When we talk about the Website, one approaches your company doorsteps by browsing your online page. So, we can clearly say that the Website is a Window of an Enterprise or organization. The website is the gemstone that’s going to attract clients or customers into your business portal. So, let’s make it thrilling. Going for a costly website in a short period is not gonna help but a website clone is far better. You may get amazed by hearing the word ‘CLONE’. 

     Let me make it crystal-clear, Clone or website cloning is defined as the idea or concept copying style of any desired site created with the same features and extracts but with some unique look. Usually, clients come to Valiant Systems demanding for clone websites of various famous industry-leading giants. Do you think it’s too jealous, but we don’t think so, because web cloning is rather a smart choice for people arriving with less than budget range. We shared the plan ideas, so they can select and move with a happy satisfying face. 

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What do I need to know?

  • Web Cloning is legal.
  • You don’t have to design a website from scratch.
  • We use Quality clone scripts to generate.
  • You can save time and money launch clone sites.
  • There’s a huge demand in the market for clone sites.
  • Any Industry websites can be cloned easily.
  • We provide Websites and mobile applications. (as per choice)
  • The pressure of innovation is not sensible in clients.                                      
  •                                 website cloning

Disadvantages One must face:

No one enjoys the taste of ripe fruit always, there also comes sour, bitter tastes. Likewise, after looking at the pros, we are not cheaters to hide the cons of our beloved clients. The following are some of the disadvantages of having clone websites.

  • While saying about the clone website, the clone script  (features or structure) will be used for many other client projects, as they aren’t unique.
  • Clone sites are equally considered as third-party players and the site may not be secured for long-term plans.
  • Clients cant choose two clone formats to mingle as one. 
  • The website shares the same framework.
  • You have to cross-check your site for plagiarism and content duplications as the site is already a clone.

Some Business Industries We serve & Examples

  1. Ecommerce Platform

    -> Amazon clone

    -> Flipkart clone

    -> Myntra clone

    -> Etsy clone

  1. Social Media Platform

    -> Instagram clone

    -> Facebook clone

    -> LinkedIn clone

  1. Travel & Hotel

    -> Oyo clone

    -> AirBnB clone

    -> TripAdvisor clone

  1. Entertainment Channels

    -> Netflix clone

    -> YouTube clone

    -> Pandora Clone

    -> Amazon Prime Clone

  1. Freelance Occupation

    -> Upwork clone

    -> Freelancer Clone

    -> Odesk clone

    -> Fiverr clone

  1. Ordering & delivery Partners

   -> Swiggy clone

   -> FoodPanda clone

   -> GrubHub clone

   -> Zomato clone

  1. Cab & tourist bus

    -> RedBus clone

    -> Uber clone 

    -> Ola clone



So, when you come to choose a cloning web design company, You will definitely find us. Valiant Systems makes really good decisions to take smarter acts, at a quicker speed. Since our creation, our technology has been used by thousands of customers across the country to develop successful business models, simplify their approaches, and deliver incredible customer experiences. Our group of specialists provides tech solutions of the next millennium to overcome complex problems, enhance operational performance, enhance business competitiveness, maintain business value, and turn the business inside out. 

Interested to join us? Come let’s go!!!

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