The pace of innovation has reached new milestones within the modern business and technology landscape. What worked in the past is now nothing but a rusty and useless resource. Simply put, you need to constantly evolve and refurnish your resources to stay important to your business. Not just your business flow, but also your website is a powerful resource you need to pay closer attention to. A vast majority of people’s first encounter with a company came via a website, according to several researchers, published studies over 2020. 

Do your website needs to be re-designed? Check below to find out your website’s strength. 

    In addition, if they deemed the interface or content to be unattractive, 41 % of internet users would avoid communicating with a website. That’s in contrast to the reports showing, after a negative experience, 90% of all online users are willing to recover to a website. Such analysis shows how critical it is for the public to provide an up-to-date, appropriate, and user-friendly website.

Corona Crisis-The need for content marketing

    Today, Valiant Systems have come up with crucial tips that every entrepreneur or business owner who owns a website or mobile application, should know these basics that are the signs that indicate website age and alerts whether the same needs to be re-designed or not. Following you will get knowing the important assets. 

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What changes are highly-visible or found on my old website?

  • You no longer catch-up with competitor websites. 
  • Your website is unattractive or getting less traffic. 
  • Your website is getting high bounce rates. 
  • Search engine optimization isn’t ranking your website anymore. 
  • Your website is more than 8+ years old. 
  • Your website isn’t mobile-friendly or responsive.
  • Your website is having a slow web page loading speed.  
  • Your website possesses multiple-broken links.
  • Your website is having a poor navigation system. 

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These are some of the serious, highlights one must be careful while owning a website. 

    Your website design is a key factor in their success. Currently, 78 percent of customers confess to making decisions on the credibility of your website based on the nature of your website. Furthermore, the first experiences of the website by users are linked to 96 percent of the design. Therefore, if your web design doesn’t attract people, then depressive symptoms with your brand will be made. A clear example of this has a terribly crafted or meaningless picture on the banner. Users, generally, spend about 5 seconds staring at the cover image of your website. If it’s not interesting and appealing visually, they’ll possibly bounce.

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     User browse strategy refers to the website to a series of user behaviors. If you set up your website siphons properly, then you will expect that most users will follow set routes. This is beneficial because it monitors their behavior and ensures they accomplish the ultimate objective.

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    Connect your business or own an account in Google My Business to expand business visibility worldwide. You can also use Google Analytics to track your website traffic range and web page loading speed, based on that, minor changes can be done in the backend. Make sure, your website is CMS based. 

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What do you know? A world with no technology

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