Industry transform Digitally

How Grocery Industry transform Digitally

In past days, people walk miles to buy groceries from the market. Later shops were developed in each locality and streets. Well, today, due to technology growth, Groceries are purchased in a single tap right under a four-cornered roof. During these trying times, the grocery industry is redefining itself to satisfy constantly developing consumer habits. Retailers are embracing applications and a multi-channel strategy to provide their customers with outcomes results and pickup-delivery services. 

Valiant Systems, a web design, and development in Chennai, understand that gaining shopper respect and belief entails beyond just offering a product or software. It is based on providing better service to your customers’ specific requirements than your rivals.

   We offer premium grocery delivery applications with built-in rich features (order management, inventory management, payment gateway, Search engine optimization, promotions & marketing, delivery tracking, social media integration, mobile-friendly support, easy checkout, reporting) that leverage users to get noticed in the huge market and stand out. Check out our benefits for your business going online-

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Customize better shopping experience

Potential customers continue to engage with their grocers in unique ideas as they become more acquainted with using applications to accomplish their shopping. Shoppers tend to do little more than pick their preferred grocery shops and attach their loyalty profiles. Most people are asking for features that allow them to customize their experiences online even more. With responsive, reliable, smart UI/UX framework technologies Valiant Systems built the best quality solution reducing cart abandonment rate. 

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Consistency across platform 

You must consider how your customers will use your online, internet, and in-store products in full or in part. Can your customers use your website to collect data and generate shopping lists from the comfort of their own homes or offices? Can they use your app to place orders and pick them up in-store, or will they use it to find and price check products in the aisles? How to actually contribute at key points in a shopper’s cross journey.

Visual Brand Communications

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Valiant Systems discovered that local supermarket products have a similar appearance, feel, and functionality. With reward schemes, exclusive offers, and the overall in-store retail experience, to build brand loyalty. It only means making your app appear as similar as possible to your physical store.

  You’re expressing certain perceptions, thoughts, and desires people already associate with your store by using iconic symbology, colors, fonts, and messaging. To match the standard of excellence your store’s brand portrays, use illustration, custom visuals, and brand elements. For instance, the Online retailer follows the same branding principles as their website. We make your digital interactions feel like quaffing a customized treat inside one of their condos by incorporating images and marketing material.


Beyond technology, no innovation is created and likewise, without a digital presence, your store is incomplete. Considering your grocery business growth, Valiant Systems offers quality services with a digital payment system, an easy checkout process that enhances your customer shopping experience. Let’s grow online, let’s succeed together, Partner with us today to find a difference tomorrow. 

Is Web Designing DEAD?

Is Web Designing DEAD?

With billions of websites currently found, making sure that your personalized web design is recognized for all the real things, is now becoming extremely valuable. Practically every single business has a website today. Well, my question is web designing dead by 2021? Or is there a new path or technology growing in a shady covenant? to check for a new market or its business hours. Now you need to have a broad perspective to ensure that your web design is a perfect roaring success so that you can highlight all the key aspects that your website can have and analyze your effective methods. Website designing is far from dead, in my opinion. The market for Designers is currently at is timely high. The cause some might think the web design sector has diminished is that there’s no similarity between today’s online services as well as those of past times.

Will outdated software affect business productivity

In previous days, for web design and web development, these words were usually used as a descriptor. Fortunately, while these are concepts of current web design, they are not the first ones and perhaps not the most relevant.

    While introducing Valiant Systems, Chennai’s best web design and development company, loves to explain the trend of today’s web design and the opportunities given to businesses to move digitally. Service components like Mobile application, social media, business listing or data entry, search engine optimization, content writing, etc, which plays a major role in online platforms are handle from scratch in our organization. Following we will discuss further in-details about our services and how possibilities are open digitally giving new life for web design or preventing web designing from death. 

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Our UX Design

Without compromising the prime objective of conversion, the UX Design Method defines the best way to fulfill the expectations of the client. All about enabling the visitor to enter the intended goal is the customer experience. If your ultimate aim has not been described, perhaps you might drop the consumer across the journey. As a rule, web design often focuses on the all-around experience of the customer as well as how users can engage. Our solution will help even people with no coding knowledge. 

Our Mobile App Service

Utilizing mobile devices and google assistant, people surf the internet. Years are gone as individuals enter URLs to access a particular website. Currently, several businesses have their own mobile application that is used by their customers. Your apps are simply mini-websites. Fortunately, they need to encourage the same message as all other platforms rather than speaking of them as various groups. We provide both responsive website and sole mobile applications that comprised as Android app and iOS app which gives access to address from anywhere anytime. 

