RPA- New Business Automation Service has evolved

RPA- New Business Automation Service has evolved

The techno world is moving so fast that new inventions are cherished and old discoveries are forgotten or depreciated. In today’s blog, we will discuss the latest business system that has taken its toll in various Industries, and that’s RPA or Robotic process automation. Many of you might know the definition of automation, anyway, the term was coined in the 1950s. Automation is the process where human activities are shut and are done by machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), or the internet of things (IoT). 

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Today big bulls and digital masters such as Accenture, Capgemini, Zoho, and more, use robotic process automation tools to configure their daily activities in high-tech Industries like customer service, accounting, financial service, human resource, supply chain management, healthcare, etc. RPA tools are mainly used to reduce man-hours, human errors in a reliable way. 

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Now you might have a small idea regarding RPA. Robotic process automation involves a modified algorithm and combines the behavior of a person engaging to conduct a business process inside digital systems. RPA bots use the GUI to capture data and subvert applications a certain way users do. They execute a wide variety of routine activities-everything from data retrieval to measurements and record keeping.

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The future of automation technology is RPA enabling businesses to minimize operational costs by performing systematic, large scale activities at zero error levels.

WHAT DO YOU NEED TO KNOW?  Researches have proven that the demand for RPA experts is going to rise in the upcoming years. 

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What are the benefits of robotic process automation?

  • Enhance the customer experience.
  • The technology is scalable, flexible, and efficient in business organizations.
  • RPA has a GUI or graphical user interface, so no need to set up API.
  • RPA reduces operational costs and improves production or revenue.
  • To use RPA tools, you require less amount of technical skill.

TIP: RPA systems don’t actually replace humans with robots, but reduces their intense work with easy outputs. 

How Industries Use robotic process automation?


The online store process such as order managing, shipping status, customer notification about order delivery is automated.


Patient registration, online appointment booking and confirmation, bill processing, and various other automation are performed by RPA reducing admin hurdles. 


RPA plays a vital role in banks and financial services to validate data, manage the account, form filling, customer appointment booking or confirmation, reporting, etc. 


The supply chain flow is controlled by RPA such as logistic data automation, supplier invoicing, account managing, and more.


Business procedures like Data entry, form filling, regulations, operational activities, etc are streamlined. 


The telecommunication sector widely uses RPA to manage client details or data, capture device manufacturer information, etc. 

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Hope you liked my article. If you want to enhance your business, customer relationship with online RPA services, Valiant Systems fulfill your dreams. We offer end-to-end web designing, developing, and automating services that help clients to easily streamline their performance, track leads, and smooth customer interactions. Interested, get in touch now!


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Why Python is suitable for Ecommerce web development?

Why Python is suitable for Ecommerce web development?

Are you intended to create an eCommerce platform from scratch or use a current system? There’s still an interesting debate about the best corporate strategy, or what choice allows the most economical sense. Both sides have points that are true. Moving off-the-shelf is more realistic for some companies, while custom development seems to be the only rational choice for others. What, then, is best for you? Which programing language suits your new Ecommerce website? Java or Python or any other framework?

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You may ask about the Python language…

    Python is a flexible programming language that is highly competitive. Since Python provides advanced typing functionality for websites. The innovative programming language enables developers to build science applications, graphics-based system applications, command-line tools, web applications, and more. Any time Valiant Systems build a Python website, it is fully functioning and very productive

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Apart from these, Python is used in fields like web development, the Internet of things (IoT), Data Science or analysis, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine learning, etc ensure specific companies’ long-term success. 

On the other side, E-commerce Development is oriented to great horizons if considered the last era into context. It also managed to get better control over electronics. Currently, we could see a range of E-commerce Web App Development platforms active. These portals work in conjunction with backend programming language practice and personalized online business frameworks build efficiency.

