Why developers adore Agile Software Development?

Why developers adore Agile Software Development?

Software development is one of the hardest and successful projects executed by the Valiant Systems team with proudness and customer satisfaction. So, today in this article, we are going to check some of the coolest agile software development programs we encountered recently and their importance in the industry. 

   Software development life cycle is a form of optimization approach that envisions the need for mobility and imposes practicality to the end customer. Since it focuses on the clean distribution of individual pieces or sections of software rather than the entire application, agile software engineering entails a cultural change in many businesses.

   Are you thinking about a custom application for your business? Well, we have more such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Human Resource Management System (HRMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRMS), Custom Ecommerce, Custom mobile application, custom solution, Loyalty/Reward program, Accounting Management, GST Billing Software, QR code ordering system, trading platform, Learning Management System (LMS), and more. Why do you think, suits your interest? 

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The agile software development methodology is based on a similar principle. Software engineering improvement is a continuous process in which teams of Business Analysts, Designers, and Developers coordinate with the client’s appointed “Team Leader” to determine that the concept, value proposition, and customer objectives are achieved.

Benefits of Software Development & that’s why our Developers adore!

The movement is founded on the underlying aim of making product design more straightforward. Agile helps teams adapt to uncertainly by empowering them to collect input and quickly respond through gradual, adaptive work.

  • Early and continuous software delivery ensures customer loyalty. 
  • Adapt to evolving requirements as they arise during the development process. 
  • Running software is delivered on a regular basis. 
  • Working software is the most important indicator of success. 
  • Agile methodologies allow a constant rate of growth. 
  • Agility is improved by paying attention to technical details and design. 
  • Simplicity is the key. 
  • Great frameworks, specifications, and concepts are encouraged in self-organizing teams. 
  • Reflections on how to become more successful on a regular basis.
  • Throughout the project, company partners and developers interact. 
  • People need to be supported, trusted and motivated. 
  • Make face-to-face encounters possible.

Your project result or product is based heavily on customer feedback. As the project progresses, the Scrum Master has the authority to adjust goals and control the budget, resulting in software that is implemented faster while addressing consumer needs more accurately.

Recap- What to say!

   While this is a highly successful technique, it might not be the best choice for every firm’s software development challenges. Risks in the project must be defined, evaluated, and counteracted, and the implementation strategy must be adjusted accordingly. 

   As agile software development feels right, businesses can use it to bring high-quality software quicker to market and with better flexibility and budget-friendly. Why are you waiting still? Discuss your business challenges with us, own amazing software for your online business and succeed with high gaining profit in the market. 

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Call Valiant Systems today and have a cup of coffee with us, be clear on your goals, and move for it. We stay as your backbone in the digital environment.

How to get your App featured on Playstore?

How to get your App featured on Playstore?

Why are we actually talking about mobile applications in this article, well, all our previously discussed ones are obviously gamechanger, how about this? Valiant Systems is completely experienced in building mobile applications for more than 300 clients globally and mainly in Indian and Canada. With some of our best experiences, I side by did some more studies with my technical team regarding an application getting a feature on Google play store or apple store, or app store. So, here are some of our tips, that we like to share with our comrades, do read and edit your application based on them. For app revamping or new app development, consult our Valiant Systems team, we are a well-positioned mobile app development company from Chennai, India.  

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When it comes to USER EXPERIENCE, pay obscene amounts of attention to detail. 

   From head to toe, Apple is a design-driven business. The design does not only refer to the visual aspect of this sense, as is often misunderstood. It’s all about the User experience. That means you must pay close attention to all your user’s experiences when using your app. Many of their senses have been heightened. All of their perceptions must be stimulated by perfection and enthusiasm, and their understanding must be flawless.


Take note of how the most recent iOS update appears and tailor your software to fit in- Is it bright? Is it cartoony? Is it serious? Is it amusing? Is this anything serious? Is it still the same? Is it dynamic or static? , and do the elements have a rounded shape? Are they nimble? , how can you characterize it?

