What is the Power of Landing Page?

What is the Power of Landing Page?

While seeing the term ‘landing page’ what do you think? What is a landing page and how important is it in today’s community? The technical name is frequently used by online advertisers or marketers or web designers. So, currently, we will see an in-depth explanation of the same.

What is a Landing Page?

The landing page is a static page that functions as a website entrance. This page is usually indicative of the original action of clicking on an ad and marketing promotion, marketing email, or marketing promotion in which customers “land on.” Often known as ‘destination page’ or ‘lead capture list’. 

However, this landing page can be homepage, product or service page, or a blog page that visitors click on. This web page is developed to take website traffic and convert visitors into clients or customers. While doing marketing campaigns, they probably depend on such a page that has the power to turn actions into conversions.

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Here are a few scenarios which people desire to have on landing pages, they are:

  • Register for event
  • Newsletter Subscription/signups
  • CTA- Call Us Now!
  • Reach Out by chat
  • Contact Us Now!
  • Get your Free Quote
  • Get Started Today!
  • Download now!
  • Grab Your 10% Discount
  • Make a purchase
  • Add to cart
  • Submit Form to be a lead

technology touch for web landing page

All the above actions have a similar power to convert visitor actions and make them stay on site for a long time and reduce bounce rate. 

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What are the Elements of Landing Page?

From the above content, we might have a clear picture of the definition of a landing page. So now let’s talk about the fundamental elements of the landing page. 

  • Above-the-fold Content
  • The main Headline
  • Supporting Headline
  • The hero Shot/hero slider/hero image
  • Call-To-Action
  • Benefit Summary with Bullet Points
  • Benefit-Driven Features
  • Social Proof- Video or Written Testimonials with Images 
  • Social proof- Company Logos
  • Closing Argument/reinforcement Statement

  • Above-the-fold-content

This term is usually used by web designers and marketers. Above-the-fold-content is a small 600-pixel description or ad that attracts customers to click on. It might be of image, slider, or content with a call-to-action option. 

  • The Main Headline

 Using a good addressing headline makes the customer trust and understand your product or service. Based on the business being sold, headlines may differ. 

  • Supporting Headline

 A small extra detailed supporting content beneath the main headline describes your action of selling and the benefit of buying, which encourage customers to move to action.  

  • The Hero Shot

 The hero shot is a highlighting content and also many call this as the main headline, which drives more conversions just with a single line content along with CTA. 

  • Benefit Summary

 When customers scroll down, an introductory, welcome, or beneficiary content is shown with bullet points, letting the customer look at them in-depth. 

  • Call-To-Action

 A very important section that all companies follow to place on their landing page. CTA’s are usually like sign up, call us now, download, get started, get a proposal, etc which turn conversions into leads. 

  • Social proof-Testimonials

 Well, often many audience don’t trust this section as many companies just fill this spot with fake or spam testimonials with no proper service provided. So, while adding testimonials on the landing page, make sure you can written testimonials with the company logo and client image. Nowadays, video testimonials play a powerful conversion rate when compared to embed content or regular detail. 

  • Closing Argument Statement

 Usually, a landing page does have a conclusion or closing spot that convinces them to buy the product or service followed by a CTA. A good closing statement has more chances of getting more conversions.    

       Do you want to redesign your website and have a perfect landing page to convert actions into conversions? Get connected with Valiant Systems, we are India’s best web design and development company offering customers the best web services at an affordable rate. 


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What are the Common Ecommerce Website Mistakes?

What are the Common Ecommerce Website Mistakes?

It seems you are so excited about launching an ecommerce website. So, are you managing your business perfectly? Do you lack in sales or performance or customer interaction? When it comes to eCommerce business, the marketing strategy changes, many owners come with a different issue like, ‘I have traffic range but no proper sales’. So today, in this blog, we will find out some of the common mistakes owners do while customizing an Ecommerce website. Well, let’s find out.   

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So, before we start I like to give a short perk about our services. We, Valiant Systems are Chennai-based IT service providers professionalized in innovative technology and heartful customer support. We offer web and mobile application services for all eCommerce and business sectors. From site redesign to website development from scratch, we’re experts. Anyway, shall we continue?

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Mistakes usually happen, well we aren’t robots, we are humans. Likewise, business owners frequently make insignificant flaws in maintaining their platforms. They might seem weak but cause considerable disruption to the ecommerce website. These mistakes may well not be noticeable and there is a high possibility you may have ignored them.

