Trustworthiness has indeed been described amongst the most major parameters in the execution of business activities and this also applies to online trading or eCommerce platforms. In the digital business world, people do business by communicating with a user experience that is an online vendor or seller website. Websites must, therefore, be specially designed to evoke the customer’s feelings of confidence which will influence the intention to purchase from a particular vendor. Today in this blog, I would like to share a few thoughts about customer trust gaining in online shopping platforms. You have a website but still lack customers. By following these techniques, you can gain more profit and retain customers quickly. But how? Let’s continue reading…

You may have come across many articles while surfing regarding website maintenance but do you know certain points that may be less noticed, let it be from email address to simple site product price tag, are the main customer interest while browsing online for shopping. If you want to website to pop in the search engine, then make sure you have the below mentioning points integrated on-site. 

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SSL Certificate

Installing an SSL certificate for a website is crucial just like a lock for the door. We at Valiant Systems build websites and install free SSL certificates while hosting sites in the server. The main purpose of site hosting or SSL certificate is to provide customers the trust that your online platform is completely safe and secured from data hackings. Do you doubt whether your website is installed with an SSL certificate? On the left side of the browsing section where your web address is displayed, you will find a green or black padlock symbol, which symbolizes that your online platform is completely secure to use. Well, don’t have one, get in touch with Valiant Systems for best web service. 

Domain Name

Many business owners choose weird names for their eCommerce platform. But do you know, using a meaningful name which directly or indirectly represents your business sector or products, attracts more visitors while browsing online. So, it’s advisable to select a high-quality domain name with accurate extension such as .in, .com, .org, .store, .io, etc. 

Placing Ads

You will certainly gain some advertising revenue but when too many advertisements are put on your website, it can scare away customers. This means that you could be risking more capital. This is usually the issue for website owners that use pop-up ads. These ads will hold back visitors and make your visitors very irritated, so much so that they quit your site. To prevent this scenario, conservatively use advertisements on your website giving guests love. 

#Tips: Make sure your label your ads and don’t mix set of ads. Another one is that, avoid using multiple ads. Utilize less to gain more revenue.

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Design Matters

I don’t have to say this point, anyway, the design is undeniably an essential tip to increase conversion and sales. It doesn’t matter whether you have less content or product description. But a dull image or design layout will definitely spoil your website look. It’s preferable to customize your website with unique high-quality images, videos, layouts, and colors. Never forget to add CTAs (call-to-action button) such as a free trial, sign in, buy now, get started, in each page of your site that adds user experience and interaction. 

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It’s time to end my blog, but while sharing details from the customer viewpoint, make sure your open the gates of trust, confidence, and security of shopping with professional-looking web pages, contact us page [phone number, business address, location, sitemap, social media networks, email address], testimonial section, blog sharing business or retail insights, privacy policy or terms of service, and speedy checkout payments shipment process. Hope you revamp your site accordingly and start succeeding online. For any web service or mobile application, get in touch with Valiant Systems


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