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Must-Know UI and UX design Variance’

Must-Know UI and UX design Variance’

  Welcome to the Valiant Systems Blog page, this is your friend DM conversating. After posting these many blogs, I’m sure, you’re aware of my point of view. My mission is to guide my friends to gain a rightful place in the digital World. Whether you’re selling or buying product and service on websites and social media platforms; some doubts based on design, marketing and SEO seems frequent. For such hunger souls, our blogs serve as the ultimate-sausage pieces gaining success in marketing growth-goals.

      So, today I like to share some differences between UI (User Interaction) and UX (User Experience) designs which are globally accepted. For many high school mojos, designing field seems to be an interesting career path. But before being expertise or pro, one must know the difference between the two sides of the coin. This blog is not just for students but also for the business masters who must understand the idea of designing and the various protocols that help them plan on certain marketing or business strategies.

      Well, UX and UI are relatively new website design business standards and are often misinterpreted. To help you determine the difference between UI and UX design, I would like to elaborate on these acronyms. To say in short, the overall feel of a website is referred to UX or user experience (UX example: User testing, data analytics, prototyping, collaboration, site mapping, and user satisfaction), whereas the design and tools performed into website is meant as UI or user interface (UI Example: Action button, output device, tools, input device, visual design, content and user controls).


    Previously I might have explained to you the importance of a website in the current business world. Likewise, you must also know the equal importance of design playing in the global marketing field. The appearance and interactivity are the subjects of UI design. The design of the user interface requires anything that emphasizes or checks the look of the design, feels interactivity, animation, responsiveness, adaptation to all types of devices and implementation with a developer.

 UI’s basic design features help users access the web intuitively, understand the value of your service or goods and make choices. It is responsible for the development, analysis, content, and layout of the product and for making it attractive, sensitive and easy to navigate user experience.

 If you feel, your website needs an alternative UI design format, join Valiant Systems, Chennai’s leading web designing company that provides the best quality key functionalities that catch the user’s attention vividly.

UI UX design differences

UI UX design differences


  Let’s start with the other side of the coin. UX design- the bridge of understanding lining a user and the company. The key component of the UX design that sets it apart from the UI is the focus on creating a positive environment while meeting the needs of the user. Every decision is made with the experience of the end-user in mind including their expectations, feelings, and reactions to the product, program, or service of a business.  

  Your UI design is often a major determinant of whether a user becomes a loyal customer or leaves your platform to a competitor. It’s all on the developing stage of a website such as a competitor and a customer analysis, Co-working UI designers and developers, wireframing and prototyping, user testing, content research, improve user interaction and tracking goals.

Hint: Use of engaging elements such as typable inputs, clickable items, scrolling or dropdown menus and call to action are likely to increase website or traffic conversions and succeed in your marketing strategy.


    If you feel my blog seems informative, do hit your comments. Well, if you have further doubts about marketing, do share your thoughts, so I may have some ideas to write on my next blog. Follow us (Valiant Systems) on social media platforms to gain tricky ideas for your business.

Free Image sites every web designer loves to hear

Free Image sites every web designer loves to hear

Free Images! Yes, you heard it right. For every designer searching images for a blog or website content or ad post or banners or various projects for photoshop is like selling their brain. A hectic job revolving around all UI/UI editors.But the good news’ is that, we have found a solution for your sufferings. In today’s digital world, you will find various image sourcing apps that help you get 1000+ images at no cost. Imagine… FREE! Posting many blogs a day is made simple. You don’t have to wait till weekend finding images suitable for the project or content title or you don’t have to hear shoutings from your boss for delay in submission. With the help of these mind-blowing image sourcing tools complete your work elegantly.

Valiant systems, the premium web designing and developing company also help you with stunning websites designed with eye-catchy images or minimalist animature posts.



You might be confused reading such weird titles, but trust me. It’s worth a try. Don’t let your hardwork end badly. Try some tricks to conquer your designation and move up in career. Well, it’s top-secret…shhh.Pexels is  a free sourcing app that allows everyone to search and upload images. Once you start browsing the site automatically helps you search relevant topic images, themes, locations, expressions, etc.This app is most familiar among web or mobile app designers because of its cluster of collections. Pexels is also one among the apps that provide space images directly from NASA, so quality is never an excuse to make.


Commercial or personal projects, Freerange helps you out. Complete your registration and start your search for high-resolution 20k+ stock photos. This site is also named for its vintage stock photos.


