In today’s society, wherever we turn our heads, we find the only growing station eCommerce. There is even a small friendly experience gaining platform where essential and non-essential good is purchased or sold and i.e. mCommerce. Well, let me ask you, what is mCommerce?… yes, you’re right, Mobile Commerce or mobile online shopping is a wireless electronic device such as smartphones, tablets, portable devices (smartwatch), empowered to project online businesses. From 2017, the growth of mCommerce overtook website business styling. Even every big brand like amazon, puma, big basket, etc., go for mobile applications to spread among a wide audience. 

          We know the corona pandemic situation has taken over the nation but on the other side, M-Commerce has significantly influenced almost all segments of the market, including the retail sector. The trends in mobile app growth for the year 2020 concentrate on rising mobile devices in every corner of segments of the business. It also reveals the increased level at which mCommerce relies on customers for the retailing, guest experience, etc.

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         Companies and retailers respectively welcome the exposure they get on mobile devices, but this rapid transition means mobile app marketers and website designers need to coordinate together to recognize this new activity. The ideal way around this is to use analysis to quantify and understand customer behavior and use these observations to build realistic solutions, which the marketing department will then use to construct engaging mobile initiatives.  

 How m-Commerce impact stabilizes the Retail industry?

Omnichannel Shopping Experience

     Chances seem to be that consumers will choose to take advantage of the in-store experience to some level and then switch onto smartphone experience. You may need to go through their shopping experience using various platforms. For these instances, both the smartphone app and the in-store app would be a combination of use. M-Commerce is all set to deliver experiences of this nature. M-Commerce has the ability to improve the upselling and cross-selling ratio.

The demand for Virtual Assistance-Chatbots

        One technological advance that gets accepted is reliable chatbot technology with the use of deep learning. Working as a medium of contact between consumers and retailers, chatbots facilitate the entire purchase process, marketing strategies, shopping carts, customer service, etc. Chatbots develop their existence in many industries around the world.

Exceptional Payment Modes

      The days have gone when customers demand to pay in cash. With the introduction of mobile apps on large and mCommerce, consumers tend to use electronic payment options such as credit cards, debit cards, net banking, PayPal, and more. Most smartphone apps do have payment functionality as a necessity in their applications, to the point that they all have a wallet built within apps.

Geolocation Approach

        While smartphones are in fierce competition, other mobile devices such as tabs also have a big market for laptops. There are consumers who prefer smartphones to these apps. Among all those mobile apps, mCommerce carved a niche for itself. Customers visiting retail sites may be searching for a shopping experience that fits well with all of these tools regardless of where they are positioned. So there is a strong conversion of interactions into actual purchase once they get it.

Simplified Loyalty Program

       Before mCommerce entered, loyalty programs were performed through various media like emails, SMS, loyalty tokens, etc. Of different modes, promotions were done through all of them, and perks were offered through those. Issues get consolidated between client and seller with mCommerce. This provides effective and instant access to promotions, loyalty bonuses, and discounts at a single venue.  


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