I have seen many companies and business owners comparing and copying their competitor’s websites. If you are one among those, then this blog is just for you. However, a misconception is a belief that copying the largest competitor ‘s website in your market would allow you to compete effectively in the marketplace. Today I will explain a few facts or reasons why web page copying is a bad business strategy one mustn’t follow, also in the web design and development field. 

Stop copying competitors website

Stop copying competitors website

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Let’s check out the copy errors one shall face and the idealogy of competitors:


Nowadays, having a unique-styled website is hard to find. Because even your competitors don’t know how to build their platform and start copying from their competitors. When every website follows this strategy, by the end of the game, no website stands out of the crowd. 


You might have an in-depth desire to copy your rival’s web page as they are leading in Industry. Apart from one‘s webpage, there seem to be definitely numerous aspects that contribute to the development of your competitor. Through successful marketing strategies, strong ads to high-quality operation, the website is unlikely to be the sole contributor to its success. Web design doesn’t always actually be a prime concern for your rival companies, either. Hence, their website may not portray the reason for their achievement. There could be aspects inside their official site that demonstrated success and some that knew not.

When you’re unable to define effectively what the predictors of success are for your opponent it will be a waste of time and effort. Copying what your rivals have achieved in this case would not make the company the reputation that you hoped it would be.


not all strategies work

Amidst being from the same industry, the unique selling proposition (USP) of your business is clearly different from those of your rival companies. The website of your competitor will probably be customized to promote its own compelling value proposition. Also as a consequence, copying their website is probably not suitable for the unique selling proposition of your corporation itself. You do not set yourself apart from them without cloning their website.

Just keep your mind positive, thinking that if they are more successful than you, why clients or customers seek you instead of them?

So, What can I do to enhance my Website?

See…now you are coming to the point. After understanding the reason, why copying other websites is a bad idea, I will also help you get some tips to improve your methodology. Let’s move further. 


If you are new to the business and want to launch your own website, just avoid copying or cloning the website. Instead, check other sites and inspire their ideas for business, content quality, and marketing strategy. With Valiant Systems, you can easily own a website at an affordable range. 

dont copy but inspire work

dont copy but inspire work

Some may ask, why shouldn’t I clone a website like Amazon or Uber or Swiggy or Puma? My answer is, ‘you can’ but please avoid. You can clone a site but the side effect is that soon your website will be rated at the same level your competitors are pinned. This will make your time and resource, so hard to elevate. 

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Lots of consumers search for creativity and uniqueness. Replicating a brand that’s more productive and developed makes your business less realistic and looks like an unfair substitute. Create your own brand, to prevent this. Make sure that your website is suitable for promoting the distinctive sell preposition of your own company. I’m so sure that this will draw customer interest and allow them to see your company brand instead of the opponent’s web page cloning.  

So, if you need any further information regarding website designing and development, get in touch with Valiant Systems. We are one of India’s most reputed web design company offering clients the best web solution at a cheap rate.

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