Compfight is the search engine for Flickr. This site contains a huge volume of images then compared to the world’s human population. Interesting isn’t it? You can filter images using title or keyword. Once you select the image from comfight, the site redirects you to flickr, where you find options of image sizing and downloading.


An amazing free image site featured from the hard work or donation of talented photographers pro. Once you sign in, you are allowed to create your own album. You don’t have to applaud anyone for such a high quality image because credit automatically goes to the image donations.

Icon Finder:

I’m damn sure, you don’t just need an image or text for creating or hosting a website, icons are also a must. To find icons of various designs suiting all social media platforms like WordPress, Facebook, Instagram, etc, I recommend you ‘IconFinder’. the search filters available in this site, helps you differ via size, background color and license type. Have a try.


The title itself wins your search idea. If you are looking for stock images, then this must be the perfect app site for you. Stock.xchng has nearly 500k+ free stock images offering every search option with results.

 So, What do you think about the blog I have written today? Is it informative to you? If you agree, do comment. Also view our website Valiant systems for any query regarding designing or developing, we’re there for you.






Web designing MYTHS that may confuse you!

Web designing MYTHS that may confuse you!

There is a well-known phrase saying, “Don’t assume everything you hear to be true or real. Never witness something without knowing the facts hidden behind the walls.” Do you know why the phrase says so? Because making any such conclusions could end up being dry with no point of view.

       You may be thinking, why did I start my blog with no sense, right? Chill…behind every word there’s a fact, likewise today I would like to share about the myths of web design that has been struggling and confusing most of the business persons for the past several decades.

      Very well, where can we start? You know, myths have become such an inseparable part of our lives since childhood that what you do doesn’t matter, there are always other myths associated with it. Likewise, the online world is given no exceptions. Web designing or so called internet design is today’s trending art that attracts all. From past years, many talk about this subject (web design and development), passing over myths and indeed some facts. After serious consideration of this matter, I thought I would share some giving everyone an open-minded view.


3-CLICK access rule:

  Have you ever heard about the unofficial term “3-click rule”? This mythological term refers to the visitors leaving your site unless the relevant information is found within three mouse clicks.

           Though this myth is to be popular, according to my fact, even if the visitor is not interested in your site or if he / she finds the searched information, it is not possible to leave a site in just three mouse clicks because all sites vary. It is true that web designers follow the 3-click rule but will manage the usability stay timing through search tools optimized for results, well-labeled links, creating task paths wrapping the users inside the network and letting them closer to their information.

People read all web CONTENTS

     It is true that people want answers for their doubts but it doesn’t mean they want loads of content. Inserting your website with tons of content will only irritate your viewers. You are not writing any novel or book, so make them short and sweet. Designing your site with bright vibes and posting eye-catchy contents are great ideas.     

(You may also interest in reading: WHY DO YOU NEED QUALITY WEB DESIGN AND SEO SERVICE)

HOMEPAGE is important

       Longback, even myself believed that homepages were essential but days are long gone. Time has changed, homepage is important but it doesn’t mean visitors only want the homepage to be attractive. To search for answers they may scroll down the sites and finally navigate back to homepage. So my view is that, homepage is important but also concentrating your design works equally to all bring more SEO rankings.

Avoid WHITE SPACE junkies

   Many dare say to avoid white space in websites like space between images, columns and text as the visitors overlook and start neglecting the page. But the fact is that, white spaces give an elegant glimpse to the web page and automatically increase page views.

MINIMALISTIC design is the latest trend

        Today, minimalistic trends seem to be the latest and widely used. but this ideology doesn’t suit every website kind as their site will be filled with multiple elements to drive viewer attention. Well, you can use minimalistic designs in places like white space.

     If you feel these 5 web design myths inspire you, do comment. If you like to renovate your website with trending and innovative tech styles, contact Valiant Systems for premium web design and development services and offers for your personal and business website.

Mistakes to avoid in E-commerce web designing

Mistakes to avoid in E-commerce web designing

Hi there! today I would like to share some of the pin-points or mistakes  found while designing an Ecommerce website for my online store. Hope it might be useful for you.

Well, hearing the word Ecommerce or online shopping site, what comes to your mind? Is that Amazon or Flipkart or Ebay or  Myntra or some other shopping online sites? yeah! I’m right. To say, the term E Commerce has become the most phenomenal trend of the 21st century, concurring a top spot in the marketplace. Ecommerce sites define the online area or place where you can buy or sell any products or services anytime or anywhere. For such e-sites, web design plays the major role.

