Hi Folks! after having talked about many SEO, web creation, google analytics, digital marketing, and web designing topics. A few days back, I got a question from one of our company clients asking, “hi, I’m happy about your web service and marketing style but I have a doubt whether I can create videos on my website testimonials and product? Will that be useful for my business to connect more customers?” Well, my support team discussed further matters with them, still, I felt like sharing my ideas about VSEO or video search engine optimization, would be useful for more than one e-commerce or any enterprise handlers. So…why should we wait, let’s start.

Todays Marketing place for business’

        In just a spark of years, we would see the world changing and completely emerged in w.w.w. or the Internet. Many take it as their advanced source, while others think the World is gonna end up as people and society have forgotten their place of relation. Anyways, coming to the point…the growth of online search has made social impacts and also heightened the technology needs of the people. Well, this is no exception for small, medium, and big enterprises in building their industry digitally. Business kings’ start their own online marketing by defining a niche, managing budget, taking consultation from Valiant Systems, Marketing content, utilizing employees or freelancers, analyzing marketing strategy, etc. As a whole, if you’re converting your local traditional stores into an online store, you must need a perfect brand and website to showcase your uniqueness.   

  While handling digital marketing, you may also use various agencies or service providers to build your site traffic or do it yourself. There are various types of digital marketing like SEO or search engine optimization, content marketing, affiliate marketing, email marketing, viral marketing, influencer marketing, landing page marketing, smartphone marketing, and Social media marketing (SMM). So, today we are going to see about video marketing which comes under SMM or social media marketing.

 VSEO, What does it mean?

  Nowadays, more than celebrities, normal people like you and me are getting viral by just posting and promoting videos on youtube, Vimeo, and other video channels. Do you know how? well, that’s the power of video marketing, so-called VSEO. Videos are used as a medium to promote and brand company credibility. They post appropriate videos to certain advertising pages so that their video content can be collected. Users tend to pick the top-ranked and most-viewed videos irrespective of their relevance. I hope you understood the scenario,   Video Search Engine Optimization is the secret weapon to deliver appropriate content to maximize the ranking from search engines like yahoo, google, bing.       

      Video has been the most essential kind of content marketing as it presence could create or destroy SEO efforts. Well, today I like to guide you with various website video methodologies that will surely benefit your business giving 100% traffic results.so…let’s move on!


  A fine query! Do you know how video improves web ranking through SERP (search engine result page)?

  1. Google likes to crawl content mixed with text, image, and videos.
  2. People’s watch rate increases Google’s interest over your page and automatically lowers the bounce rate.
  3. Videos also contain snippets like WordPress text posts that increase SERP visibility.


  Below are a few key points that you must know in general about video marketing SEO.

  1. An overview of your company is a must.
  2. Client’s agreeable service or product offering videos.
  3. Showcase your company solutions and features.
  4. If you have some Institution or craft business, Tutorial videos are a great source.
  5. Office fun or cultural videos.
  6. Guidance or Educational videos.

 Finally, testimonial videos is a must, that creates a trust over customers. (compile customer reviews as real video shots or online review quotes)


  1. Google will love your website but how? Provide extra information about your page through a video sitemap.
  2. While uploading a video, do not forget to name your file (example: how-to-create-proper-eCommerce-website-?.mp4) using relevant keyword because google will scroll your video in search of content, if your slug option seems like:video735397.mp4, then the viewers will be directed wrongly.
  3. Video scheme markup is a brief text explanation of the video, shown below in channels like youtube.
  4. Big sized files are going to take a decade to load. Use video compressors to reduce the file size without damaging the video quality.


It’s heart-breaking to conclude the blog and depart from you. Well, if you have any queries and need to marketize your website, kindly join Valiant Systems or call us. We are happy to help you.

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