This is some serious issue, many companies facing while ignoring to manage or redesign Website, ‘increased Bounce rate of visitors on the website’. Never take this matter easily. It may lose all your clients or customers. 

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There are diverse ways to identify that your site has heavy bounce rates. You may ask me, What is the Bounce Rate? The bounce rate is connected with Google analytics for ranking a site, referring to the percentage of the audience leaving your site without making any purchase or taking any action or click or further info browse. It’s a negative impact one must know. Apart from analyzing Google Analytics, you can identify whether you have a high bounce rate or not, check this out. 

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  • You have a low conversion rate and get no clients or customers.
  • You can’t increase website traffic.
  • You are struggling with newsletter subscription and email signups.    

Bounce rate in website

Once you learn to track your site visitors, you start to optimize your web conversion and bounce rates. 


Before I start with how to track visitors, you must understand why people go away from your website. This will really help you with site optimization. 

Do you know? What is responsive web designing?

  • Your website design is old-fashioned or bad looking. 
  • Poor UX or UI.
  • People couldn’t find or meet their expectations. 
  • Your page isn’t informative or interesting to attract. 


Here are a few ways how you can avoid bounce rates. check below!!!

  • Improve your Landing Page, as ‘first impression is the best impression’. 
  • Try Bucket Brigades to your content keeping readers entertained. (For example That made me think…, check this out, survey, quick story, etc)
  • The speed of your landing page matters a lot to improve the bounce rate. 
  • It’s time to remove unused scripts, HTML, or plugins that slow the page loading.
  • Use compressed images.
  • Use eye-grabbing intro contents that make readers stay on-site.
  • Use user-friendly or easy-readable content. 
  • Use a lot of white space, don’t over-insert content. 
  • Use of call-to-action icons.
  • Don’t forget to add Internal Links to pages. 
  • Use of table contents to attract readers. 

Website Heatmaps

Though you work hard to avoid it, there might be some bounce rates. To check that, navigate and login to Google Analytics > landing pages > comparison button. Here you can monitor the red and green tiny bars and try to improve the specific page.    

To improve landing page bounce rate, use heatmap tools. It doesn’t matter what tool you are using. Heatmaps track how people interact, scroll, click, and read content on your site. 

I hope you find this article interesting. For any web design and development services, do contact Valiant Systems. Thank you for your time. 

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