Why are we actually talking about mobile applications in this article, well, all our previously discussed ones are obviously gamechanger, how about this? Valiant Systems is completely experienced in building mobile applications for more than 300 clients globally and mainly in Indian and Canada. With some of our best experiences, I side by did some more studies with my technical team regarding an application getting a feature on Google play store or apple store, or app store. So, here are some of our tips, that we like to share with our comrades, do read and edit your application based on them. For app revamping or new app development, consult our Valiant Systems team, we are a well-positioned mobile app development company from Chennai, India.  

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When it comes to USER EXPERIENCE, pay obscene amounts of attention to detail. 

   From head to toe, Apple is a design-driven business. The design does not only refer to the visual aspect of this sense, as is often misunderstood. It’s all about the User experience. That means you must pay close attention to all your user’s experiences when using your app. Many of their senses have been heightened. All of their perceptions must be stimulated by perfection and enthusiasm, and their understanding must be flawless.


Take note of how the most recent iOS update appears and tailor your software to fit in- Is it bright? Is it cartoony? Is it serious? Is it amusing? Is this anything serious? Is it still the same? Is it dynamic or static? , and do the elements have a rounded shape? Are they nimble? , how can you characterize it?

Follow current trends- Make sure your mobile application is creative, well-exposing your business products with the best designs or technologies used on running-trend. that will really inspire millions of customers and will surely be game-changing for your business in customer view and play store. Being artistic is one step further to try! 

Touch with confidence and rest be clean- Always keep your UI/UX design simple, attractive and mainly avoid too much elementary stuff that destroys your screen visuals and don’t make any further mess. Stay simple with hit too bright or dark confidence shades. 


When it comes to adding or the need for sound in your mobile application, the question here that arises is that ‘is it really required?’

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Do my users love to hear some mini sounds? Sound- simply powerful and accurate when used at the right angle. It has the power to bring a new dimension of reality into your imaginative world. The person who listens to some tunes while swiping the screen or clicking a button in the background brings a level o extra concentration to the item sold in the market.  

What level of opposition can be expected- Not all will be good listeners to new technologies or trends. 7 in 15 will oppose your move, being more professional in the industry. Customers in the workplace want to check an application more quietly and smoothly. The levels of user experience do take a troll. So many avoid sounding in their project or solution. 


Bugs-free- Having minimum bugs or errors in mobile app increases customer satisfaction rate. We at Valiant Systems, not just design and develop, we undergo quality assurance testing for the incoming projects before launching in the play store. 

Simple & Intuitive- You may have an Ecommerce app, online ordering and delivery app, tutorial app, online gambling app, trading app, etc, but keep it all simple and user-friendly matters a lot. We use exceptional UI/UX app features for your online business. According to app development guidelines, an app can have unlimited products to sell, but minimum pages, few taps, few swipes, and more eye-catchy. 

  • Create Mobile App for iOS & Android models to cover 100% of audience volume. 
  • Have a few hundreds of downloads within the first month of the app launch, which indicates your future business success. 
  • To make your app more popular, make sure you publish on multiple platforms and market well. 

So, what do you think of owning a mobile application in the current situation and go one step higher than competitors? Call Valiant Systems, your one-store for mobile application development at an affordable price. More sales, more customers, more products, more of you to express! Are you ready?

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