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Recently Google My Business had made changes in their photo and video content policy. What are they?

1. All the photos and videos that are about to be posted, will be reviewed before publication. As they follow certain photo criteria like no third party image, video, GIFs, or screenshot are allowed to post.

2. Google Guidelines started following a standard flow over the format, image size, and quality. The format must be PNG or JPG, the image size should be between 10KB and 5MB and the image resolution is preferred to be 720 pixels tall And 720 pixels wide.

3. In What’s New, offer posts and events, you can add up to 10 photos or videos.

4. You are allowed to add only one image per product posts and after you create, the product post will not be visible in your posts feeds but will be included in the product section of your Business Profile.



         How many of your’s business isn’t recognized to the outer world and stay hidden within your streets? Well, are you sure you connected your business with Google Business portal? If not, this is the time to do. You may ask me, how to set up my GMB? Well, today in my blog, you will find out. Let’s continue reading…


A single Free SEO marketing portal that manages and lists all business information for customers is so-called Google My Business was first launched in June 2014. It is said that 65 percent of people or audiences or consumers visit a business on search engines like google, yahoo, and bing daily. Making such visitors into valiant customers, local business owners try to insert their product or service details and features helping them easy-to-navigate.

How to Set Up My Google Business?

      You may think to add my business details and location with Google My Business is like a piece of cake, but it is vital to understand the complexity of claiming thy account. Following you will find a few steps that will help you claim or create your account.


#1: To sign in or create a google business account, visit https://business.google.com/

#2: Soon you’re logged in, Google pop-up will be seen asking ‘What’s the name of your business?’ You can type your business name and address in the search box and soon the list will appear on the map.


        To move further in the claim process, click on the ‘Add location’ menu shown on the ‘Manage location’ page. Again google asks the name of your business, click on the name of your business. If no results are found, click on top of the list to create a business account. Then you have to choose your business vertical or type such a service area (food or courier delivery, taxi service), storefront (hotel, bakery, restaurant), and brand (E-commerce company product, grocery, services).

After adding categories and departments with location, you are about to move with the verification process.


        What next? To verify your business listing with GMB, Google goes old-fashioned- Verification Code, which will take about 1 or 2 weeks. When you enter that verification code to your account, you’re free to manage your account. This process is usually done via phone, email, and Google Search console.  

GMB account–> Click ‘Verify Now’–> Postcard request ‘Send’–> Press ‘I don’t have a code’ option–> Check mail or phone–> 1 or 2 weeks for code arrival–> Go to GMB account, click business location, hit ‘Verify location’ button in menu–> Enter 5-digit code–>SUBMIT

     Now you’re open to manage your bulk locations on GMB. If you are one among those, who are handling business in various locations then visit the Business location page to list in locations and their information.

     Now you can move to the Homepage and continue adding descriptions, photos, videos, services, hours, posts, events, and offer updates. Based on today’s Google rules, follow the method of image pixel size and format. Always remember to update your GMB frequently to boost up website branding and rating in search engines. If you find this blog useful, do comment on us.

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