Do you know an outdated or old fashioned website can cost you more when it comes to web redesigning task? Here, is the reason why many don’t prefer hanging out with their past memories. 

   Let’s get on with a scenario, once there was a young experience sales executive man named Rajiv, joining a product selling company. Well, I forgot to mention his talent, he was experienced in turning leads into loyal customers. Awesome isn’t it?

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Like other companies, he too was assigned weekly or monthly targets. Somehow he managed by interacting with many prospects and encouraging them to buy their products. During the conversation, every prospect shook their heads, saying ‘yes’ for order purchase. But when days started going, Rajiv noticed that none of the prospects who accepted his proposal showed their head for product purchasing. He was damn confused…so are we. 

    Can you guess what prevented them purchase the goods or products? Was it the method Rajiv approached the customer? Well, I don’t think so, then what? He is well-experienced and polite to handle situations. It’s definitely not a mistake from the sales point. 

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Yes, it’s because of their companies’ dead old-styled website. Let’s say the last copyright or site updated date was in 2000, no design or content changes have been occurred for decades, slow loading pages, no proper shades, or page director to induce sales or customers. Poor Rajiv. Maybe he might have ended his career, due to a company mistake. 

UPDATED COMMENT: If his company had a good web design service team, he would not have the open-gates to spend all money in re-designing yet leading a bad conversion rate. 

What’s true: Without any maintenance, a business website is never meant to be productive for years. There is a time for every website to renovate in style, elements, designs, content, web features, technology, or framework. Here is where Valiant Systems come in handy providing best-in-class website and mobile application for diverse business sectors. Let it be essential or non-essential goods, single vendor, or multi-vendor plan. We have covered you in 360 degrees. 

How to identify whether my website needs a makeover?

  1. Is your website taking more than 3 seconds on loading times? Then it’s time to revamp your tortoise speeded site. 
  2. Your Web-based online store is not screen-friendly when it comes to mobile devices. Valiant Systems offer responsive websites that fit in all screen resolutions.
  3. Is your website framework is comprised of complicated old-aged Codings? We at Valiant Systems work on a technology-driven Python programming language that is successive and SEO-friendly to all business verticals. 
  4. Having a bad user experience website. We offer a well-functional easy-navigational call-to-action button on the landing page and in other respective spots. 
  5. Having too much bounce rates. You need to optimize your website to enhance web traffic and reduce the bounce rate. 
  6. Your website is being hacked. Yes, you heard it right. If you find your customer or business data are missing with spam links loaded, then it’s time to renovate and strengthen the security protocol. We offer a secure web hosting service. 
  7. Your website can’t stand against competitors with dull designs and fonts. 

 Do you know? Why my website should be mobile-friendly?

It’s time to redesign your website from scratch and succeed in business. We’re here to help you. Interested? Contact us today for the best web solutions. 

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