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Our Other Services

Valiant Systems is also expertise in handling social media for your corporation enabling you to expand your brand identity and business sales nation-wide and world-wide.  

When it comes to developing a website or app from scratch, input, or content are usually shared by clients as per their objective. If clients feel their time to be valued or working on content or design isn’t their cup of tea, never give up, Valiant Systems help you with quality content writing services at an affordable range. 

Why are you still waiting, time is precious, each second you think, a businessman is succeeding in the market? Get in touch with our experts today and go online. Never imagine, web designing dead because, we have just begun our show. 


Is Website your Personal Branding Choice?

Is Website your Personal Branding Choice?

Have a dream of making the world better? To transform the universe, you don’t need a lot of gobbledegook. To achieve that, you have to get the right tactics and abilities. Most do this through research, some through ideology; you can do so via your own tactic of personal branding. Today, a brand is still required. A personal brand starts and finishes with the individual who triggers it. You have some kind of idea, the one with the strategy, the one with the vision. Put together your ideas and form your very own identity. Valiant Systems is here to turn your dreams into reality with a stunning website as your personal branding choice. 

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     What do you mean by the term implied in this blog PB? Personal branding applies to the target audience’s method of building your very own persona. It requires discussing what you give to your clients, your principles, priorities, and, of all, what your intention is. If you are interested to run a business and expand to earn revenue and gain a wide audience, the online or digital world is the only stage to showcase the skills. having a website personally improves your self-branding and reputation. 

What are the advantages of the website being a personal branding option?

     In addition to personal branding, there are several advantages. You have the power to make major decisions on how individuals view you when you take ownership of your own real profile. Apart from the brand of your company, a personal brand is all about your character, what you’ll do and what you drive from. You are basically adding a backbone to the company’s face.

How to- Minimize daily business stress running a website

     Website is the only source of marketing lottery where you can connect and expand business operation worldwide. And with a responsive online store designed by Valiant Systems, now it is possible. 


The greatest obstacle that you’ll face is demand after setting up your brand. With this dream, you’re not the only one. You’ll need something which sets you apart in order to stay ahead of the competition. Pick your attributes and demonstrate them via your own branding. Reveal and use your individuality. You are recognizable. Also, the brand ought to be exclusive. That variance is your business model. Now you might have known about the importance of owning a website for business. 

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Stay ahead of competitors with some extra effort of technology attracted turning your brand the most reputed and successive one. Go great, go online with Valiant Systems support. Call us today for the best website services

How to develop a profitable mobile app?

How to develop a profitable mobile app?

Seems a tricky topic to hop on with… Being a blogger, it is significant to explain businesses and the deserving solutions that help them compete in the digital world. The App Store and Google Play are now packed with talented teams developing hundreds and thousands of applications, attracting massive investment. And the user has changed, well they can pay much attention only to the product introduced to an enlightened future, since we could use even relatively substandard applications for years decade ago, for lack of quality equivalents. 

   Let’s continue reading to understand more about the trending technology and the purpose consumers are more interested in mobile devices and mobile shopping rather than a website or physical store purchase. 

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The growth of applications is really about rendering our IT-driven world a happier place. It is about earning millions too. Today, this range is one of the most lucrative, so everybody is trying to get into the app market. Your app can, indeed, often turn to be far less profitable than you expected. While there can be several explanations for that, the root of the deficiency is always a low-income app niche and an inadequate revenue generation framework.

   The mobile app is now a prerequisite for a company to remain successful in this dynamic environment in order to thrive in a slashed industry. It was the only explanation why, via mobile apps, most companies are becoming available. These apps are extremely useful for consumers and are able to build lengthy ties with the company’s growing prominence. Companies need to advertise their product, in which most consumers spend their social time on smartphones, to turn a profit. Today in this blog, let’s check out how Valiant Systems helps us develop a profitable mobile application. 

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  1. We define your goal

   The user interface frame of a consequent app will evaluate the status of a product or facility. An effective, evolving design is used by companies that are positioned as entertaining. Funkier craftsmanship might be deemed by more significant or advanced businesses. 

   It is important to set requisites from the get-go and determine the goals your company intends to attain with a mobile app. As a developer, the overall appearance of the app is often taken into account. It will provide the design phase with a framework. Coming up with ideas for a color scheme, number of pages and the main theme will launch the conceptual design.   

