Hey there, let’s start today’s discussion on Static web designing. well…well…well…at first you must know,

What is a Static Website?

To say, there are web pages of set data on a static website. Each webpage is encoded in HTML and portrays every individual with almost the same details. The most basic website template is static pages, and they are the simplest to build. They do not need any Technology innovations or design patterns, like dynamic websites. By actually creating just a few Html files and uploading them on a remote server, is a way a static website can be developed. Owning fixed codes, pages cant be modified until manual programmed by a designer or webmaster. 

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 In order to attract clients, the website is an increasingly essential commercial existence, be it a small or medium-sized business (SMB) or a large entity. Regardless of the size and existence of the company, creating a website has become compulsory for all industries. Our Valiant Systems web design services are suitable for your company to expand locally and internationally in place to ensure your physical infrastructure that is the website. For small businesses, we create an inexpensive and personalized website design that builds brand awareness about your goods and services or customer personal details. 

    Static websites use programming languages like HTML, CSS and it avoid dynamic choices like PHP, Ajax, JavaScript, so on.

     When thinking about the advantages of Static website design, it’s too simple to memorize. 

It’s quick to develop…

It’s cheap to develop…

It’s cheap to host…

    As always, every best product as its defect, likewise, to say about its disadvantage,

A static website might not be too user-friendly.

It needs a designer or webmaster to develop or manage the site anytime. 

    The static price of the website is what attracts most companies because they are able to make big profits and advancements solely because of this form of an inexpensive price. Its price is lower than other website designs, but do mind me saying, it comes with fewer features.

Let’s wrap the talk…

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Since all companies are special and their criteria can be unique, it is up to individuals to decide whether to choose a static or a dynamic website for their company. If you are interested to move to an affordable platform, Valiant Systems, a web design, and development company in Chennai offer you the perfect web solution you always expected for. Anymore question? Why not call us now?

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