Follow current trends- Make sure your mobile application is creative, well-exposing your business products with the best designs or technologies used on running-trend. that will really inspire millions of customers and will surely be game-changing for your business in customer view and play store. Being artistic is one step further to try! 

Touch with confidence and rest be clean- Always keep your UI/UX design simple, attractive and mainly avoid too much elementary stuff that destroys your screen visuals and don’t make any further mess. Stay simple with hit too bright or dark confidence shades. 


When it comes to adding or the need for sound in your mobile application, the question here that arises is that ‘is it really required?’

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Do my users love to hear some mini sounds? Sound- simply powerful and accurate when used at the right angle. It has the power to bring a new dimension of reality into your imaginative world. The person who listens to some tunes while swiping the screen or clicking a button in the background brings a level o extra concentration to the item sold in the market.  

What level of opposition can be expected- Not all will be good listeners to new technologies or trends. 7 in 15 will oppose your move, being more professional in the industry. Customers in the workplace want to check an application more quietly and smoothly. The levels of user experience do take a troll. So many avoid sounding in their project or solution. 


Bugs-free- Having minimum bugs or errors in mobile app increases customer satisfaction rate. We at Valiant Systems, not just design and develop, we undergo quality assurance testing for the incoming projects before launching in the play store. 

Simple & Intuitive- You may have an Ecommerce app, online ordering and delivery app, tutorial app, online gambling app, trading app, etc, but keep it all simple and user-friendly matters a lot. We use exceptional UI/UX app features for your online business. According to app development guidelines, an app can have unlimited products to sell, but minimum pages, few taps, few swipes, and more eye-catchy. 

  • Create Mobile App for iOS & Android models to cover 100% of audience volume. 
  • Have a few hundreds of downloads within the first month of the app launch, which indicates your future business success. 
  • To make your app more popular, make sure you publish on multiple platforms and market well. 

So, what do you think of owning a mobile application in the current situation and go one step higher than competitors? Call Valiant Systems, your one-store for mobile application development at an affordable price. More sales, more customers, more products, more of you to express! Are you ready?

Amazing Mobile Commerce App development

Amazing Mobile Commerce App development

While talking about online shopping, the only term that comes to our mind is Ecommerce. E-commerce applications are just the fashion, no question what niche of e-commerce you aim at these times. 

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And it’s not possible anymore to have a responsive website. Apps have become a vital necessity for large businesses or retail outlets, with online shopping moving to smartphones. Nowadays, Ecommerce agencies like Valiant Systems have opened great opportunities for traditional shops to move online eliminating time, price, business complexities, etc. 

   Very well, the beating heart of e-commerce is mobile, with interactive motions such as swipe, tap, and zoom removing a nice stroll down the high street. B2C or B2B, the transition to mobile is occurring right already, and it is more important than most to add a mobile e-commerce app to your platform portfolio. Because if you’re new to the development of e-commerce mobile apps, it’s challenging to understand the issue.

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With features such as barcode scanning, chatbots, omnichannel, one-click checkout or purchase, search filter, geo-location services, gestures, offline access, push notifications, messenger integration, touch login and mobile wallet integration, marketing, and promotion integrations,  and other proven strategies for unified communications optimization, profits driving, and loyalty establishing, Ecommerce and mobile commerce solutions are widely chosen, globally.

    Usability is the greatest strength mobile commerce has around e-commerce. As often as our laptop, so the customer can buy anywhere or wherever, including when at a retail store holding in a checkout aisle. The three greatest market advantages of mobile commerce-

Advanced shopping experience

A fully functional website for mobile shopping or a mobile app offers consumers a simple and easy customer experience, easier than they’d get in reality, directly on their device.

