Hi folks, as corona situations are on its trail, taking a short break from such weirdo topic is wise enough. Am I right? Today am gonna share a few SEO practices for your website or so-called on-page (on-site). Very well, on-site is totally different from single page application that I had previously shared in my blog section. If interested, you can have a glance. Anyway, coming to our discussion, on-page SEO refers to the website content or layout or technical basis optimization. SEO for a website can be understandable and explained to you with a bowl of soup example. Let’s say the bowl is pointed as the technical backend process (HTTPS security, CTR), the yummy delicious soup is referred to as the great content and design work and finally, is something missing? Yeah, who will have a soup with no SALT? hahaha..kidding. Salt is the quality of outbound and inbound links you add to pages. These practices make a website crawlable, speedy, readable, SEO-friendly, and mobile-friendly.  

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What is Google Penalty in SEO?

             So, coming to the next section of our title. What is the Google penalty? A website going against webmaster guideline is noticed by Google and warns or penalizes the site causing serious disadvantages that disturbs the brand reputation and reduce site ranking, traffic, and conversion rates. You have to keep in mind that Google penalizes a website by the notification it gets from Penguin (previous Black hat SEO or negative SEO was used by people) or other manuals (humanoid) practices. 

Why Website Gets Penalized?

The following are some of the reasons why Google penalize or warn your website.

  • Strange Links
  • Google Algorithm
  • Comment Spamming
  • Duplicate Content
  • Paid Links
  • Content Creators
  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Doorway pages
  • Irregular outbound Links
  • Website hacks

Strange Links

Unwanted or artificial links is the correct name matching this title. If you or your companion create unwanted links to your website, Google analyzes and decreases your site grade level detecting spam links from your directories. 

Google Algorithms

Actually, this one is an un-avoidable counter-attack “AUTOMATIC”. Here, Google goes through the Penguin updates and also checks whether your site posses any kind of spam links, duplicate content, and so on. 

Comment Spamming

I have seen many companies doing this kind of weirdo stuff, Self commenting. It’s a kind of spamming. Not always, will Google go unnoticed and reward your site with extra traffic level. When Google finds out the spamming process, you are permanently out of the platform, well to say shortly, “GAME OVER”. 

Duplicate Content

Stealing or copying others’ content is illegal or offensive. You like the content and badly want to take such stuff, I refer  you use certain SEO phrasing tools like Spinbot, Quillbot, Article writer tool, small SEO tool, etc. (#usually, I don’t recommend such ideas but when it comes to penalizing, you can)

Paid Links

It’s true that Paid links enhance site ranking but be careful if Google finds out your trick…then you’re in serious DANGER. (#not always paid links to help you because irrelevant site links are messy)

Content Creators

Frankly speaking, I have talked about this topic before, remember? Yeah…content re-phrasing tool, SEO tool. Make sure you use these site accurately and cross-check before posting in your appropriate site because irrelevant keywords are gonna cause of GOOSEBUMPS.

Keyword Stuffing

I have seen many content writers, mainly freshers play with keywords randomly and totally destroy the content weightage. Stuffing your keywords is not a wise choice. You can add keywords but use them genuinely. (#keyword can be inserted once or twice in a 500-word content)

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Doorway Page

Doorway pages are also called FALSE PRIEST. Different pages aiming for single market profit. While searching a keyword in the search engine, you may find your descriptive keyword but the URL and re-directing page varies. Such sites are highly insecure and are penalized by Google. 

Irregular Outbound Links

There are some organizations, where people buy or sell links to enhance their website ranking in Search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing. When noticed, they are OUT.

Website Hacks

When you don’t secure your website properly and hackers re-direct your site to some spam directories. Google Penalizes. OUCH!

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How to AVOID Google Penalty?

  • Know the latest Google updates and act accordingly.
  • Never Copy-paste contents.
  • Kindly avoid keyword stuffing.
  • Check your backlinks on a regular basis.
  • Find a perfect hosting company.
  • Webmaster guidelines are followed.

Hi there, if you find this article useful, do share, like, and comment. If you feel your Website needs some SEO service, connect with Valiant Systems, and succeed in life. 

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