While seeing the term ‘landing page’ what do you think? What is a landing page and how important is it in today’s community? The technical name is frequently used by online advertisers or marketers or web designers. So, currently, we will see an in-depth explanation of the same.

What is a Landing Page?

The landing page is a static page that functions as a website entrance. This page is usually indicative of the original action of clicking on an ad and marketing promotion, marketing email, or marketing promotion in which customers “land on.” Often known as ‘destination page’ or ‘lead capture list’. 

However, this landing page can be homepage, product or service page, or a blog page that visitors click on. This web page is developed to take website traffic and convert visitors into clients or customers. While doing marketing campaigns, they probably depend on such a page that has the power to turn actions into conversions.

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Here are a few scenarios which people desire to have on landing pages, they are:

  • Register for event
  • Newsletter Subscription/signups
  • CTA- Call Us Now!
  • Reach Out by chat
  • Contact Us Now!
  • Get your Free Quote
  • Get Started Today!
  • Download now!
  • Grab Your 10% Discount
  • Make a purchase
  • Add to cart
  • Submit Form to be a lead

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All the above actions have a similar power to convert visitor actions and make them stay on site for a long time and reduce bounce rate. 

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What are the Elements of Landing Page?

From the above content, we might have a clear picture of the definition of a landing page. So now let’s talk about the fundamental elements of the landing page. 

  • Above-the-fold Content
  • The main Headline
  • Supporting Headline
  • The hero Shot/hero slider/hero image
  • Call-To-Action
  • Benefit Summary with Bullet Points
  • Benefit-Driven Features
  • Social Proof- Video or Written Testimonials with Images 
  • Social proof- Company Logos
  • Closing Argument/reinforcement Statement

  • Above-the-fold-content

This term is usually used by web designers and marketers. Above-the-fold-content is a small 600-pixel description or ad that attracts customers to click on. It might be of image, slider, or content with a call-to-action option. 

  • The Main Headline

 Using a good addressing headline makes the customer trust and understand your product or service. Based on the business being sold, headlines may differ. 

  • Supporting Headline

 A small extra detailed supporting content beneath the main headline describes your action of selling and the benefit of buying, which encourage customers to move to action.  

  • The Hero Shot

 The hero shot is a highlighting content and also many call this as the main headline, which drives more conversions just with a single line content along with CTA. 

  • Benefit Summary

 When customers scroll down, an introductory, welcome, or beneficiary content is shown with bullet points, letting the customer look at them in-depth. 

  • Call-To-Action

 A very important section that all companies follow to place on their landing page. CTA’s are usually like sign up, call us now, download, get started, get a proposal, etc which turn conversions into leads. 

  • Social proof-Testimonials

 Well, often many audience don’t trust this section as many companies just fill this spot with fake or spam testimonials with no proper service provided. So, while adding testimonials on the landing page, make sure you can written testimonials with the company logo and client image. Nowadays, video testimonials play a powerful conversion rate when compared to embed content or regular detail. 

  • Closing Argument Statement

 Usually, a landing page does have a conclusion or closing spot that convinces them to buy the product or service followed by a CTA. A good closing statement has more chances of getting more conversions.    

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