#StayHomeStaySafe Make this quarantine lockdown period challenging with social distancing and cleanliness. Re-energize your business during this breakdown through online web services or E-commerce sites. For every foundation, CMS or content management system is the stepping stone. 

         Many SEO and content writers used to say this phrase, ‘Content is the King’, but I don’t believe that phrase because if the content is the king, then who is the queen, marketing, or web designing? So, today I would like to share a few notes on Content Management systems or CMS for Business. It’s true that every business strategy needs a goal or boosting point and that is content. Without content, you can’t put yourself in the first place of attraction with the audience. By the way, what is content? I see you’re flushed with many thoughts…in practice, we see content in all structured and unstructured ways like text, image, documents, banners, videos, database, meta descriptions and so on. 

What is CMS? 

When I talk about CMS, many have doubts about whether a Content management system is a website or a software tool? Having heard of many CMS like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, SharePoint, etc. You might have thought those are websites but the truth is, they are just software tools or frameworks that allow you to code, create, edit, and publish your website contents and module. In olden days, CMS was developed using HTML and CSS codes tuned by humans, but now as digitalization undertook the business world, developers are allowed to customize their own site without high professional codings or languages like HTML, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript. To manage and build a webpage content certain web-based tools like CMS, CMA (content management application), and CDA (content delivery application) are applied to streamline the process. So, as a whole CMS is a web application that can’t be installed on PC like software or program but instead accessed to administrate, control, and manage the web functionalities.  


#FUNTIP: Content management systems don’t mean that all your website content is automatically imprinted without your effort. This application only takes care of your backend process. Content, image, buttons/plugins are inserted by you. Haha..thought to be clever!!

Why you need a CMS?

Nowadays, every business is connected with the content management system to build their website as the online software doesn’t require any backend codings or programming skills that cost your business wastage of money and time. Whether you start a blog site or a news site or an E-commerce site or corporate site, CMS comes in the show offering more integrations for visitor activity and admin personalization. You can choose the best web design and development company for your CMS with Valiant Systems

Reasons why business giants go for CMS:

It is a fact that without CMS, you can’t have a website just like a fish in a pond. Many SEO specialists and digital marketers use this space to market their business and convert regular visitors into customers or lead. But how is it possible, let’s continue reading…

  •   Keep your website informative.
  •   Keep your website professional and creative.
  •   Keep your website active with up-to-date content.
  •   Keep your website user-friendly.
  •   Keep your website SEO-friendly.

 Who can use CMS?

You don’t have to be a pro or SEO hackerkoon to manage the digital content dais. Normal persons like you and me, are greeted to this space of creation. Interesting right? Do you want to know its features? here we go…

  • Themes
  • Page Template 
  • WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get)-editor
  • Content Archive
  • Responsive design
  • Form generation
  • Publishing date (past or present)
  • Content schedule (future)
  • Asset managing (Image, embeds, article or text)
  • Taxonomy or content tag tools
  • Bulk management  
  • E-commerce functionalities like Magento (categorize, shopping cart, payment gateway)
  • API
  • SEO support
  • Analytic or report tools
  • Multi-lingual content

If you feel, the CMS blog seems informative, do share your thoughts. Are you willing to have your own website for business? then, kindly contact Valiant Systems for further assistance.

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