If you are browsing to understand the workflow for the design and development of your upcoming business website, then I bet you have come to the right destination. Today in this blog, you will discover the steps involved in website design and development. What can you expect while giving a web designer or agency your project? Let’s see. Today, from our Valiant Systems point of view, I’m going to share how we perform our client project from the initial stage till delivery or online launch stage.   

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When beginning a new project plan, our customers have usually never gone through a similar phase of web design prior, and are not sure what would happen. Hence, keeping the web design process as transparent as possible is essential to minimize any doubts or frustrations. A big part of it is to pursue a specified procedure in web design that directs clients through each big step of the process strategically. A successful workflow can also aid manage the objective of a project, and improve the actual budget. 

Let’s view the behind scene of each project we come across. 

We Plan

A great site begins with a goal which is quite well figured out. This process deals with critical concepts like “What’s your website for? “Who’s the target market? “, “How will the site be structured? “What functionality why should they be enacted?

We Design

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When the purpose of the website has been firmly demonstrated, it is time to present a design that could hold that purpose. They may split the design process into two sections. Step one is wireframing which involves mapping the site’s layout. We move on to the second section after the template is complete, which works out visual appearance (such as illustrations and typography) to generate a final replica of the website.

We Develop & Test

I forgot to mention, during this process, our clients are updated regarding the project frequently. 

When this designing layout of the website has been accepted our creation begins. Scraping, coding, and integration with the content management systems are part of the development. The completed website is then thoroughly reviewed to ensure it is operating properly and is responsive to the major desktop and smartphone screens.

Demo Session

Once the developing and testing stage is over, clients are invited to showcase their website and explain the CMS flow as a demo. Client’s do share their views and clear their doubts. If further correction or features are requested, Valiant System’s professional team happily take the task and accomplish it on-time. Our developers explain to clients how to manage their online store and update content without any coding knowledge. 

Your Website is launched!

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Well, though there is no ribbon-cutting ceremony, we happily join with clients and release the website on live mode. We openly share management information, clients do undergo subscription-based or fixed payments on each phase to speed up their project. We don’t force any hidden costs as we play for budget projects. We have succeeded in launching more than 300+ satisfying projects. Interested to join Valiant Systems? Call us now!

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