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Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

Running a healthy, effective website is critical to most businesses and organizations. Only a very few of us have the budget or bandwidth to hire a web developer with the expertise to keep a site fresh, healthy, and safe — let alone making changes to your design, to the content or functionality of your website

Have you always been wondering why having a website is not all and what is the need for maintaining it. We have a few very important points which we would like to highlight.

  • Keep the interest of your visitors – All your customers would like to see fresh new content on your website. Through regular maintenance, and by constantly adding relevant content for your visitors, you will eventually become the number one site for your industry.
  • Introduce new features and product. – Your site is the heart of your online presence. It is the only source for details about your company for your clients. If you have new services to provide and if it is not on your website your viewers will not be aware about it.
  • Maintain rankings on search engines – Search engines award higher rankings to websites that are consistently updated with relevant content. This is because they want you to give good quality material to your readers as they also have their own standards to provide good service towards their clients.
  • Maintain your website’s functionality – When your web site is maintained regularly, links continue to function well. In effect, site visitors will easily find the information they are looking for are more likely to be converted as clients.

Valiant Systems can be your best website maintenance partner for a lot of reasons like

  • We will always do a weekly backup of database & files. Even if your server fails you don’t have to worry about the data.
  • We would constantly monitor for malware and hacks to make sure all your systems and your clients would stay healthy and happy.
  • We can help updating your site design, adding new features, fixing little glitches that arise.
  • We will provide you with a monthly analytics report of your down time and interfacing with your webhost.
  • We keep monitoring any CMS upgrade releases and application of upgrades where appropriate, to keep you running on the latest tech, safe from known vulnerabilities, or anything else you can think of.

Valiant Systems is an information technology company providing Customized Software Development, Professional Website Designing and Web Applications to wide...

Professional website Designing Team in Chennai India offering

With team of creative & experienced graphic designers offering

With team of creative & experienced graphic designers offering

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