Previously, we had a discussion regarding ‘must-know UI and UX design variance or differences’. Well, in today’s blog, we at Valiant Systems will come across the top 2020 UI/UX design trends for mobile apps. So there is no questioning that smartphone technologies are unfathomably advancing. A disruptive transformation is also occurring in the UI / UX design along with the improved performance in mobile apps from a technical standpoint. It’s sure that the year 2020 and 2021, brings users new design approaches that are gonna satisfy and attract users to the fulness. Want to know about the UI/UX design trends? Continue reading…

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Here are the top 2020 UI/UX mobile design trends:

  1. Voice Interactions
  2. Dark mode Templates
  3. Password-less login
  4. Advanced animation
  5. Data abstract visualization
  6. Digital Illustration
  7. Buttonless Design
  8. Augmented Reality/Virtual reality
  9. UX Writing 

Voice Interactions

There will be more utilization of voice-controlled innovations (such as Alexa, Siri, and others) powered by artificial intelligence to enhance the customer experience. These advancements are the foundation of UI / UX design, which is why they are anticipated to benefit massive popularity in this and the next year.

Dark mode Templates

One of the hottest talk-trend-of-the-year. This dark mode strategy now emerges in various applications. The main benefits are these designs are stunning giving spot-on effects. Apart from various bright shaded screens, this dark mode saves user mobile battery and also reduce eye strains. the designs and contents are beautifully highlighted. 

Password-less login

This is one of my favorite design trends. Usually, you may find this password authentication only in the latest mobile software or phones. But now even in mobile apps, this UX design is followed for a password-less future. Do you know various styles? 

UI/UX design for mobile

  • Fingerprint scanning
  • Login links
  • Pattern detection
  • Biometric recognition
  • Facial recognition 

Advanced animation

Motion effects make a mobile app concept come alive. It adds movements and gestures to the interface to provide a lot of details and add flow to the interactions. App designers will create extremely impressive templates filled with sophisticated animation effects with mobile devices becoming stronger.

Data abstract visualization

Modern methods of visualizing data, including graphs, tables, lists, and much more, are becoming outdated. The year 2020 will see conceptual visualization of data for tech-oriented websites and applications. Designers should be able to show a product that travels in all dimensions, further helping to draw the users and increasing conversions.

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Digital Illustration

You’ll see more imaginative graphical models of typographic patterns, 3D effects on soft curves, and more. Using sophisticated digital graphics would enhance the designs of the mobile app and allow designers the ability to try new designs for the UI. You may also come across new types and techniques in art.

Buttonless Design

The traditional buttons from cell phones are being slowly withdrawn by several mobile companies. It will allow users to show more details or data to the product designers. Instead of using digital buttons, the emphasis would be to use motions to display the content. Additionally, another modern tech, known as liquid swipe, will most often be used to enhance the effects of the interactions.

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Augmented Reality/Virtual reality

Through integrating AR and VR in the mobile application designs, developers may introduce the interactive futuristic components to the images. The technology can help a range of businesses, including media, transportation, science, real estate, eCommerce, education, and more.


UI/UX design for mobile

So, what you think of the above latest mobile app trends? Interested to launch your own mobile application with the latest technology? We at Valiant Systems offer world-class web and mobile app solutions for various business sectors at an affordable range. Get your business solution now and succeed in the market. 

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