Let’s start it fresh! LINKEDIN…a much familiar name, isn’t it? Well, 95% of you guys might have used this online platform to get a new job or share content via posts or articles. 

LinkedIn is a professional networking website not like Facebook or Twitter. This site has more than 700 million users worldwide. Apart from job-seekers or friendly updaters, B2B marketers use this website for branding and lead. You may observe this strange and shocking but it’s 100% true. 

B2B LinkedIn Marketing

According to LinkedIn researchers, 95% of B2B marketers post engaging content following successive strategy. Want to know how? continue reading…


  • For content distribution.
  • For a lead generation.
  • For followers.
  • For brand awareness.
  • Even LinkedIn helps for lead generation.

We can also call LinkedIn, the ‘God’ for job seekers and businessmen’. The network is filled with business members, decision-makers, great leaders, employees, and students. B2B marketers take this platform seriously in nurturing users with engaging contents relevant to their business or jobs. 

Through various contents and hashtags, they are likely to gain new connections or followers to their network. This outstanding platform gives us the opportunity to generate unique leads. 

For various content writers or social media marketers, this platform offers various ideas or share and gain from millions. These ideas are converted into unique content through brainstorming and used on their own websites and blogs. Interesting isn’t? 

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launch B2B marketing in LinkedIn1

So, let’s start! Following is a small guideline on how to start your own B2B marketing on LinkedIn.

  • Create a Business or Company LinkedIn Account/Page. 
  • Audience targeting.
  • Page Optimization.

 1. Create a Business/Company Page

When it comes to creating a company page or account, many asked me ‘can I use a personal page as a business page?’ No, it doesn’t work that way. You need to have a business page. In another way, you can also open a business page from your existing personal page shown in the top-right-corner WORK icon section. 

You don’t have to worry about the cost while opening a company account, because it’s totally FREE. 

While opening the account or page, there will be few terms to agree and field to fill. Then you have to personalize your page by adding a company logo, description, header image, etc. The About Us information about your company is to be described perfectly such as company history, how you serve customers, the solutions or business you do, so and so. Don’t forget to update your website link or URL, contact details, location, etc. 

2. Targeting Your Audience

This section is one of the favorite sections to deal with B2B marketers. LinkedIn has a great audience targeting tool that helps track users through diverse sectors like job, skills, industry, seniority, title, location, etc. Using this method, you can reach the right customer with the right Ads or information. 

But while setting Ad target, kindly remove competitors, just to save your money.

Just like Facebook advertising, this application helps reach the targeted audience using a limited budget. 

  1. Page Optimization

To optimize the LinkedIn business page, make sure your entire profile is filled with work details, business details, and high-quality images because Google indexes profile based on keywords that are inserted mainly in the first 100 words of page description, later the rest section.  


  • Create and join LinkedIn groups.
  • Interact with like-minded people via QA style.
  • Engage with the audience using story-telling or professional format contents.
  • Generate Leads using the brand page.
  • Meet the needs of the targeted audience. 
  • Direct them to your website while sharing content. 
  • Adding Call-to-action to post or articles help to generate leads. 
  • You can track your marketing success through analytics. 

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As LinkedIn acts as a powerful social network media, it’s a great opportunity to generate traffic, leads, and most sales. TIME AND HARDWORK IS NEEDED THE MOST.

Hope you liked my article, do share your thought. For any website design and development services, contact Valiant Systems.

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