It seems you are so excited about launching an ecommerce website. So, are you managing your business perfectly? Do you lack in sales or performance or customer interaction? When it comes to eCommerce business, the marketing strategy changes, many owners come with a different issue like, ‘I have traffic range but no proper sales’. So today, in this blog, we will find out some of the common mistakes owners do while customizing an Ecommerce website. Well, let’s find out.   

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So, before we start I like to give a short perk about our services. We, Valiant Systems are Chennai-based IT service providers professionalized in innovative technology and heartful customer support. We offer web and mobile application services for all eCommerce and business sectors. From site redesign to website development from scratch, we’re experts. Anyway, shall we continue?

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Mistakes usually happen, well we aren’t robots, we are humans. Likewise, business owners frequently make insignificant flaws in maintaining their platforms. They might seem weak but cause considerable disruption to the ecommerce website. These mistakes may well not be noticeable and there is a high possibility you may have ignored them.

Most of these website design mistakes include distracting pop-ups, low-quality images, lack of product details, pushing the customer to register, bad customer service, mobile designed websites, and secret checkout costs are some of the most common mistakes encountered. Let’s see them in detail.

Low-Quality Images

Poor images are a massive turn off for consumers. A poor picture would do no more than damage to your website business. Photos will be the first thing that customers use when judging a product. Remember to put up high-definition, decent photos that give the product a real idea. Extremely nice pictures on the other hand can trigger a problem too. The user may think of the product very favorably but they will face nothing except dissatisfaction after purchasing the order.

Improper Product Description

Your customers need to know what you are planning to sell and descriptions of the product are the smartest method to do. Insufficient descriptions of the products on websites will end up leaving your users puzzled. This is the only way to do business with your rivals. This may seem meaningless but it certainly isn’t really. 

Provide a clear overview of the product and do not republish content on the website. Write a nice insightful statement that explains the product’s benefits. The customer is going to feel informed which will in turn boost their belief in your brand.

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Hidden Checkout Cost

Additional costs of checkout are unavoidable for generating suspicion in the consumer’s minds. This is one of the biggest reasons for giving up shopping carts. Be honest about the cost of your website products and win the confidence of your customer. Do not hold any secret costs, be frank about how much your user will pay in.

Bad Customer Support

Nobody deserves poor customer service. And because you can’t always reach your customer in person, you have to make sure you have good customer service to them. On a regular basis, eCommerce websites face a variety of insignificant breaches. A different size may have been ordered by the customer, the delivery may be late, communication may be mildly screwed up but whatnot. Making errors is not a concern but it will certainly cost you your credibility if you don’t fix them on time. Nobody likes to be treated poorly, particularly if they give you their hard-earned money. 

Unavailable on a mobile screen

Not having responsive web design may be one of the largest online scandals in today ‘s period. Customers are used to scrolling on their phones and purchasing items quickly and easily, blasting out more customers than you think by not getting a web app. You don’t need to build a whole mobile app, just make sure that it’s designed for smartphone use.

We at Valiant Systems offer customers a responsive eCommerce site that performs uninterruptedly. Interested to launch a site from scratch with hosting facilities? Call us today. 

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