Do you know 59% of companies Worldover depend on Organic Traffic for their website performance or creditability? You may ask me, why 59%? Well, in some cases, there are few ambitious business people who run for revenue gaining in a short interval and go fully over paid traffic and paid marketing but soon will fall apart. Organic traffic is a long-term plan where you build your website and organization slowly, steadily, and successfully without expecting immediate magic but awaiting future golden jackpot. Well, I say that’s the real business tactics.  

Though building websites organic traffic is a daunting task for SEO experts, the amount of time and effort invested results in the ranking of your website. That also during today’s pandemic crisis, organic traffic and paid traffic is performed via content marketing and digital marketing techniques. Spending a few rupees or bucks to get traffic on the website (let it be on Facebook Ads or Google Adwords) is better in gaining the level of expected traffic. But there are unexplainable means of happenings when you stop paying. You may ask me, will you lose regular viewers or will your content e unnoticed? It’s hard but I say, ‘YES’. So I recommend a wise option which is Organic traffic. 

What is Organic Traffic?

Organic traffic is a special style of content marketing without investing a single penny or rupees. So, today I like to share some of my experiences and hacks that you can follow to gain organic traffic for your beautiful website. Cheers!


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RULE 1: Write quality blogs frequently: Just use a blog to draw viewers, and guide users. A web blog is a perfect chance to be a pioneering blogger or expert in your business. Search engines value frequently updated blogs-so be sure to stick to a blogging routine and often publish! Most significantly, your readers love what you do. A site that is regularly updated will reassure your customers that you’re sincere in delivering good content, which makes them an incentive to spend their time on your site and keep coming back.

      #Tip: You’ll naturally increase your SEO by delivering excellent learning content or videos that bring together people. Your site will give users the required information for using keywords that they are browsing on Google. Utilizing keywords to find your content piece but always strive to have quality rather than quantity.

 RULE 2: Create useful Links: After you’ve created a good knowledgeable content or article on your website, you can simply add links to your blog posts, which also will direct visitors toward more appropriate information. This will easily restore your website users longer, thereby helping to improve your search ranking.  Usually hold to 2 to 5 internal ties in your posts because too many will start looking like spam or malware piece.

RULE 3: Use Social Media Sharing: Social endorsements have rapidly been one of the easiest ways to enhance your content and draw your website users. Google recognizes the value of social interaction and sees social media as a great indicator for rating content.

     #Tip: Oftenly post blogs, business posts, product or service posts, event posts, and so on, making visitors interactive and build trust through customer relationships.

RULE 4: Be good with GOOGLE, don’t dare to make it angry: Google and other search engines are the webmasters making your content enhance, so it is better to play genuinely and make it satisfying with your unique contents or marketing techniques. You may ask, what are the way to avoid and escape from Google Penalty or warning? 

-> Stop posting duplicate or stolen or low-quality content.

-> Stop paying for inbound links.

-> Stop the use of the same anchor text.

-> Stop generating cheap links.


So, how’s my blog, if you find my content useful for your business, do share your thoughts, but no marketing ones. Just kidding. If you need any website solutions or want to launch a website, do connect with Valiant Systems, as we’re Chennai’s best web design and development company providing customers the best of us.

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