Launch Mobile Application like a Pro

Launch Mobile Application like a Pro

The mobile app industry is increasing by fits and starts in today’s era of globalization. Correspondingly, tactics for mobile advertising are now more dynamic. App developers need to be very clear about the policy being implemented for mobile app growth to improve the accessibility of apps in such a complicated equation. You need to follow a structured approach to the development process of a mobile application to produce a perfect end product or service. We at Valiant Systems are expertise in developing a top-quality mobile application based on clients’ business ideas and make it their reality.  

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The challenge to embrace numerous mobile plugins, more advanced devices, and coming to grips with different technologies can be a quite heartwrenching process, whether you want to build a mobile web, native, or hybrid app. Not every developer nowadays begins to decide about satisfying mobile customers, for instance. But the rapidly emerging existence of mobile applications certainly suggests that for the not ahead, those that do not want to help mobile customers today will most probably need it. Even if you’re not concerned about the growth of mobile apps now, you definitely ought to be, when it comes to taking your business mobile-friendly.

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  • Identify the business problem and client idea
  • Conduct market research
  • Finalize innovative app idea
  • Defining a perfect app strategy
  • Develop hybrid, native or web app based on client demand
  • Designing and developing UI/UX application
  • Beta test for app performance
  • Client suggestion approvals
  • Update with latest features
  • Release or launching of successful mobile application

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The need for effective, user-friendly, excellent performance mobile applications is essential to raise dramatically with the ongoing massive growth of the quantity, scope, and versatility of mobile apps available in use today. Therefore, being able to readily and securely establish these frameworks will remain to be of the utmost importance. When selecting amongst site, native, and hybrid mobile app choices for mobile devices, several aspects should be addressed. Has its own benefits, but the most productive creation solution would often be mobile web apps. I hope this mobile web app development overview helps to get you to your destination more explicitly and effectively if you want to go down a path.


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Let’s wrap up, Valiant Systems has a perfect solution for your business demand, whether you are planning to sell products online or services. With the pocket and user-friendly mobile app, you can easily approach customers and enhance ROI. Interested to own one? Get connect with Valiant Systems today. 

Own an Ecommerce Website like Amazon

Own an Ecommerce Website like Amazon

You seem active today, having some idea to own an Ecommerce website like Amazon for your business? It’s never too crazy or insane to think to achieve. You need to concentrate on a few items to launch an e-commerce shop, including the prospective customer for your product or service, selecting the best e-commerce website developer, and the implementation of features and capabilities that will run your retail store.  Online businesses primarily want to create such as Amazon e-commerce giant, which not only shows other sellers’ goods but also offers manufacturing and production services.

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Based on the fact that through your e-commerce platform you can purchase or sell any form of product or service; and that you can rely on variables such as online marketing to promote your e-commerce site, spending your hard-earned cash to start an e-commerce site is a brilliant idea to generate a steady sales flow. Here is a full solution on how, while maintaining its customer-centric essence, to create a website such as Amazon or eBay. Valiant Systems fulfills your end-to-end dream in a snap. We are India’s best web design and development company in delivering a high-class website and mobile application solution at the cheapest cost. 

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Do you know, websites such as Amazon, Aliexpress, Flipkart, Myntra, Etsy are designed on the same vital set of functionality that helps buyers and sellers meet their goals efficiently. These include product listings, shopping cart, search for the website, purchases, delivery, updates, chat support, dashboard admin, and more. According to the ideas of each client, each platform should have additional specific capabilities to make a marketplace website that brings conversions.

Do you know, how multivendor Ecommerce or marketplace like amazon earn money? It’s all by running a …

  • featured listings
  • affiliate programs
  • advertising
  • seller subscriptions/memberships
  • commission on items sold
  • referral fees/lead generation revenue
  • freemium packages (with extra paid services)

What all features are seen in a site like Amazon?

  • Registration and user profile
  • Single click ordering
  • Homepage or storefront
  • Advanced product search
  • Product detailings (image, video, pages)
  • Customer wishlist
  • Admin dashboard
  • Review and rating board
  • Shipping Options
  • Payment mode
  • Shopping cart view
  • Payment reconciliation
  • Push Notifications
  • Promotions and marketing
  • Analytics and reporting

How much does it cost to create a website like Amazon?

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After exploring the above key feature, meet your business needs in order to build a website such as Amazon. Thus while Amazon is a massive forum, the production of your marketplace website can be much cheaper. So, are you interested to own an Ecommerce website like Amazon? Get in touch with Valiant Systems, we offer affordable solutions to suit all your business demands. call us today and get your website or mobile app package.

