Being a leading web and SEO solution provider, Valiant Systems has come across an array of competitors and has observed their technique used to ensure a level of success. These search engine optimization strategies help in ranking your website, web page, blog page, or any particular profile in Google or Yahoo or Bing.

In the last few years, the Google algorithm has undergone diverse ranking changes, turning marketers to clash with one another a hard way. These minor but effective techniques are to be discussed in today’s SEO strategy blog. Come let’s get on the road together…

Featured Snippets

A snippet listed is a synopsis of a response to a search query. Typically you will notice it was shown at the peak of the SERP score, overall paid, and organic advertising. 

    Very few contributed to major improvements in the results pages of Google’s search engine ranking since their introduction in past years. Due to the obviously targeted keywords, nearly half of all searches lead to zero clicks since SERPs explicitly provide the answers users seek. Currently, featured snippets are having more attention than the results of the first organic search. Profit from this by addressing both question-based google searches and keywords.

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Voice Search

Actually, people perform searches relying on how they sound. There had been over 45 million voice-search queries in 2021 only. The latest research also reveals that about 36 percent of smartphone requests are voice searches. Since this continues to grow, most people might start typing searches the same way they’d chat. 

Such web searches are often long-tail and very detailed and the users prefer a very clear answer to their inquiry. Thus, using long-tail keywords and also lists of bullets would maximize conversions far beyond possibly.

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Google is well recognized to love the video as a constant phenomenon via a rise in video content prioritization. As it is a vital part of both SEO strategy and digital marketing, it’s far more likely to appear on SERP’s first page than one with clear text only. To guarantee high traffic, it is preferable to build valuable video content that will promote your text posts. Maintain they are designed to suit the width of your site and include on-page text to help Users recognize how the quality of the video is all about.

Marketing with Influencer

A lot of advertisers are going to start using influencers for SEO. A lot of enterprises have started investing more than half of their marketing budget on influencers as the value of their presence cannot be ignored for businesses such as beauty, fashion, eCommerce, tourism, and wellness.

These days, online users are overwhelmed with advertising, so they appreciate credible information that they can accept, sometimes this information comes in the form of an influencer analysis. Using such influencers, you can drive traffic to your website, increase your exposure online, and enhance your scope for content. After all, to see good returns on investment in influencer marketing, it is crucial that your supported content is properly designed and performed, and that they resonate with your audience’s attention.


Never fall behind trends of marketing, get to know about the latest SEO technique to succeed with online and offline SEO. To capture more audience glimpse, it’s prior to having an engaging colorful website and mobile application. If you are still lacking in web design, get connected with Valiant Systems. We are India’s leading web design and development company supporting more than 300+ clients worldwide. Call us now!

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