Wait there, I know you all might be having a multi-million dollar question raising in your mind, ‘how can web design be so important in an online shopping site?” 

So, now as you know the fact for “why you need a website?”, I will share with you the views of why designing plays a vital role in the website family. Well-designed UI or user interface for a website mean something. Having all features and a responsive design relevant to the latest technology that is consistent across browsers will boost a website’s search engine ranking, contributing to audience growth. It may be a UI or UX designing, designers analyse the site and identify over the issue acting as a problem-solving solution. Such a service is also offered by Valiant System to its customers satisfying their requirements.

In my previous blog, I have mentioned saying, A Web design decides your business’ success and failure ratings.”

 However when your website growth is high and web pages-in detailed are more, designing section may find it difficult to perform. Following I have mentioned a few mistakes web designers face and should be avoided while designing an Ecommerce platform.

 Follow the art-of-sale

In this UX world, persuasive design has made its debut. This approach makes the end users think ‘what’s next’ and drives them to explore further on site. Following the conventional eCommerce design standards, from the top-right corner till contact details such as text, typography, image or video will make the user shopping experience ideal.

 (Hint: If you use this strategy too much, visitors may get annoyed and skip to different website)

Images displayed 

I have heard from many successors’ speeches, “It’s your picture that works the magic of sale”. It’s 100% true, each word compels the user to stay longer but only the apt picture urges them to buy the service or product. Include high-quality images to catch the user’s attention.

(Hint: You may also use Multiple images to give product information in depth to visitors.)

Wishlist & related products display

Every businessman’s main intention is to sell the products and earn revenue. When you are sure to sell a customer with one product, why don’t you pinch him to buy another. Let him know that customers have also buyed products like so and so, offer related products.

 When it comes to wishlist, no customer is going to buy your product at a single glance. He/she needs to cross-check with similar products and go for the best suited one. For that, the wishlist option is essential. Add-up wishlist functionality with a plugin like GoCommerce for great results. 

Use of Plagiarized design

Not just a website needs plagiarized content or unique content, they also need a plagiarized design. Copying and using another site’s entire image, will create a bad impression over the eCommerce site such as negative reviews which will automatically be noticed by Google reducing search engine ranking.

(Hint: Inspire a popular site and create unique designs. There are solutions that offer cloned site models like amazon clone or limeroad clone or snapdeal clone. if you want one, Contact Us)

Responsive design checker

 Finally, it is important to cross-check your website from various electronic sources because not every customer uses chrome or bing or yahoo through smartphones. Make sure, your site is responsive and speedy while browsing from laptops, desktops, mobile phones, iPads, etc.


So, if you are committing any of these mistakes in your online shopping site, then it’s time to renovate. Need any help? Join with us now! helps you fix your errors and bugs. Give us a missed call or chat with us, our 24/7 support team will connect with you shortly. Do share your views in the comment section shown below. 

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Why do you need quality web design and SEO service?

Why do you need quality web design and SEO service?

       Why do companies hire a professional or agency to design and develop websites? Is that to achieve more positive feedback from clients or increase website branding to rank high in google?  Well…from my point of view, I vote for both. Every online business needs a unique, high class, customer-friendly website and on the other side, well-managed marketing dias is a must.

Importance of web design

    If you have a company but you don’t have a website, then you’re probably losing a number of great business opportunities. Web creation or development refers to the research involved in developing an online website (World Wide Web). Web creation can range from creating the simplest single-page static plain text to sophisticated web-based internet software for electronic companies and social networking services.   

  [FACT: Website design can either build or destroy the company SEO you are trying to commit.]

          Are you scared of the term? Well, it’s true! This actually makes a difference when it comes to how your target audience sees your company or service. That automatically transforms them into your clients. As such, crafting a website design with an excellent UI (user interface) would lead to a much higher conversion rate, leading to better sales and revenue.

Below are a few key points dealing on how a website becomes an asset to a company.

  • Visual elements & Content

Your website should be like a diamond to the audience, unique and eye-catchy from all sides and pages. For that choosing an ideal font and typography is a crucial aspect of web designing. Likewise overdoing elementary designing and content add-ups won’t bring a positive look rather than a messy glance.

