As the word ‘Online’ is trending, the rise of Store builders like Shopify, Magento, Ecwid, CedCommerce, SquareSpace, GoKommerce, etc has grown taking wide opportunities in building better E-commerce platforms for small to medium retailers or merchants. On the same side of the river, rise the online fraudsters who claim to bring you the best shopping site like Amazon, Alibaba, Puma, Swiggy, Casio, etc, and loot all your investments. ‘To Trust’ or ‘never trust’ is left in the hands of confusing business owners or entrepreneurs. To ensure this, Valiant Systems, India’s Growing E-commerce website, and mobile app development company, blush in creating a perfect online world for your traditional shops. 

Well, in this blog, we will come across few essential elements required to build a successful E-commerce website in the marketplace. Some of the must-have features or points that you must note while handling an Ecommerce website or app as beginners are shared in this article. Make yourself helpful. 

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Today buying and selling products online have gone beyond expectation as technologies bring new shopping tricks and facilities like online payment, QR code-based online ordering, Drone shopping, dropshipping and more. The more the ideas come in, the more opportunities every retailer receives. 

Based on a survey, the digital buyer penetration worldwide has crossed 78% in the last two years. Surprisingly and foremost, there is only 16% population without using mobile apps.

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User-friendly Interface

To attract and increase the volume of online shoppers, merchants require to provide a user-interactive base with allow end-customers browse product, category, sitemap, payments, flexible cart or checkouts, and shop flawlessly.  

Page Speed

Who knew the speed of your online store will open the pathway to destroy your business. Yes, it’s true. When a customer search for a product, a Search engine grabs your Ecommerce store along with different others. Based on audience behavior the UI and products are developed. But when they come into your online shop waiting for the screens to load, there are 60% chances of an increased bounce rate. 

To avoid this, it’s better to optimize your web pages frequently.

CTA or Call-to-action buttons

Do you know, with effective placement of CTA or call-to-action buttons in the website or app, you can skyrocket your sales and generate more leads. To say, placing CTAs like ‘Add to Cart’, ‘Buy Now’, ‘Grab Discount’, ‘Get Started’, ‘Sign up’ on your homepage for the highest featured products/services are going to be an excellent idea.

CTA fro Ecommerce website

Well, if any of your top-rated products gets clicked then on the very next page you ought to provide a transparent CTA to get that product alongside some more suggestions with CTAs to explore further. Always remember one thing; never close the trail of your buyer and permit him to explore more for increasing the probability of shopping. 

CTA’s are truly magical and powerful.

Menu Bar Informations

What is it after all… though you handle an E-commerce platform, the main menu bar of a website or app is essential. The mother category of products, the About us page, Awards, Gallery, Refund/returns/shipping info, privacy policy, terms & conditions, Contact us, Company history, team identity, etc play a key mechanism in digital shopping. 

Consumer Satisfaction

How to change your audience’s mind and turn them into loyal customers? You won’t believe me, to make your customer confident in shopping on your online shop, let me hear or see the experience of other customers through testimonials, reviews, or product ratings. 

Customize and manage your customer review from the backend easily to manipulate future shoppers. 

Flexible Search & Search Option

One of the most important elements of an E-commerce website and app is the search and filter option that helps consumers browse their desired product or service within a fraction of seconds. 

Product Descriptions

Give your customers more details about the store product and make them trust continue shopping the product. Add variants, attributes, specification attributes, attribute combinations, and more for your product, enhancing the chances of extra sales volume.

Features of Ecommerce website & app

Checkout and Payments

Simplified checkouts are more welcome when it comes to online shopping. The main reason, people avoid traditional shopping or shopping in malls in the queue. With a single-page checkout process, you can take care of any number of customers simultaneously. 

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Likewise, payment is too secure and speedy in the online store. There are multiple payment gateway choices or methods like Gpay, PayPal, PhonePay, RazorPay, Netbanking, Credit or debit card, COD or cash-on-delivery, etc. The more flexible choices you give your customers, the more likely customer retain volume is increased. 

Finally, let’s conclude the article. To kick of competitors and stay ahead in the market, give your customer best customer support and site security, following speedy delivery options. What more will your customer ask for? So, are you willing to take your grocery, restaurant, baby product, organic shops online? Call Valiant Systems today and own your own online store. More affordable, more futuristic.   

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