Advantages of Custom Web Development

Advantages of Custom Web Development

In almost every Industries and service, people face a situation where they are forced to get on with unexpected prices for their requirements. Customers often look for fixed price service that also from well-trained professionals. Let’s say you are going to a salon or spa for a facial or haircut. The fixed price for service is 800 rupees. But the salon expert faces some trouble and has to work a bit longer on the service. When you hand over the money, they start demanding 850 or 900 rupees due to extra care taken for service. The customer gets on heat conversation and is finally forced to face. Do you think, the customer will again go to the same shop for beauty service? No, why? The store has lost its manner of approaching clients. Nobody enjoys hidden costs, and that’s why we at Valiant Systems provide custom software at fixed prices for all business sectors, making them feel satisfied and encouraging.  

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In today’s world, an online presence is vital to a company. It introduces the goods or services and validates the company too. Buyers are demanding to the platform for more information about the company products and how you can satisfy their needs. When you have a design website, the site has been set up with these target audiences in mind. Despite the fact that preparing to launch a website using generic frameworks or pre-built apps is easy, it is crucial to know about a custom website. Your branding is exclusive to your industry but you want the custom design features on your platform to highlight your brand. To stand over and feature items on your webpage which wouldn’t be used by industries.

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For a company one of the main metrics is the return on investment (ROI) while implementing a custom software project. The sum incurred on creating the program can be considered as the expenditure, and the amount of income, be it time, money, or some other value, can be considered as the return. Together under the concept of fixed pricing you while the company can realize that you really can obtain the desired result by investing Rs. XY. This helps you to prepare your finances accordingly and to build future forecasts. In either case, the developer embraced the risk of development and any unexpected problems actually related to the software design would not affect the agreed amount. 

The Advantages of using the custom website from Valiant Systems:

  • Your Website ranks better on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing.
  • Our custom web design is unique and professional to your business.
  • Competition isn’t a matter for you anymore.
  • Based on the current trends and technology, your website is customized.
  • You can ask for support 24/7. 
  • Our solutions are subscription-based, 3-phase, fixed, or annual payment based. 


So, are you interested to grow your business online with Valiant Systems? Get in touch, we will take your business to new heights and success. 

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Must-Known Restaurant Mobile Application Features

Must-Known Restaurant Mobile Application Features

Trying to run a fine dining restaurant poses several challenges not just when it comes to serving but also when it comes to fulfilling and keeping hungry clients. Particularly if the company struggles from frequent failures such as workers call-outs, messed-up sales, illnesses, or eating habits overlooked during brief phone calls to confirm orders, distribution issues… this checklist can continue for the foreseeable future. Unless you’re a restaurant owner who wants to improve sales or an individual who invests in setting up an online multi-restaurant food delivery service, you will need outstanding mobile app features designed to attract target audiences. 

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Not too decades back, there were static websites and some mysterious smartphone applications that people used to periodically find nearby physical retail restaurants or see online.

     Because of this gigantic growth, today the food industry is highly dependent on technology transformation for mesmerizing new customers and also sustaining them for return customers. Including seamless food experience to quick payment and streamlined table reservations, there’s plenty you can do to make your food app a roaring success.

    Today in this blog, Valiant Systems has exposed some amazing website or mobile app features that are must-needed for your restaurant business. 

Responsive Access

Your restaurant booking and food delivery app aim to identify a wide community of customers using various devices that rely on multiple platforms like android and ios. 

     You have to concentrate on creating the restaurant app that works for both iOS and Android in order to be supreme in the market and meet the massive base of users. Allow your app available to all interested app store users who are keen to download the app like this one, in the google play store, so you can consider your restaurant app noticeable.

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Enrich with Contents

    No one likes a dusty app designed just to hold to business intent. Consumers hope for yet more. Getting rich resources in place, like videos, illustrations, or other fun food-related gestures, provides the app the vibrant personality and intention to connect with shoppers more strongly. 

     Creating a recipe video or include a good picture of beautiful menu items, location, or display. Visual elements draw the audience’s attention instantly and inspire them to discover further. You can let the folks make their nutritional journal and share it with friends and fellow citizens. 

Offer your users some freedom to tamper with your application and enjoy the influence of diverse content abundant socially.

Restaurant Table Reservation System

       Once your customers come in, owing to the high rush of foodies they may not get a seat. This also occurs in high-end restaurants where specific reservation is necessary, and pass-ins are still awaiting. Build a convenient table reservation system inside your app to avoid unpleasant customer experiences, so that customer can quickly book their tables at favorable times and plan their weekend dates beforehand.

Service Management

That’s one of the important properties for the restaurant app’s owner side. Using this function, you can monitor your personnel and their activities and maximize their effectiveness. 

    It lets you track and sustain your restaurant staff’s scale, along with controlling their productivity every day. This personalized feature helps you to make adjustments to the rating scale of your workers and improve the quality of tasks and the reliability of operation as they conduct their duties.

Payment Gateway System

The contactless payment mode is encouraged and admired eagerly by mobile phone users. Mobile payments are perhaps the most chosen form of money transition and digital payment. This assumes that starting a transaction through your smartphone is a modern-day compulsion for digital-savvy users. Customers would like to keep control of the payment system enabling technology to avoid boring told to wait time for order processing and paying ahead of time.

