Hi Folks, today I’m going to talk about some interesting topic about VC and to broaden up, What is Virtual Communication and what are it’s characteristics, hacks, and the challenges it present on today’s community transformation? Well, to say in the past few months, many of us or say, the whole World is bunked into work from home (#wfh) situation, coming up with many funny or uncontrollable incidents. So, today we can dive into the topic, which will be the introduction or meaning of Virtual Communication and short discussion sharing about our virtual working experiences. Interesting isn’t it?

What is Virtual Communication?

VC or virtual communication defines the collaboration of two or more participants using video or audio technology such as email, zoom or video meeting, skype, WhatsUp, etc. These face to face technology emerged since the arrival of webcams in the 1990s. While talking, I can find this technology more beneficial for families, friends, and businesses, who can’t keep in touch due to the long distance. Say for example our current pandemic situation (Coronavirus), many of us are staying far from family and many are working from home. For them, virtual technology is ideal.  

Challenges faced in Virtual Communication

     While looking at the sins of Virtual communication, it’s quite awkward moments. A few months back, we might have seen a viral video roaming around social media in which a person attending BBC interview virtually was suddenly interacted by his children who rushed into the room playing followed by his wife. Luckily, the man managed the situation cool acting as if he didn’t notice. Likewise, you may also have weird experiences, say when you’re having a video conference with your boss, suddenly your mom uses electronic gadgets like a food processor, grinder, TV, radio, or walks in talking to you unknowingly or your pets making noises. Apart from such disturbance you just smile weirdly at your angry or irritated boss as if you heard nothing. Funny, isn’t it? Hahahahaa… I know you came across such weirdo. 

#Tips: When you observe disturbance surrounding you while having a conference with your MD or team leader, kindly mute the call or pause the video section. OOPS!! That at least will save your reputation.

What is virtual communication Technology?

Making it 100% clear, Virtual Communication isn’t Virtual Reality (VR).

Virtual Classrooms 

           Nowadays, school and college students are restricted to go to educational premises for physical learning or exam writing due to COVID-19. In such cases, a website or online platform with virtual technology is most welcome. Using video and audio technology (webcam or scanner), the students and teachers and interact and handle live classroom sessions smoothly. To know more about educational web features CLICK HERE>>>>

Video Conference/Chat

         A mobile application or website or integration is organized in companies, where employees and Team leaders can conduct virtual meetings just sitting at home, even they are thousands of miles away from each other. Long-distant interactions are made possible with the help of the Internet. Likewise, you can also instantly chat or message with friends using skype, yahoo, Gmail, using audio and video installations from your PC webcams (voice-over-IP technology). These Innovations are far digitized and inexpensive.  

#Nowadays, Youtube video live conference is going viral.

Virtual Gaming

           Gaming sites like Pubgy, World of Tanks, World of Warcraft, etc, comes with interesting mode of virtual communication where players global get connected and are permitted to message via chat or bubble text boxes. The online players are even allowed to communicate using headsets lively, making gaming more real with fun. 

Tada…time to conclude my blog. If you find this interesting share and comment. Well, if you want such amazing virtual technology integration or a stunning website with such remote integration, do connect with Valiant Systems. We are happy serving you!

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