“Will the World return to its normal Shape?”


Let’s talk about Online Shopping and Ecommerce Business! The year 2020 isn’t just a normal year that can be easily forgotten by the present and future generations. The period has carved a historical catastrophe the world couldn’t emerge from. The vast demolition of population and livelihood. People are contaminated and isolated within four-walls with a systematic name called as ‘LOCKDOWN’. Along with corona viral waves, famine, and Locust menace has taken its troll over humanity and domestic animals,  eliminating hundreds in India. 

           As matters go by, consumer purchase behavior has changed within the last few months i.e from the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic situation (March 25). People are restricted to shop non-essential goods from online shopping zones. On the other side, the sale of hygienic products, groceries, toilet papers, sanitizers, masks, household cleaning products is at the peak of the business. Though few online platforms and delivery partners are getting profited, other online business owners are seated in the home with no revenue as there is no product demand.   

 2020 Ecommerce trend

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Apart from this COVID-19 calamity, there certain websites and mobile applications that stay on-demand of customers. Evidence has proved that retailers have comforted their business with a new strategy of selling cloth masks and self-care products. In comparison to the last few years, the percentage of purchasing online has been dramatically-doubled. Well, the only corporate verticals suffers are a gym, salon or parlor, bakery, fashion attire, foot apparel, cosmetics items, etc. 

The fear of business owners and the economic leaders are still at the peak thinking about the later period of pandemic crisis. Once lockdown is removed and shops are open, will people continue to limit their purchase or start their fashion-based shoppings? Taking it under consideration, many online shopping platforms maintain and redesign their website using a perfect marketing strategy that helps them increase sales and customers. 

              The digital experience and the offline ones are meeting its battle state, but with demanding e-commerce presence and technology development, customers get attracted to your business platform and start their purchase. The power to control customer emotions with satisfaction is fulfilled with the ultimate web designing and development service by Valiant Systems. The adoption of new tech online shopping has bought new trust within consumers. 

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