Loyalty Programs

Make your regular customers feel valued or special and hold them clinging with a loyalty coupon to your restaurant services and reward points which they can reclaim with delight. Like this, you can even retain old customers and enhance sales. 

With our customized app features, you can offer flexible customer support improving user experience. 

What’s Next?

   Well, launching a restaurant app or online ordering mobile app with rich features is really profitable enhancing sales and expand business digitally. Are you ready to take your business to next level? Valiant Systems help you pursue your restaurant dream instantly with best-selling web products, responsive for desktop and mobile screens. Let’s join now!

Create a website for your new business this Corona…

Create a Website for New Business after Corona

Create a Website for New Business after Corona

The season of catastrophe has come to its end. The world is looking for a new path of hope and goal. Though this year’s Corona wave has flushed the economy of many business people. The rise of new business is actively found. The current trend is to establish its own company site. Nearly every business is beginning to go online to make it possible for both of them to meet their targeted audience. Evidently, development has revolutionized the manner in which business owners conduct business and how customers place orders.

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You may think, as a new startup businessman, willing to take business digitally, is it compulsory to own a website or can I start my business in 3rd party sites like Amazon or Meesho. Launching your own website adds trust among your customers may it be a grocery outlet or restaurant online and delivery service or automotive sectors, as the old saying, the first impression is the best impression. As other spoilers, even you can start selling your products online on 3rd part sites or social channels, but as a business growth expert, we at Valiant Systems prefer you better own a site to brand yourself, just like famous personalities like McDonals, Nuke, Casio, Samsung, Apple, etc.  

What is subscription-based ecommerce development, wanna know?

Here are a few ways, that usually any personal follow, and we herewith address the forth. 

Use of Website Builders

Many sites online provide this technique of drag and drop website building, such as Shopify, BigCommerce, etc. 

The first way to build a website is by constructing a web site yourself. These are usually referred to as “click and create websites.” The idea is that you really can approach some companies that will host your website at a monthly charge. In reality, this is a simple move as all you must do is consider a domain title for your website, pick a new template, and add quality information. Although it could be the simplest way, it may have some drawbacks, such as restricted templates or secret additional monthly fee costs.

*Well, I don’t recommend this kind of service. Instead, you can try GoKommerce– Saas Ecommerce platform.

Let’s say, what are the common ecommerce website mistakes?

Use a freelancer or Web designer Assistance

The first thing that remains to be improved when designing a website is to select the best website design software. During this point, it is important to remember that the website of a given company speaks volumes about all it has to bring to the audience. If a website’s fantastic to the audience, then influence is more likely than one with a sloppy design or a dysfunctional interface. 

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Here, the user has two options, hiring a freelancer or looking for the best web design and development agency or provider. 

  If he/she hires a freelancer with some shared or discussed the document, they will get your work done within a specific timeline for a particular charge. But once, the work is complete and suddenly, when you need to do some alteration, you cant search for the same freelancer. There comes a business disturbance. 

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Another option is that the user or client looking for a website provider, we do recommend 100 percent satisfaction for this kind of service, as a user can customize their website and mobile application anytime with technical support. We at Valiant Systems offer best-in-class website and mobile application solutions at affordable prices, with fully-fledged customization service. Interested, get connected with us now!!!

Interesting Project Management Software Features

Interesting Project Management Software Features

In many huge companies, managing complex projects, and submitting reports before the deadline has become a challenging story. It is undeniable fact that both leader or project manager and team members face the issue but in various flavors. But having an exceptional PMS tool from Valiant Systems helps them maintain resources, analyze reports, workflow tracking, Schedule meetings, task automation, calendar, and more. 

     Today, in this blog, let’s look at some of the interesting features and functionalities of project management solutions. So, while defining project management software, it is a tool that manages, collaborate, track, and complete tasks deliverables for business owners and project managers. The following are the key features of flexible PMS software. 

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Tracking the Project:  That is a project management software’s most basic function i.e. monitoring the projects. This includes the ability to track who worked on the last task, the overview of the whole project, identify bottlenecks, and identify performers.

Better Conversation/Communication: Part of the joint effort requires improved communication, and the best software for project management can promote and make communication between individuals and departments more effective.

Facilitating collaboration: This is yet another goal of software project management. It makes checking the latest changes to a project easier for coworkers, picking up where they left off or picking up where their colleagues left off.

Accurate data Dashboards:  This is an essential goal of the software for project management. Accurate reporting is a key component for defining the KPI of your company and project management tools can help you produce the best reports for your company. They also give you the option to set up dashboards if you want to take a fast look at how you’re doing right now.

Documentation:  Since monitoring a project includes recording the information acquired during the entire process, proper documentation is essential. This ensures that your software will be able to help you and your team find it easier to track improvements, technologies, project progress, and new intelligence processes.


Valiant Systems systemizes business projects streamlining workflow and increasing productivity by offering extremely cost-effective PMS module for startup and medium businesses. Want to know more, call us now!

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