The effectiveness of any technology depends on the conditions built around those. Since the website development ecosystem of Python has a huge customer base, developers can explore this for themselves and build fresh concepts. This makes the language even last easier, while problem-solving and data recovery triggers the language to increase. World wide, clients use Python to reach their objectives. By revealing their insights and ways to use the language with the rest of the nation, the whole group is getting stronger. Many developers are coordinated and constantly driven to evaluate their skill limits. This helps them to be versatile and adaptable, much like language does.

Industries that Python growth-oriented:-

  • Government
  • Manufacturing
  • Academy
  • Technology
  • Media & entertainment
  • Electronics
  • Healthcare
  • energy
  • Consultancy
  • Retail
  • Finance & Insurance

What are the benefits of using Python in Website development?

In my previous blogs, I might have explained in detail the advantages and drawbacks of Python language. To say in short, here are some sugar-points:

Let’s see what’s new with Python: Today’s hottest language

->Python is easy to ready or use.

->As Python is flexible, the language can be integrated with several other languages. 

->This amazing framework is used to develop websites and mobile applications effortlessly. 

->Valiant Systems is successful in using the Frappe framework of Python for its client projects. 

Is it best to choose Python for my Website Project?

Yes, compared to other frameworks or programming languages, Python is the most used trendy developer language that helps with multitasking and more. We at Valiant Systems are best in providing Python oriented websites and mobile applications for diverse business verticals. If you are the one looking for a perfect Ecommerce website, then it’s time to join us. 

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Chatbot Trends In Upcoming Ages

Chatbot Trends In Upcoming Ages

Chatbots, voice search (Alexa), and google map navigator are the widely used frameworks. Well, these are not just important for native people but also foreigners or tourists who enter the unknown country trusting these technologies. Chatbots are mostly used in mobile applications in sectors like BPO, customer support, human resource, food ordering, retail industry, service providers, lead generation, and more where people go for instant answers.    

   Well, researchers have proven the year 2020 and 2021 will find a great industrial good fortune for these technologies. But according to current stats, let’s forget 2020 (corona period). The year already has been destroyed with various digital and bio-war waves. 

    It is believed that the commercial sectors will go for chatbot automation in the upcoming ages. Why? Because it has gained the momentum value of getting with users closely. Chatbot frameworks are powered with AI for advanced assistance. 

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Today Valiant Systems will find few chatbot trends that are going to change the future generations.


Business Chatbots

Chatbots are incredibly important to a systematic and reliable current customer base. Through advanced machine learning and deep learning, chatbots can harvest the answers from customers that can help them solve their problems or gather the information they need. By 2022, Chatbots can optimize simple payments and enable users to pay remotely via live chat or messaging apps on Facebook. The rapid cycle will satisfy the customer and will boost customer loyalty.

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Voice-Talk Assistance

Voice interactions are now widely known as well as the latest chatbot technology such as Alexa is making personal tasks simpler. The great thing about it is contact in various aspects. A voice-enabled chatbot provides an opportunity to provide clients with reliable insights into the data. It helps to provide accurate details in real-time. And it offers a great service to the client.

AI-powered Chatbot

The artificial intelligence has attained unique scores. They’re quite precise about the kind of response they give. We evaluate data from various sources to predict or foresee what the consumer may need to give consumers and customers a customized experience.

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Telecom Chatbot

Automated telecommunication centers will become a wonderful experience as the dynamics in AI development in 2020 push the transformation from chatbots. The reasoning seems to be that AI will make it possible for the chatbots to be clever enough than in human form to support clients. Chatbots also has the ability to learn itself about the brand and product, providing relevant answers. 

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Footer Note

In the upcoming ages, RPA services, automated frameworks, artificial intelligence or machine learning, IoT, AR/VR, and chatbots are going to open the gates of a new world. So, get ready to make your business platform adaptive with an online presence. We at Valiant Systems offer best-selling Ecommerce Websites and mobile applications with techno-powered ERP, CRM, and other more solutions, changing the lifestyle of business. Are you interested to be a part of the future? Get in touch!

