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       What do you mean by Customer Retention? Customer retention is a concept that encompasses techniques, strategies, and integrations set up by corporations to reduce customer losing levels. For either a B2B / SaaS business, the cycle focuses on maintaining current users active and up-to-date with pioneering functionality and emerging products. It also involves enhancing the entire brand through excellent service and products and developing extra software/subscriptions for up-selling or cross-selling. 

       When it comes to eCommerce business, Customer retention is all about generating repeat purchases with customized deals and other strategies for similar or even different goods over the duration. The takeover of a new customer can be a lengthy and costly business operation, and the cost of marketing or advertisement is huge. That’s why focusing entirely on current customers is becoming increasingly relevant. Researchers have shown that higher customer retention rates by only 5% will raise the firm’s income by around 35% to 95%.

Customer Retention Management

       A customer retention initiative strives to preserve more customers as well as to encourage them to stay for a long time with your business. The management of customer retention is the method of managing customer engagement and loyalty activities within an organization to successfully accomplish customer retention priorities. 

       In B2B, a customer service team typically handles it, establishing intimate relationships with individual clients and consumers and working closely with them to maintain and expand the business. 

    It’s somewhat different in B2C-though you may have a customer retention team, establishing 1-to-1 relationships with each customer is almost impossible. But then, the customer retention team regularly establishes a plan and works together to execute on it with other customer-facing units around the company.

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The formula for Customer Retention

       The following detail that I’m about to share is common for any B2C or SaaS or retail business who wants to know about their retained customers and improve better with their tactics in future businesses. 

Customer Retention Rate (CRR) = [(CE-CN)/CS)] X 100

CE = no. of customers at the end of a period

CN = no. of new customers acquired during the period

CS = no. of customers at the start of a period

Some Strategies to follow with Business & Retain Customer 

  • Provide Customer service beyond expectation
  • Build trust with new or existing customer relationships
  • Build customer engagement vis survey feedback mails
  • Deliver products/solutions ahead of promised date 
  • Understand and improve from customer complaints, don’t justify yourself
  • Notify your presence sending useful or educational or blog contents via mail
  • Several B2B or B2C business’ use live Webinars to inspire & educate customers
  • Create polls, community, quiz or customer advocacy programs on social platforms making customer active
  • Always use personalized content in your blog or other business communication
  • Reply customer feedbacks or complaints or reviews on time
  • Retain customers with abandoned cart campaign
  • Secured Profile details about customers  
  • Showcase your customer testimonials and reviews to create customer trust for goods purchase
  • Provide your customers with surprises, loyalty programs, discounts, and gift cards

Using these strategies, you can easily trigger customers and get them back to your business line effectively. For a perfect SEO-friendly web service or website, contact Valiant Systems.

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