  1. Focus on features

Usability is a crucial factor in a mobile application’s development. Consequently, it is vital to the success of the app to pick the right features that give the app’s perceived value in a good challenge. Other features can also enhance the experience of users, such as the capacity to work offline, legitimate communication. Based on the business category, features vary. 

  1. Keep the app open to customer usage

Ensure you include what is needed when you create your mobile app. Users are not followers of advanced functions and designs. So make it quick and clear. For instance, it is totally needless to ask shoppers for their date of birth or their favorite color at the checkout, because it can prevent them from submitting the final order transaction. 

  1. Enhanced customer support

Customers and companies have been able to associate greater heights in the performance of their market with the incorporation of CRM with the social media network. Therefore, smartphones allow clients to deal with consumer problems and take a positive hand in strengthening customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Promoting a business isn’t a piece of cake, it needs perfect strategy and motivation to level up and start succeeding. We design and develop the ultimate app solution defining your business functionality with advanced features. Do you want to build an app from scratch? Call us today, we are proud to serve you better.

Benefits of having an Ecommerce mobile app

Benefits of having an Ecommerce mobile app

Ecommerce is typically an expansion of a physical store that handles online business transactions. More and more individuals have access to the internet with the advances in technology, and smartphones are perhaps the most widely used devices to reach this even.

     With this growth in the development of e-commerce, many firms have influenced the attitude of online shopping. Mobile e-commerce is gaining even more traction in that sense. One of the key reasons that attract users is the flexibility that mobile e-commerce provides by making you shop for something, everywhere. It seems that a specialized mobile app falls into the frame.

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In this blog, Valiant Systems will explain the benefits of having an Ecommerce mobile application for business and the plus points to maximize productivity and reduce stress. Let’s continue reading…

    They all have a mobile screen attached to their hands and appear to be an important part of the lives of people. They use it to check for details, check the news, stay on top of their daily activities, and buy. For a company owner, this is a place where you can spend. In the day-to-day life of a customer, they have to recognize the importance of such apps. It has come to a point where it would not be sufficient to have an e-commerce website operating. It has become important to provide a specialized mobile app for this e-commerce store to fulfill its mission.

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Here, we will raise out few benefits of mobile Ecommerce app:

  1. Enhanced conversion volume

Statistics suggest that more products than a search engine are accessed by users on a mobile app. They even assign more goods to their carts and decide to buy more than they did before using a smartphone app. For the company, this is still good.

  1. Stand ahead of competitors

A mobile app could make the customer bend against purchasing from you if a consumer is confused between your website and the marketplace of a rival. The majority of the big players are in the battle. So the faster you get on the road, the quicker it’s going to be to attract attention from people.

  1. Customer Shopping experience

The secret to generating revenue is interactivity. Customization is pushed to the next level through mobile applications. You may create usability based on their tastes as well as their buying history because it is an e-commerce platform. By monitoring their browsing habits, you can give suggestions. This degree of interactivity can be accomplished on a mobile app instead of a website, where a customer would not have signed in, but maybe just browsing, as a customer will be logged in to an app at all times. This can be paired with push notifications to confirm that tailored text messages, based on their interests, can be delivered to customers.

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  1. Improvised marketing/promotion strategy

Consumers prefer to tap on push alerts these years and more quickly access a smartphone app than a site. It’s been noticed that 70 percent of consumers switch on push notifications while emails are opened by just 30% of consumers.  This really suggests that it is easier to direct customers to your e-commerce app, a large portion of that marketing budget can be devoted to pushing alerts. The user only has to click on it when a push notification appears on the home screen of your mobile device and it is directly whisked off to the mobile app. For emails, this isn’t the case. A recipient does not even read a promotional email on several occasions. That’s all advertising money wasting.

  1. Reduce cart Abandonment level

Shopping cart abandonment is one of the big challenges faced by e-commerce companies. Mobile e-commerce applications make the entire process of checking out simpler. If a customer has used the app once to purchase something, his preferences are saved. This makes sure that in just a few taps, the purchase process is complete. The smaller steps in the checkout process, so less abandonment of the shopping cart. That directly increases the rotation rate of your business. 

Why my website should be mobile-friendly?

So, do you feel your Ecommerce store needs a mobile app to help you serve better? Get in touch with Valiant Systems for the best quality Mobile application with ultimate usability at an affordable price. 

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