These are hard times, right from children to giant business master face depressions, and business loss. But don’t forget, every pandemic situation teaches people a lesson and likewise, this COVID 19 has bought many sorrows and also opens new gates to success seeking where only smart, tactics players can survive. Today, the economy is falling and people look for opportunities to budding up in life in a pile of grains. Giving you some interesting bits, today I like to share the importance of Content Marketing for brands and business growth. Let’s move in with Valiant Systems and stick to the discussion.

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 Challenges faced by Marketers due to Coronavirus 

 Do you know? As per the marketing research average, 25-45 % of the marketing investment is devoted to advertising, travel, costs, registration, and merchandise for trade shows. With coronavirus messing up the budget for trade fairs, advertisers are forced to rapidly reallocate the budget. So, In the midst of fear of joining and hosting major events, marketers shift to content marketing provided directly to online subscribers to remain connected with their clients. It has grown with only blog posts and editorial approaches to content marketing. It’s a balanced approach that focuses on a wide range of tactics for digital marketing strategies like email,  SEO,  social media, and paid media to resume engaging with customers.

        With the termination of forthcoming activities, you need to expand your marketing strategies on digital content to maintain clear and timely contact with your customers. 

need for content marketing

need for content marketing

What do you mean by Content Marketing?

     Content marketing is a form of digital marketing wherein brands build an existing customer relationship by content that has been non-promotional and holds priority to each and every interaction. And it is truly sad to hear that, Over decades content marketing has adapted from just being blog postings and publishing tactics but a practical approach that depends on a wide range of digital marketing methods such as email, social media, SEO, and paid distribution to meet an audience.

        To say, like other marketing sources, Content marketing is not fully based on promotions. Rather, it conveys service or product stories and offers viewers various important tech or non-tech information that also mainly during such pandemic situations. 

 Do you know the Importance of Content Marketing?

         During the coronavirus outbreak, content marketing can be an efficient way so you can keep in contact with your clients and increase the supply production. Communicating and engaging with your customers will stay undisturbed with the ever-evolving digital world, no matter how the scenario is, as soon as you have the best content marketing techniques in place. 

         As trading exhibits are mainly used for order creation initiatives and optimization of pipelines, it becomes crucial to concentrate on the networks of digital lead generation. Some marketers will argue that rising digital investment would increase the lead rate, but quality can differ. Some could suggest that the standard of leads developed at industry events can also differ – as long as the leads are carefully tested, the production of supplies can improve without relying on involvement in the tradeshow.

         In difficult moments and a rapidly evolving global environment, it remains important to convey brand identity and values. Coronavirus presents marketers with a new challenge, shedding light on the value of relying on tactics beyond conventional channels (while required to remain flexible). During the coronavirus epidemic, the target of experiential marketing is to spend in similar conceptual and content marketing strategies provided through social platforms. Make sure that your customers are aware that you remain available throughout 2020 and are interested in their business.

 Tips for Content Marketing

 -> Stick to plan: As we know content marketing is a long term plan but a successful one. It’s not a story that you post a blog today, get customers tomorrow. We have to wait for months or even years to generate income. 

-> Let’s focus on brand awareness, not selling: This may sound hard but its fact. When you focus on the sale, your marketing line is destroyed. You can’t build the bridge within seconds as it took years to come up to this height. Build your brand with content promotions.

-> Focus on COVID topic or Don’t focus: You may think why this girl is talking about Corona here. Guys, this is a trend. There are two options, one-you can market contents based on COVID19 along with your business or secondly-you can focus on business topics alone. The choice is yours.

-> Keep your old contents reviewed or edited.

-> Business needs to focus on traffic enhancement, not profit gaining.

-> Tune your content style. 

-> Do lots of promotional work.

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 So, if you feel my blog about content marketing during coronavirus pandemic is useful, do share. For any Website service for your business or eCommerce platform, do contact Valiant Systems (web design and development company, Chennai) for the best quality service at affordable prices.  

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