The mastermind behind every corporate business marketing embarks on the journey of content creation or content writing services. Sounds weird right? Do you know what makes companies like Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Unilever unique? Is it their brand reputation or voice that attracts customers? The growth potential hidden in every marketing ground is unlocked by compelling content. 

You may be a wonderful, perky, friendly, interactive content writer but the brand or company that hires you expects some serious writing undergoing various strategies that help them improve sales or audience range. Well, what makes us (writer) an undeniably successful player in today’s industry i.e. we adapt to any environmental demands (technical or non-technical) and produce quality brand voice in blend with user-friendly tone/voice.    

Tip- Beware…not every field accepts a chatty tone of digital communication (content).

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In this post, Valiant Systems appears to emphasize the value of content creation in the modern technology market and explains the secret to define a unique brand voice that’s blended with a natural voice. We at Valiant Systems, not just offer web design and development or software solutions, but also are experts in providing top-rated content writing and social media management services for current growing industries. This is why, as content professionals, we like to expose our knowledge and idea of writing actionable content that tunes your non-profit brand with a new level of values. As a content writer, what I say is that aligning content to brand voice in a precise manner creates the turning point of success. ‘It is not what you say…it is how you say.’


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According to my perspective, using the right content in the right mode builds your brand. When brand blend with creativity speaks, magic happens. Yes…the audience is attracted and converted. To influence an audience, ideas like self-evident, universal-facts are tended to be spoken in short, simple, or complex sentences. When it comes to the marketing arena, short, power-packing phrases are used to run the show successfully. Always keep in mind, the audience shouldn’t just reward your writing skills but should connect your business. So, shaping your brand voice is important. 

  Making sure that everything you put out there—in social media, on your blog, on your website, in your emails—represents your cause in a clear and cohesive way is one of the most critical aspects of creating a credible web presence. Across all of your channels, your message should be familiar to your loyal followers.


  • Word & sentence length
  • Reading rhythm (Tempo)
  • Pronoun positioning
  • Ratio of script ideas
  • Jargon usage (professional)
  • Colloquial terms (casual speech)
  • Buzzwords (Trend talks)
  • Keywords or cliches
  • Contraction usage- formal & informal (you’re, it’s…)
  • Grammatical & technical errors


Before starting to write a blog, article, website, newsfeed, press release, case study, etc, you must understand and plan the structure of content and in what way you are going to voice out for your brand and business. Here, I have share some ideas I usually use before writing content, check it out!

  • Who (brand) are you?
  • What is your message (reason to write)? 
  • Who is your targeted audience?
  • What is your audience need?
  • What is your solution (how you or your product can serve them)?


Still, confused on how to proceed to write content for your business and target audience? No issues, get in touch with Valiant Systems, we have the best content writing solutions serving all your requirements. You love to save your time and effort…why not share your hardship and deal with direct customers?

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