Most of these website design mistakes include distracting pop-ups, low-quality images, lack of product details, pushing the customer to register, bad customer service, mobile designed websites, and secret checkout costs are some of the most common mistakes encountered. Let’s see them in detail.

Low-Quality Images

Poor images are a massive turn off for consumers. A poor picture would do no more than damage to your website business. Photos will be the first thing that customers use when judging a product. Remember to put up high-definition, decent photos that give the product a real idea. Extremely nice pictures on the other hand can trigger a problem too. The user may think of the product very favorably but they will face nothing except dissatisfaction after purchasing the order.

Improper Product Description

Your customers need to know what you are planning to sell and descriptions of the product are the smartest method to do. Insufficient descriptions of the products on websites will end up leaving your users puzzled. This is the only way to do business with your rivals. This may seem meaningless but it certainly isn’t really. 

Provide a clear overview of the product and do not republish content on the website. Write a nice insightful statement that explains the product’s benefits. The customer is going to feel informed which will in turn boost their belief in your brand.

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Hidden Checkout Cost

Additional costs of checkout are unavoidable for generating suspicion in the consumer’s minds. This is one of the biggest reasons for giving up shopping carts. Be honest about the cost of your website products and win the confidence of your customer. Do not hold any secret costs, be frank about how much your user will pay in.

Bad Customer Support

Nobody deserves poor customer service. And because you can’t always reach your customer in person, you have to make sure you have good customer service to them. On a regular basis, eCommerce websites face a variety of insignificant breaches. A different size may have been ordered by the customer, the delivery may be late, communication may be mildly screwed up but whatnot. Making errors is not a concern but it will certainly cost you your credibility if you don’t fix them on time. Nobody likes to be treated poorly, particularly if they give you their hard-earned money. 

Unavailable on a mobile screen

Not having responsive web design may be one of the largest online scandals in today ‘s period. Customers are used to scrolling on their phones and purchasing items quickly and easily, blasting out more customers than you think by not getting a web app. You don’t need to build a whole mobile app, just make sure that it’s designed for smartphone use.

We at Valiant Systems offer customers a responsive eCommerce site that performs uninterruptedly. Interested to launch a site from scratch with hosting facilities? Call us today. 

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Reason Why Web Hosting is Important?

Reason Why Web Hosting is Important?

Do you know why web hosting is essential? Finding the best web hosting is very crucial for any startup or medium or big-sized company. Before purchase, consider taking into account the few criteria listed below. Hosting is your website’s key pillar because all of your important data is stored on your hosting. There are several leading providers of hosting in the industry and you can easily get distracted in between. Godaddy, Blue Host, Hostgator, Big Rock, etc. are several best hosters in the rankings.

When it comes to web hosters, Valiant Systems also offer secure web hosting service for its clients. Today we will see some of the importance of hosting a website.

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It ‘s critical to both the owner and user of the website. Before purchasing web hosting, you should ensure protection as the data and user-shared data are crucial. It also has the potential to impact your SEO factor. The more stable websites server the provider has, the more trust Google holds in you. If your website is safe then you will be free of online threats.

Website Speed

One of the most important factors which determine the efficiency of your website. Since most of the visitors tend to load a website within 2-3 seconds, if it takes longer than that, the possibility of losing your customer base is greater.

SEO Gateway

When it comes to free hosting services, it doesn’t provide you with many SEO-related opportunities which makes it difficult for companies to rank their websites at the top of search engine results. Once you purchase or subscribe to qualified web hosting services, the SEO activities are almost entirely managed. 

You can generate content as you want, and automate SEO processes for a longer period of time.

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IP Address

This is one of the important reasons I usually repeat. It is suggested that you choose to host from your location, as your host geographical location will affect your rankings. Some search engines can find this influence when ranking websites. This can affect the performance of your website, too.

Data Backup

Hiring a qualified web hosting service is one of the best benefits of this. Keeping your data safe with frequent backups and updated ones is also vital to you because losing your data means losing your prestige. 

Storage Space

web hosting server

Generally, if you go for free web hosting services, you get a set amount of bandwidth and capacity with lots of conditions. It causes a variety of problems that could inhibit customer loyalty.

With professional web hosting like Valiant Systems, you get the option to pick any volume of data storage according to your specifications and also update or degrade the same as per your business reliability point. It helps to get robust growth in website traffic that will have a favorable impact on the firm.

