COVID-19, an unimaginable outbreak virus that flushed half the humanity in a snap. In India, the announcement from the do-not-panic state has completely transformed into a lockdown period of 40 days which started from March 25th, 2020. During this quarantine period acclimated with social distancing and WFH (work from home), businesses apart from pharmacy and grocery are facing tremendous downfalls as local fancy shops, malls, supermarkets, theatres, and many other industries all locked-down. But when local or traditional follow-ups have failed to earn the revenue, many online platforms like BigBasket, Swiggy, zomato, tendercuts, ubereats, etc are earning double the normal range. So, now is the time for many entrepreneurs to build or launch their E-commerce business website or mobile application to serve people and brand your store.  

                Well, according to recent Government updates from the extended lockdown which is till May 3, for certain industries like farming, fishing, giant IT parks, mall, and shopping eCommerce websites (under guidelines with no non-essential), the days will be reduced or come back live from April 20th, 2020. While speaking of, many retailers and local business owners might be thinking, how to move your business forward during this lockdown period and also in short intervals? Today I love to share you some spicy news that is gonna blow your mind in fantasy. We all know our country is under a virus attack with quarantines, social distancing, and travel restriction rules that automatically makes your business fall to ground financially or legally. Understanding how to use this lockdown period cautiously and lighten-up your industry growth is what the magic hides. Continue reading to find how…

            Time to take initial steps to move your brick-and-mortar retail stores into digital online platforms and earn for a lifetime. In recent news updates, it’s spoken that big online shopping sites like Walmart, Flipkart and Amazon are ready to fire thousands for a delivery business, so just imagine how online business is going to heat up our nation in the upcoming years. So, it’s wise to launch or build your own E-commerce website and for assistance, Valiant Systems come in handy offering the best designed and feature-rich websites for any trading service at unbeatable prices. But how to get started? move further …

Build an E-commerce Website

If you want to take your local store online, the first step is online presence i.e. E-commerce website. Start with a domain name registration which is the spotlight where people are gonna find you out. With our assistance, you can easily host a website based on the package of wonderful SEO-friendly features that’ll market your business smoothly n’ accurately. Or if you’re really good with web developing or coding, WordPress allows you the perfect platform to update your skills and bring your business back to life from offline to online. And not just during this lock-down period, even after that, your business is going to shine among competitors. 

Set Social Pages for Business

You are new to online but not offline, so to create organic traffic and turn search engine or google support your side, set up business accounts with Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and start your advertisements. This will surge customers to turn their heads to your website and grow sales. 

*HINT: To know more on how to create a Business-based account on Facebook, read my blog below:

How to create a business Facebook account?

 Shortcut for local retailers

As a local businessman, you might have many customers or clients who shop regularly in your street store. This is your time to take your business to their doorsteps. I bet you have you an android mobile with Whats app in it. Share your newly launched website with your friends, family, and clients informing your online presence. This trick not just attracts them but also their chain connectivities. In this way, your business is to grow widely for sure. For more information and assistance contact us. We’re here to help you 24/7. 

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