Better communication

Mobile commerce enables push alerts to be delivered directly to the phone of your customers, which is with them at certain times. Shoppers will be alerted about new product releases, deals, and more through push notifications or mail pop-up notifications. Better customer support is also offered in Ecommerce and mCommerce solutions.    

Improved page loading speed

The loading speed of applications or websites should be one of your primary concerns when enhancing your mobile business. Page authority speed helps to increase productivity and helps boost organic search results for your page. Start by standardizing image sizes, strictly adhering to basic image formats such as JPG, PNG, and GIF, limiting the cookie size, and evaluating your cache settings to improve your page speed.

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Wanna kickstart your business with a mobile solution?

For entrepreneurs or small business players, mobile commerce provides countless opportunities. Now seems to be the moment to motivate customers to buy your products online on their mobile devices by designing responsive sites and apps that are convenient to use. We at Valiant Systems offer the best mobile commerce app development solutions for sellers at the best price and quality of satisfaction. For more details on Commerce features and discuss business vision in depth. 

Mobile App today’s business necessity

Mobile App today’s business necessity

The world’s gone wireless and so there seems to be a high demand for mobile application development. Throughout this digital age, not just in our everyday lives, but also in the business world, mobile apps play a big role. Numerous small firms have their own specialized applications too. In the industry influential. Rather than using laptops or PCs, people are now centered on the use of mobile devices to buy, browse, amuse, gather insights, etc. Apps offer usability that most websites are also unable to deliver. 

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The mobile app development market is booming since, for several significant reasons, mobile apps deliver comprehensive rewards. With such an increasing trend, Valiant Systems have come forth in delivering the best quality mobile app based on today’s business necessity and performance. 

    Whichever the existence of your company, applications allow you to reach and sustain your customers. As we recognize, the online market is the first market in which consumers hunt for their desired goods or services. You really had to make your brand accessible in an online way, i.e. with a mobile app suitable as Android apk or iOS apk. Under this kind of scenario, users can install the software on their mobile phones in order to create easy contact between them and you. A good user experience will be built for your customer at this level. Customers will be able to connect with your company and make a fast transaction from you by opening your mobile app as fast as possible. Well, here are some of the benefits why a mobile app is a must for your business in current days to grow and expand in market competitions. 

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Better customer engagement

    Better tactics to keep consumers interested can be implemented through the use of mobile apps. Such deals, or special attributes, or any other advantages can be shown to the customers directly. The apps will give it to them if there are any gentle notifications for any specific situation. Consumers can view any data at their fingertips immediately and remain linked to the companies.

Better Customer Relationship Management 

   Customer experience alone affects the bulk of transactions. They will feel valued and personally linked to the brand if they are viewed as significant. Customer loyalty guarantees this. To provide smooth customer support, mobile apps provide a more productive CRM platform. Their questions and suggestions can be reported properly.

Better Customer Behaviour

   Businesses will get legitimate information about consumer interactions, their habits, purchasing patterns, etc. through a mobile app. In business intelligence processes and improving business performance, this insight is beneficial. What approach works, what deals fits fine, knowledge about recurring clients, etc., allow organizations to better understand their potential customers.

Better Competitive Advantage

     A significant way to ensure greater exposure and a good presence in the virtual environment is via an app. This gives an opportunity to keep abreast of your rivals. Undoubtedly, it would be extremely advantageous for every modern business to employ an app development company. Eventually, smartphone applications help to maximize purchases and raise revenue. This is why valiant Systems support each business with perfectly featured mobile applications responsive with window or website format. 

Better Sales growth

   A new tool for rising the company’s revenues is a customized mobile application. With discounts, deals, and push alerts, clients will be inspired to buy goods. You can actually approach the customers who have enabled the app. Via specific methodologies such as digital wallets, quick response (QR) code payments, etc., a mobile app also offers the capability for the cashless payment system, which enhances customer satisfaction. Customers can purchase lounging at their residence generously. Because of this, businesses’ production costs will grow dramatically.


