You deserve to know the truth…about the powerful and fastest trend ongoing among programming languages. Yes! PYTHON.

Hi there, you might have observed for the past few years, the fame of python seems to skyrocket. It’s not just modern times but also in recent days, many websites are being designed and developed using the Python programming language. Even tech mammoths like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Mozilla, Instagram, Spotify, Pinterest, Uber, Netflix and Dropbox are showing their interest over python, as python is excepted to be the next-gen revolutionizing language.

I know what you’re thinking, there are many other languages like PHP, C++, .NET, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Rust, SQL, but why Python?

You see, Python language is more powerful, productive, supportive and user-friendly compared to others for large scale web applications with many unique features and frameworks such as Flask, Django, web2py, frappe and more. We at Valiant Systems use the Frappe framework throughout the full website development lifecycle with version 3.5 for our clients resulting in the best long-term web service projects.

History of Python:

The high-level programming language Python was created by Guido Van Rossum was first originated around 1990 and launched in 1991. Later developed by python software foundation with vast community support and users.

Latest News!!!

  • It’s no doubt that many Big techs love Python as the recent release version of 3.9.0a3 was a few months ago on 24th January 2020.

Python KickStart-

  • It’s easy to learn: Though Python is an old language when compared to Java and C++, it is easy to understand and widely preferred for programming courses by many. 
  • Python purpose: You can see, all programming languages are used for various purposes. PHP for web programming, R for statistical analysis but when it comes to python, it is suitable for multi-taskings.

Today’s Trend Analysis:

  • Python usage in Web development is double the rate.
  • The growth of Python is been driven by certain data science or DevOps applications.

 Factors that drive PYTHON:

*TERM OF USAGE: Stack Overflow is a site for professional programmers where questions and answers are flagged.

A report from Stack Overflow states the trend of python and the factor driving it ahead in a detailed manner. Let’s continue reading…

Which is the fastest growing trend in Python?

An opensource library created in 2011, so-called Pandas is the leading python trend used for machine learning in data frame formats like excel, CSV. The use of Python Pandas is data cleaning, manipulation, and analysis.

Data Science

The high-level opensource language is a great source for data scientist which is the reason why Python is the leading industry chosen object-oriented programming language. Python’s standard library list of Numpy (multi-dimensional matrics support), Matplotlib (2D python script library) and Panadas (software library) go hand in hand with the structured and unstructured data system. Data Science has also turned into a high salaried job in India.

Web development frameworks

Python is clearly a masterpiece used in Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, and data analysis. It’s web frameworks such as Django (full-stack framework with DRY- Don’t Repeat Yourself principle) and Flask (microframework inspired by Sinatra ruby framework, require Jinja2 template and Werkzeug WSGI toolkit) also plays a major role in handling low-level protocols and thread.

Machine learning

I don’t have to explain about Machine learning (the scientific study of statistical and algorithm model), as ML and AI (Artificial Intelligence) have become the hottest industry topic. Likewise, for most of the IT companies, algorithms seem lagging. Even Google search engine are much interested in the process of AI or ML adopting python language for its task.


The built-in data structure combined with dynamic binding and typing of python has many programming paradigms that are object-oriented to functional making all easy to use. Do you know, why python is a multipurpose language? The software is Free to use, easy to read, genuine to develop, interpreted languages for faster flow, good career.


As many tech giants and businesses have started using a python programming language to lead in the marketplace (eCommerce or Service providers), Valiant Systems have come forth in equalizing the digital world to all startups and entrepreneurs with best website design and development services. Come let’s make a change together. For more details about your business plan, contact us.

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