  • Navigation

If your website has various sliders or pages, a navigator bar is essential, letting the user/visitor explore all pages and come back to the homepage or the place from where he started. Create an attractive yet simple navigation setting.

  • Brand Uniformity

 This seems quite weird. It is usually heard that every business or company has it’s own logo. But it is also must-known to have the logo element integrated in all web designing images or banners or posts. This doesn’t add any source of revenue to your pockets, but will increase brand recognition level within the community.

Importance of SEO Service

Importance of SEO Service

Importance of SEO Service

Hope you have used Google or another name called as search engine. It is true that search engines like google, yahoo and bing have been voyaging with us daily. 

         Well coming to the point, to form an online presence, many business masters have launched websites. What’s the next plan after building a site? Yes, marketing is your next strategy. Gone are the days, when we use digital marketing as a source to purchase and sell products. Currently, it is used as a source of interaction, business branding, website branding, entertainment, etc. For social marketing services, Search engine optimization (SEO) is implemented to thrive traffic to websites in organic or paid search manner. There are two types of SEO strategies that grab targeted audiences.

On-page optimization – Keyword analysing, maintaining meta tags and description, web content, internal linking, URL optimization, fix broken links.

Off-page optimization – build quality backlinks, website promotion.


      Web developing and SEO servicing may sound like a “scary” process. But what if I’ve given you access to the world’s most advanced but simplistic website platform? Here at Valiant System, we take pride in being a technology company and we are the market leaders in the web designing and marketing field. By choosing us, your website will run officially in no time. To know more about our service, request us for a demo

2020 Trend: Big Ideas need Best Web designs

2020 Trend: Big Ideas need Best Web designs

         Web design…what does it really mean? To say…just like an architect who plans to build a house framing layouts and color scheme. Likewise, for a website a web designer collects ideas and creates a site plan based-on-purpose such a home screen page, service page, contact detail page and so on. This process of creation is known as web design by which customers or users can access through web browsers. Web design elements consist of layout, fonts, color, graphic (photos, icons, logos), and content (ads and text). Usually, designers with creative skills and strong knowledge of current technologies create the best design targeting the audience’s expectations. 

          Let’s say, not all years turn to be hanging over the same design trends. Based on the latest ideology, designers update the website structure and ergonomics (visual aspects). As a whole, all such UI/UX (interactive features) skills fall under the umbrella of a web development meeting the goals of the organization. Mastering the principles of design and development Valiant system, the best website design company in Chennai helps your business website appear incredibly unique online with elegant designs and outstanding topographies strengthening digital communication.  

It is no surprise that every website owner is familiar with the importance of web designing. But knowing the latest trend is essential to go higher among competitors. Moving in the market with a successive goal, ‘Your ideas are our concept’, we tend to showcase the top functional designs trends that you may implement on your site.

 MICRO ANIMATIONS (Micro-interactions):

         In today’s digital environment, site interaction or brand animations are widely contributed exposing a powerful message through small motion icon designs. For such digital products or services, you need an interaction designer who can think in a business-centric and human-centric manner. As web designs are persistently evolving and developing, micro animations are surely a surprising idea for website visitors.   


             Nowadays, Artificial intelligence or machine learning and AR (Augmented Reality) is having a great impact on web designing trends programming the ability to learn and think such as reshaping future technology on its own. Artificial design intelligence (ADI) accomplish human tasks according to the inputs received. For example, E-commerce sectors have started executing AI technology in their application as chatbots, voice search, live chats and so on. 


               The rise of broadband has opened the growth path of web developing applications to an exceptional rate. Marketing your website products with minimal or plain background coloring schemes are no longer a trend. The year 2020 has brought in a burst of bold eye-catching shades motivating the customers to browse deeper. This psychology color technique has added great advantages to some of India’s leading online shopping zones.   


                  Passing over evergreen or black n’ white typography line art, next comes the modern yet hot compacting design look replacing the old trend. This type of cosign collaboration enhances the story with a visual concept combined with 2D illustrations trimming a few sides of the actual image. This design pattern seems familiar among most of the celebrities’ websites.  

   Likewise, there comes material design and split-screen layout trends leaning a huge weight over the web developers to create a responsive and visually attractive website. 

       So…after reading this blog, if you’re willing to redesign or create a new website, then contact us. We at Valiant systems constantly help you open-heartedly to modify your site with whatever design style you prefer. Our web design and development company in Chennai offers high tech, mind-blowing visual and user-friendly websites at unbelievable prices.

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