Nowadays, spammy or bad backlinks have become the trouble-makers for many business websites. If unnoticed, Google will warn or penalize your site filtered and updated through webmasters. When I started talking, you might have understood on what topic I’m gonna discuss today. Yes, Spam backlinks and the way to remove them from the website before getting site ruined or penalized by Google. If you don’t currently have the issue of poor backlinks or “spammy links” on your checklist then it’s best to take care, as they’ll have a negative impact on the rankings of your web. That’s why we thought we should speak to you about what they are, how to recognize them, and how to delete spam links as well.

         What’s Link quality? Link quality is among the key ranking criteria for Google and has worked very hard to perfectly tune the function of its algorithm. The very first massive clamp-down emerged in 2012 with Google’s upgrade to Penguin, and later with improvements to the current changes to Panda. Conspiracy theories regarding the new big algorithm change, indicating that it also had to do with the consistency of the connections.

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          Do you know? Google’s insistence on penalizing spammy-linked websites is its “black-hat” way of countering old SEO techniques. Few years prior, if you want your ideal search term to rank at just the top of google engines, all you do is was pick up a phone and order a couple of hundred links and tada! You were there. Honestly saying, that’s so simple. But certain links were of poor quality, nothing-websites were just set up for this reason. They weren’t ties from actual, reputable firms.

       Anyway, it was bad news for Google because they couldn’t attest to the credibility of their search results because practically everyone with a website and money to buy some links would rank high. Google built a way to recognize websites that had high-quality links from valid sources to boost the consistency of their search results and weed out low-quality websites by penalizing those with spammy links. Even so, learning how to easily delete spam links became an important part of SEO.

    What is spam or negative or bad backlink?

 Spammy backlink approaches are also called “black hat”, the strategies for building links. Those are forms of links that deliberately violate Google’s guidelines and have promising possibilities to be caught in a penalty for algorithms or manual links. Due to content duplication, loads of external/internal links, unnatural, and low domain authority, a site is considered as a poor quality website.  

What is Good Backlink?

 I just want to share the meaning of good backlinks also, as it may help you understand the differences. Good backlinks are usually known as the “White Hat” link building strategy as they are useful among high-quality content and video interactions on site. This local directory linking enhances business engagement during SEO, content marketing, or other promotional campaigns. 

How can I identify bad backlinks?

 As said in my previous blog, many websites are getting penalized due to having spammy links that occurred from black hat SEO. It is also common that without any SEO strategy, spam links get linked to your site unknowingly. You may ask How but there are several ways which can be competitors trap in playing with negative SEO for your site. (#kindly don’t follow such false tactics). There are also some other reasons where Google observes websites as bad quality or unnatural.

      You may ask, How will I know, whether Google penalized my site or not? When Google penalizes, you will find a sudden downfall of ranking from various search keywords, as if you have fallen to ground from a mountain cliff. OOOPH!!! to bad, isn’t that?

      There are many SEO sites, where one can identify and filter the spam backlinks. Such as Google Search Console, SEMrush backlink Checker, Ahrefs Backlink Checker, SiteChecker, Neil Patel’s Backlink Tool, etc. Have you heard about “Backlink Audit”, it’s another method to identify the issues of the area are coming from and helps in sorting out. 

 What are the types of Spam Backlinks? 

  • Blog Comments
  • Private blog networks
  • Cheap link services
  • Press Releases
  • Foreign Language sites
  • Link from spam guest posts
  • Link from a website that contains duplicate contents.
  • Low-quality directory sites

 How to Remove Backlinks from Website?

 To say frankly, removing a backlink from a website is not a piece of cake, it needs patience. 

 Removal Request from your Website

 With Google penguin arrived, you can remove spam links easily by Google Link Disavow but in some cases, while reporting backlinks, it affects your company SEO growth and ranking. 

       In another way, you can do some research and identify the details about the webmaster and send a polite mail requesting link removal, which may take a few weeks. (#make sure your mail is an approach from the same domain of your website) Fingers crossed! Wait patiently for good results. 

mail request- Backlink removal

mail request- Backlink removal


 Hi there, I hope you find my blog useful. Do comment and share. For any Website services do connect with Valiant Systems, we are Chennai’s most leading web design company, good-known in serving clients with the best service and satisfying needs.


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