Secure HTTPS

The term HTTPS stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure, it is a combination of encrypted site data with SSL certification. Do you know, even Google pin-points this section for search engine ranking. 

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Final Point

So, ringing any bells? From these 7 reasons, you may have a clear picture of website hosting and its importance in SEO ranking and customer engagement. Want a perfect web hosting platform to launch your new website? We at Valiant Systems offer a top-notch website and mobile application with a perfect hosting service that is reliable and secure, now available at a low cost. Wanna try? Get connected…

What is Subscription-based eCommerce development?

What is Subscription-based eCommerce development?

The word eCommerce is nowadays too common, but how about subscription-based eCommerce? Today we will have a broad view on the topic. 

There had been a time when services like Netflix or Amazon Prime would come to your mind when hearing the word “Subscription-based eCommerce.” Ok, no longer. Modern people have subscribed for large quantities of online goods and services that include their supply of food, clothes, cosmetics, medicines, etc. That strongly implies that online business models based subscription was definitely a success.

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This rise in subscription-based e-commerce acceptance was primarily driven by the flexibility that it provides to the customers. They really had no problem with spending on something they like, and something they got used to. 

Valiant Systems is leveraged with modern technologies offering top-notch web design services for your business needs. Let’s get on to know more about subscription-based eCommerce.


Good Inventory Management: When you’re into resources for e-commerce, you know how frustrating inventory management can often be. And if not properly planned and/or executed, inventory management will damage your company both in the short and long run. But if you have the information about the customer orders that you have subscribed to, it will significantly release you from all the headaches and glitches that come your way.

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Decision making: We are the direct outcome of the decisions we take so are our firms. If it’s deciding on the overall budget, recruiting employees, focusing on expenditure, increasing business, or dozens of other decisions, all companies have to take such decisions very often. 

Some times we do not make good decisions because we do not have accurate information on our hands. With the subscription-based strategy, we have a lot of data forms like cash flow, customer types, product popularity, etc. This data allows you to predict better decision-taking for issues.

Enhanced Customer engagement: There’s really only one type of customer who subscribes to your website, and that is the kind of satisfied client. Having loyal clients is fantastic but this puts two burdens on your back. The first is to keep them happy and the second is to make them happier ever. Confusing isn’t it?

The subscription-based method allows users to integrate frequently and strengthen their relationship.  We at the Valiant System fulfill your requirement offering a user-friendly website.    

With this plan, you can keep them updated on your deals, having a conversation with them about a campaign, rewarding them with compliments, etc. There are several ways to boost consumer relationships, if you are so brilliant, you can find your own strategy.

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Increase in Revenue: Reliable cash flow is among the most noticeable yet is one of the most significant aspects of running a subscription-based website. Whether online or offline – wants consistent profitability, so they are on the recovery path to find ways to do so. The subscription strategy can be a crucial tool for online businesses in creating a loyal audience and producing steady sales. This strategy improves the overall profitability of the company and when you are mindful of the fixed income you will have improved cash flow management.

Interesting, right?


You may ask me, so what I’m coming to from this one full extract of content? It’s simple when comparing today’s economic market, the higher profit gainers are the people who launch a subscription-based online store. Do you want to earn the opportunity to upsell, retain customers, get revenue streaming, gain long-term customer relationships? Then all you need is Valiant Systems’ best web service. We offer world-class web solutions at unbelievable costs. Don’t believe us? Why don’t you try yourself?


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Why Choose Python for eCommerce Development?

Why Choose Python for eCommerce Development?

Hi there, in this ongoing technology-driven environment, most business masters choose their online platform and the developmental formats wisely. Let in be Java, Python, PHP, etc. In this blog, we will understand the main reason why many select Python programming languages for their business. Just grab a cup of coffee and continue reading. 

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As traditional product shopping is a relic of the past. Online stores currently lead a highlighting proportion of sales revenue annually, but mind the words, this is just the beginning stage. An increasing population of people enjoy shopping online; this actually motivates merchants or sellers to configure an e-commerce store to sell their goods where most customers go.

Even hundreds of developers and huge companies like Google, Microsoft, Yandex, Facebook, NASA, Quora, Dropbox, Instagram, Spotify, etc rely on Python. But why, let’s see…

There are several aspects you must choose after you have planned to build an e-commerce website, like the Valiant Systems e-commerce website design service and the programming language that runs on a computer to operate the website. It is true that  Python and PHP are two widely used languages for the development of e-commerce websites. Here, when we think of e-commerce websites, we’ll give you a better idea of why Python continues to stand ahead of others.