It’s time to redesign your business website with some advanced features…


Valiant Systems’ Web Design and Development Workflow Process

Valiant Systems’ Web Design and Development Workflow Process

If you are browsing to understand the workflow for the design and development of your upcoming business website, then I bet you have come to the right destination. Today in this blog, you will discover the steps involved in website design and development. What can you expect while giving a web designer or agency your project? Let’s see. Today, from our Valiant Systems point of view, I’m going to share how we perform our client project from the initial stage till delivery or online launch stage.   

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When beginning a new project plan, our customers have usually never gone through a similar phase of web design prior, and are not sure what would happen. Hence, keeping the web design process as transparent as possible is essential to minimize any doubts or frustrations. A big part of it is to pursue a specified procedure in web design that directs clients through each big step of the process strategically. A successful workflow can also aid manage the objective of a project, and improve the actual budget. 

Let’s view the behind scene of each project we come across. 

We Plan

A great site begins with a goal which is quite well figured out. This process deals with critical concepts like “What’s your website for? “Who’s the target market? “, “How will the site be structured? “What functionality why should they be enacted?

We Design

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When the purpose of the website has been firmly demonstrated, it is time to present a design that could hold that purpose. They may split the design process into two sections. Step one is wireframing which involves mapping the site’s layout. We move on to the second section after the template is complete, which works out visual appearance (such as illustrations and typography) to generate a final replica of the website.

We Develop & Test

I forgot to mention, during this process, our clients are updated regarding the project frequently. 

When this designing layout of the website has been accepted our creation begins. Scraping, coding, and integration with the content management systems are part of the development. The completed website is then thoroughly reviewed to ensure it is operating properly and is responsive to the major desktop and smartphone screens.

Demo Session

Once the developing and testing stage is over, clients are invited to showcase their website and explain the CMS flow as a demo. Client’s do share their views and clear their doubts. If further correction or features are requested, Valiant System’s professional team happily take the task and accomplish it on-time. Our developers explain to clients how to manage their online store and update content without any coding knowledge. 

Your Website is launched!

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Well, though there is no ribbon-cutting ceremony, we happily join with clients and release the website on live mode. We openly share management information, clients do undergo subscription-based or fixed payments on each phase to speed up their project. We don’t force any hidden costs as we play for budget projects. We have succeeded in launching more than 300+ satisfying projects. Interested to join Valiant Systems? Call us now!

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Why develop an on-demand Grocery Delivery App?

Why develop an on-demand Grocery Delivery App?

Today we are over-ruled and accommodated by technology. Many businesses have debuted into the economy with the emergence of on-demand services. Contemporary history grocery shopping has been put on the list. Individuals do not want to go out and get their grocery shopping done anymore. They also can log in to the on-demand grocery app, get into multiple supermarkets, and shop the consumer goods they choose, staying comfortably at home. It saves both the time and expense of travel.

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If you’d like to launch your own grocery app business on demand but don’t know where to start, then Valiant Systems here to assist. Like any other on-demand app established, you can also build a grocery delivery app by configuring the clone apps that are widely available. It removes the burden of creating the website from scratch. Our designed apps are full-customizable and scalable.

Do you want to be the next Walmart or Big basket?  

What are the features of the On-demand Grocery App?

  • Registration Process- Sign up/Log in
  • Order Page
  • Notification page
  • Vendor Page
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Search Filter
  • Product Search
  • Checkout Cart
  • Wishlist Page
  • Multi payment gateway
  • Category listing
  • Grocery Product Listing
  • Order Tracking
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Revenue Tracking
  • Discount/offer/coupon code Apply
  • Review & Rating managing
  • Feedback System
  • Customer management

What are the benefits of the Best Grocery Mobile App?

The following are some of the benefits of having the best grocery mobile application:

  • Promoting products for customers.
  • Apply promotional templates and advertisements. 
  • Easily inventory managing.
  • Maximize brand awareness.
  • Increase sales and credibility.
  • Enhance customer trust and loyalty. 
  • Enhance customer engagement.
  • Discount coupon and loyalty program.
  • Barcode Scanning. 
  • Customer shopping history and details.
  • Save time and money.

