Shopping online has been everyone’s daydream. On the other hand, there is no doubt that Google (GOOG) has become the direct or outspoken challenger of Amazon (AMZN) right from paid or free live streaming service to selling online products to consumers currently. When it comes to the question of every man, ‘Will Google be a threat to Amazon? There comes a diverse debut on the topic and let see how Valiant Systems summarizes the subject. 

For the past few years, the rivalry between the two internet giants has grown too vigorous. Though Google owns the search engine world apart from Yahoo competitors, a survey shows that 60% of shoppers head out for Amazon skipping Google for online shopping. It is undeniably true that Amazon has gained much success bypassing Google ads in the E-commerce business. Sad but true. 

E-commerce is often known as a bread and butter business is the end result depends on the on-site UI, UX, fluent product search, buy and sell detailed flow, product review, and more. Some say Google copied the shopping hub or strategy of Amazon. Well, never decide anything here. 

But when it comes to Google Ads, there are many holding righteous testimonials saying, compared to Amazon, Google is presenting much cheaper and simpler business options like FREE for independent sellers or merchants. They are even teaming up with Shopify online store builder, where millions of merchants sell online products to direct consumers. Though the amount of people buying from Google is very low when compared to Amazon, it is believed that the future comes in favor of Google due to the commission price difference. The advantageous motivational move for merchants with Google is not just because of the Free investment or price they give, the inventory or products they upload are redirected to search results automatically making their sales double or triple times spent on the ads when compared to other online selling platforms or marketplaces.

As Amazon is huge with a wide online presence, selling products with them seems very hard. But partnering with Google enhances their marginal profit value. Now, Google with Mr. Reddy, informs that customers can buy products directly from retailers or sellers on main search results with 0% commission. It also has opened the pathway for third-parties like PayPal, Shopify to let their existing customers continue to manage their orders and inventory with secure payment methods. It is believed that there will be an ultimate change in shopping habits in upcoming days, where Amazon will feel Google as its biggest threat. 

Things don’t have to always be contaminated under an Amazon or Google World. With your own online shopping store, you can have your unique UI looks, express your brand identity, gain loyal customers, become valid online sellers in the industry or market. 

For retailers on-demand, Valiant Systems, your one-stop destination for E-commerce website development shows up…

Own your marketplace website and mobile application (iOS and Android) with best features and functionalities trending in online sales operations. 

What do you own with an E-commerce platform?

  • Site Page Builder
  • Advanced Search Filter
  • Product Management (Unlimited product uploads)
  • Order Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Payment Options
  • SEO or Search Engine Optimization
  • Coupon or Discount Management
  • Promotion & Marketing tools
  • Easy-To-Use Checkout
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Mobile Friendly Support (Responsive web app or separate apps)
  • Social Media Integration

And many more…

We also offer ERP or any kind of business software to support your online sales and financial operations smoothly. Interested in launching your marketplace? Call us today!

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