There is no doubt in the phrase saying ‘Content is the King’, but to produce competitive content, one must know the ways to market them. Well, today Valiant Systems will help you identify some of the crucial content marketing tools that you can you to enhance your brand identity globally. 

     The marketing of content involves many processes, such as research, marketing of the content you have written, and far more. Each phase represents a different set of abilities and a unique device that could boost up the development process data. Today I will explain, some of the important well-known tools I as a content writer use in my daily process. Are you ready to hear up?


    Keyword research is the act of using strategies to determine which keywords potential customers use to find your business. It’s necessary for the content creation process so that you can include the right keywords in whatever you’re creating. Keyword Search Volume is the amount of duration a keyword is searched by users throughout a given era. 

      Keyword Difficulty is a ranking method used to indicate how hard it will be for a keyword to rank. Typically, the higher the search frequency, the harder it is for a keyword to rank. 

      One tool that can make the keyword analysis method more efficient is SEMRush. It informs you of the search volume and complexity of the keywords you want to target and provides you with various ideas for keywords. Well, pinky promise, it’s a free tool, and that’s why I recommend you to give it a shot. 

     Need any candy shot? You may also try UberSuggest, BuzzSumo, etc.

  1. CANVA

It also takes an artistic eye and a thorough understanding of photo editing tools like Photoshop or Illustrator to create visual content for your blog. Canva will prove useful if you miss either. It’s a website for graphic design that lets you develop graphics for different purposes instantly. 

    You will have templates to choose from, whether you want to create graphics for social media or for a Facebook page cover. You can simply justify editing your graphics using Canva’s easy drag-and-drop editor once you’ve chosen a template. You can download your graphics for free without a watermark unless you’re using stock pictures or premium components. 


Google Docs, particularly if many individuals are part of your digital agency, is an amazing resource for content development. It works like Microsoft Word, but with some customization options, it’s turbocharged.  

    The whole procedure is made more effective by Google Docs. Any time you edit a Google Docs file, these updates will instantly be seen by other users who have access to it. You can also monitor which users have made changes to your files and when they have made these modifications. Quite apart from that, if something needs to be done, you can add a comment. In the Google Doc file, users can also reply to your remarks.


Working for hours on end on a standard bit of data could weigh heavily on you. You’re beginning to miss punctuation errors and syntax mistakes. Here’s where it Grammarly plays its role. Grammarly is a tool for writing that tests for spelling mistakes and misspellings in your writing. It also verifies whether your writing is short and unambiguous, illustrating inconsistent sentences and complex phrase transforms.

   It is very straightforward to use Grammarly. Create a new document once you’ve logged in. Then you can enter the title of your blog post, copy what you wrote and paste it into Grammarly’s template. Then the tool will illustrate mistakes you may have made.


    I hope these content marketing tools will surely help you create successful user-friendly, engaging content for your website and blog. For any content writing services for your website, get in touch with Valiant Systems, Chennai’s best web design and development company in offering the best web solution for customers at an affordable range. So, why waiting, get started. 

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