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Reasons Python is Best for Ecommerce Web Development:

Unlike other website categories that can execute with limited features, an e-commerce website needs to be highly operational. Python is a simple language that can be learned quickly as a beginner developer, the language is easy to read. The readability of code in Python is one of the added advantages when compared to all other programming languages. The potential for development with python is enormous with limited code usage. Besides the following benefits python has over all other languages, the program is functional without any constraints with most frameworks. Let’s check out the python features or specialties,

  1. Python is an amazing SEO-friendly framework that supports multitasking.
  2. More functional and less coding website developments.
  3. Save money, expand business operations. 
  4. Speed enhancement, and site productivity.   
  5. Python is basically an open-source language. So, it’s easy upgradable. 
  6. Python is used in various fields like web development, machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence, the internet of things, etc. 
  7. Python not just works on the e-Commerce industry but runs on all platforms.  
  8. A universal language that opens infinite opportunities for developers.
  9. Python is actually powerful and cost-effective. 

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Hope you understand now, why the biggest players choose Python language rather than going behind some over-complicated stuff. Very well, interested to own a website using python. Valiant Systems offer top-notch python frame-based website designing and development service for clients. Why still waiting, get your business on spice, and step to the victory line.

Need for Gym and Fitness App Development

Need for Gym and Fitness App Development

Everybody knows that in times like COVID situation; fitness and a healthy lifestyle are gaining popularity. Gym and fitness mobile apps are getting hugely popular. The fitness & wellbeing app will also consider its customers too. A secret to success is not to blend all the features probable in one app, but to develop an app with a cool, simple interface and smart functionality. People enjoy software which is simple and useful. That’s all there is. During this quarantine period,  People are taking initiatives to remain healthy and fit by just staying at home. But how? Have you heard about online tutorials or streamline videos?  Perhaps a lot of assurances they will keep a balanced diet and make every effort to reduce overweight. The creation of health apps also includes features that monitor calories, mood, and sleep habits, but may also track signals or shape health information.

With a gym and fitness website or mobile application, as a user, you can easily book or schedule training sessions, buy gym equipment from an online store, etc. Valiant Systems, Chennai’s best web design and development company offers top-notch ecommerce and online booking platforms at a cost-efficient level. Hundreds of clients worldwide depend on us, hosting their service and succeed in business. 

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Why people seek fitness mobile applications?

As the whole humankind has turned into machines working day-after-day, people often don’t get the time to take care of themself. They start eating high-calorie foods, gain huge weight, loss of sleep, increasing stress level, so on that destroy the entire life of a person in a fraction of a minute. Keeping this in mind, many health fitness experts opened gym centers that are operated online or offline. Users can download the specific app from Google Playstore and scheduling workout sessions. Even for people who feel lazy to move out of the house, online video sessions or tutorials are taken, through which every life are activated in physically and mentally. Now I feel like shooting an ancient old saying, ‘Health is wealth’

What are the features of fitness mobile app development?

  1. Easy Registration

Once, you download the app, you have to create a user account by registering. following you have to enter the name, email ID, and mobile number for verification. The verification code will be sent to your mail or phone number for secure handling. 

  1. User Profile

As a user, you can maintain an individual profile with personal details like gender, age, height, weight, any medical issues, etc. 

  1. Social Media Integration

You can connect your social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, etc to the mobile app easily and share your feeds. 

  1. Geo Navigation

Geo navigation is essential when it comes to wellness or fitness mobile app. While you go out for jogging, cycling, or walking, this integrated feature directs you to an accurate location. 

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  1. BMI Calculator

One of the crucial features of a health-based mobile app. User can check his/her body mass index personally with this integrated calculator or chart. Through this, they can evaluate and pin their goal to reduce or increase weight. 

  1. Live Streaming Classes

When it comes to admin or trainer point of view, they can easily create a video and share the webinar link to customers and on the website. Regular and membership-based clients take part in the tutorial fitness session.    

  1. Multi-Payment gateway

You may ask me, why the payment system is required in a gym fitness mobile app? Well, most of the apps are free, whereas some membership-based special app charge fee for service bookings and online classes. In Valiant Systems, we provide both offline and online-based payment gateways, making the customer satisfied.

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So, what so more? Interested to launch a gym fitness mobile app or website for your business? We are here for you. Just give us a call, we are 24/7 active.

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