The world is way more advanced than we imagine with technology flying above our heads. With new challenges being a part of your daily quest and demand, say for example coronavirus pandemic, people move for solutions or alternative choices thinking about their safety. This is where technology or IoT (Internet of things) plays a vital role. When consumers avoid traditional shopping or purchase, directly it affects the revenue and growth of business owners. No more worries, Valiant Systems design and develop mobile applications that serve a range of business principles. Today we will discuss two various mobile app development services and their comparison which are hybrid app and native app development. 

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What is Hybrid Application Development?

Anything derived from multiple sources, or comprised of patterns of various or unrelated varieties, is described as hybrid. A hybrid app is one that is written using the same technologies or single code as websites and mobile web frameworks and is hosted or runs on a mobile device within a native application. It’s the product of combining web technologies with native action. We at Valiant Systems develop highly interactive hybrid mobile applications for your business to sell products or services in multiple channels but connected via the same technology. need to be over complicated, Hybrid app is the integration of web app and native application features. When it comes to app launch, a Hybrid app can be released on both Android and iOS devices.

Many companies today prefer Hybrid applications because of low cost, less time. 

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Why you want a Hybrid application for your business?

  • You can easily target multiple mobile platforms. 
  • Usable application with offline support.
  • App with geolocation or camera capability.
  • Advanced UI performance that seems better like a native app solution.

We never want to hidden anything from you, here are some of the pros and cons of a hybrid application, if interested to have one for your enterprise, do let us know.


  • Enhanced user interface.
  • Minimal development cost & time.
  • Effortless integration.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Efficient scaling. 
  • Resources availability. 
  • Platform availability. 
  • Offline utilization. 
  • Access to Native APIs. 
  • 80% of shareable code. 
  • Cross-platform affinity.
  • App Store distribution (Android & iOS).
  • Offline support- runs locally on the device.
  • Written technologies – HTML5, JavaScript 


  • User experience is affected.
  • Low-performance speed compared to the native app. 
  • Limited functionality. 

What is Native Application Development?

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The concept “native app” is often used to appeal to applications that come pre-installed and optimized on any Apple device, such as Photos, Mail, and Contacts. In the usage of technology web apps, indeed, the term “native app” refers to any app designed to run on a particular computer platform.

   Native apps make the device’s operating system run faster and more accurately than other application styles. Developers can build a separate app version for each device model if the app is sold to various device types of consumers. Valiant Systems also provide a native application for medium and huge enterprises giving them a secure satisfying experience. Well, it’s really a bit costly compared to Hybrid due to the hard work or effort used to develop separate apps for platforms from scratch. 


  • Impressive & Higher performance.
  • Boosted security. 
  • On-device storage. 
  • More testing options. 
  • Broad access to device hardware & platform feature. 
  • App Store visibility & distribution. 


  • Complicated UI elements & animation. 
  • Some mobile app components cant be written. 
  • Lack of third-party libraries & APIs. 
  • Lengthy downloading process. 
  • Bit high development cost. 
  • Less flexible. 
  • Time-consuming development. 
  • Frequent updates needed. 
  • Develop a separate app for each platform from scratch. 

Here, is some of our key features of react native, web app, and hybrid app. In comparison to Native application, a Hybrid mobile app development solution is much preferable or recommended. 

Comparison of Features





Device Access



Full (with plugins)



Medium to high

Medium to high

Development Language


HTML5, JavaScript, CSS

HTML5, JavaScript, CSS

Code Reuse




User Experience


Medium to high

Medium to high

Cross-Platform Support




Launch mobile application like a PRO!

If you want to own a mobile application, call Valiant System, India’s best web design and development company, offers small, medium, huge enterprises the best solution at an affordable price. 

If not now, then when? Success will only come once…when you get the chance in life, never avoid it!

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