Advertising can be taken as the frontline of tomorrow’s greatest transformation. Do you know the reason why business giants allocate millions of funds ready-to invest for advertising and what exactly is the purpose? Well, that’s what you will find in today’s blog. Just grab of cup of coffee and join me. Cheers!

What is Advertising?

Ad or Advertisement is an evolving marketing practice that efficiently helps attain the 3 R’s – Right Message to the Right Person at the right time. In order to keep up with the “latest big thing,” advertisers have also tracked the latest developments in technology across history. The new and emerging phenomenon is programmatic ads, as many specialists see it. 

     However, also most ad companies focus on digital and custom advertising. — consumer habits, growing digital and social media, and an intensely challenging economy are forcing companies to go forward beyond consultancy services and advertising promotion to deliver extensive integrated marketing campaigns and solutions. You may find Valiant Systems best with not just web designing but also digital marketing or so-called advertising. 

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Do you know? Facebook Ads & Google Adwords share a special location in the advertising industry. As per statistics, users can target consumers, existing Artemis, income level, and many others. Famous eCommerce sites have begun selling their goods using Google Shopping.

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Advertising Trends Changing Future

The landscape of the current advertising and marketing profession is exclusively centric with bold changes where media power is re-defined with flattening the hierarchy. There goes various undeniable debate regarding the content and context for advertising. Just like techno-trends Virtual Reality, Mobile beacons, Neo-storytelling, Biometric tattoos, Internet of Things (IoT tesla cars, houses, cities, health connected), the workflow of digital content and customer analysis for advertising technology ecosystem deepens the curvy challenges that are approaching dynamically. 


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  1. Content Marketing: Content marketing is a concept that began to gain attention with the emergence of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter during 2002. Marketing content includes marketing campaigns (newspaper or magazine articles written corporately to advertise the product), blogs, or any other content that is released for promotional reasons on the internet. Content marketing as a kind of marketing is powerful at generating recognition once it comes to brand narrative. Since the advent of social media, content marketing, while offering a modern advertising platform, has reinforced the ties between customers and brands. By running ads or hosting a blog on their website, small companies may leverage the impact of content marketing.
  2. Online Advertising: Potential customers use the internet to find a variety of items, like brands and businesses. If it refers to leveraging on reaching customers, advertisers use resources like Google AdWords to build ad campaigns online. AdWords is a Google tool that enables local entrepreneurs to build online ads to reach their target consumers with keyword and led to increased levels. Many online marketing developments include marketing strategies such as search engine optimization ( SEO); social media; smart applications such as iPads and other consoles; display ads; and banner ads for the website.
  3. QR Codes: A QR code is a two-dimensional pattern identical to the UPC (Universal Product Code, or so-called bar code). Once scanned with a QR code reader a QR code provokes a digital response. It has gained popularity in ads as an innovation perspective in which customers can scan the code to get the additional product or promotional information. A QR code may activate several activities once scanned by a smartphone, like launching a website, making a call, or creating an SMS message. Using the QR Code Generator to generate a free QR code online and embed the code on the business cards, pamphlets, vouchers, print advertisements but also Tv ads for your product/service. 

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          It’s time to wind up my article, if you feel my content is useful, do share and comment. For further web service or digital marketing service, do connect with Valiant Systems as we’re Chennai’s leading web design and development company, offering clients top-rated solutions at a very reasonable price. Catch you soon, bye.

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