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How to launch a grocery mobile app?

Having a grocery mobile app helps business brand and sales lead to success. It’s an added advantage to take your grocery store right to customers’ palm using an easy-to-use mobile app. Want to own your app? Valiant Systems offers you the best-selling Grocery app that is versatile and user friendly. To get your deals, call us today for the best offers on web solutions. 

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What is the Power of Landing Page?

What is the Power of Landing Page?

While seeing the term ‘landing page’ what do you think? What is a landing page and how important is it in today’s community? The technical name is frequently used by online advertisers or marketers or web designers. So, currently, we will see an in-depth explanation of the same.

What is a Landing Page?

The landing page is a static page that functions as a website entrance. This page is usually indicative of the original action of clicking on an ad and marketing promotion, marketing email, or marketing promotion in which customers “land on.” Often known as ‘destination page’ or ‘lead capture list’. 

However, this landing page can be homepage, product or service page, or a blog page that visitors click on. This web page is developed to take website traffic and convert visitors into clients or customers. While doing marketing campaigns, they probably depend on such a page that has the power to turn actions into conversions.

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Here are a few scenarios which people desire to have on landing pages, they are:

  • Register for event
  • Newsletter Subscription/signups
  • CTA- Call Us Now!
  • Reach Out by chat
  • Contact Us Now!
  • Get your Free Quote
  • Get Started Today!
  • Download now!
  • Grab Your 10% Discount
  • Make a purchase
  • Add to cart
  • Submit Form to be a lead

technology touch for web landing page

All the above actions have a similar power to convert visitor actions and make them stay on site for a long time and reduce bounce rate. 

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What are the Elements of Landing Page?

From the above content, we might have a clear picture of the definition of a landing page. So now let’s talk about the fundamental elements of the landing page. 

  • Above-the-fold Content
  • The main Headline
  • Supporting Headline
  • The hero Shot/hero slider/hero image
  • Call-To-Action
  • Benefit Summary with Bullet Points
  • Benefit-Driven Features
  • Social Proof- Video or Written Testimonials with Images 
  • Social proof- Company Logos
  • Closing Argument/reinforcement Statement

  • Above-the-fold-content

This term is usually used by web designers and marketers. Above-the-fold-content is a small 600-pixel description or ad that attracts customers to click on. It might be of image, slider, or content with a call-to-action option. 

  • The Main Headline

 Using a good addressing headline makes the customer trust and understand your product or service. Based on the business being sold, headlines may differ. 

  • Supporting Headline

 A small extra detailed supporting content beneath the main headline describes your action of selling and the benefit of buying, which encourage customers to move to action.  

  • The Hero Shot

 The hero shot is a highlighting content and also many call this as the main headline, which drives more conversions just with a single line content along with CTA. 

  • Benefit Summary

 When customers scroll down, an introductory, welcome, or beneficiary content is shown with bullet points, letting the customer look at them in-depth. 

  • Call-To-Action

 A very important section that all companies follow to place on their landing page. CTA’s are usually like sign up, call us now, download, get started, get a proposal, etc which turn conversions into leads. 

  • Social proof-Testimonials

 Well, often many audience don’t trust this section as many companies just fill this spot with fake or spam testimonials with no proper service provided. So, while adding testimonials on the landing page, make sure you can written testimonials with the company logo and client image. Nowadays, video testimonials play a powerful conversion rate when compared to embed content or regular detail. 

  • Closing Argument Statement

 Usually, a landing page does have a conclusion or closing spot that convinces them to buy the product or service followed by a CTA. A good closing statement has more chances of getting more conversions.    

       Do you want to redesign your website and have a perfect landing page to convert actions into conversions? Get connected with Valiant Systems, we are India’s best web design and development company offering customers the best web services at an affordable rate. 


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