You might have heard about the term ‘Responsive Web design’ (RWD) but still don’t have a clear picture of the same and how it is helpful for eCommerce business or any other sort of website portals. Well, today is your lucky day, let’s take a look!

What exactly is Responsive Design?

RWD is the process of creating website pages that look similar and adaptive in screen resolution for all devices like desktop and smartphones. 

     So, let’s make it simple, you may have a small-screened mobile phone, but when you open a professional or shopping site, the images and text may seem so big, as they are adapted on for desktops or laptops. But when it comes to Responsive web design,  as a mobile viewer, you will have a clear smooth view, with a spacious layout, easy zoom-in zoom-out facility, and easy-readable contents of the business site.  

Valiant Systems is dedicated to offering this kind of web solution. 

responsive web design

What is the purpose of Responsive Web Design?

Do you know? 70% of online browsers arrive from mobile devices. It means, your business portal must be a suitable one for smartphone users. Well, this shrunken user-friendly version of a website, not just provide optimal experience but also increase 35% leads and sales for your online store in comparison to competitors. Do you still have doubts while dealing with RWD? Read further…  

Why should I invest in Responsive Web Design?

Quite a nice question. Today we are surviving in a multi-screen community where technology and electronic devices are wide moving. To capture a targeted group is not as easy as in previous days. Apart from SEO, digital, or content marketing, one must own a perfect landing page that is perfect in look and feel from multi-devices. This method will help your customers gain a good shopping experience over your online store. 

An added benefit is that launching RWD is,

  • Flexible
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy manageable
  • Enhance search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Better user experience
  • Increase user engagement

So, do you want to redesign your website into responsive and stunning? To know more about and willing to launch your responsive site, do contact our customer support team. We are here 24/7 to help you succeed in business. 

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