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    We all know about the outbreak of coronavirus disease COVID-19 that shook not just Wuhan, China (December 2019) but also the whole World. As this giant wave is swapping away the population ratings, on the other side, many big bulls take this opportunity to blast their brand among the audience in social pages and google app stores in forms of Mobile Applications and media rumor postings. Such incidents not just affect the people but also punch in wrong information about the COVID-19 disease. Taking it under consideration, great tech giants are coming up with preventive measures such as blockage of ads and apps that mislead the community.

Do you agree with it?

    Well, I appreciate their initiative. Do you know what are the efforts taken by those great tech giants? Let’s continue reading…

    According to a new report from CNBC, Google and Apple have started their action battle in cracking down unrelated or mischievous apps focusing on coronavirus search filters. Only certain institutions and the World Health Organization (WHO) are permitted to expose current medical updates on coronavirus to the public.   

    I know, this is really an atom bomb explosion for many app developers who take this occurrence as their lucky trophy. But is it fair to play games on innocent young minds?

     Apple handling iPhones and Google handling Android, have started cutting down the extra branches of many retail and MNC company profits.

   It’s not over yet! The CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has stated the security measurements taken on Facebook and its subsidiary Instagram, making the audience access accurate information alone and banning certain groups from posting news on coronavirus. Likewise, Twitter has also made the situation under control by stopping auto-suggest results related to the outbreak.

   There is no big-going of relief for retail marketers. In giving a checkmate for Ecommerce business profiters, Amazon and Etsy are cracking down the listed product related to COVID-19 such as face mask and hand sanitizer. Well, that’s the update for now from Valiant Systems


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