    Hope the above information for creating a perfect revenue-generating mobile application for your business and its benefits might seem useful for you. If you are interested to own one, connect with Valiant Systems, we are Chennai’s leading web design and development company offering apt online solutions for startups and huge profile players at cost-effective prices. 

Understand Our CMS Website Development Service

Understand Our CMS Website Development Service

Days are evolving. Miss the days once the first alternative for customers is physically getting out of the door and doing things. Today, individuals are shopping, communicating, posting, researching, and doing much stuff online. Many individuals create and sustain their presence online. In almost the same way, across a functioning CMS website, companies must develop and sustain their footprint. Any organization will have one. But unfortunately, several people don’t have any coding experience and merely mention HTML, CSS, and other terrifying phrases that will choke to death. This is the aim of CMS Website Development. No skills in technology; no issue. Valiant Systems will also explain in-depth details about our CMS website development service. 

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You may ask us, what’s with CMS or content management system when it comes to website development? A CMS offers the website a trouble-free way to handle it. With just a CMS, you need to be in a position to: 

  • Add and edit texts and articles 
  • Photo and other media uploads 
  • Content, user accounts, files, etc. Manage and distribute 
  • Statistics and analytics perspective 
  • implement other relevant technology solutions 
  • Providing a link to other pages of the entity (i.e. social media)

Corona Crisis- the need for content marketing


The paradigm of website design and development has been improved by CMS. The method of web development seems to be limited for a select few. Today, yet, websites are sprouting up even by dozens based on the ease, usability, and features of CMS.

       A CMS that is user-friendly is often greater than one that is a weirdo. 

It doesn’t make it correct for a specific company only because CMS is created with a strong base. The analysis is paramount. 

It doesn’t cost much to turn between CMS. If a CMS does not suit the changing needs of the organization, there is no hesitation in redesigning a simpler solution.

   Although CMS is a great tool for building a good website, it also focuses on specific expectations and collaborating with a trustworthy development team who can be entrusted to produce what the business needs. 

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   What would you ever understand? Pose this question, do a little study. If your developer is working with WordPress, but you’ve read somewhere the way to go is Python, you should definitely make sure that your developer is competent with what CMS you end up selecting. Valiant Systems is all about turning your business into a successful project. 

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Will outdated software affect business productivity?

Will outdated software affect business productivity?

Does it really assume for you to have a “productive” week? It ultimately improves anything on a deep to-do list to most. For some, it actually tackles a hard problem. Then for the fortunate ones, ensuring a profitable day.  Similarly, what do we say to calculate as we decide how to measure performance in the workplace? Insightful corporate leaders often look for ways to sustain revenue and cut costs in the face of competing for financial strategy. Sadly, this often involves turning off expenses, such as new server upgrades or solutions for new managed services, but rather taking on to obsolete equipment or reputation software. Everyone has the same quest, will outdated software affect business productivity or growth? Well, my answer is ‘Yes’. What companies don’t really consider, however, is that operating with obsolete technologies will lead in the long run to increased costs across multiple aspects of the organization.

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The first is that, with proper software for business management, your company employees will lead to miscalculation and collaboration. Which results in poor productivity or business performance. We at valiant Systems offer best class employee management software for your company where you can manage and monitor and schedule employees accordingly without any workforce or paper printouts. Amazing isn’t it?

Do you need quality web design & SEO service?

Something thrusts productivity, like being breached by malicious hackers keeping your information hostages. You shine the spotlight on the back of your company if you’re using outdated software. And mostly, it is just a matter of time while you get attacked. Using a secure web host and secure software from Valiant Systems will help your business be productive and manageable. 

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Don’t you still believe? Want to update your software or website right now? Get connected with Valiant Systems for a perfect web solution at an apt price. We don’t just create or develop website solutions for you but we also provide you what you desire for your business growth. Right from web designing and software development, to content creation and social management, you manage all services just for you to succeed. 

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