Everybody knows that in times like COVID situation; fitness and a healthy lifestyle are gaining popularity. Gym and fitness mobile apps are getting hugely popular. The fitness & wellbeing app will also consider its customers too. A secret to success is not to blend all the features probable in one app, but to develop an app with a cool, simple interface and smart functionality. People enjoy software which is simple and useful. That’s all there is. During this quarantine period,  People are taking initiatives to remain healthy and fit by just staying at home. But how? Have you heard about online tutorials or streamline videos?  Perhaps a lot of assurances they will keep a balanced diet and make every effort to reduce overweight. The creation of health apps also includes features that monitor calories, mood, and sleep habits, but may also track signals or shape health information.

With a gym and fitness website or mobile application, as a user, you can easily book or schedule training sessions, buy gym equipment from an online store, etc. Valiant Systems, Chennai’s best web design and development company offers top-notch ecommerce and online booking platforms at a cost-efficient level. Hundreds of clients worldwide depend on us, hosting their service and succeed in business. 

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Why people seek fitness mobile applications?

As the whole humankind has turned into machines working day-after-day, people often don’t get the time to take care of themself. They start eating high-calorie foods, gain huge weight, loss of sleep, increasing stress level, so on that destroy the entire life of a person in a fraction of a minute. Keeping this in mind, many health fitness experts opened gym centers that are operated online or offline. Users can download the specific app from Google Playstore and scheduling workout sessions. Even for people who feel lazy to move out of the house, online video sessions or tutorials are taken, through which every life are activated in physically and mentally. Now I feel like shooting an ancient old saying, ‘Health is wealth’

What are the features of fitness mobile app development?

  1. Easy Registration

Once, you download the app, you have to create a user account by registering. following you have to enter the name, email ID, and mobile number for verification. The verification code will be sent to your mail or phone number for secure handling. 

  1. User Profile

As a user, you can maintain an individual profile with personal details like gender, age, height, weight, any medical issues, etc. 

  1. Social Media Integration

You can connect your social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, etc to the mobile app easily and share your feeds. 

  1. Geo Navigation

Geo navigation is essential when it comes to wellness or fitness mobile app. While you go out for jogging, cycling, or walking, this integrated feature directs you to an accurate location. 

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  1. BMI Calculator

One of the crucial features of a health-based mobile app. User can check his/her body mass index personally with this integrated calculator or chart. Through this, they can evaluate and pin their goal to reduce or increase weight. 

  1. Live Streaming Classes

When it comes to admin or trainer point of view, they can easily create a video and share the webinar link to customers and on the website. Regular and membership-based clients take part in the tutorial fitness session.    

  1. Multi-Payment gateway

You may ask me, why the payment system is required in a gym fitness mobile app? Well, most of the apps are free, whereas some membership-based special app charge fee for service bookings and online classes. In Valiant Systems, we provide both offline and online-based payment gateways, making the customer satisfied.

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So, what so more? Interested to launch a gym fitness mobile app or website for your business? We are here for you. Just give us a call, we are 24/7 active.

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